Dadakan (Bag.) Photographed at Betul, MP. . Helmia bulbifera (L.) Kunth. Dioscorea alata, also known as purple yam, ube, or greater yam, among many other names, is a species of yam (a tuber). Synonym: Dioscorea latifolia. Hindi name – Suralu, Zami kanda, Gaithi, Genthi. Huangyaozi: obtained from Dioscorea bulbifera, it is used to resolve phlegm, and is especially employed in treatments for phlegm-mass of the throat area, namely thyroid swelling (see: Treatments of thyroid diseases with Chinese herbal medicine) and esophageal cancer (5). एक प्रकार का महाकंद जो गेंठी कहलाता है । विशेष—कहते हैं, यह अनूप (जलप्राय) देश में होता है । इसके कंद के ऊपर सूअर के बालों के समान रोएँ होते हैं । इसका आकार प्रायः गुड़ की भेली के समान होता है और इसके पत्ते कँटीले, बड़े बड़े तथा अनीदार होते हैं । वैद्यक में यह चरपरा, कडुवा, बलकारक, पित्तजनक, रसायन, शुक्रजनक, वीर्यवर्धक, अग्निदीपक, मधुर, गरम, स्वर को शुद्ध करनेवाला, आयुवर्धक तथा कोढ़, प्रमेह, त्रिदोष, कफ, वात, कृमि और मूत्रकृच्छ्र का नाशक माना है । पर्या०—वाराही । चर्मकारालुक । विष्क्सेनप्रिया । घृष्टि । वदरा । कच्छा । बनमालिनी । गृष्टि । बिल्वमूला । शूकरी । क्रीड़- कन्या । कौमारी । त्रिनेत्रा । ब्रह्मपुत्री । क्रोड़ी । कन्या । माधवेष्टा । शूकरकंद । वनवासी । कुष्ठनाशन । वल्य । अमृत । महावीर्य । शंवरकंद । वराहकंद । वीर । ब्राह्मीकंद । महौषध । सुकंदक । वृच्छिद । व्याधिहंता । मागधी ।. View all posts by Aditi Prabhu, Your email address will not be published. Dioscorea latifolia Benth. Svaravardhana – improves voice, useful in throat infection and related disorders It is closely related to air potato (Dioscorea bulbifera). Dioscorea heterophylla Roxb. Vines with tuberous root stocks; Stem terete, twining to left. English name – air potato, potato yam. Indicated in – The record derives from WCSP (data supplied on 2012-03-23 ) which reports it as an accepted name (record 239891 ) with original publication details: Sp. Dioscorea bulbifera or commonly known as Aerial Yam is a perennial, non-spiny, climbing plant up to 10 m long. Garavisha – chronic poisoning Also, read more about other lesser-known vegetables like Takla, Phodshi, Dragon stalk yam, etc. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. D. bulbifera is an aggressive invasive plant that is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Family- Dioscoreaceae, Names in different languages: Its basically an acquired taste and one has to develop a taste for it. Guna (qualities) – Laghu – light to digest, Snigdha – unctuous, oily, Rasa (taste) – Madhura – sweet, Katu Karanda/karande ( marathi), Air/vine potato or yam ( English ). The root of Dioscorea bulbifera is used as detoxicant, discutient, expectorant and hemostatic in traditional Chinese medicine (CTM) and widely adopted in treating different diseases and health problems, such as sore throat and hematemesis. It is rich in sodium, saponin, and oxalate therefore to obtain the maximum nutritional one needs to make sure that it is prepared/used properly. Dioscorea bulbifera is a highly invasive plant and presents a management problem in many parts of the world. Dioscorea bulbifera . The species is dioecious (individual flowers are either male or female, but only one sex is to be found on any one plant so both male and female plants must be grown if seed is required). Dioscorea bulbifera. Monocots. Dioscorea violacea Baudon Utong-utoñgan (Tag.) This plant is native to India. Other names: Karanda/karande ( marathi), Air/vine potato or yam ( English ) Karanda Appearance: It is almost round with warts on the surface. Dioscorea bulbifera is an herbaceous, twining vine that can grow to lengths exceeding 60 ft. (18 m). Available during monsoons. Varahi-kand (Sanskrit: वराहीकन्द). air potato. This is a plant active during summer, so you need to water it (carefully) the most during that period. Karanda/ Air Potato or yam is a true yam belongs to the yam family. Dioscorea sativa Hort. Despite some medicinal and agricultural uses, D. bulbifera is widely characterized as an organism that outcompetes and smothers native vegetation. Its easily available in the local markets in Kokan. Generally the size of a medium potato that fits into the palm. bulbifera) is regarded as an environmental weed in south-eastern Queensland and north-eastern New South Wales. Wait for the soil around caudex to dry completely, and then water it with a larger amount of water. Dioscorea bulbifera var. Flowers The vine rarely flowers. Dioscorea heterophylla Roxb. Plants produce underground tubers that are edible and serve as food sources for local consumption and/or commercial distribution (Bhandari and Kawabata, 2005). Hawaii Native Status: Introduced. Ayurvardahana – Rasayana – anti aging, causes cell and tissue rejuvenation Watering: Irregular watering is the most common cause of this plant’s demise. For more names in different languages here. Some varieties are edible and cultivated as a food crop while others are poisonous. Longans: Nutrition, Medicinal, and Culinary usage. A distinguishing characteristic of air potato is that all leaf veins arise from the leaf base, unlike other herbaceous vines such as smilax and morningglories. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Aerial tubers should be thoroughly to destroy toxic alkaloid. Air potato (D. bulbifera) Wild yams (D. Dioscorea bulbifera (air potato): This true yam also produces axillary tubers but these can sometimes weigh several pounds. Dioscorea hofika Jum. Click on an acronym to view each weed list, or click here for a composite list of Weeds of the U.S. STATE: Assorted authors. It invades open areas in the sub-tropical southeastern United States. Dioscorea hoffa Cordem. Duration: Perennial. This particular root is called Dioscorea bulbifera, better known as Air Potato in English ( Yam species). It has a woody, tuberous rootstock and heart-shaped broad leaves. At times it can be bitter. Varahi consists of dried cut pieces of rhizome of Dioscorea bulbifera Linn. It is native to Africa, Asia and northern Australia. Dioscorea bulbifera bulbils are used in treating tumors, wounds, hernia, hair lice, skin infections, piles, dysentery, ulcers, cough, leprosy, diabetes, asthma, and cancer. Nutritionist Hotel operations post COVID 19 by a Hotelier. Winged yam (Dioscorea alata) is another non-native, invasive vine in Florida. Dioscorea bulbifera bulbils are used in the treatment of Piles, dysentery, syphilis, ulcers, cough, leprosy, diabetes, asthma, and cancer. The root tubers are usually absent or insignificant. At times it can be bitter. Tubers are also cooked. 2. Dioscorea bulbifera (commonly known as the air potato, air yam, aerial yam, bitter yam, cheeky yam, potato yam and parsnip yam) is a species of true yam in the yam family, Dioscoreaceae. These are edible and potato like in flavor. It is a large vine, 6 m (20 ft) or more in length. ( Log Out /  The diosgenin content is. The plant is native to Africa, southern Asia, Maldives, and northern Australia. ☘️ #localfoodexplorer Put it into the pressure cooker and pressure cook it. Botanical name- Dioscorea bulbifera Linn, Dioscorea sativa,Linn. It is native to Africa and Asia. Pronunciation of Dioscorea bulbifera with 2 audio pronunciations, 2 synonyms, 1 meaning and more for Dioscorea bulbifera. Mango Ginger a.k.a Amba halad or aam aada look, Fresh green Bengal gram or Harbhare as we call it, Turnips are another #winterspecial ingredient that, Hurda, ponkh or tender sorghum is another winter d, Picked up these beauties early this morning. Only a few specific vendors sell it in Mumbai Markets. Hindi name – Suralu, Zami kanda, Gaithi, Genthi. The first one looks like it may be the type above, though this is a much smaller bulbil: The second one I was given looks rather like some of the wild toxic forms I saw in Florida: That doesn’t mean it is toxic, however – looks aren’t important. Required fields are marked *. Dioscoreacem), a large unarmed climber found throughout India ascending upto 1800 m in the Himalayas. Growth Habit: Vine, Herb/Forb. Dioscorea bulbifera, the air potato, is a true yam species in the Dioscoreaceae, or true yam family. This plant can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below.This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed above. D. bulbifera, the air potato, is found in both Africa and Asia, with slight differences between those found in each place. It grows as a bulbil on a perennial vine and hence is called a vine potato. The ideal soil for Dioscorea is Cactus soil. Vipaka- Katu – Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The two edible Dioscorea bulbifera bulbils I was given this last week look quite different from each other. It is hardy to zone (UK) 5. One should not drive a vehicle if using the medicine makes you drowsy, dizzy or lowers your blood-pressure extensively. Krumi – worm infestation It is in flower from September to October. & H.Perrier Dioscorea korrorensis R.Knuth Dioscorea latifolia Benth. It is almost round with warts on the surface. The plant is not self-fertile. Natural Area Weeds: Air Potato (Dioscorea bulbifera) 3 Three other introduced species of Dioscorea may be encountered in Florida: Chinese yam (D. polystachya), Zanzibar yam (D. sansibarensis), and wild yam (D. villosa). Agni Vardhana – Due to Katu Vipaka (taste conversion after digestion), it improves digestion strength 1033 1753 . It is an invasive species in many tropical areas, including Florida in the United States. Slightly increases Pitta Dosha. Family- Dioscoreaceae Names in different languages: English name – air potato, potato yam. Aerial yam (Dioscorea bulbifera var. Marathi name – Gathalu, Manu kand, Gorkan, Kukar Kand. bitter yam. Dioscorrea tamifolia Salisb. Other names are Varahi Kand (Hindi), Kaachil (Malayalam), Dukkar Kand (Marathi), Karaino ( Konkani) and l’hoffe (french). Leaves 9-25 x 8-23 cm, ovate-suborbicular, base deeply cordate, apex acuminate to shortly caudate, membranous, glabrous, basally 9-11-ribbed; petiole to 20 cm long. sp.) If you experience drowsiness, dizziness, hypotension or a headache as side-effects when using Dioscorea Bulbifera medicine then it may not be safe to drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery. Pl. Dated- 14 th Dec 2011. None of these is considered to be invasive. ♥️sᴘʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ ғᴏᴏᴅ ʟᴏᴠᴇ Arti – relieves aches and pain Dioscorea bulbifera L. is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Dioscorea (family Dioscoreaceae ). This plant was introduced to the United States as a potential food crop but quickly escaped cultivation. Common Names: Air Yam, Air Potato, Bitter Yam, Aerial Yam, Potato Yam, Hoi, Pi`oi. Herbaceous, high climbing vines to 65 feet (20 m) long, infestations covering shrubs and trees. Dioscorea bulbifera is a perennial vine with broad leaves and two types of storage organs.The plant forms bulbils in the leaf axils of the twining stems, and tubers beneath the ground. The rounded stems are thin and wiry. (20.3 cm) long, broadly-heart shaped with prominent veins that resemble greenbrier leaves. Scientific Name: Dioscorea bulbifera. Twining and sprawling stems with long-petioled heart-shaped leaves. Its basically an acquired taste and one has to develop a taste for it. Bayag-kabayo (Tag.) Effect on Tridosha – Balances Kapha Dosha and Vata Dosha. Botanical name- Dioscorea bulbifera Linn, Dioscorea sativa,Linn. ғᴏʀ ᴄᴏʟʟᴀʙ/ᴄᴏɴsᴜʟᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴs. It is also used medicinall… Varahi-kand (Sanskrit: वराहीकन्द). In Queensland this species has become naturalised along waterways and in rainforest in the Moreton and Burnett districts (e.g. USES: D. bulbifera. ( Log Out /  Karanda has a distinct earthy taste of its own. Foliage The leaves are alternate, 8 in. time. ᴄʟɪɴɪᴄᴀʟ & sᴘᴏʀᴛs ᴅɪᴇᴛɪᴛɪᴀɴ Spreading by dangling potato-like tubers (bulbils) at leaf axils and underground tubers. Scientific names Common names Dioscorea bulbifera Linn. Description. Taste: Karanda has a distinct earthy taste of its own. Shukravardhana – improves sperm and semen quantity and quality Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Meha – diabetes, urinary tract disorders Aribukbuk (Ilk.) This naturalized Polynesian canoe plant and weed is native to Africa, Asia, and Australia.,,,, Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Marathi name – Gathalu, Manu kand, Gorkan, Kukar Kand. Dioscorea bulbifera, blaar en stingelbolle, Louwsburg.jpg 4 320 × 3 240 ; 4,23 Mio Dioscorea bulbifera, Krantzkloof NR.jpg 4 000 × 3 000 ; 3,98 Mio Dukar-kand (Marathi- … (Fam. It is sometimes confused with taro and the Okinawa sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas cv. Odour, Properties And Channels: Kushta – skin diseases Covered with large leaves, it can quickly grow into the tops of tall trees. vera Prain & Burkill Dioscorea crispata Roxb. Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the "dioscoreabulbifera" Flickr tag. ( Log Out /  Dioscorea bulbifera from Madhya Pradesh: Sharing this graceful vine of Dioscorea bulbifera. Plant Characteristics. It is mainly used during fasting instead of or with potatoes. Ubi-ubihan (Tag.) Dioscorea batatas is a PERENNIAL growing to 3 m (9ft) by 1.5 m (5ft). It produces tubers, but the bulbils which grow at the base of its leaves are the more important food product. Veerya – Ushna. air yam. How to say Dioscorea bulbifera in English? Change ). Your email address will not be published. ( Log Out /  Flowers are inconspicuous, arising from leaf axils in panicles 4 inches long, and are fairl… Dioscorea oppositifolia Campbell Pulugan (Bik.) along the Enoggera Creek catchment in Brisbane and in the Gold Coast Local Government Area). Vatahara – useful in treating disorders of Vata Dosha imbalance  such as neuralgia, paralysis, constipation, bloating, etc. Aerial yam (Engl.) It is known as varahi in Sanskrit, kaachil in Malayalam and dukkar kand in Marathi. The twining stems produce aerial axillary bulbils that are edible. The tubers are usually a vivid violet-purple to bright lavender in color (hence the common name), but some range in color from cream to plain white. view this species on IUCN Red List Karanda has nutrients like protein, fat, crude fiber, and photochemical. I abs, Leela Mogri also known as Mogri or Purple Mogri or, ….and finally the much awaited red carrots are h, The mild aroma of garlic, lush green foliage and t,, Karanda/Air Potato: Nutrition-Medicinal-Culinary Usage. Generally the size of a medium potato that fits into the palm. Kaphahara – balances Kapha, useful in productive cough, asthma, bronchitis, chest congestion Balavardhana – improves strength and immunity

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