A lot did talk about moving as an adventure, but a lot of the women were moving for economic reasons and to be more active and to break with traditional gender roles that would have been assigned to them in the United States. It means they couldn’t stay in the United States living the life they were living without continuing to work. and the Pukakuna Gardens not far from Quito airport. We have been here two years and plan to return to the U.S. FIRST of all, step back in time 50 years sometimes in a good way sometimes not so much. Living in Ecuador: All About Life in Ecuador (Cuenca, Salinas, Quito, Loja, etc), 32 Ecuador Expats Talk About Living in Ecuador, What is Ecuador’s Weather? Coupled with the fact that you can find someone that speaks English in Bogota, Santiago, Lima, or Buenos Aires. BUT ……When I got back to P.E.I and built the house, something was missing. But it’s definitely a different culture. SEVENTH, we just cannot find enough to do here. It might be a natural choice to go back to whats most familiar but it ruins the whole reason for the move in the first place. Thanks Anna. But, like many people, I wish I had saved even more for my eventual retirement. Ecuador doesn’t tax Americans’ Social Security income, and property taxes tend to be low (in Cuenca, you might pay just $70 to $120 for the year, Grimm says). Having been to Ecuador the last two years and planning another trip again in the spring I find a peace of spirit and a sense of hope in the future for this small paradise. I focused my interviews on what was going on with people in their lives that might have led them to search for a lower-cost retirement destination. The air is better in Ecuador than in the US, because there is a lot less aerial spraying, their soil is more pure, a lot of the natively produced foods are healthier, but whether one is an Ecuadorian or an expat, one needs to watch what they eat, take steps to cleanse the body, if necessary (anyone from the first world should do heavy metals cleansing. I will provide room and board plus a small salary. We’d like to see our friends again, and there are a few things we missed seeing and doing while we were there. We’ll look at people who have moved to Canada from other countries differently now. I am thinking of travelling to check out different places before I decide where. But no worries, because this is not my home country and living here for earning my good bucks and daily bread. Unless you experience it yourself, you will never truly ever know what it’s like. You do have to be aware of security, whether you live in a gated complex or not. It is one of the few countries where you can receive a 90-day tourist visa upon entry for any nationality with a valid passport. Consider that statistically Ecuador still has 3 times fewer cancer patients per capita, than the US has, despite Ecuadorians’ eating habits and less pesticide control. Lane lines on the street or highway are merely a suggestion. Anna Dalnoki, Please read the article again. As an American, yes, everyone thinks you are rich. We stayed in Salinas for several months and the trash and dogs are crazy. If you don’t, you’ll feel as we do – isolated – making good friends only with other English speaking people, few of whom are Ecuadorian. That’s my schpiel on things. You are exactly right..the U.S. in particular under this horrible president is giving polluters free reign to keep ruining our air, water, and food. We did plan on yearly visits if we stayed – you need to budget for this before moving. Our apartment was unlivable after the quake. So far I have checked out Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador and Argentina. How far is it from Salinas? Based in New Brunswick, Canada, the economic sociologist is the Canada Research Chair in Global and International Studies at St. Thomas University in Fredericton there. Speaking of traffic, police cars ALWAYS have their emergency lights on (never quite figured that out) and no one gets out of the way of ambulances or fire trucks. It is important to remember, however, that some online claims about living there for practically nothing are overblown. We are still in Nova Scotia, will be leaving for B.C. He is also co-founder of ClickLikeThis (GoPro tutorial blog) and Storyteller Travel. The pros are extolled everywhere online almost daily, but sometimes we don't hear enough about the cons. Some nice places and some not to nice but again, that’s just my opinion. I have two questions – first, where were the scary mountain bus rides? I have lived in Cuenca for 5 years and love it……..have lived in Ecuador for almost 8 years and would not return to the US for any reason, life here is laid back and with no stress what so ever……………..I love my new home country, ECUADOR. Here’s a link to a Facebook page with more info. My question comes from the other side of the coin. Thank you. Being of Spanish/Sicilian origin I am looking for a place to retire south of the US border. Living behind bars and concrete walls strung with electrified wires is not our lifestyle. Your utilities can go out at any time. Try Marcelo Parra. Ecuador reportedly offers high-quality health care at a fraction of the cost in … mid-August. Hi Margaret, No, not all expats live that way. And the illnesses he discusses are from North America not South America. Not being a wealthy 72 year old retired hi-tech and bush pilot I found a great deal on a condo in the middle of a golf course close to the beach. Also, hether you are in Canada or Ecuador, you have to watch what you eat and drink. My father served in the Navy and was attached to the US Embassy in Quito…1958-1961. We will be driving our old camper-van across the country to settle on Vancouver Island where the winters are tolerable. I.E. He is a travel blogger and content marketer. I'm the Senior Web Editor of the Money & Security and Work & Purpose channels for Next Avenue, a new site for people 50+ from PBS. I suggest you check out Colombia. Lief Simon Says Ecuador Is A Better Retire Overseas Choice In 2019 Than It’s Ever Been. 4 country for the past two years … Access to Canada and the US costs less. They’re able to open businesses to cater to their needs or own properties that can be rented or sold. I think my husband and I needed to do more. We’re Leaving Ecuador After 1.5 Years (Here’s Why). Even with that said, my wife and I are still planning to move there. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. I just read an article that Ecuador actually has higher cancer survival rates than the U.S., even. Any way, I am fed up with the cold winters in Canada and do not want to have a mortgage and have to pay rent at the same time, so I am still trying to figure out options. We studied before we arrived, but obviously not enough. Electricity, propane, and water bills are very low. Hi David, Hi I was following Dave and Robin and then read your post I am not sure what you are referring to in regards to illnesses. We’re currently close to Duncan. You say many of the expats call themselves ‘economic refugees.’ What does that mean? And also, security is a primary concern in all of South America. While we have never had any problems, we are so obviously foreigners, assumed to be rich, and could be targets for thieves. Please let me know. Cuenca is a great place. Are there other quiet little towns in the area that anyone can recommend for me to check out while I am there? Why isn’t this migration benefiting all the people of Cuenca? Health care abroad is important to me. They talk about being able to go out more and often enjoy restaurants. Folks unwrap something and throw the wrapper on the ground period. It is also big on tourism and has a chemical industry. Bryan Haines is co-editor of GringosAbroad - Ecuador's largest blog for expats and travelers. Everyone needs to do their own research. I stuggle with the notion of buying or renting. Thank you. We needed a change. Researchers eventually found that this was a myth–Vilcabamba doesn’t actually have a higher percentage of centenarians–but overall … The cost of living is about the same. Ecuadorians are mostly great people and are patient with us, but not being able to have a normal conversation is the biggest drawback for us. It is because we will be viewed as wealthy whether we think we are or not. The amazing part is how “few” people get electrocuted taking a shower. Retiring in Ecuador is a great trip focused on the culture, history and daily living in Ecuador by taking you to some great places for a future retirement. They’re remaking the city in ways that are positive for some, and displacing many. Just curious are you concerned of of health issues arising in South American countries. (As for English, there are many expats in Cotacachi who do not speak Spanish.). So if you know of any single expects that have made the move or explored Equador or other destinations please let me know. Hola, I live in Nanaimo and am interested in what other things you have to say about Ecuador as I am planning on going there, first just to visit. It is one thing to tell you about the benefits of living in Ecuador, but you should also know of some of the pitfalls before making your decision. I am fluent in Brasilian Portuguese but only speak a little Spanish. I have visited Ecuador twice and felt very safe and more free than here in the states. It is a fantastic place to visit, but those that claim it is the end all be all are not being honest. I’ve lived in Canada for the last 14 years but it is getting harder now that my parents are getting older and I feel I have limited time with them. Why did the expats say they moved to Cuenca, Ecuador? Cheers! It’s a small place, many expats both American and Canadian live there, and very friendly. I am US born with Ecuadorian parents. We plan to go to Salinas for a month or 2 and I would like to know which area of the city is better. just curious. They talked about being more active and able to socialize more and staying young by meeting people and getting involved in activities and seeing things they hadn’t seen before. We can’t get enough of some of the local foods such as “chivo al hueco” (goat-in-the-hole), repe (green banana soup) and hornado (whole pig roasted over pure charcoal). has grown up since we lived there. Some were looking for an adventure; travel is now a marker of success in the third age of life. You will miss them! Would appreciate your thoughts. by Live And Invest Overseas. Prices for electronics & cars is comparable to prices in Canada. We were on a city bus in Loja outside a mercado when our bus driver got impatient with the bus ahead of him, blew the horn several times, then rammed into it – actually quite funny. Our home was in the direct flight of aircraft arriving and leaving the airport. Thinking about buying property? However, perhaps you did not give yourselves enough time to learn the language. And you can’t go by what anybody else says because it’s only a matter of opinion. Are you still in Duncan? Hot milk added to hot coffee? Where on Vancouver Island do you live and is it possible to meet up. I am really working on getting my health back and getting off these pain killers before moving somewhere where there is no snow and I am getting there too. For some, this was an opportunity to experiment with aging alone. Barbara. There are surprisingly few easily accessible lakes, and campgrounds are rare. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. And what’s the financial situation like for the expats now? We cannot engage in meaningful conversations, ditto on that point as well. I believe Punta Carnero is an island. According to Matthew Hayes, author of the new book, Gringolandia, the reality is sometimes different from the rosy picture luring growing numbers of American expats. It is possible to live in Cuenca, Ecuador on a very low income, but it means radically changing your lifestyle. We moved to Girón, another small town, located in the Andes just south of Cuenca in the Yunguilla Valley. Language barriers are part of it, but whether or not somebody stays or goes also has much to do with mindset. It’s lovely here. Drivers are mostly impatient and some take risks and pass where they shouldn’t… In answer to your 2nd question – yes, we did feel the need for security in Loja. I was just very curious about your concerns. But it’s best if you know someone or have family there whom can receive you. We have lived in one city and two towns this last year. There’s an increase in employment for domestic service people like gardeners. I’m living in Arabian Gulf, and I also live behind bars and razor wire. The requirements to retire in Ecuador are minimal. Interested in knowing if you got all the shots recommended for travel to Ecuador? I thought this was a story worth telling. And what was Cotacachi like? Cuenca, Ecuador is a very unequal space. Cellular cost is less than in Ecuador. It’s a good place to learn Spanish if you go to school there because Ecuadorians in general speak slower than many others in South America (I speak pretty good Spanish and struggled in Chile, Argentina, and Colombia). living in Washington state I am curious if you have any cautions or advantages of such a move. We live comfortably on less than $1000 per month – not including travel and adventure expenses, which are reasonably priced. You can qualify for an extension by proving a balance of at least $1,125 and having travelers’ insurance or international medical coverage for another 90 days. Shoot us a Facebook message or an email around that time and when we’re in your area we can meet up. Do you recommend anyone? I have looked at Belize a lot over the last 10 years but find that more crime is present there lately. What kind of jobs? The Ecuador government really really really encourages people to buy local, to the detriment of North American imports. It is in many cases, “WHO one is with that elates the soul” and you and your family have learned Language barriars can be overcome by patience and understanding. Check out our  Ecuador real estate guide. But many people there are employed at service-level jobs that are not sustainable jobs that enable them to gain long-term stable incomes. But if you come from an area that is climate controlled, it’s difficult to “digest” (literally). Anna. It’s a surfing village and the food, drinks and excitement is not to be missed. I suppose we should mention the negative side of living in Ecuador – and some of the reasons we are leaving…. Let’s explore five reasons why Ecuador has won first place for the last five years as the best country to retire to. A second of the best places to retire in Ecuador to retire is Manta, which is the country’s most important seaport. Reality. My interest is the beach towns. I knew some people in Cuenca and ran into a couple in Oregon who said they were moving to Ecuador. In Ecuador’s Andes Mountains, you can visit Quito, Otavalo, Banos and Cuenca. Look up “chemtrails” – I see them all the time here in the States. Head to a mercado located in most towns (Loja’s was our favorite) where you find fresh meat, fresh fish, SOOOO much fresh fruit and veggies, fresh flowers, and food stalls. Watched many an airplane fly over…we could see the tire treads. It’s not just expats with bars on their windows and doors; its locals too. We’ve met a lot of great Ecuadorians – as well as other gringos. Do your research. Lovin Oven is my favorite restaurant and Berte is the nicest woman you will ever meet. Hi Bill He mentions “chemtrails” over North America not South America. This is fantastic for the locals in the towns and hell on the rest of us that don’t want to fiesta every night until 6am. At 60 with health issues does scare me but I don’t do well in Canada’s winter months. We loved Girón – the friendly people and the fantastic scenery. I am retiring soon, and must live someplace I can afford on my small pension. That garbage WILL give one cancer, in combination with other things, no matter where you live. Sorry your experience is ending. Is vilcabamba is best place for permanent living? Louis. In fact there was an election in B.C. They were worried about having to declare bankruptcy. If interested, please email me directly at: pearlhope2018@gmail.com. They’re kind of like long-term privileged tourists to the people there. We receive a small pension and have savings. There are several trout lakes high up in the mountains, but we haven’t found any nearby trout brooks, rivers, or lakes for fishing. SECOND, the language. Thank you!! What was their financial situation like in America before they moved to Ecuador? Looking to do the snowbird move first before moving perminently elsewhere. The most popular permanent resident visa is the Foreign Pension Visa (9-I). It is the preffered option for expats with retirement income. Did you enjoy living in Cotacachi, and if you did, why did you leave? Try Vilcabamba, if you are looking for a healthy climate or maybe move further East towards the Amazon jungle and to a lower elevation, possibly to a smaller town with less pollution. If you have never lived abroad, don’t let this scare you, it’s normal and not a big deal. Do you know of any single persons traveling and up rooting to Equador. Before you move to Ecuador, you would probably like to know that the laws in the country are not as elastic as you could possibly think. This company and others produced a lot of content and linked it to content generated by individuals with blogs. We love the friendly people, the climate, the scenery, and the fresh fruit and veggies that are available year-round. I have some health issues but they are do to serious car accident and having fibromyalgia on top of that. Check out some of our favorite travel products. But the truth is, no place in the world is immune from altercations or natural disasters. Mar 21, 2019. in Ecuador, Retirement/Living. my question is that if you suppose to leave your home country Canada, which country you like to settle, again Equador or any other country. I am thinking in buying a villa there, check out Cotacachi as well. We really miss camping, campfires, and fishing. I will be there in May also to check it out – going from Vilcabamba in the South to Ibarra in the North. Hi Dave and Robin, The easy way to retire in Ecuador is to get your Retirement Visa in the US or Canada before you come to Ecuador. The food is typical Ecuadorian and the fish come right out of the ocean…try the cerviche…it’s wonderful. Nestled below the steep mountains of Southern Ecuador, a winding one-hour bus ride south of Loja, lies Vilcabamba, in the Sacred Valley of Longevity–that place made famous for its high percentage of centenarians (people over 100 years old). 7 on its 2019 list. rivals Toronto in cost.. Then it became home. Believe me, it will not take a year and a half to learn it well enough to speak easily. I can do that anytime. Panama and Belize come to mind. Dear Dave and Robin Zinck, I’m a 61yo Brit also living in Ottawa – well just south of it and I too am thinking of emigrating to Ecuador. Ecuador is at the top of the list for best places to retire from a dollars and cents standpoint. Can you talk about that? I am looking into Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, and Spain. Are many of these people working part-time now? Editor of the Money and Work channels for NextAvenue.org, EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation with Forbes Insights. I found the people warm and welcoming. Interesting choice to move back to Canada. I am referring to coastal towns now, not sure about sun throughout all Ecuador. QUE RICO! If you are in the Lower mainland/Vancouver Island area currently Aug 2018, would love to get together for coffee and chat about your experiences Annual Climate Charts from Across Ecuador, Maracuya: Passion Fruit Guide (Taste, 7 Benefits, How to Eat it), Tagua Nut Guide: South America’s Vegetable Ivory (Vegan, Sustainable), What do People in Ecuador Eat? (secuity at the gate,) Most of us here, speak english and/or french,, The cost of construction is maybe higher than elsewhere but quality is there,, none of the houses where damaged due to the earthquake,, and we felt it alright !!! Clearly, learning the language of the country where I will live is key. This article was a bit discouraging to read. Thank You Shirley. Hi to you both! Do you take a ferry? We spent time in Montanita and Olon, BOTH yes, BOTH are party towns for the Guayaquil folks every weekend and holiday. Hayes is a somewhat unexpected authority on the subject of expats in Ecuador. I've already written about some of the reasons people move to Ecuador , but there is no perfect place anywhere. Cheers Over the Christmas Holidays I will spend a month in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo with a Spanish teacher. You can’t even find it in the sky as the clouds are so thick. I know this is a South African way of living, but I wasn’t aware that all expats lived this way in Ecuador. After living in California and experiencing several earthquakes, I would not live anywhere where this is prevalent. They explain that we should protect our homes the same way wealthy Ecuadorians do. GringosAbroad is Ecuador’s largest blog for expats and travelers! Ecuador regularly shows up on those “Best Places to Retire Abroad” lists. I didn’t talk to anyone who felt they were tricked into moving to Ecuador. 0. Did you travel extensively all over South America before deciding on Ecuador? The cost of living here is much lower than in Nova Scotia. Hi Mike, are you still in San Miguel de Allende? 4 country for the past two … As a single, retiree, can you share your experiences and the area you chose to live in Ecuador? Did you ever consider hiring a teacher in Ecuador to help you improve your language skills. loja, And don’t forget about the food! I also had an Ecuadorian friend who died from cancer. We live in the small, southern city of Loja, nestled in the Cuxibamba Valley. In the end, we did our research and tried to make the best choice for us, but sometimes things don’t turn out as planned. And unless you have bars on the windows and are heavily fortified, you probably will not want to leave your house alone if you are leaving town, you will need someone to watch it. SHARES. How well do the native residents get along and live with the expats? And, of course, MONTANITA, less than 2 hours north of Salinas is a must see. Like the simple endings of words. Image Source: iStock/pxhidalgo. We also bought a few books, and read online newspaper articles, etc. My questions to all Americans choosing to move to Ecuador rather than Central America or any other country in South America are. More and more people are deciding to retire in Ecuador and they have many good reasons to choose that path. I too want to live abroad but am anxious about doing this alone. We have a few yrs before that happens so just in the planning research stage. This is part of our Ecuador Expats Series. Most expats gain residence in Ecuador with a Pensioner’s visa.

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