Many do, as it gives a slightly warmer, ‘brown’ sound. 3 Answers. what is the difference between ( just tune into drop d )&(tune into drop D and tune down 1/2 step) Answer Save. 1 decade ago. Well, no, not really. However, if you put it on the 11th fret, the chords will be raised up an octave minus the 1/2 step. Hope this helps. Just don't physically tune down too far or you risk going beyond the guitar's. Anonymous. Favorite Answer. It also gives that little bit of relief to the strings to makes bends and vibrato, even chord vibrato a little easier. ability to track the pitch in any tuning mode. Anonymous. So I'd say 1/2 down with 11's would be the way to go if you're used to the feel and tension of 10's in Standard. im looking for more bands that play 1/2 step tuning like Alice in Chains. If you're tuning down 3 full steps, that's another story. Down tuning is used in many genres of music, but it's especially popular in rock and heavy metal, to give your distortion a deeper crunch. 5 years ago. Tuning Down Half Step / Whole Step This page provides you with guitar tuning aids and tips to help tune down a half step or whole step. If you start to tune down a half step, by the time you reach the high e-string, the low E-string will be way to high again. The problem is that the frets up that high are way smaller, so chords are harder to play. For most people this will be a set of 009-042. OK, when the pitch is vaguely correct, we are ready for the next step of half step down tuning… Capo brings the notes up. Alt Tune shifts from where the string is at pitch wise. A stop tailbar tailpiece guitar is usually easier to tune down than a guitar with a tremolo. That’s why half step down tuning is also called Eb-tuning. Just for reference, I use 10's on E Standard and I used to use 12's when I was tuning 1 step down to D Standard, it feels the same tension wise. All Gibson guitars and their clones (Les Paul, SG) have a scale length of 24.75 inches, making the overall feel a bit sloppier to begin with, even when not tuning half a step down. So, it is my assertion that 1/2 step down is mostly because it makes it incredibly easy to play along with on the piano. So I would use a Les Paul type over a Strat type for E-Flat. 12th fret makes a full octave. E-flat, A-flat, D-flat, Gflat, Bflat, E-flat. Online Guitar Tuner Half Step Down Quickly tune down your guitar – mobile phone ready. Start with the E-string (the thickest string). Relevance. This saves you some iterations. So take that into account and tune the low E-string and the A-string down MORE than a half step. Dead simple - no aliasing or latency. If you tune down half step from the note E, you will have the note Eb. to go down another whole step, it will be at C. So, what silverhead said. Basically, standard tuning, but lower! 1/2 step is all strings tuned down 1 semi-tone ie. With Fender-type guitar you would typically use the same set of strings for Eb tuning that you use with normal tuning. If you tune Low-E down a whole step (to D), and you use the Alt Tune. Unless of course you need a single coil sound in which case a half step shouldn't require a new set-up, just a … 1 0. OK, let’s tune down half a step. I have a friend who always keeps his guitars tuned down 1/2 step and just puts a capo on fret 1 to play with other people in normal tuning. For something as simple as 1/2 down, that might be the best. When a guitarist tunes down 1/2 step, it is suddenly tuned such that it has essentially made the black keys the white keys for the piano player. Often the tuning is utilized to accommodate a vocalists range.

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