Botanický název: Narcissus poeticus 'Actaea' Objednávkové číslo: 022820; Výška dospělé rostliny (cm) do 40 cm; Velikost cibule (obvod) 12/14 cm This outstanding Split Cup variety opens with a yellow-gold center and becomes more orange with time, making for an exceptionally enticing contrast. Barrett Browning & Red Devon Narcissus Assorted. 'Actaea' is a poeticus narcissus (Division IX). Pre-Orders Begin March 2021. Daffodil Actaea is late by daffodil standards. Poeticus Daffodil Actaea Large Bulbs Sz 12/14 Narcissus White Flower Scented. This cultivar is reliably hardy in the Chicago area if planted in well-drained, moist soil in full sun or Bulb size:12/14. Barrett Browning Narcissus Small Cupped. We offer Poet's daffodil bulbs and ship then from October through January. Flowers are spicy fragrant. Narcissus poeticus (poet's daffodil, poet's narcissus, nargis, pheasant's eye, findern flower, and pinkster lily) was one of the first daffodils to be cultivated, and is frequently identified as the narcissus of ancient times (although Narcissus tazetta and Narcissus jonquilla have also been considered as possibilities). The Narcissus 'Actaea' bulbs I ordered arrived in good condition and on flowering this Spring provided a good addition to a bed of mixed white bulbs that provides 2-3 months of interest. This exquisite daffodil has a wonderful scent but they are also very popular so please order early. Actaea Poeticus Daffodil (Narcissus 'Actaea'): Actaea poetica narcissus (Narcissus ‘Actaea’) is one of the best known of the cultivars derived from Narcissus poeticus. Narcissus 'Actaea' (poeticus Daffodil) Fragrant, multiple award-winner Narcissus 'Actaea' displays elegant, pure white flowers, up to 3 in. Bulbs are easily grown, multiply rapidly and can be left undisturbed for a number of years. The two most readily available pheasant eye varieties, both holders of Royal Horticultural Society awards of garden merit, are N. poeticus ‘Actaea’ which has a wider petal or pelianth (see top two photographs) and N. poeticus var. Reviewed 10th July 2019 by Hello Tara Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Poet's Narcissus, Poeticus Daffodil (Narcissus ) 'Actaea' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garden. recurvus (common name: Pheasant's eye): white-yellow with orange Pre-Orders Begin March 2021. Narcissus. Narcissus poeticus 'Actaea' is an heirloom variety from 1919. recurvus, this well-known and much-loved classic is an old reliable favourite which will put on a brilliant show each spring without any fuss at all. More Information . Position:full sun or partial shade. Actaea Narcissus Poeticus. It's hard to imagine that it will soon be 100 years old, and that it is still growing so strong. Reviews . A broad orange flattened split cup fronts overlapping rounded bright yellow petals with a hint of green in them. (9 W-YYR) Fragrant Actaea is an award-winning naturalizer introduced back in 1919. Those cultivars with orange, red, or pink cups generally retain deeper color when planted in a location … An old-fashioned variety that has been awarded the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society for it great qualities. It is also often associated with the Greek legend of Narcissus. It rises to 15-17" tall and features flowers with white petals and small, golden yellow cups rimmed with red. Its heirloom varieties usually have one flower per stem, pure white perianth segments and a … Løgstørrelse: 12/14 Poeticus narcissi Actaea has pure white petals and a small cup of yellow, edged fiery red. More Information; Description: A now also a historic poetic selection from before 1919! Baby Boomer Narcissus Cyclamineus. Flowering period: late April. The cultivar 'Actaea' dates to the 1920s. In late spring delightful single, fragrant white flowers are produced with flattened, bowl-shaped trumpets of yellow edged in red.It’s a superb choice for growing at the front of a spring border or in pots as part of a spring container display. Pure-white glistening petals, slightly overlapped, are centered by a small yellow cup with a red rim. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. This cherished heirloom has a large, 3 1/2", rounded, pure white perianth and a small, shallow yellow cup, edged scarlet-red with a yellow-green eye. Also known as Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus ‘Old Pheasant’s Eye’. Topsize bulbs. Older narcissus hybrids are often the results of crossing Narcissus poeticus with the British native Narcissus pseudonarcissus. 11Y–O. Actaea is a popular English daffodil that is highly scented and a great naturaliser so will provide endless pleasure for many years to come. Narcissus Actaea. Actaea Daffodil Description Does quite well in shady sites. Pre-Orders Begin March 2021. The latter is associated with 20th century poets, rather than the classical sort, namely Robert Frost and Edward Thomas. wide (8 cm), adorned with six wide petals and tiny, red-rimmed, golden-yellow cups. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . Skip to the end of the images gallery . Hardiness: fully hardy. Color: Narcissus color can vary based on the age of the flowers as well as environmental conditions, such as temperature and light intensity. Blooming in mid to late spring, one flower per stem, the blossoms rise atop a clump of narrow, strap-shaped leaves. Zones 3-7 Above: Narcissus poeticus var. 'Actaea': pure white perianth: golden-yellow cup with bright red edge; Narcissus poeticus var. More Information. It is often viewed as the best poeticus variety ever raised and bears a broad white perianth, overlapping petals and a canary-yellow eye (edged fiery red). All this I learned in the process of identifying my pretty clump, the inhabitants of which belong to the species n. poeticus, or poet's narcissus. Poeticus Daffodil (Narcissus 'Actaea') in the Daffodils Database - New and Unread Tree-Mails Mid Spring blooms, Z3-8. Explore our selection of narcissus poeticus bulb varieties at Terra Ceia Farms. Plant database entry for Poeticus Daffodil (Narcissus 'Actaea') with 13 images and 61 data details. Narcissus Actaea (9 W-YYR) Fragrant Actaea is an award-winning naturalizer introduced back in 1919. recurvus. The service at Sarah Raven is well organised, informative and prompt. Rate of growth: fast-growing. 14–16" tall. Assorted Double Narcissus Double. Photograph by Kendra Wilson. Pre-Orders Begin March 2021. Narcissus ‘Actaea’ is a member of the poeticus division of daffodils. Synonyms Narcissus poeticus Narcissus poeticus subsp. Narcissus - Actaea poeticus . Sweetly scented, snow-white flowers with scalloped petals and a small flat eye of yellow, edged bright red. The fragrant flowers have white petals and a small yellow cup with a red rim. Ces bulbes synonymes du printemps apportent aussi au jardin le plaisir d'un parfum puissant et raffiné. Soil:well-drained soil. Si le narcisse des poètes est le plus connu, notamment ses variétés 'Actaea' à fleurs rondes et 'Recurvus' à fleurs récurvées, il existe de nombreuses autres variétés de narcisses puissamment odorants avec des fleurs de toutes les couleurs et toutes les formes ! Above: Narcissus poeticus ‘Actaea’. It's hard to imagine that it will soon be 100 years old, and that it is still growing so strong. Actaea poeticus . Light/Watering: While Daffodils prefer full sun they will usually tolerate half-day shade, especially Cyclamineus hybrids such as 'Jack Snipe' and the Poeticus variety 'Actaea'. Buy Narcissus'Actaea' poeticus daffodil bulbs: An old fashioned scented variety. Winner of multiple awards spanning 100 years, this fragrant beauty is beloved for its colouration, form and ability to withstand shaded, moist sites- … Narcissus - poeticus var. pot size guide. recurvus (Pheasant's Eye) - Daffodil Item Number: 01-1307. Poeticus daffodils or narcissus also know as Pheasant's Eye or Poet's daffodil are timeless with a delicacy and elegance all of their own combined with their unique fragance. Pinseliljer plantes i grupper eller sammen med røde tulipaner. It blooms in mid- to late spring on stems to 16 inches tall.

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