Basically a decimator is a digital low pass filter, which also include the operation of sample rate reduction. 155-162, April 1981. The digital data stream is provided by an external sigma-delta modulator. The lowpass filter consists of two polyphase filters - one for the decimator and one for the interpolator. A Decimation Filter is one of the most used filters in signal processing and noise avoiding sustems. This site uses cookies. This is an important consideration when using fixed-point DSPs, because it makes the implementation much simpler. In this recipe, you will learn about point density, densification and decimation. Half band filters are useful digital filters that have symmetric impulse responses and generally about half their impulse response consists of 0 (zero) thus allowing for fewer multiplications. 1.1 Decimation and Interpolation 1.2 Digital Filter Banks Digital Filter Banks A digital lter bank is a collection of digital lters, with a common input or a common output. Welcome to the 3DF Zephyr tutorial series. A CIC filter consists of an equal number of stages of ideal integrator filters and comb filters. Small tutorial on CIC lters J. Arzi E-mail : contact AT December 1, 2015 Foreword CIC lters are much used in applications where one needs to change the sampling frequency in a big ratio, for instance for decimation (reduction of the sampling rate: oversampled acquisition systems, ADC ) or interpolation (DAC). Part 1 will explore the basic topology and funcion of the t DS modulator, and Part 2 will explore the basic topology and function of the digital/decimation filter module. The purpose of the digital-and-decimation filter (Figure 9) is to extract information from this data stream and reduce the data rate to a more useful value. information about CIC filters, refer to Eugene B. Hogenauer, “An economical class of digital filters for decimation and interpolation,” IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, pp. Digital and Decimation Filter The output of the sigma-delta modulator is a 1-bit data stream at the sampling rate, which can be in the megahertz range. FIR filters have a linear phase response, which can be of considerable importance in some applications. (The overall gain of the FIR filter can be adjusted at its output, if desired.) The efficiency gain of this mode l … 2) • Decimation is used to: 1.Decrease the ADC data rate to reasonable levels for data capture Unlike IIR filters, it is always possible to implement a FIR filter using coefficients with magnitude of less than 1.0. decimation filter that together produce a high-resolution data-stream output. For a good basic introduction to FIR filters please read the FIR filter book. Albeit not properly a tutorial, this guide can improve the final results you get in Zephyr. 1.3 Digital filter The DFSDM peripheral (digital filter for sigma- delta modulators) processes the digital part of the A/D conversion. This guide is useful especially for newcomers to 3D modelling in general. Each polyphase filter runs at th e reduced sample rate of F s / M where M is the decimation (i nterpolation) factor and F s is the sampling rate of the orig-inal filter. The basic functionality of the DFSD M is to implement a di gital filter. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. • Decimation includes digital low pass (anti-aliasing) filter followed by a decimator – The operation is equivalent to utilizing an analog anti-aliasing filter at fc = FS /2M and sampling a converter at Fd= FS /M, where M = decimation count (i.e. DS converters: An overview Decimation filtering is commonly accomplished using FIR (finite impulse response), rather than IIR, filters. One of their prime uses is in decimation of multirate digital signals. This two-part article will look closely at the DS ADC’s core. H i(z): analysis lters x k[n]: subband signals F i(z): synthesis lters SIMO vs. MISO Typical frequency response for analysis lters: Can be marginally overlapping non-overlapping Fixes and Tutorials for the Decimation Mod. The DFSDM

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