Something is eating all of my coneflower petals but I don't want to spray bug poison because then it will kill any bees or butterflies that come to the flowers. Who is the likeliest suspect? ... but will stop or at least deter crawly creeps like slugs & earwigs, which will also eat the flower buds during the night. I sprayed it but I'm not sure if it's a bug or a critter eating them. Bookmark. Question by lysulliv June 30, 2010. Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) tolerates heat better than E. augustifolia, another coneflower with pale purple blooms. This results in stunted and distorted flower parts, such as your "missing" petals. Coneflower Plant Diseases. Watch Reply. Silver Spring, Ma. Quote. Overview Information Cornflower is an herb. ; Powdery mildew – Problems with powdery mildew usually occur due to overly moist conditions and lack of … Stem rot, powdery mildew, and aster yellows are the most common coneflower diseases. Who is eating my purple coneflower? The dried flowers are used to make medicine. To learn how to stop insects eating plant leaves, recognize that every bug biting plants leaves telltale signs. Post #6853202. - Knowledgebase Question. Plants in the genus Baptisia, also known as false indigos, are tough and resilient plants that are not typically bothered by pests or diseases.However, one pest is becoming more common in gardens and landscapes and it’s called the Genista Broom moth (Uresiphita reversalis).The caterpillar, or larval stage, of this moth, feeds on some plants in the pea family, which False Indigo is a member of. If you have noticed something eating holes in your leaves, or even eating the entire leaf, then this quick guide will help you understand who—and what—you and your garden are up against. It appears your plants might be infected with Eriophyid mites, microscopic mites which live inside the flower buds and suck nutrients from the flowers. Stem rot – Stem rot normally results from overwatering, as these plants are quite tolerant of drought-like conditions and require less watering than many other plants. Mark unread; ... 2008. I did a search about this but couldn't find anything out on the flower iteself. What is eating my Shasta Daisies and Pink Coneflowers? Slugs are a common garden pest responsible for holes chewed in leaves. I live in MD-the MidAtlantic region and I have coneflowers in 2 different locations. But something is eating the petals off my Coneflowers while the plant itself looks great. Pests on Purple Coneflowers. Trees. More. That last bit about your coneflower getting chomped is a red flag to me because groundhogs seem to pick out coneflowers (and hollyhocks) from beds full of different flowers in my yard. I went out in the backyard just now and saw that the topmost almost completely open bud on my purple coneflower had been munched off. Once you are able to learn the signs of common lawn and garden pests, you’ll be able to know what kind of pest you're up against and how to stop bug eating plants leaves. Learn the signs of what bug is eating at your plants. This is the 3rd time this has happened this year and the poor thing has yet to bloom because of it! If it keeps up, I'm yanking them from my garden.

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