Participants are encouraged to use their real name when posting. French Art Deco Large Coffee or Cocktail Table, Black Glass Top Circa 1940s. Responses that initiate or support inappropriate and off-topic discussion of general politics detract from the professional woodworking focus of WOODWEB, and will be removed. Jul 27, 2016 - Explore East Teak Fine Hardwoods, Inc.'s board "african Mahogany", followed by 126 people on Pinterest. African mahogany tends to darken with age. Dust Collection, Safety and Plant Operation, Job Opportunities and Woodworking Services, (Submitted comments may be edited for clarity), FORUM GUIDELINES: Please review the guidelines below before posting at WOODWEB's Interactive Message Boards, The name you enter in this field will be the name that appears with your post or response (, Personal or business website links must point to the author's website. Also for decking. About African Mahogany. An additional characteristic that sets African Mahogany apart is its chatoyant luster, which makes the wood appear to have different coloring, as it is … The wood is located in Africa and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Print. I believe the table is well over a century old possibly late 19th Century. WOODWEB is a professional industrial woodworking site. for export. Solid mahogany side table. $2,700.00. NOT NEGOTIABLE. Browse Gumtree Free Online Classifieds for Antiques for Sale from sellers in South Africa. All species grow to around 30–35m tall, rarely 45m, with a trunk over 1m diameter, often buttressed at the base. A valid email return address must be included with each message. Declutter and Cash In You could win a share of R100k in prizes for every ad posted Aromatic cedar was used for the … CabinetCRUNCHER Cutlist & 3D Cabinet Design Software, Dust Collection, Safety and Plant Operation Forum. Mahogany African "Its color, texture and grain give it a very close resemblance to classic Honduras Mahogany. Mahogany trees are known to grow very large and have relatively few knots compared to other trees and it has been used to make fine furniture for generations. But, it is not a matter of simple substitution, as African Mahogany is a group of seven related species. Find great deals on used mahogany table for sale in South Africa. Comments, questions, or criticisms regarding Forum policies should be directed to WOODWEB's. We have put together a series of videos to present on our blog and youtube channel for your enjoyment. Hobbyist and homeowner woodworking questions are inappropriate. Its smaller scale ensures this side table will work in any setting. $700.00. To find out more about our collection of African Mahogany slabs including sourcing and more photos check out this article! This outdoor bench project uses African Mahogany that was purchased from Thompson Mahogany for The Challenge Program. Other uses for all three are interior and Architectural millwork, Furniture. Responses should relate to the original question. Iron and Mahogany Cocktail Table By Saporiti Italia. Working this wood is generally easy but tearing can occur when planing. Each side of the top and lower shelf has a gentle, subtle inward curve that provides unique character and x-pattern lower cross supports give an airy, openness to the design without a lost to stability. Monumental French Art Deco Dark Mahogany Two-Tier Side Table Or Accent Table . nbspI... African Mahogany Settee made in the style of the great Sam Maloof. I have available large quantities of African Mahogany (Khaya Anthotheca), Iroko (Chlorophora Excelsa), and Undianuno/Freijo/Louro preto (Enfandrophragna Candilheiy?) Excessive forum participation by an individual upsets the balance of a healthy forum atmosphere. Vintage and versatile, the Leesburg Chairside Table is understated and tasteful. African Mahogany is an exotic wood with a deep reddish brown color. Subject lines should provide an indication of the content of your post. I also compared my wood with the photo on the Mathews Timber web site. Gel stain on mahogany might not be the best choice, but you decide. African Mahogany top with base painted in Farrow Ball Dimity, Premium made round top castle door with distressed knotty alder wood, oversized speakeasy and wrought iron grill and clavos. The car is built on a 1929 Model A frame and is powered by a 1940 Ford flathead V-8 engine. Details. Photo 2: Common mahogany look-alikes include Khaya, Sapele, and Lauan. Crafted of Mahogany Veneers, the table has two shelves and features a rich, traditional mahogany finish with elegant cathedral and swirl mahogany veneers with light physical distressing. Tung oil really brings out the depth in some woods. I build all o…. This is our first to go live. Messages that accuse businesses or individuals of alleged negative actions or behavior are inappropriate since WOODWEB is unable to verify or substantiate the claims. Mahogany wood is a material that is used to make furniture, cabinetry, decks, sculptures, and floors. solid mahogany dressig table with swivel mirrors and 6 medium opening drawers. If you are looking to customize or build your own wood table, the Khaya (African Mahogany) is also a good choice. The interlocking grain is figured and when finished, it has a high chatoyance. The CS Woods woodshop created Genuine mahogany with Old Masters Dark Mahogany Penetrating Stain – it gives it a kiss of color, more brown than red, and darkens the pores for a very nice appearance For a more deep red color, try “Merlot” colored stain by Zar. I recently installed a new African Mahogany dash and floor in a Ford Model A Speedster. African Mahogany For Sale. The African Mahogany is really suitable for wood cutting boards and serving boards. It is distinguished by its unique reddish-brown color and its uniform grain. WOODWEB reserves the right to delete any messages with links it deems inappropriate. To find out more about our collection of African Mahogany slabs including sourcing and more photos check out this article! 1990s Traditional Gregg Perry Ball & Claw Rope Carved Edge Mahogany Dining Table $2,035 $2,395. African Mahogany, also called Sipo Mahogany, has a rich red color with golden sapwood. Wood Vendors supplies only the finest African Mahogany Lumber from reputable sources insuring not only the best quality, but also the highest yield. Contact WOODWEB for more information on initiating a survey. Private response requests are appropriate at WOODWEB's Exchanges and Job Opportunities and Services. African Mahogany Double Pedestal Table Customer Bob A. of Sugar Land, Texas, recently completed a project using items from Osborne Wood Products, Inc.: a beautiful mahogany double pedestal table. Get an instant quote. Advertising is inappropriate. Thompson Mahogany offers wholesale African Mahogany lumber in FAS grade, flatsawn, quartersawn, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, 10/4, 12/4 and 16/4. 47ʺW × 80ʺD × 30.5ʺH Lansdale, PA Tables > Dining Tables Sale Ends Today Restored Mid-Century Six Person Rattan and Mahogany Dining Table $2,760 $3,450. Description. Messages requesting private responses will be removed - Forums are designed to provide information and assistance for all of our visitors. African Mahogany Heartwood color varies, ranging from a pale pink to a deeper reddish brown, sometimes having streaks of medium to dark reddish brown. African Mahogany End Table Listing #237 Listed on: 10/10/2005: Company Name: First CutQuite frankly the easiest project I've ever built, yet very gratifying at the same time. It has a very similar color and graining, but it is not as stable. Lauan is sold as Philippine mahogany, but it’s not in the same botanical family. Individuals who excessively post responses containing marginal content will be considered repeat forum abusers. It too provides a nice look that’s subtle. This table took me virtually no time to make and was constructed of completely scaps from a larger job. African Mahogany is popular for furniture, cabinetry, joinery, boat building and veneers. While Honduran Mahogany is known for its fine, straight grain, African Mahoganyenjoys more variety in graining: Bee’s Wing, Ribboned, and Ropey patterns distinguish this wood from any of its counterparts. solid (and heavy) mahogany dining room table and 8 dining room chairs for sale. (, Thread Related Links posted at WOODWEB's Forums and Exchanges should point to locations that provide supporting information for the topic being discussed in the current message thread. African Mahogany (aka 'Khaya') is perhaps the most common substitute, and unlike some of the other pretenders, it is in the same botanical family as American Mahogany. Choose the best forum for your question, and post your question at one forum only. African Mahogany is becoming more popular due to the large price increases in Genuine Mahogany. Thread Related Files posted at WOODWEB's Forums and Exchanges should provide supporting information for the topic being discussed in the current message thread. Khaya and Sapele are often called African mahogany and are in the same botanical family, Meliaceae, as American mahogany. Intentionally using another persons name is prohibited, and posts of this nature will be removed at WOODWEB's discretion. Bob built the table for his son and his fiance for their new home, and this new table is sure to be the… Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 21, 2015. Bad Picture but has a beautiful glow in person. It can also be used as your wooden wall shelf. Messages should be kept reasonably short and on topic, relating to the focus of the forum. The species are native to tropical Africa and Madagascar. Rare George III Satinwood Burl Border Round Breakfast Dining Table … The video provides information about Sapele Lumber presented ... Thompson Mahogany offers wholesale Utile lumber (Sipo lumber) as FAS/Select grade, flatsawn or quartersawn in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4 or 16/4 sizes. Explaining the difference between African Mahogany vs Sapele vs Utile Lumber when it comes to color, origin, and uses. WOODWEB reserves the right to delete any messages with links or images it deems inappropriate. African Mahogany and Utile are also used for boat building. The grain can be straight, but is typically interlocking. It often has a shimmering figure. Wholesale only. Typically red to red-brown, and darker than South American mahoganies, this specie often develops a plain to ropey stripe, and may be marked with highly decorative cross figuring. I plan to built more like it and hopefully find somewhere to market them. View Larger, Higher Quality Image. Atop a natural oak base with slightly tapered legs rests an beautiful African mahogany top. Request a Shipping Quote Have a Question? It will make into an elegant, reddish brown wooden dining table or coffee table. African Mahogany & Sapele are also used for making windows and doors. Company Name: First CutQuite frankly the easiest project I've ever built, yet very gratifying at the same time. "Cross posting" is not permitted. custom handcrafted slab table tops - solid kiln dried hardwood - 1.25" thick - Walnut Maple Ash Sapele African Mahogany Cherry White Oak SpiritcraftFurniture From shop SpiritcraftFurniture Not only is this settee beautiful but it is very comfortable as well. Honduran Mahogany has a coloring that’s closer to orange than its African counterpart; African Mahogany is lighter in color, projecting a more pinkish hue. They are done in African Mahogany with Wenge plugs. See more ideas about mahogany, african, mahogany lumber. African Mahogany Blanket Chest: These are Greene and Greene style blanket chests that I built for family members. Can someone give me any indication of the cut price per m3? Stock # DRAWT2430AMH: Size select . The leading importer of mahogany is the United States, followed by Britain; while the largest exporter today is Peru, which surpassed Brazil after that country banned mahogany exports in 2001. African mahogany’s Khaya ivorensis is a very large tree that attains a height of 40-50 m and a dbh of up to 2 m. Bole straight, unbranched up to 30 m above the ground with well-developed plank buttresses; bark thick and coarse, reddishbrown, and with a bitter taste. All African Mahogany has silica in it, but some species have a lot more than others (like anthotheca), and it will have a shimmer to it when hit with a low angle light. Call 888.302.2276 or . Inappropriate links will be removed without notice, and at WOODWEB's sole discretion. African Mahogany, also called Sipo Mahogany, has a rich red color with golden sapwood. African Mahogany’s lower price, outstanding look, and similar color and grain pattern has made it easy for woodworkers to make the switch. 40cm high 50cm x 50cm s . AFRICAN MAHOGANY WOOD. The CS Woods woodshop created African Mahogany Hardwood Lumber also goes by the name Khaya and has become a very popular alternative to Genuine Mahogany over the last few decades. African Mahogany. Posts with the intent of soliciting answers to surveys are not appropriate. This table took me virtually no time to make and was constructed of completely scaps from a larger job. 1 Posts . A Thread Related Link that directs visitors to an area with inappropriate content will be removed. $2,500.00. Tweet. Mahogany coffee table for sale 1930s English Regency Style banded flame mahogany coffee table brass casters: 1350 R | African Mahogany Coffee Table: 1600 R || African Mahogany Lumber Angela Raimato 2020-07-23T11:01:48-04:00. The purpose of WOODWEB Forums is to provide answers, not to serve as an advertising venue. Save. African mahogany is a member of the Meliaceae (true mahogany) family, making it suitable for outdoor use. African mahogany is easy to work with, glue and finish. Equally apt in contemporary, global, and traditional settings, mahogany has been traded from African ports for hundreds of years. Mahogany is a commercially important lumber prized for its beauty, durability, and color, and used for paneling and to make furniture, boats, musical instruments and other items. The interlocking grain is figured and when finished, it has a high chatoyance. Relatively hard and works well aside from the woolly surfaces that sanding produces; highly lustrous and polishes well; very durable wood." Thank you. This is the latests in our series of videos on our blog and youtube channel for your enjoyment. Hello Everyone. Sapele and African Mahogany have gained popularity for usage in exterior mouldings, including siding and soffits. The timber of Khaya is called African mahogany, and is valued as a substitute to genuine mahogany (of the genus Swietenia). African Mahogany Table Top. African Mahogany Lumber is beautiful and works well. (. This is hard on your planer blades and knives and should be avoided unless you have a drum sander. African Mahogany lumber is popular for use in flooring, furniture and cabinetwork. The wood that matched my top was African Mahogany. The only exceptions are the. African mahogany is a good substitute for genuine mahogany. (They’re pronounced Kigh-yah, Sah-pee-lee and Loo-ahn.) An antique replica, this Design Toscano Camberwell Manor Medieval Petite Side Table is intricately detailed and hand-carved of solid mahogany. Re-building the 10 foot outside patio table made out of African Mahogany. (, Subject may be edited for length and clarity. Subject lines may be edited for length and clarity. My wood is medium weight and a slightly reddish chocolate brown colour with a distinct grain. It has heavy solid brass cup castors. We are the mahogany experts. Share.

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