A decent quick heal is nice, especially since it pushes you up 50% when maxed. On the other hand, it is weak against magic attacks and might have trouble keeping the pet alive in some situations. Every ten levels: Spears with backthrust can’t be kited too well, and if you try you’ll get long range *****. (Bramble Array) Metabolic Boost: Max it as soon as you can. Pet Taming: Leave it at level 1. ^In human form their skill damage is based on Magic; in fox form their skill damage is based on Strength. Talk with the Dream Port's Elder Kill Slaughtarm Kuron (266 878) at Sea of Isolation Talk to Elder of the Streams (130 858) Kill Burning Spirit (170 773) at Land of Heart Burning for Token of Blazing Fire In Perfect World they come from foxes, cats, rabbits, antelopes, and bats but they all transform into foxes.Venomancers are Welcome to my Ultimate Perfect World Blademaster Build Guide. This one can’t be bought at any of the pet npc’s, and must be gotten through the dragon palace event or any other treasure box digging event. Otherwise, save banish for their inevitable fury burst, and debuff it away right as they use it. They die. Bluster: Draws aggro, not terribly useful unless you’re in a situation where the mage or archer has suddenly pulled aggro and you need to get it back to save them >>. Mag. Perfect World - Private servers, Guides, free servers. (Foxy Drub) Befuddling Mist: Max it as soon as you can. Not too useful PvE, but supposedly decent in PvP against high p.def classes like WR/WB. Beware, not every tail will give the same color result, if you want pink (white hair color) or purple (blue hair … Mostly used for luring as it is one of the few pets with a ranged physical attack. Other Possible Builds [edit | edit source] A slightly altered Standard Heavy Armor Build: same as above, but capping Vit at 50 then 3 Str and 2 Dex every level. Mage tree attack skills: Venomous Scarab: Max it as soon as you can. that is dependent on what type of sever your playing. Res. 6.85 Guide In-Depth. Lure everytime the situation demands it. 0 Votes. It specializes in debuffing targets and acting as a secondary damage dealer while being self-sufficient enough so that the Clerics can have one less class to worry about healing. Example: level 83 Petite Sawfly over and around Bamboo Village. Venomancers that decide they need a magic tank use these for bosses with high magic attack that a golem simply can’t live through at the same level, such as Styxserpent in id69. However, it is a fairly fun build to use while leveling and has its perks in PvE. See also Venomancer Player Guide, Venomancer Pet and Rare Spawn All Venomancers specialize in two things: battle pets and debuffs. Please help improve this if you can. (Amplify Maim) Soul Degeneration: Leave it at level 1. a good veno build? To some extent I can understand experiments. HH is boring as hell without it, although you wont’ be finding yourself using it in single mob situations. A must for pvp pets. The PWI Elysiumupgrade increases the skill's damage and adds bonus damage when a pet is summoned, making it one of the hardest hitting Venomancer skills. Purge: Max it when you have the money/sp. Keeping the tank filled with vigor allows him to continue spamming ripping bite, which pulls a lot of aggro towards him, which in turn allows the damage dealers to do their job. This build doesn't include enough points to add into con, so unless you get a lot of armor with +hp, your hp will be quite low. All people hitting will be doing significantly less damage, but the devs forgot to include this for the pets, who hit full damage on HH bosses. level 22 gold magic sword, or 90 int for the fb29 level 30 starsealer. At endgame, most Venomancers will typically reset to Pure Magic once they have farmed their gear. I think this might bug the pet if you do it right as it’s about to die though. Against Light classes: I prefer to fox form against archers unless I have the starting advantage, in which case I’d use magic attacks. Soul Transfusion: This skill is god. Most of the time however, as soon as your opponent see this skill is cast they’ll run away until it times out, which gives you time to lose the cooldown on your hiero, pot some more, or whatever. 2: Light Armor Decent phys def, decent magic defense, low hp. Good luck with your Venomancers, and feel free to post here any other questions you may have about this huge wall of text. I don’t really see much of a use for it in a 1v1 situation though, although with a fast attacking pet it may be worth it. Shadow Ranger enemy on the Island of Broken Dreams, captured becomes Dark Wanderer Venomancer Pet egg. Needed to improve poor magic defense, may consider mixing with Citrine Shards. The grade or level of the gems that you imbue depends on your budget. Edit: I’m revising my opinion of this skill. Best you can pray for perhaps is an amplify maim -> run -> mage form -> nuke with megalith/ironrock while the fly keeps up bite. It gives you the opportunity to choose between magic or melee attacks (depending on the situation) and gives your much more physical defense. Outcold -> normal attacks hurt badly enough, and what’s worse is if the archer decides to collig bolt, outrange you, and rip into you with normal attacks. 3.2K 0 Venomurder | A Guide to Venomancer. As for me, I personally prefer pure magic, or VIT build, since there is a pet tanker at your disposal. Aquabarrier Dharma: Bashing level 1 (Going to drop this for something else, maybe an elemental bash or frighten), Ripping Bite level 5, Armor break/howling (going to drop these for Frighten/Screamshock/Decelerate). Perfect World - all-class pets screenshots. This will make up for the fact that you need more points than you get. The build is commonly referred to as Full Vitality which entails allocating a minimum amount of Magic to equip the weapon and using everything else in Vitality. Accessories can come with extra statistics Suggestions for the accessories that you should be wearing with each build are listed below. This takes 25 vigor, armor breaks the opponent and hits for 300% magic attack. by RATE THIS HIGHLY updated October 24, 2015. Each use gives an 80% chance of recovering hp, even if it misses. (Enlace Drub) Leech: Max it as soon as you can. (Mass Parasite) Lucky Scarab: Max it as soon as you can. Mage form is a viable option against fist warriors as you can kite, but against archers not so much. It offers high magic attack, a large pool of mana, high magic defense, good overall damage and excellent pet heals (which depend on your magic attack). WTS Venomancer 74 Herc/Phoenix Perfect World International! Useful for building up vigor in HH or an FB, but not so good in normal grinding as it’s likely to pull aggro away from your pet. Great as a tank and is used by virtually every Venomancer. Malefic Crush: Don’t bother with this, for the same reasons as Parasite Nova. To armor: Increases your physical defense. A paralyze (cannot move, but can still attacK) move that takes 1 vigor, it allows you to hold a ranged class down so you can rip into them with physical hits, or hold a melee class down to allow yourself a getaway into human form for magic attacks. The simple method to do the high damage build is: On even levels add 3 Str and 2 Dex. The lower the original level of the pet is, the better its stats will be when its leveled up. Against Heavy classes: Be sure bramble guard is up. Rate Starting Lv: 3474 8361 1959 0.8-Phys. Fox Tree Attack Skills: Fox Wallop: Leave it at level 1. Many Venomancers use dodos as well due to their starting skill of Doodoo, which stuns the opponent, useful simply because a Venomancer does not have enough stuns with just Megalith parasite. Frighten: Lowers physical hits by a certain % for 15 seconds, with a cooldown of 30 seconds. A 4 second cast time spell pretty much only becomes useful in situations when nobody notices you or is able to react within 2 seconds to throw a stun of their own. A second means of improving a build is through refining their equipment. + Reduce Physical damage taken, https://pwi.gamepedia.com/Venomancer_Builds?oldid=247241, To a weapon: Increases your physical attack, To a weapon: Increases your health points. With the classes balanced and brand new Cultivation and Challenge Dungeons awaiting Seekers, Perfect World is back and better than ever! Of course, I’m not saying a heavy armor melee fox would be terrible. + 4 Mag DOTAFire is a community that lives to help every Dota 2 player take their game to the next level by having open access to all our tools and resources. One of the most common Venomancer builds and usually the build of choice for those who are in the process of leveling. Role against Bosses: Keep amplify maim on the boss if it’s a higher level one. Pet Revive: Leave it at level 1. 2 fury for a skill is bad enough especially when a Venomancer desperately needs fury for survival skills, and even worse takes 4 seconds to cast. Perfect World (PW) is a beautiful and huge continent made by Pangu (who is also known as God). I'm a level 45 venomancer on heavens tear. It removes all buffs from the target, and the more you level it the lower its cooldown drops. Although the casting time isn’t quite as stupid at 3.3 seconds, taking 2 fury for a bit of added flat damage isn’t really worth it, although the mana drain could come in handy in a duel against a warrior / werebeast. (although the majority of my levels have come from quests, the same as most players.) It specializes in debuffing targets and acting as a secondary damage dealer while being self-sufficient enough so that the Clerics can have one less class to worry about healing. Light armor doesn’t afford spectacular defenses,with damage reductions ranging from 45%-55%, with physical damage reduction topping off at about 65% in fox form. Venomancer Build Guide Basics From my experience with playing Perfect World International, I have found some really off the wall builds.This applies to all classes. Otherwise just live through his stuns and hope your hexmist/life depriver can make you outlast him. The Discussion page may contain suggestions. This build is not intended for beginners. I'll give you more information about this if you decide to stick to Venomancer (I don't want to make this post unnecessarily long). However, in PvP this skill is bugged and while all other attacks suffer a 75% damage reduction, bleeding damage doesn’t. Lesale the Herbalist no longer—but Lesale the Deathbringer. It drains 10-20% of your hp to return 400-200 mana. Venomancers are best known as a pet tamer class. Venomancer brings slow death to his enemies. It’s one of the priority jobs of a Venomancer in HH to keep the boss Maimed, as the 20% damage increase speeds up the kill drastically. Pets with high speed are necessary as well. Basic strategy against any class: If they’re priest buffed, debuff them with Banish Malediction. I’ve yet to find out if it works against hp pots though since those work by adding to hp regen, which, if it does, would make it much more useful. Also good as a tank against ranged mobs that kite you. This page was last edited on 20 March 2019, at 07:43. Perhaps the most commonly accepted and exercised build for PvE, the Vit build will give your venomancer a sufficient balance between hit points and magic attack. If the caster class is kiting you, you can spend 1 fury to hold them in place with enlace drub. As expected, none of the builds listed are without weaknesses. WF(Venomancer) tail color editing. 6.85b. Search Weapons. Your veno can be pure magic with arcane gear, or a hybrid build … Pets also have a loyalty system – the higher their loyalty, the more damage they’ll do in battle and the more exp they’ll earn per kill. In general, the dodos have high hp, high physical defense and high magic defense, with low attack. Res. Find top Venomancer build guides by DotA 2 players. It takes one vigor to exchange your HP and MP percentages. Robes simply die far too quickly to anything physical. Although often considered a member of the ranged magic class, the Venomancer lends itself well to several builds. Like Metabolic, it recovers 50% when maxed. The lower the monster's HP, the higher the probability the Tame will be successful. I started one right around the time they were released with that last expansion, but I've been busy with some of my other characters—because, on top of having many above-level-70 classes, I also have three factions that I lead. I’ve yet to find a use for this skill, but I suppose it’d be useful against people who run away and sit or something. Swords & Blades. Pet-Related Skills: Pet Heal: Max it as soon as you can, for obvious reasons. If you keep your mana bar full, it equates to having a second hp bar. Keep your pet alive. It’s made especially hard since in PW there’s a skill usage delay of like, 1-2 seconds. So I'm going to drop all hybrid ideas (Basically, don't raise VIT unless you are a Barb). I play a light armor fox. 3 Votes. Refining armor for low HP builds, such as the Pure Magic Build, is particularly important as it will add extra HP. Pets gain stats automatically through their growth chart (which can be seen by opening the pet backpack and clicking “detail” on a pet). A fan aoe that, when maxed, drops target accuracy by 70%, it’s useful for keeping yourself alive in melee fights against something with a naturally poor accuracy rate like a warrior or a werebeast. Empyrean Harpy: Likes: Meat, Fruit, Pure Water: HP Phys. DooDoo: Gives a chance to stun for 3 seconds, and increases attack speed as well. One day, the wraiths long thought to be extinct returned in full force. Used by a large majority of Venomancers for pk’ing. Nuff said. His mind was all but erased, and his flesh had been consumed and replaced by a new type of matter—one fusing the venom of the reptile with the poisonous integument of the orchid. If they’re doing far too much magic damage to you (in the case of you using light armor/heavy armor) send your pet at them and just run away while your pet tears into them with ripping bite. But they'll die just as easily as a Cleric or a Wizard. This build doesn’t include enough points to add into con, so unless you get a lot of armor with +hp, your hp will be quite low. Perfect World Boutique Last on the list of basic things to know is the ever useful and updating Perfect World Boutique! Don’t bother fighting one unless you have a high crit rate or high damage ability. Bash: Basic high damage skill, low cooldown, steals/keeps aggro easily. Sprouting an endless army of toxin-spitting watchers to defend his territory, should foes draw near he can release a massive cloud of lingering poison to weaken enemies. This is pretty much a money saving move only, as you use this recover mana. Decelerate: Drops enemy speed hugely for 5 seconds, with a cooldown of 10 seconds. It is very reasonable to aim for early towers with a mid Venomancer that maxes out Plague Wards first. Which skills should my pets have? If your werebeast isn’t filled with enough vigor to continue using ripping bite, the pet can still steal aggro even if it’s not using skills and get 1-2 shotted. Their pets allow them to solo kill with ease, while their damage-over-time spells and curse debuffs benefit any squad. If you’re grinding and run out of mana, you can Divine Supplements -> Intersoul Switch -> Metabolic Boost to regain full mana without using a single pot. ), or cancel a barbarian’s bloodbath and see their hp/accuracy cry. (You would need around 30 Mag/10 levels to equip your current level magic weapons.). Server: Items. Only in the game for Pk and PvP. High physical defense, high magic defense, high hp, low attack. Armor Break / Howling: Drops physical defense/magic defense respectively. Demon reduces the opponent's Wood defense increasing your overall damage. It has a short cooldown and can be spammed, therefore it is oneof the skills that should be leveled as soon as possible. The first build it the multi-path build, it gives you the opportunity to use all weapon paths without needing to choose lower-level weapons, the second, my favorite choice, is a hybrid of sorts, adding a little bit of Vitality to the mix, Third will be a pole/Sword build, and lastly will be my PvP build. If a stat calculation ends up having a 0.5, you round DOWN. Honestly though, I would not recommend scrapping your magic tree in favor of fighting only in fox form, as limiting yourself to pure melee physical damage screws you against ranged classes. Refining is done at the Elder of any major city and will add additional defense, HP or attack depending on the gear piece. This build relies primarily on the Fox Form attack skills which are stronger due to the extra Strength. There’s a host of other rare skills that can be gotten at events that I’m not sure are worth it or not, such as Sharp Claw, which increases attack power for an hour, Blessing which increases hp, Exorcism which adds m.def, Solid Shell which adds def, reversal shock that acts like bramble, blood imbibe (the skill a lot of mobs have where you see red dots flow out of you into them, draining your hp), and a mana drain. Weaken the monster to low HP and perform the Tame spell. You will be taking considerable damage from mobs with physical attacks, be fairly vulnerable without your pet and run the risk of stealing aggro off your pet if you aren't careful. I have renamed all the skill names in this section, but in other sections I may inadvertently refer to the skill as what it’s called in the MY version, so I’ll leave those skill names in for your reference. Against Robe classes: Laugh. Reason will be below. (Life Depriver) Consume Spirit: Leave it at level 1. If you’re against a robe class who decides to try to take out your pet before it can get ripping bite in (not hard, most pets die in 1-3 hits from any class. You would have insanely high pdef in fox form, your hp would be much higher than a heavy armor/robe mix, and your skills should be enough to at least prevent any pure melee character from killing you. Try not to pull these into your priests, as they have a close range physical AoE that’ll **** robe classes. Your choice of build will depend on your gameplay preferences as well as whether you want to take advantage of the magic damage skill tree or the melee damage skill tree. There is no room to allocate points to Vitality in this build, but it gives you enough stat points to wear Arcane Armor, if you choose. Refining weapons for melee damage builds, such as the Heavy Armor Build, is important as it will improve the damage output. (Divine Supplements) Lending Hand: Get this as soon as you reach level 46. Amplify maim causes 20% additional damage to anything the boss is hit by. Very good as an air tank, although hardly ever used, as tanks are really only needed in dungeons which only allow ground pets, and the low attack of the pig make it a pain to level. Their pets allow them to solo kill with ease, while their damage-over-time spells and curse debuffs benefit any squad. Anything Else: There’s not too many others that absolutely require you to lure, but most are in rooms filled with smaller mobs that you may want to clear by luring before starting. Useful as a pk pet due to it’s extremely fast speed and it’s starting skill of level 4 ripping bite, but really shines in HH / FB when luring from a large group of mobs is necessary. Elemental bashes: Summon Storm, Poison sting, Fire orb, Frost sting, Sand raise – high damage skill converted to elemental damage. 3: Heavy armor, high phys defense, high magic defense, low hp. Once you’re stunned, be prepared to sit around for awhile hoping not to get screwed. Ive been playing the Venomancer class at Perfect World International for over 3 years. Perfect World Classic Server 136 x1 The PWCLASSIC server is the true classic of the golden era Perfect World, here you will find yourself in that good old atmosphere where there is no need to enter the game as to work due to thousands of grueling daily tasks, the eternal race for new equipment and global updates 3: Heavy Armor High phys defense, high magic defense, low hp. Yes, this includes bramble guarding even against archers. Talk with the Dream Port's Elder Kill Slaughtarm Kuron (266 878) at Sea of Isolation Talk to Elder of the Streams (130 858) Kill Burning Spirit (170 773) at Land of Heart Burning for Token of Blazing Fire Your three choices: 1: Robes Low phys def, Very high magic defense, high hp. Ripping Bite: Causes bleeding damage over time, doesn’t pull aggro like bashing does since aggro seems to work with instantaneous damage better, and with a cooldown of 15 seconds bashing spam actually ends up doing more damage than ripping. A popular choice now seems to be the robe / low grade heavy armor mix which affords mildly better defenses than light armor at equivalent stat costs, although of course the critical hit percent is lower. Golem: High physical defense, decent magical defense, high hp, high attack. Venomancers, as a caster class, can be customized to be able to wear any of the 3 main armor classes while still remaining a caster. Fox Tree Miscellaneous Skills: Fox Form: Max it as soon as you can. Your email address will not be published. Perfect World - Private servers, Guides, free servers. Having never played a robe/heavy armor mix, I cannot say for sure what the damage reductions are, but as the flat numbers are higher, we can assume it adds another 5% or so to each category. + 5 Str Venomancer's Pet Skills Tame Pet The Tame skill is used to capture monsters as pets. Get it as soon as it is available at level 29. In PvE, any build can work so long as you know how to take advantage of it. After the target is cursed, they lose 8 vigor points every time they’re hit. This boutique is updated weekly with special deals on a wide variety of items … Optional, can be mixed with Citrine Shards to increase physical defense. FB79: Pirate Monarch and LingYung stand right next to each other. Optional, can be mixed with Citrine Shards to increase magic defense. Seventeen years later, something stirred in the spot where he had fallen, throwing off the years' accumulation of humus: Venomancer. (Ironrock Parasite) Blazing Scarab: Leave it at level 1. Melee Mastery: Max it as soon as you can, added + damage passive skill. On my light armor fox Asura in even 2-1 hits with fire for about 6000 damage at level 70. This is your spammable boring grinding skill.

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