Good News Ministries There were some (as you will see in this article) that were so devoted to prayer for the entire earth in their day, that they got by with one hour of sleep a night, rather than take the chance that the devil would take advantage of prayerless hours. Learn not to trust any other intercessor but Christ. Intercessors have a very high calling of God in helping to build up God’s kingdom. Those who pray for the spiritual needs of others do immeasurable good in the world, often preventing (at least for a time) divine judgment. However, Intercessors for America allows you to provide personal information on our web site. We were inspired and encouraged to take the call to be intercessors more seriously than ever before—and to spread this call to others in our sphere of influence. They continue until! Governors and other great men and women came into the desert seeking out the prayers and ministry and counsel of the desert fathers who had given themselves to prayer and spiritual warfare. Palladius, Chronius, James, the monks of Nitria, Abba Ammon, Marcarius, the Egyptian, Pachomius, Elpidus and many others went into the caves of Egypt to pray and enter into a real spiritual warfare which seemed to be beyond anything most people are presently in today. Communion with God is the bedchamber of the Holy Spirit. We can each pray for the sick and see them recover, and we can each release history-making intercession! Anthony said, regarding the discerning of spirits and spiritual warfare, "Let us pray that we may know the hidden things, that we may have power from God to stand against the darts of the evil one. There is a false humility, which makes a great virtue of self-depreciation, because it has never seen its utter nothingness. Spiritual Warfare of the Desert Fathers (The Watchmen), Note: Athanasius wrote of Anthony the Great after spending some time with him in Alexandria. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and I believe that God appoints certain prophetic intercessors to pray for us. This is just a snippet from his collection. Email: Their motive in separating themselves was to give their hearts the opportunity to focus on God alone. I have a hunch that Abraham could have gone even lower. In fact, I believe God liked it. Prayer and good deeds go together. What an approachable Father God we have!Life begins in intimacy. (Unsplash/Pedro Lima) Believers around the world are interceding with one another to stem the coming tide of evil. An article that teaches us through the prayer life of Elijah how to do battle against the powers of darkness through prayer and spiritual warfare. This is apparent in the lives of many great saints throughout the Bible. History belongs to the intercessors, who believe the future into being. You will go forth My glorious intercessors under increase of power, renewed strength and a fresh zeal. (See my book Celtic Flames.) God definitely showed no signs of being angry with Abraham over his persistent intercession and pleading on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah. There is no special list anywhere in the Scriptures indicating that prayer, praise, worship, and intercession are special “gifts of the Holy Spirit.” They are the birthright of every believer! The desert fathers went into the caves of the desert and they were referred to as "Keepers of the walls," "Guardians of the world's peace," and also "Gatekeepers of the nations." The reason is simple. What is God’s will? Ready to do it? They exercised great discernment and could see very clearly and deeply into the spiritual realm. More important, after getting to know some of the intercessors quite well, it became apparent what a high price they paid for their important work in the kingdom. This book, published in 1907, is his endeavor to make the writings of the ancient fathers more readable for today. When God told Abraham that He planned to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, the patriarch asked God if He planned to destroy the righteous people along with the wicked. Appollo was famous for his personal austerity and fasting, and the monks and cave-dwellers ate once or twice a week. The recipe for enduring change is simple. This day, this hour, while we are assembled to worship, he is representing our cause in the court of heaven. In their devotion to spiritual warfare, the desert fathers had many encounters with angels and saw demonic powers. But with spiritual maturity comes a focus on the needs of others, then we can to start practice intercessory prayer. He could thunder the judgments of God upon sin with great liberty and power and then offer the mercy of the gospel with tenderness and tears. Nevertheless, ancient heathen temples remained along the Nile. So will you. Anthony and others like him lived in the Holy Spirit and many people came to them for counsel of their wisdom, for they were able to see the matters in hand by the Spirit, and discern and pray and minister in the realm of the unseen world. ), Kathie Walters Theophilus the Bishop one day summoned some of the fathers to come to Alexandria and pray and demolish the deities of the heathen temples. In devotional prayer, I bring my adoration and personal needs before my God. How great is the privilege of having an Advocate in heaven. (Photo via 5:35). 1. Thank Him for saving you, delivering you and changing your life for the better. God will not hear us when we hide unrepented sin in our lives. And if we desire to know the hidden things, then we must have our hearts pure, that we may be a habitation for the Holy Spirit and then He will abide and rest in us, and the light that proceeds from Him will enable us to see hidden things; even from remote distances. Jesus, our High Priest, who sacrificed His own life to redeem us from death, is the foremost intercessor. 1 - E.A. Website: 124 Main Street, Richmond,ME 04357 Intercession is the position the intercessor takes in praying for another. Awesome! He used the writings of Palladius and many other manuscripts, to numerous to mention, and translated them into English. There is no case He will refuse. In “burden-bearing intercession” we pick up the burdens of others; we deposit them before the throne of mercy to obtain help for a time of need. Barnard Castle Methodist Church 2. The desert fathers should teach us the importance of separation from the spirit of the world and our dedication to knowing the Father's heart. Prayer is God’s equal opportunity card that each believer in Christ gets to punch! Many of us, who are either prophetic people or who hold the office of a prophet, know little of the real sacrifices in prayer of some of our forefathers. He has appeared on the 700 Club, TBN, 100 Huntley, DayStar, God TV and other radio and TV broadcasts. Written originally in Greek, it was translated into Latin by Evagrius. 6. Perseverance to pray for others, for our towns and cities, WILL bring the presence of God to the 20th century. Note: Events are subject to change at the ministry's discretion. These included Basil the great, Rufinus, Melania, Jerome in 385, Palladius, John Cassian with Germanus, just to name but a few. 5. Our Other Websites. The opposite is true also - an intercessor may live his entire life and live to make only one great act of intercession. “We never know how God will answer our prayers, but we can expect that He will get us involved in His plan for the answer. (Ex 32:32, Ps 106:23) Isaiah’s prophecy speaks of a “spiritual wall” of intercession from which the end-time watchmen-intercessors will cry out 24/7 for the release of God’s promises. God looks for men and women that will stand in the gap just like Jesus stands in the gap and intercedes for us. The dramatic intervention of COVID-19 has directly exposed the great emergencies of our time. We can each cast out demons! 37) 7. Many of these people get caught up to Heaven to receive instructions from angels or from the Lord in their intercessory fight for God's people. History-making intercessors just flat out never give up. Famous people came to the desert fathers in Egypt to learn from them, to receive counsel, prayer, deliverance and healing. Especially when we are placed in the front lines and we have to fight the enemy in a spiritual battle, it is good when prophetic intercessors are appointed over us to pray for us and to stop the flying arrows approaching us with their shield of faith. Let’s take the intercession plunge together!Why do I burn with this message? Sodom and Gomorrah have become synonymous with sin, sexual debauchery, and sodomy, yet the great patriarch of Israel, the “father of faith,” interceded passionately that those twin cities of sin be spared! Most intercessors are introverts and we do not expect to have many friends. However, this incident illustrates one of the fundamental laws governing the relationship between God and people: God quits when people quit. ", He said, "On occasions they (the demons) would come and fill my house with snakes and all manner of reptiles, but I would tell them, 'Begone,' and they would right away leave. There is a difference between a person who is called an intercessor and a person who prays. Rejoice, pray, and give thanks at all times! They made the desert blossom, both spiritually and physically, for apart from prayer, they also grew many foods in the desert. We suggest you always check first with the event contact listed here and/or directly visit their website for latest updates on each event. 3. Daniel Nash and Abel Clary were old-school intercessors —intercessors who rose up long before the Pentecostal church was born—whom many credit with laying the foundation of the Finney-inspired revivals. They considered themselves as commissioned to keep watch on the world's frontiers and waged war in prayer against the demonic powers that invaded the world of mankind. But intercession is more than just another word for prayer. Then they (demons) brought torches and threatened to set alight my cell with me in it, but I lifted up my voice in the Psalms and said, 'Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but I will be strong in the name of the Lord our God,' and immediately the devils disappeared from before me. He and his wife late wife Michal Ann were married for 32 years before her graduation into heaven in September 2008. We were grateful beyond measure to be able to attend the first ever ICCRS Intercession Training Course, held in Quebec on June 30 through July 5. God agreed to Abraham’s request, but this passage causes us to wonder, What if Abraham hadn’t stopped at ten? Brad Long, executive director of Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International (PRMI,, believes that building an army of intercessors to agree with one another in the Spirit will prevent evil and advance the kingdom of God. (But then again, I wasn’t there, and I certainly don’t have all the facts at hand.) Intercessors are called to lead a disciplined and holy life. We have plenty of people willing to do work before man, but few that are willing to do work before the Lord. The famous monastery at Bangor in Ireland considered that their revelation of continuous praise and prayer came from the "True vine, which came out of Egypt and not from Rome." Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher Satan came to his door one night and Anthony told him, "Why don't you leave me alone for I haven't done anything to you." You become a middleman for God! But in intercession, we bring our petitions to a loving God in behalf of others. Anthony's Discernment: Anthony was constantly attacked by demonic powers but learned how to discern and take authority over them. Prophets may be the mouth of God, missionaries may be His feet, but intercessors are His heart. Are you ready to make a difference? Shepherd of Faith Ministries 5:16-18 NASB). Leslie M John “And Moses verily was faithful in all his house, as a servant, for a testimony of those things which were to be spoken after; But Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end” (Hebrews 3:5-6) Tour of Northern England That is the goal of my life. Kathie Walters is an international speaker who brings freedom to those who feel they have to "qualify." God loves a good fight, and He calls us to be His tenacious bulldogs in the Holy Spirit—to get hold of the promises of God and not let go until something happens. October 1-2, 2016 THE TWO GREAT INTERCESSORS JESUS IS GREATER THAN MOSES. Barnard Castle, Flatts Rd., DL12 8PW United Kingdom But the Desert Fathers who lived in the caves of Egypt – 2nd-3rd century were probably the greatest intercessors the world has ever seen. We do not keep these burdens; we release them to our gracious, loving Father. 3:17; Mt. When you're done reading, you'll have a better understanding of why Jesus pleaded with His disciples during His agony in Gethsemane, "Could you not watch in prayer for only ONE HOUR?". Lessons: — 1. I want to be a history maker! Wallis Budge. Sir Ernest Wallis Budge was an English Egyptologist and Orientalist who worked with the British Museum and published many works. 2. I gave him no answer but bowed myself to the Lord and asked Him to make an end of this devil, and the demon vanished like smoke from my door." These included Basil the great, Rufinus, Melania, Jerome in 385, Palladius, John Cassian with Germanus, just to name but a … In the first place I never thought I would be worthy to fill such a role. The attitude was positive; they were not just refusing to sleep, but they were keeping watch. When God agreed to relent if 50 righteous people were found, Abraham persisted to drive the numbers lower, knowing that only Lot and his family could possibly qualify. Here are some of our other websites: Harvestime International Institute (do an online A.A. degree in Biblical Ministries for just $7 per subject) - our website on Prayer and Spiritual Warfare These desert monks were considered, in 2nd and 3rd century Egypt, to be a force of spiritual power for their neighbors, towns and cities. The most familiar phrase is “standing in the gap,” which comes from Ezekiel 22:30: “I [God] sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none” (KJV).I define intercession as follows: The act of making a request to a superior, or expressing a deep-seated yearning to our one and only superior, God. And Their Amazing Discernment", Spiritual Meaning of Aromas, Colors, Flowers, and Trees. Here is an account of some of Anthony’s encounters. “And He is able to save for all time those who to come to God through Him, because He always lives to intercede on their behalf,” Hebrews 7:25 ONMB. (Isa. I hope you will be encouraged! � Oh, and a Quick Note to our readers: To have daily, encouraging prophetic emails from The Elijah List sent to your inbox, just CLICK HERE or go to: Be an effective intercessor and learn the secrets of Elijah's prayer life. Power with God and power in the Spirit comes with a price. If this is so, then intercession, far from being an escape from action, is a means of focusing for action and of creating action. It is spelled P-R-A-Y! To receive more words like this in YOUR inbox, subscribe FREE to the Elijah List at this link The visions and revelations of the Holy Spirit are not of tumultuous character, but take place under conditions of peace and restfulness." 3.Prepare Your Heart for Intercession by Praising God “Come, let us sing to the Lord! Yes, prayer changes things, and history belongs to the intercessor! One of the first great intercessors in the Bible was Abraham, and his most famous intercessory prayer was for one of the most sinful places in the ancient world! The patriarch whittled the number down to 20, and in verse 32 he reached a pivotal place that is important for us to see. The type of information we collect directly corresponds with the service you request. In all our approaches to God we must look by faith to Him. To receive daily, prophetic emails from The Elijah List to your inbox CLICK HERE. Let’s cover some basic points to make sure our foundation is sure. Let’s arise and get on with God’s original program of extending the rod of His Kingdom authority into every cultural sphere of life. He was made "in all points like unto his brethren." P.S. Although Finney’s name is recorded in Christian history, fewer know anything about the dedication of Nash and Clary. “Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thess. though less blatant, in our own land. GlobalChristians is a website of Cybermissions, an online bible-teaching ministry to the nations. The evil spirits would come and tell Anthony "prophetic" and informative things, but he said, "I have no need to learn things from you. I burn because this is not just about being highly gifted. 4. Pray to the Lord, that He would bless you with the heart of an intercessor. The Christianity of Egypt was a new thing but the diocese of Alexandria was a flourishing Christian center by the 3rd century. I believe it was this kind of com- passion that led God to say, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?” (Gen. 18:17 NASB). Here is an account of some of Anthony's encounters and stories (Anthony was the greatest of the desert fathers from 2nd - 4th century). The monks were thought of as trees � purifying the atmosphere by their presence. Sodom and Gomorrah have become synonymous with sin, sexual debauchery, and sodomy, yet the great patriarch of Israel, the “father of faith,” interceded passionately that those twin cities of sin be spared! What Can We Learn Now From the Desert Fathers? They went without, gave up the comforts of the towns and villages, in order to give themselves to spiritual warfare on the behalf of others. Let’s shift things through the prevailing power of effective intercession. Together they parented four wonderful children: Justin, GraceAnn, Tyler and Rachel. But when there was a famine in the land, the people in the towns assumed that, as always, the communities of monks would have plenty of food, which they indeed did! I followed that with a definition of intercessor: One who reminds God of His promises and appointments yet to be fulfilled; who takes up a case of injustice before God on behalf of another; who makes up the “hedge” (that is, builds up the wall in time of battle); and who stands in the gap between God’s righteous judgments and the people’s need for mercy. Living in the Glory! Intercessors are those that pray to God on the behalf of others. What our churches need in this day are more intercessors. Sign up with your email address to receive top stories delivered directly to your inbox. Contact: October 7-8, 2016 There is a strong need for real intercession right now. They kept watches in the day and night to, "Stand by night in the House of the Lord," and they took this literally and regulated their sleep so as to keep a diligent watch on the world frontiers. I hope you that you are encouraged. To remind the Lord of His promises… Phone: 207-631-1772. Anthony's Revelation: Anthony went into the desert at age 35 and stayed for 20 years alone, interceding and praying. We are each called to co-labor with Jesus Christ. At that time, all the nations will see Jerusalem as Jesus’ own city, as the city of the Great King (Jer. Abraham said, “Oh may the Lord not be angry, and I shall speak only this once; suppose ten are found there?...” (Gen. 18:32 NASB). What did you say, James? Thank God for faithful intercessors who set themselves apart for the Kingdom of God. The early Celtic Saints in Ireland, as well as those in Europe, patterned their lives after the desert fathers. War has dosed many doors in foreign lands, and at the same time has cut off financial contributions in not a few countries which formerly took an active interest in missions. PLUS: HEY! We must then see and make a distinction between the things of God and the things of the congregation of the evil one...This fact I have learned from long experience. ANTHONY – THE GREATEST OF … Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation. Of our Savior, the great Intercessor, it is said, "He himself took our infirmities, and bare our diseases." Intercessors can change the mind of God! As young believers, we tend to spend a lot of time praying for ourselves and our needs. "Did not Elisha, because of the purity of his heart, see with his spirit that which his natural eyes had never seen? The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News Charles G. Finney & His Intercessors – David Smithers. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth. Please EXPLORE our more than 4,000 Christian Prophetic books, CDs, and gifts at: In fact, I want you to arise to your priestly and prophetic destiny and help me and hundreds of thousands of others shape history before the throne of Almighty God! The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a unique opportunity to think about the kind of future we want. He is the author of over twenty five books including The Lost Art of Intercession, The Seer, Dream Language, The Coming Israel Awakening and many others. Some will argue that we all are called to be intercessors, but there is a difference between a person who prays and an … All believers are called to be intercessors. Phone: +0447847020737, "The Greatest Intercessors the World Has Ever Known! (Photo via, A student of the monks of Nitria said, "Some of them never sleep at night, but either sitting or standing they persevered in prayer until the morning light." Being an intercessor is NOT a glorified position and most people don’t see the need for you until they are in trouble and in need of intercessor. (Photo via Pixabay). Intercessors are great givers of their time and money. Somebody who intercedes intervenes in a situation, stepping between two parties with the intention of reconciling differences. False Light: Anthony said, "On another occasion the devil appeared to me in the form of a monk and gave me false counsel telling me to rest from praying because I was 'after all, only a man of flesh.' I have done of lot of articles like this one below because I love to know how God has moved in history. Read this article to get a clearer picture of just what I am referring to here. Satan appeared: The devil came many many times to Anthony. ...Then I gave thanks to my good Lord because He has broken and brought low their arrogance and folly." But we do it from the expectant heart, and we do it with a sense of delight, not obligation.The Bible is filled with urgent summons to pray. Their labors are not seen, but the results are. The dedication to prayer and spiritual warfare of the desert fathers accomplished great victories for all those that received from them. Called to be Intercessors. Let’s impact the seven societal mountains with history-making prayer. By means of our intercessions we veritably cast fire upon the earth and trumpet the future One of the first and probably the most famous of these desert monks was Anthony the Great A.D. 251 - A.D.356. Their whole life was dedicated to prayer and fasting and spiritual warfare; not for themselves or their own needs, but to intercede for those around and for the whole world.

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