1×01 – For Tonight We Might Die

Titre VO For Tonight We Might Die
Diffusion (UK) 22 octobre 2016
Audience  0.94 million (BBC One)
Scénariste Patrick Ness
Réalisateur Ed Bazalgette

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Alien refugees Miss Quill and Charlie are hiding out at Coal Hill Academy in disguise as a teacher and a pupil. As the Shadow Kin invade and kill pupils, Charlie is forced to reveal to April, Tanya, Ram and Matteusz that he and Quill are the last survivors of an alien war, he a prince, and she is his enslaved bodyguard. At the sixth form prom, the Shadow Kin come through the tear, killing Ram’s girlfriend Rachel and severing his leg. The Doctor, who rescued Charlie and Quill and had them hide in the school, arrives to defeat the Shadow Kin. He appoints Miss Quill and the pupils as protectors of the school, noting that it has become a beacon throughout space-time. April is left sharing a heart with the Shadow Kin king, Corakinus, and Ram has his leg replaced with a robotic one.

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CHARLIE … Greg Austin
RAM … Fady Elsayed
APRIL … Sophie Hopkins
TANYA … Vivian Oparah
MISS QUILL … Katherine Kelly


PRODUCTEUR …Derek Ritchie
PRODUCTEURS EXECUTIFS … Brian Minchin, Steven Moffat, Patrick Ness
REALISATEUR … Ed Bazalgette
SCENARIO …Patrick Ness
MUSIQUE … Blair Mowat

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