Sunflower 'Procut® White Nite' F1. Hang in an airy place safe from birds and rodents. Garden & Outdoors Deals & Offers Garden Furniture Gardening Plants, Seeds & Bulbs Décor & Lighting Birds & Wildlife Sheds & Storage Barbecues Watering Equipment Garden Tools Best Sellers Home & Garden Wedding List I am going to only plant single stem varieties this year and I am going to try and grow 3 rows of flowers in each larger row. 9331 Soraya. 440 seeds/oz. Like its sister, ProCut® Orange DMR, ProCut® BiColor DMR offers resistance to most known races of sunflower Downy Mildew against which it has been tested. The big, 4–6 inch blooms have white to pale, yellow-washed petals surrounding a dark, pollen-free central disk. Muted plum-to-cream bicolor blooms combine well with soft or vivid colors and are every bit as early and reliable as the other well-known ProCut colors. Plummy, pollenless big blooms on strong stems offer a new dimension in sunflower arrangements, harmonizing beautifully with bronze and reddish flowers. An excellent choice for large scale sunflower production, the Pro Cut series can be used for both wholesale and retail markets. Well, obviously, I am not in the field yet but getting ready for it. Jun 18, 2015 - Pollenless single-stem sunflower varieties in an array of colors from lemon and orange to pink and deepest red, or bicolors. From sowing to first cutting is approximately 60 days in mid Summer - plants flower July-September. Helianthus - Sunflower ProCut White Nite. The single stemmed plants produce pollen-free, 3 to 4" flowers. Procut Orange Hybrid Sunflower Seeds (25-Seed Packet) Bohemian Rhasody Sunflower Seed Mixture (25-Seed Packet) Sunflower Gurney's Sunny Hedge Blend (25 Seed Packet) Super Snack Sunflower Seeds (25 Seed Packet) Price $ 7 47 /package $ 7 98 /package $ 9 98 /package $ 10 97 /package. Order our ProCut® BiColor Sunflower seeds today to grow a contract of bronzy red on orange tipped petals. For each offer ordered, get 1 pkt of approx. The roots are heavy, corm-like rhizomes that are capable of producing new stems or plants at their nodes, and a "handful" in this case will make 5 to 10 plants. A superior sunflowers for making cut-flower bouquets. You may store the seeds on the … Sunrich Lime . 4–6" blooms. 40” branching habit. 5” bicolor disk, dark red at base and golden yellow at tips. Helianthus annuus Pollenless, single-stem beauties.Very tall, 5-6 foot plants produce strong-stemmed flowers 4-6 inches wide with excellent color. The latest addition to the colorful ProCut sunflower series, ‘ProCut Plum’ flowers dazzle with plum petals circling a black eye. I have 6 - 100 foot rows there. : Seed Needs, Procut Bi-Color Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) 50 Seeds : Garden & Outdoor Sunrich Limoncello Summer. SEED. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders Try Prime Cart. Ht. Buy this product Item # Product. Sunrich Lemon. Growing Companions ; Growing Guide ; Growing Companions . ProCut Bicolor. Plant database entry for Sunflower (Helianthus annuus ProCut® Bicolor) with one image and 37 data details. Sunrich Blend. Like all the ProCuts, it is pollenless and single stemmed making it perfect as a cut flower. A sunny addition to gardens and cut flower arrangements. ProCut Blend. Amazing blooms that open with a creamy vanilla colour quickly turning white in a few days of sunlight contrasted with a dark pollen free centre. 100sd: 500sd: 1000sd: 5M (per M) … Packet: 50 seeds. I placed my sunflower seed order today. ProCut sunflower series seeds grow some of summer's most astonishing, vigorous, and timeless blooms. PROCUT® WHITE NITE. The single stemmed plants produce pollen-free, 3 to 4" flowers. Sunrich Orange. 430 seeds/oz. The stunning range of colours makes ProCut® BiColor totally unique. Product Type: Seeds ... Bicolor petals of cream brushed with plum. 4–6" blooms. Full Description. $ 2.77 – $ 7.67 Sunflower, ProCut Brilliance – 25/100 Seeds View products; Sale! ProCut Plum. Grow a garden filled with Procut Red Sunflowers, from freshly harvested Helianthus annus flower seeds. Home; Products; About Us; News; Contact Us; Looking for Grain & Forage? $ 2.77 – $ 7.67 Sunflower, Sunfill Green – 25/100 Seeds View products; Sale! Day length neutral.Color: Golden orange petals with dark brown diskAnnual SHIPPING Seed Untreated 1,000 Seeds: We have ordered m Sunflower 'ProCut® Plum' F1 Helianthus annuus hyb. Remove seeds by rubbing two heads together. Great prices on your favourite Gardening brands, and free delivery on eligible orders. 60–72". An excellent choice for large scale sunflower production, the Pro Cut series can be used for both wholesale and retail markets. 25 seeds … More. Dark central cones offer wonderful contrast. 60–72. Product Description: This striking ivory-hued sunflower glows in the garden. 50 DAYS. 50 – 65 days. Harvested seeds. ProCut Horizon. Ht. golden orange flowers with dark brown centers bloom atop 5- to 6-ft. single stalks, making them ideal for cutting. I will still be growing at Meadowlark Heritage Farms this summer. $3.99. 430 seeds/oz. For best quality cut flowers, cut as soon as the buds … Avg. SKU # S1593 . The early blooming, strong, single-stemmed plants reach 5–6 feet tall. This reliable single-stemmed variety is pollenless and bred for commercial cut flower production. Buy Fruit Trees Vegetable Seeds, Flower Seeds, flowering trees and fruit trees and Rose Trees online ProCut? Seed … We hope you will enjoy our collection of botanical photographs and illustrations as much as we do. For commercial production. Garden & Outdoor . Good as casual cut or garden flower ; 9326 Sonja. Denser plantings or excess nitrogen can lead to smaller flowerheads with less robust stems. ProCut White Nite. Packet: 50 seeds. Ht. Sunflower 'Pro Cut White Nite' Helianthus annuus An exciting new addition to the Pro Cut line, ‘White Nite’ produces tall ivory-petaled flowers with chocolatey brown centers. Sowing, Seeds, Planting: Sow in early spring indoors on a windowsill, with a single seed to a 9cm pot or direct sow mid spring. Sunflower Seeds Bi-Color Procut- 25 Seeds FREE SHIPPING!. Buy this product Item # … Ht. Avg. Crisp, fashionable white petals surround a dark center. ProCut® BiColor DMR is our best solution for growers who have experienced problems with sunflower Downy Mildew. To harvest, cut the seed heads leaving 12 inches of stem attached. Single stem. Bicolor cinnamon with yellow tips. ProCut Orange Hybrid Sunflower Seed Top Choice for Cut Flowers. Care Tips: Sunflowers are hungry feeders. Jul 18, 2020 - Tall, with strong stems. Pinch out the growing tips at 45cm (18in) to encourage branching. And like our number one ProCut® BiColor, this DMR version gives the same great petal quality and … PROCUT® WHITE NITE. Treatment of stems with holding solution can prolong vase life. Order Quantity Price … Plants are day length neutral and bloom just 50 to 55 days after sowing. ProCut Red. Avg. : 25 Seeds of Helianthus annuus, ProCut Bicolor Sunflower : Garden & Outdoor. Strong stalks hold large 3 to 4 inch blooms that are pollen-free so they won't make a mess of your arrangements. Pollenless. Sunflower, ProCut BiColor DMR – 25/100 Seeds View products; Sale! Packet: 50 seeds. Bicolor - (F1) Sunflower Seed [1710] - Mahogany red flowers with orange tips and a dark disc.Tall, with strong stems. Buy Fruit Trees Vegetable Seeds, Flower Seeds, flowering trees and fruit trees and Rose Trees online ProCut? Germination optimum 20°C, minimum 5°C. Single-stem plants have tall, strong stems and 4–6, pollenless blooms. ProC ut sunflower seeds are hardy outdoor favorites for growing unique, vivid color in either a decorative planter or lining the back of the garden. This beautiful Sunflower displays deep red petals and dark brown centers. In the Field. 3- to 4-in. ProC ut seeds promise radiant, eye-catching 3 – 4” heads bursting in their signature orange, gold, … Cream petals mature to white and contrast beautifully with the dark brown center on this high-quality sunflower. 3’. 4–6" blooms. DAYS TO GERMINATION: 7 … The nector and seeds of the Maximilian Sunflower make it useful in wildlife habitat restoration, and our guess is that this will be one of your favorites. Skip to main content. Ht. A fast crop requiring only 50-60 days. Just cover the heads to keep the birds away. Sunflower, ProCut White Nite Short Description. Singular new plum shade is an outstanding addition to sunflower color spectrum. Find dozens of outstanding sunflowers. 100sd: 500sd: 1000sd: 5M (per M) 3.25: 13.05: 19.75: 16.50: Golden-orange blooms with dark centers produce long-lasting 4” blooms. Procut Red is a hybrid variety of Sunflower that produces pollen free flowers. ProCut White Lite. 50 - 60 Days to Maturity. 500 Seeds. Each plant will stand to a mature height of only 4 to 6 feet tall. Drying sunflower heads: If drying outside they should be protected with plastic mesh or brown paper bags. Recommended for cut flowers or garden. Click here to view Grain & … This unique colour can be used all year round but is particularly good for the late season. Sow 2 seeds at 45cm (18in) intervals, if both germinate, transplant one. Shipped with USPS First Class. The stems may need support until maturity. Single stem. Azalea Gardens Sunflower Flower Seeds "ProCut BICOLOR " 20 Seeds Pack: Garden & Outdoors Single stem. Growing Guide Sowing Instructions: Depth: 1/4" Sprout Time: 5-14 days Starting Indoors: Not recommended, as sunflowers grow very … ProCut Orange Excel. SKU: 39857. $4.95 $4.95. Details:Plant type: annualHeight: 60-72”Site: f Pollenless. Cut flowers just before first ray petals open. Lightly cover seeds, and keep moist. Lifecycle: Annual Hardiness: Half Hardy Annual Size: 4-6’ h x 2-3’ w Sun: Full sun Soil: Regular to rich, well-drained Season: Summer to fall Seed to Bloom: 12-14 weeks Color: Bicolor petals of cream brushed with plum A new pollenless sunflower with buff petals brushed with rosy-plum that are Sunrich Gold. From your friendly Swallowtail Garden Seeds catalog photographer. Day length neutral.Color: Lemon and mahogany-red petals with dark brown diskAnnual PACKAGING Approximately 5,670 seeds per pound You are currently viewing Vegetables. $4.00. $ 4.17 – $ 10.47 Sunflower, Sunfill Mix – 25/100 Seeds View products; Sale! 60–72". Heads should be dry in 2-3 weeks. Sunflower seed order! Pollenless. Excellent cut-flower variety is pollenless, with one 3-5” bloom per plant on strong, sturdy stems. Ratings (1) (1) (0) (0)Seed Type: Flower: Flower: Flower: Flower: View Product: … Red/Lemon Bicolor Sunflower Seed [1781] - Red petals with lemon tips and a dark disc.Tall, with strong stems. Pollenless flowers do not drop pollen after cutting. 60–72".

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