The Krumen tradition dates back to the end of the eighteenth century. Reach:  to arrive. :  hoeing; preparing the ground for planting; weeding. Too-fine:  excellent, wonderful, magnificent. These were individuals, most often from the Klao Bassa people and Grebo ethnic groups, who worked as sailors on ships along the West African coast and also as migrant workers and domestics in such British colonies as the Gold Coast (Ghana) and Nigeria. Or, “Is that so?”. “No fuss.” (Don’t fret, or don’t bother about it. Drivers:  This term refers to car or bus drivers. It is also a measurment of length for cloth. “Plenty humbug.”  (A mess.). :  to run behind, or to be behind one; nag; keep after; insist. “Don’t humbug me.”  (Don’t bother me.) (where). (when). “There’s no way man.”, :  one at a time; separately. “That woman got belly”  (That woman is pregnant.) “Come let us cut, man.”  (Come let us eat together, or Come let us share the food.) Even the Liberian Department of Education adopted a policy to provide education in English despite not having similar rules for any indigenous language. “His heart lay down.”  (He was pleased.) From 'Big Jues' To 'Tay-Tay Water,' A Quick Guide To Liberian English Shikii . Burn farm or burn bush:  after cutting the bush (or “brushing”-clearing the undergrowth and cutting cutting down trees-a standard part of farming in the interior is to burn the dried debris. Since many settlers brought English into Liberia and established the language as a primary mode of communication across different groups in the country, English continues to play a crucial role in understanding the cultural development of the country. "All Hail, Liberia Hail!" “Seeing her time” or “Seeing the moon” or even just “Seeing it” (Having her period). English might be the official language, but in a country with well over 250 other local languages, Pidgin was developed to aid communication among people from different parts of the country, … “He made mistake.”  (He fell down and broke his leg, or He failed his examinations, or He wasn’t to blame.) :  bit; stung. the broken english spoken in the west african country of Liberia. Dry:  sickly, undernourished, skinny. “I have to be behind you all the time!”  (I have to be after you constantly to make you do it.) “Typhoid” (Typhoid fever—this term is thrown about very loosely here, and often refers to any serious or prolonged fever). It includes the descendants of Liberian colonists as well as Americans and. “When last you saw your time?” or “When last you saw it?” (When did have your last menstrual period). 2. countable noun. But no matter what, a big jue doesn't depend on a … “Help me” may mean “Give me something.”, Hold word:  defer judgement;  keep one’s own council. Additionally, the term "Liberian English" is sometimes used for all varieties except the standard. Though new her name, Green be her fame, And mighty be her powers, And mighty be her powers, In joy and gladness With our hearts united, We'll shout the freedom Of a race benighted, Long live Liberia… :  guest. Beg:  solicit; plead; a request. “I cannot lie.”  (I do not lie. “His skin was hot too much” (He had a very high fever). Served in a bowl covered with clear water broth, or squeezed into a ball and dipped into palm oil soup. Liberian English - English dictionary online at Glosbe, free. “That child is getting dry.”  Also a coolquialism for being without money-broke. :  a term widely used among tribal peoples to refer to all foreigners, or those who have come from across the sea. Its meaning varies in different sections of the country. A Liberian is a person who comes from Liberia, or a person of Liberian origin . “A snake burned him.”  “He was burned by a bee.”, :  forest; secret society groves. List all English words English words starting with liberia, English words that contain liberia or English words ending with liberia With the same order, English words that are formed by any part of : li lib liber liberi ib iber b be ber e er r ria a Vernacular Liberian English has been analysed having a post-creole continuum. “I hear Vai.”  (I can understand Vai. adj : of or relating to liberia or its people; "liberian ship owners" [syn: liberian] n : a native or inhabitant of liberia [syn: liberian] similar words (3) liberian dollar. Usually presented to a host, an honored guest (stranger), a sacred person, or from a client to a patron. :  getting along; so-so. “The matter was settled in the house.”  When this is said of an important political matter or other issues before a chiefdom, it means that the related heads of the major founding, land-owning families solved the problem themselves without recourse to outside advisement or referees. Liberian is a 8 letter word, used as a article or as a noun, and has the letters abeiilnr (abeilnr). :  a reference to the period before the new rice crop is harvested, and when the rice of the previous year’s crop is used up. “In Monrovia, the people are different-different.”. Ngovo, B. ” (penis)—kind of a childish term for the penis. It has also come to be applied to all “civilized” or urban people who dress and behave in a non-African manner. An example of the lack of tense marking is "he feel hot" instead of "he had felt hot." Or to be wounded. Liberians usually avoid many of the “question” words like why, where, when, and use these phrases instead. Cup:  unit of measurement.

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