This charming hotel is located in the center of Thredbo. Thredbo mountain is the perfect destination for riders of all ages and skill levels. Kosciusko Express Bottom cable car station lies nearby. The Thredbo landslide was a catastrophic landslide that occurred at the village and ski resort of Thredbo, New South Wales, Australia, on 30 July 1997. They did not find any, and the last body was recovered on the following Thursday. The slope of the hillside, which ranged from 20 to 40 degrees and the sub-zero temperatures made rescue efforts difficult. Thredbo Location Map of where to stay in Thredbo Village. Brindabella Ski Club opened its new lodge on 5 June 2004. At 6:30 pm, a second specialist medical team arrived from the Royal North Shore Hospital. it has been recognised by the commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW, Greg Mullins, that since (and due to the nature of) the Thredbo landslide, emergency response teams have become more structured and sophisticated in terms of equipment and coordinated incorporation of doctors, engineers, paramedics and specialists in dealing with hazardous materials. Our extensive selection of top of the range accommodation caters to every need. When the site had to be evacuated each time the rubble shifted, Featherstone would stay below ground to keep Diver talking and distract him.[3]. The Venue is made up of 8 rooms. Craig McLachlan starred as Stuart Diver, with Tom Long and Anthony Hayes co-starring. The searchable map includes contributions from many local, state, and federal agencies and provides links to the original digital inventory files for further information (wherever available). He had lain trapped for 65 hours in a small space between two concrete slabs beside the body of his first wife, Sally,[4] who had died by drowning as a concrete beam had pinned her in a depression that had filled with water overnight. Stuart Diver was the only survivor. Ski resorts start right outside Lantern apartment. No individual government authority had responsibility for maintenance while the National Parks and Wildlife Service's own funding was inadequate for maintenance of park roads "not designed for the purpose to which they were later put". On 3 December 2004, the Supreme Court judgment blamed the leaking water main pipe and the Alpine Way, which was built on a road full of debris, as the cause of the disaster. His first words were as he breathed the pure mountain air, "That sky's fantastic!" ... Thredbo Backcountry Tours are planning to continue until 11 October and the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift will be open for foot passengers and backcountry access. Winter Trail Map. A late-night landslide on a hillside in the popular NSW ski resort of Thredbo pushed the Carinya Ski Club down onto the Bimbadeen staff lodge that stood in front of it, trapping and killing 18 people. regular checking of the water main would have meant that leakages were addressed and dealt with earlier, the initiative undertaken directly in Thredbo, so the issue would have been responded to faster and the landslide could have been ultimately avoided. Elevation Apartments - Elevation apartment is 3 km from Kosciuszko National Park and provides various facilities, such as a night club, a shared lounge and a tennis court. The first body was recovered at 4:20 pm. The State Emergency Service rotated 1,350 rescue crew with about 250 on the site at any one time.[1]. The Thredbo landslide was a catastrophic landslide that occurred at the village and ski resort of Thredbo, New South Wales, Australia, on 30 July 1997. On this day: Thredbo landslide On 30 July 1997, one life was saved and 18 were lost when part of Thredbo, NSW, was buried by a landslide. the year after the landslide, in 1998, Alpine Way was rebuilt with supporting retaining walls, and is also now monitored with 25 inclinometers (detecting any slope movement) and 12 piezometers (keeping track of water flow in the soil). This analysis will give outline of the event that occurred followed by … John Cameron, a member of Brindabella Ski Club, who was alone in Carinya, along with 17 residents in Bimbadeen, lost their lives when the lodges were destroyed. However, the disaster proved to be a turning point for the planning that went into emergency service procedures, and was an incentive to readily monitor surrounding land at the site, to prevent something similar happening in the future. this was conflicting information, and in his report, Hand identified a cause of the landslide as government authority responsible for the National Park/Alpine Way area failing to take steps to make certain that the alpine village was protected from exposure to the unstable environment – essentially, the officials knew that the land on which the lodge and Alpine Way were was not completely stable, yet no preventative measures were taken. Witnesses reported hearing "a whoosh of air, a crack and a sound like a freight train rushing down the hill". | Modelled on an alpine village, Thredbo is the only all-season mountain resort in Kosciuszko National Park. Either way, they would have been more closely supervised for signs of further deterioration, so when the landslide was in its early stages local sources would have been notified immediately, allowing for evacuation procedures to be put into action and a potential prevention of fatalities to occur. However, this new programme was largely triggered by the lack of preparedness when it came to dealing with the Thredbo landslide, as it was a major event for emergency services. Thredbo Burger Bar, T-Bar Restaurant and Berntis Restaurant & Grill can be found within a 5-minute walking distance of the accommodation. Landslide. This initial landslide removed the support for the Alpine Way road which in turn collapsed, shearing the west… Thredbo Alpine Hotel - Thredbo Alpine Hotel, located just 200 metres from Kosciuszko Express Chairlift, entices guests with a wellness area and massage services. Located in a mountain, the accommodation is close to Thredbo Golf Club. Stuart Diver was the only survivor. Part of a road embankment slid down the steep hillside into the ski resort village of Thredbo, in the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. Inspector Rory O'Driscoll of the NSW Police arrived at 8:15 am. Serving a wide range of dishes, The Mad Mexican, Berntis Restaurant & Grill and The Bakery … It contains 65 non-smoking rooms that strike a perfect balance between comfort and style. At 10:30 am, a medical team inspected the disaster site. In July 1997, Australia’s worst landslide occurred when a large section of steep mountainside below the Alpine Way road collapsed immediately above part of Thredbo Ski Village (New South Wales). Additionally, the unstable condition of Alpine Way meant, inherently, that the disaster site was dangerous, making operations difficult and unsafe to carry out until daylight. Two ski lodges were destroyed and 18 people died. Many dining options are also available at The Apres Bar, within a 5-minute walk from Lantern apartment. On 1 August, one more body was discovered in the early morning, and two more later during the day. The venue is composed of 2 bathrooms, a nice balcony and a kitchen. Kosciuszko National Park is 2.2 miles from the venue, while Thredbo Landslide Memorial is set only 0.2 miles away. It has taken 20 years for Wendy Hukins to deal with the loss of her friends in the Thredbo landslide disaster. Police Superintendent Charlie Sanderson explained to the press the difficulty of extracting Diver because they could not risk the concrete slab falling on top of him. Police arrived at 12:30 am and evacuated the area. NSW Police Force HQ. The nearest airport is Cooma - Snowy Mountains airport, 41 miles from the apartment. The landslide hit an eastern wing of one of the lodges first, which caused the nearby land to collapse onto lodges below. At this Chalet you'll be within a 5-minute walk of Thredbo Retail & Rental Friday Flat and 0.2 miles from Thredbo Bobsled. They had not completely given up hope, but Assistant Police Commissioner Ken Moroney told reporters; "I think at this stage the chances are quite remote."[2]. She's still devastated, but finally feels like it's OK to move on. At 11:37 pm, New South Wales Fire Brigades Communication Centre at Wollongong received emergency calls from the lodge at Thredbo. Two ski lodges were destroyed, and a total of 18 died. Derrick Hand (Coroner) was informed that the lodge had been built without endorsement and in spite of warnings that the site was unsafe and the ground unsteady, however Thredbo officials said later that all buildings had been approved by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The hostel offers direct access to Bobsled. The rescue effort continued after Diver had been found, now that rescue workers had hope that there would be more survivors. Thredbo landslide 1997 Introduction The Thredbo landslide shook the small community of Thredbo, both physically in the shaking of the ground during the landslide, and emotionally in the death of 18 skiers. The venue comprises 65 rooms. At 3:00 pm, doctors met the relatives of the missing. Landslide Inventory A web-based interactive map with a consistent set of landslide data. Thredbo Yha - Located within 3.5 km of Kosciuszko National Park, Thredbo Yha Hostel features a shared lounge and a golf course. The Thredbo landslide was a catastrophic landslide that occurred at the village and ski resort of Thredbo, New South Wales, Australia, on 30 July 1997. Eighteen people died when the Bimbadeen and Carinya Lodges were destroyed at Thredbo Alpine Village at 11:35 pm on Wednesday, 30 July 1997. This accommodation is surrounded by a valley. The water escaping from the pipe contributed to loosening the surrounding earth and trees, as well as liquefying it, and the unstable slope allowed for the fast, destructive movement of the debris. Landslide Risks Highlighted in New Online Tool The U.S. Geological Survey today unveiled a new web-based interactive map that marks an important step toward mapping areas that could be at higher risk for future landslides. Thredbo village and ski resort with Alpine Way road seen running above the lodges (Summer 2008), List of disasters in Australia by death toll, "Australia landslide toll rises, hopes fading", "20 years on: The dreaming that kept Stuart Diver alive", "Report of the inquest into the deaths arising from the Thredbo landslide", "History of major incidents – 1997 Thredbo landslide", "Thredbo landslide a disaster waiting to happen",, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 November 2020, at 04:22. His position was two metres below the surface, beneath three concrete slabs. Paul Featherstone was the paramedic who kept talking to Diver for 11 hours until he was freed. This is evident in the map recorded in 2007 by Geoscience in Australia. The nearest airport is Cooma - Snowy … Thredbo Alpine Hotel - Set within a 10-minute walk of Thredbo, this 4-star Thredbo Alpine Hotel is located near Easy Does It Chairlift. This analysis will give outline of the event that occurred … Attribution: Natural Hazards, Landslide Hazards Program Five minutes later, rescue expert firefighter Steve Hirst, who used monitoring equipment to confirm the movement, yelled out "Rescue team working overhead, can anyone hear me?" He opens up about losing not just one wife, but two. There were 18 deaths when the Bimbadeen and Carinya Lodges were destroyed at Thredbo Alpine Village at 11:35 pm on Wednesday, 30 July 1997. A fact-based made-for-TV drama, Heroes' Mountain, was released in 2002. In conclusion, there were three main ways that both government and local authorities could have improved the situation of the Thredbo landslide, and maybe avoided it altogether. Follow us: Search Search. At 10:00 am, geophysicists who had been flown to the area from Sydney declared that the site was safe enough to begin an excavation of the top layers, but was still very unstable with a now-exposed underground stream flowing through the debris at the rate of 6,120 litres per hour. It is clear that the coastal cliff lines of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland are highly populated with recorded landslide events. In 1998, three terraces with gabions and reinforced fill were constructed on the site and the Alpine Way was rebuilt with upslope retaining walls. It is a short walk from Thredbo Bobsled. Following the disaster, responsibility for the Alpine Way and Kosciuszko Road was handed to the Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA). Approximately 2,000 cubic metres of rock shifted below the Alpine Way. Medical staff were sent from Cooma to Thredbo, and also from Canberra to Jindabyne, which was a point for triage. A pipe was then passed down the gap to provide warmer air which would increase his low body temperature. Diver was pulled from the wreckage later in the evening. Plaque commemorates the victims of the landslide which occurred at Thredbo Village in 1997. In addition, Thredbo Bobsled is within a walking distance of the property. Four specialists were flown from St George Hospital in Sydney to Thredbo. Once the power stations were completed, the Authority upgraded the road with fill and planted vegetation on the downhill hillside before transferring ownership to the National Parks and Wildlife Service. By Alex Pike • November 7, … This venue is about 5 minutes' walk from Thredbo Bobsled. When asked if he had sustained any injuries, the voice replied "No, but my feet are bloody cold!". Thredbo 31 apartment is located in Thredbo. if more regularly checked, the slope and roadway could have been rebuilt/repaired to be more stable (or sectioned off as unsafe as a site for ski lodges), or their questionable repair would have at least been identified, possibly leading to them being eliminated as a danger. In conclusion, there were three main ways that both government and local authorities could have improved the situation of the Thredbo landslide, and maybe avoided it altogether. At 5:37 am on 2 August, digging finished and rescue workers dropped sound equipment into a hole they had been digging, as was the standard procedure. As the unstable slope above the four-storey Carinya Lodge (owned by the Brindabella Ski Club) slipped downhill it hit the east wing of the Carinya Ski Lodge, tearing it in two. The response underway at the scene of the landslide. The Coroner's report released on 29 June 2000 said that the landslide was caused by water from heavy rain, melting snow and a leaking water main. if emergency response teams had better resources and technology at their disposal, they could have been able to begin rescue programmes at night, saving time and making the whole response more efficient. NEARLY 21 years after the Thredbo landslide disaster, sole survivor STUART DIVER, 48, is still approached by people who recognise him. By 2:30 am, there were 100 professional services on the scene, and many volunteers such as from the Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) of New South Wales, the State Emergency Service (SES) of New South Wales and the Australian Red Cross. IMAGE RESOURCES COLLECTED FROM A regional disaster was declared, with Goulburn established as the disaster coordination centre for the region, with Sydney also notified. Australians far and wide supported Thredbo with not only donations, but with kind thoughts and prayers for those who lost loved ones or property. Soil creep had caused the main to fracture, which had saturated the already unstable slope that supported the road above Carinya. The area where the landslide hit, which is now supported by concrete terraced walls. About 1,000 tonnes (1,100 tons) of liquefied earth and debris came down the slope. As the unstable slope above the four-storey Carinya Lodge (owned by the Brindabella Ski Club) slipped downhill, it hit the east wing of the Carinya Ski Lodge, tearing it in two. During the night, the temperature at Thredbo dropped to −14 °C (7 °F). Another tube was put down which carried fluids from which he could have two sips every 20 minutes. The ski area has the country's longest ski runs and its highest lifted point: that means sweeping snowy views and leisurely tree-lined runs down to the village. Two ski lodges were destroyed and 18 people died. [1], A memorial service was held in 2007 to mark the tenth anniversary of the events, which included a flare run down the mountain after sunset.[7]. It is about 500 kilometres (310 mi) south of Sydney, accessible by the Alpine Way via Cooma, Berridale, and Jindabyne. Many of the rescue workers themselves required treatment of minor injuries and the medical team realised they had to be prepared to treat exhaustion and hypothermia among the workers. Five hours later, rescuers had removed enough of the rubble for them to be able to touch Diver. A large slab of concrete which had been part of the Bimbadeen carpark made rescue efforts difficult. View Larger Map ^ Thredbo Police Station. It is a 1-bedroom accommodation with free parking and allergy free rooms. Explore Thredbo holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. There have been no landslides in the area since the 1997 Thredbo landslide. [5] The State Government of New South Wales spent $40 million in out-of-court settlements with 91 businesses and individuals after the incident. There was some question that arose after the landslide that the Alpine Way and Carinya Lodge were built on ground that had not received planning approval and was originally unstable. The first report to come through said that 100 people had been trapped. The local fire brigades had responded to reports of a 'small explosion' in the village. NSW teams have now, also, improved their response time (due to their access to better equipment and technology).

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