They are so much lighter, with the perfect balance of spicy, smoky and sweet. COOKINGWITHDOUG 1,553 views Since buying my air-fryer (affiliate link), I’ve been keeping it on my counter and using it everyday. I got a new air fryer this week (Amazon affiliate), and I needed to take it for a test run. For this experiment, I didn’t even bother to preheat, I threw them in the basket and let them air fry. Set the air fryer to a cook time of 12-15 minutes. Here's the most simple recipe for crispy baked fries. Bake an additional 5-8 minutes or until the cheese is melted. The Smart Oven Air Fryer will begin to preheat. I made two different kinds, plus *cringes* ketchup. Prep Time 5 mins. I tested them out a few different temperatures to see which gave me perfect, crispy fries and here’s what I found. A fry sauce and a maple honey. Lay the frozen air fryer sweet potato fries in a single layer, leaving space around the fries for best results. Baked or made in the air fryer, these healthy sweet potato fries are made with a fraction of the oil that would be used if deep frying. Delicious served with chicken or burgers as a side, or enjoyed alone or with a topping of melted cheese. Take any kind of potato (sweet potatoes are the healthiest, but this will work with red or white potatoes too). If you've had trouble getting your sweet potato fries to crisp up, this recipe may become your favorite. A keeper of a sweet potato recipe! Includes one 20 oz. You can make them spicy or even add some cinnamon,but i used just basic spices and a bit of olive oil and we absolutely love it! As far as dipping sauces go. TOP fries evenly with black beans, and shredded cheese. Wash clean. Creatively crafted, chef-inspired Alexia Waffle Cut Sweet Potato Seasoned Fries are lightly seasoned with a distinctive blend of sea salt, garlic, onion, chili, and black and red pepper for a flavor profile to surprise and delight even the most passionate sweet potato fan. RECIPE: Healthy 3-step baked fries Homemade fries can be healthier, cheaper than store-bought and just as easy to make. Alexia Seasoned Waffle Cut Fries Perfectly experienced with a wonderful crunch, these restaurant-quality waffle fries won our blind taste test by a landslide. Repeat with remaining sweet … Sweet Potato Waffle Fries = Tasty. Baked okay in an air fryer with the temperature set a little lower than usual for fries, otherwise they burn and become hard. BAKE a 20 ounce package of sweet potato waffle fries according to package instructions on a 13 x 18 inch baking sheet. Alexia Garlic Fries with Parsley & Sea Salt Steak & Cheese Wrap Stove & Brick Air Fryer Indoor Grill - Duration: 8:05. An excellent balance of sweet and savory flavors, these crisp fries get a nice kick of flavor from the garlic and thyme. Hand cut fries beat out frozen any day, and these sweet potato beauties are a huge air fryer win. Note: This post contains affiliate links. Frozen Sweet Potato Fries Sweet Potato Tots Potato Puffs Sweet Potatoe Bites Crispy Sweet Potato Low Calorie Sides Low Carb Veggie Snacks Shopping. The carefully balanced sweet and savory flavor of Sweet Potatoes together with a hint of Sea Salt make these Alexia Sweet Potato Fries a favorite, hearty, amped-up alternative to the everyday fry. Take your package of sweet potato fries and look at the oven temperature. You may have seen my air fryer french frie recipe a few weeks ago, well so many of you have asked for sweet potato fries so I finally got around to it. bag of Alexia Seasoned Waffle Cut Fries. Waffle fries are delicious air fried. ... Air Fryer Sweet Potato Rolls, Buns : 2-ingredients, No Yeast. Steak cut fries will take a bit longer for the center to cook through. Cover the cut waffle fries with a light coating of oil. Air Fryer Crispy Crunchy Sweet Potato Fries are healthy fried sweet potato french fries that are low in fat and perfect for guilt-free meals. Decrease that temperature by 20-30 degrees and preheat your air fryer to that temperature. ... 1 Alexia Sweet Potato Fries … Shoestring potatoes will be done in minutes. Simply heat oven to 425°F and bake 18-21 minutes for a half baking sheet and 28-33 minutes for a full baking sheet. Cut the sweet potato using a Waffle Fry Cutter (aka mandoline). Each order includes one 20 oz. Toss fries with rosemary and salt on a large, rimmed baking sheet. Bake in preheated oven until crisp and fragrant, about 45 minutes. Okay, the most important thing here is this: Don’t overcrowd the air fryer. Best Way To Cook Frozen French Fries. Many were kind of stuck together inside the bag and had to be carefully separated before cooking. The seasoning is tasty. Air Fryer Green Beans. The cook time for frozen sweet potato fries is also included. Sometimes sweet potatoes can burn in the air fryer, but I managed to keep the burning down with a few air frying tricks. Heck yeah! ... Air fryer sweet potato fries feelgoodfoo frozen fries in air fryer 3 ways whole lotta yum easy air fryer cri crunchy sweet potato fries easy air fryer cri crunchy sweet potato fries air fryer sweet potato fries feelgoodfoo. The maple honey is delicious with the smoky spices on the air fryer crispy sweet potato fries. An entire bag of Alexia non-gmo waffle fries is 20 oz (1.25 lb) which is 7 servings that are 1 cup each. Air Fryer Easy Bagels Recipe – Only 3 ingredients. Mar 15, 2018 - Alexia Crispy Sweet Potato Puffs are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! Healthy easy side dish recipes with lots of flavor. Now we are ready for an easy recipe for air fryer frozen French fries. August 17, 2014 I experimented with the Airfryer quite a fair bit because it is just such a wonderful piece of equipment. They seem to be the perfect thickness for an air fryer. Air Fryer Frozen Onion Rings. An entire bag of frozen waffle fries will not fit on the air fryer pan whether you have an oversized air fryer like I’m using or not. Cook Time 8 … This includes Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Fries, Alexia Sweet Potato Fries, and even the Wegmans brand (I’m in the North East). Sprinkle on salt to taste. Cut the sweet potato spinning it at 90° angles with each cut. The air inside the air fryer needs to circulate in order to cook evenly, and you don’t want to end up with some fries with burnt ends and some that are soggy and undercooked. What better to make than some delicious sweet potato fries?! Explore. Press the Start Button/Dial. The most commonly available substitute for French fries, onion rings are an equally poor nutritional choice. Food and Drinks. Whip these up in your Power Air Fryer, Nuwave, or any brand. An average side in the chain restaurants we reviewed was nearly identical in nutritional value to a side of fries: 400 calories, 22 … When compared to baking, preparing these waffle fries in the air fryer is faster, and the taste and texture is simply better. This recipe outlines how long you cook sweet potato fries in the air fryer and uses cornstarch to help give the fries an extra crunch. Perform steps below while preheating. Air fryer sweet potato fries are crazy delicious and super simple to make. Overall, pretty good and satisfied a craving for sweet potato fries. Dec 28, 2018 - Your choice to air fry waffle fries might just be the best thing to happen to your meal prep in years. Member's Mark Southern Style Waffle Fries are made with Grade A potatoes. Learn more and find them in a store near you today. bag of frozen Alexia Waffle Cut Sweet Potato Seasoned Fries Creatively crafted, chef-inspired fries cut in a waffle cut shape from sweet potatoes Sweet and savory flavor of sweet potatoes, seasoned with a distinctive blend of sea salt, garlic, onion, and a … Flip the frozen sweet potato fries in the air fryer after 8 minutes if you have a basket style air fryer. Whether putting frozen French fries in an air fryer is your thing or you're dropping your frozen fries in the deep fryer, these are the best frozen fry brands. Preheat oven to 425°F. Prepare the other ingredients while the waffle fries are baking. Meal Planning. This four pound bag provides approximately 21 one-cup servings. Two dips that are literally 2 ingredients each. The mix of sea salt, pepper, and onion is reminiscent of Arby’s Curly Fries-however, as one catalyst pointed out, the seasoning may work on a waffle-shaped fry. Remember the smaller the sweet potato the crispier the air fryer crispy sweet potato fries. 1.) Whats healthier fries or onion rings? Divide sweet potatoes into 2 or 3 batches for cooking. Peel if … Prepare them in under 30 minutes in the oven, or in under 15 minutes in the air fryer. PHILIPS Airfryer: Make Alexia Sweet Potato Fries and Bacon Wrapped Avocados! Crinkle cut white or sweet potato fries are a safe bet. Alexia’s distinctive, quick and easy frozen potatoes and side dishes make it possible to whip up a gourmet-inspired meal in as little as 20 minutes! Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Zucchini Fries (Low Carb, Keto) Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Corn-on-The-Cob. They make a nice healthy snack, or a great side with a grilled chicken sandwich or burger. Place an even layer of sweet potatoes in the fry basket, insert in the air fryer, and cook until golden, about 10 minutes. Delicious sweet potato fries made in your air fryer! The water-cornstarch bath, as well as frying the potatoes twice, are the secrets to crispy, golden brown, deep-fried sweet potato fries.Soaking the raw potato strips in an ice water bath at the start also helps to keep the potatoes from sticking to each other, and adds to their crispiness. Waffle Cut Sweet Potato Seasoned Fries Alexia.

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