Salary is largely determined by level. Get a look into the base, stock, and bonus package breakdowns as well as Amazon's standard stock vesting schedule. The crowdsourced data on shows that software engineers get paid extremely well at companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.. estimates that a Level 3 … In Amazon technical staff is mostly paid higher than other roles. Software Engineer compensation at Amazon ranges from $160k per year for SDE I to $577k per year for Principal SDE. Anand Parikh is the Manager of the Data Centers and Networking (DCN) division of Technical Program Managers at Facebook. Found out because I was TLMing a team of size 12, and the L5s reporting to me had higher salaries. It is a revised analysis because 2 years ago I published a very detailed Senior PM / TPM Salary analysis. Facebook is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. “The Technical Program Manager (TPM) Salary – Revised Analysis”. For instance, it's hard for me to imagine a Director at Amazon is consid But at same level (let’s say L6), engineering Managers and Sr Engineers are paid most. Salary jumped to 182k when I talked to manager at last appraisal that I am underpaid w.r.t. With each level comes certain expectations. Levels has a cool tool that shows the approximate PM level mapping across: Google Facebook Microsoft Amazon LinkedIn Generally, I find that the levels are correct, but how they overlap with other companies may not be. View more Software Engineer salary ranges with breakdowns by base, stock, and bonus amounts. Going for promo to L6 now, and expecting a salary hike, and hopefully a good stock refresher as well. The first thing you should do is look to see if you’re at or near the base salary cap. Facebook is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. Fortunately or unfortunately things have changed quite a lot over the last 2 years, hence this revised post. Facebook RPM Program is a rotational product manager program consisting of 3 six month rotations. Once you receive your job offer from Amazon. Every six months you will be on a different product team, solving an entirely new product challenge! That was a pretty sticky post. He has been with the company for 5 years. The median compensation package totals $194k. It really varies. Salary information comes from 100 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job … salary. Average Facebook User Experience Researcher yearly pay in the United States is approximately $169,283, which is 36% above the national average. Btw, Googlers, MRP at L5 is about 190k. Amazon has a job leveling system that determines your salary and seniority within the organization. He has a Civil Engineering degree… The median compensation package for a E5 at Facebook is $368,000.

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