Saltwater Recreational Hook & Line Fishing Regulations New ! The Cobia is a sleek and extremely strong fish. We seek to stand out from the crowd by offering innovative solutions and value that is unsurpassed. Some good brands to use are Gamakatsu, Owner and Eagle Claw. 326. After sunglass come the right hat. If you are throwing a bait at a moving school of fish, you are going to want a bait that can handle a number of casts and will still swim straight. Most of the cobia are caught by fisherman in boats with a cobia/tuna tower. Eels love to tangle your rig once you hook them. When the wind is easterly and the current on the bottom is going east to west, it is much easier for the cobia to swim at the surface and that’s better for us as we try and spot them swimming along. When Shepard encounters small cobia, he chooses a medium-action spinner that's limber enough to throw a 1/8-ounce bucktail. Unlike most fishing trips that start at the crack of dawn, when fishing from a boat most people head out mid-morning and fish until late afternoon. For most fisherman, a 7ft or 9ft medium-heavy to heavy setup is best. [back to top], Your best chance is to launch your kayak off the beach and drift, then chum or troll just outside of the second sand bar. You may ask if any hat will work, and the answer is yes, but if you have a hat that is dark under the brim this will help in shading your eyes. Watch the video below to see Finao Sportfishing Gaff a big Cobia! It is important to remember the constantly replace the water that the hooked Eel is in. There are many good cobia reels on the market. The net is especially good for releasing undersized fish or to make sure you tournament winning fish does not loose unwanted weight from bleeding out after being gaffed. For that reason, I … A good pair of polarized glasses is a must. When the wind is easterly and the current on the bottom is going east to west, it is much easier for the cobia to swim at the surface and that’s better for us as we try and spot them swimming along. For large fish such as cobia, tuna and big dolphin, opt for a hook with a three- to five-inch gap, and one with a thick diameter wire, such as a 3⁄8- or even a 1⁄2-inch. While offering a bailless system (which many people like) they are more difficult to use for many anglers and don’t make real good live bait reels for boat fishing. There are hundreds of fishing charters in the Mid-Atlantic region. Average Size 33 Inches Long Few fish have anything on cobia in the way of power and stamina. If you can’t cut the glare off the water you chances of spotting a fish are slim. The last cobia I landed weighed about 35 pounds, and it took three feet of air on the hook set. To Learn more on Live Baits for Cobia and how to hook them Click the Video Below! A hat or sun visor can help when sight fishing as well. Prepare your mullet by cutting off one pectoral fin and the tip of the top fork on the tail of your mullet. In addition, no matter their size, cobia are brawlers; for those of us old enough to remember, they are the Clubber Lang’s of the fish world. You'll probably relocate your fish. When it is cloudy it makes it very difficult to spot fish since the clouds increase the glare on the water. ... Cobia Triple Tail Performance Fishing Shirt. By far the best circle hook I’ve used for mulloway is the Black Magic KL pattern in an 8/0. The first is the design. Other live baits include mullet, pinfish, mingo snapper, ruby lips, pigfish, and cigar minnows. To view and learn more on different Cobia Bucktails Click the Video Below! This works even better just along the sand bar. Having a rod that is more medium is better when throwing live baits and a stiffer rod is required when throwing lures. The hat will keep the sun out of your eyes so you can see the water better and spot fish. These two live baits are strong so they stay alive best. Personally, I like to fish the deeper water where the water is just starting to turn blue. Having steering in the tower also adds to how many fish you catch as everything you do takes less time than when you only have one person down below driving and another in the tower spotting fish and yelling directions. The best days are when we have warmer temps, the wind is from the southeast or south and the current running from west to east. Gulf State Waters (north of Monroe/Collier county line) Minimum Size Limit: 33" fork length. If you are fishing in the deeper water and spot a fish and it goes down, don’t panic! Also, have a Dubro Release attached to the bucket to clip your line coming form the rod that is rigged and ready on the rod holder is nice. I like a 60lb 18 inch leader. Cobia have huge mouths and the larger the hook used the more chance there is of gaining a solid connection. When looking for these fish on the surface it is difficult to see them early in the morning and in the evening. The best way to keep your live baits alive and well is after hooking them place them into a live well or a bucket of saltwater. Other live baits include mullet, pinfish, mingo snapper, ruby lips, pigfish, and cigar minnows. You'll get the most productive results with grunts, pinfish, eel, jacks, shrimp and of course the favorite cobia bait - crab. Use Pinfish For Snook - Snook LOVE (or hate) pinfish. Again, we normally sight-cast for cobia and since you’ll have limited visibility from a kayak, you’ll have to rely on alternative methods. The hook is probably the most important part to remember when choosing the right Cobia fishing lure. I find that the fish I see here are much more likely to bite. Some basic things most people never think about when heading out to sight-cast for any species, whether it be cobia, redfish of pompano, is having the right pair of sunglasses and the right hat. Prepare your mullet by cutting off one pectoral fin and the tip of the top fork on the tail of your mullet. Polarized glasses cut the glare off the water making it so you can spot fish below the surface of the water. We recommend Costa Sun Glasses with an amber lenses. The better the definition of the lenses on your sunglass, the more fish you'll see and this even comes more into play if you’re pier fishing or do not have a tower on your boat. We recommend using a bright color lure like pink, green, or orange. Most people like to look for cobia along the sand bar where the water is the bright emerald green and the fish are easier to see. When fishing live eels make sure to bring some sand or paper towels. Netting a big Cobia can be difficult to do compared to gaffing one. They all work very well. Usually 3-4' leader is plenty.Never broke one off due to line failure. Here along the Emerald Coast we have a opportunity for some of the most exciting fishing you'll ever do. Eels are very slimy! The proper sight fishing apparel is almost as important as the right Cobia fishing gear. If casting live or dead baits in open water, then use a 6/0-8/0 hook snelled on an 18-inch piece of 50-lb fluorocarbon leader. I use 40 lb Ande mono line and the same for my leaders. What the Papi was doing was quietly pulling up to a piece of structure and throwing a hook-less eel on a bridle from a rod up on the tower. The emerald green water makes this exciting fishery possible. Keep checking throughout trip for any abrasions and sharpen hooks again as needed. Cobia will stay in Virginia usually until the first week of October. Go with at least 25. This temperature usually begins 2cnd to 3rd week of May. When using live bait it is important to make sure that your bait doesn’t die. Our most commonly used Cobia fishing lures on Finao Sportfishing are bucktails. When I do fish braid, I tend to use a lighter than normal rod so the rod acts as a shock absorber because the braid has no stretch. Make sure you enter the (*) required information where indicated. Trolling a Yozuri will work for sure. 7/0 offset mustad hook SHARPEN them as sharp as you can! The line that we recommend to use is 65# Power Pro Braided line. Get the PDF here. Cobia can be finicky, and when that happens natural baits make the difference between hook-ups and refusals. You may ask if any hat will work, and the answer is yes, but if you have a hat that is dark under the brim this will help in shading your eyes. A very important thing to factor in when sight fishing for Cobia is the clouds. When you dip one out of the live well, wet your hand and dip it into the sand you brought or us a paper towel to give you the grip required to hold onto a eel long enough to get hooked and ready. Jessica Perry of Perry's Bait & Tackle in Murrells Inlet, SC and Capt. However, many people refer to cobia as crab eaters because crabs are some of their favorite dishes. While we catch cobia all year when bottom fishing, during the spring the cobia migrate along the coast in the shallows heading to the Louisiana delta to spawn from March to mid-May, and some years until June. Using a Gaff for these fish is recommended for the bigger Cobia. [back to top], Landing cobia requires the right gaff or net. The fish has a mission, and that is to migrate. [back to top], Cobia are mostly caught by sight-casting from the surf, but you can get them bottom fishing the surf with eels. Twenty-pound-test is not heavy enough. In most cases, if you knock it off his path it’ll head a little offshore and then head back on its mission. Get the PDF here: GCSSS-Cobia.pdf. “Big cobia have a hard, bony jaw,” he told me. Having a forward-facing rod holder on both sides of the tower sure makes in nice for when you spot a cobia. They range in size up to about 135 pounds. Similar to bait size, the bigger the hook the better! A 6 foot Afto Gaff with a 4 inch hook is what we use when harvesting these fish. Most people use Owner Mutu Light 7/0 circle hooks or Owner 2/0 treble hooks. Less people are looking in the deeper water because the fish are harder to see, and if you do spook it and he goes down you can no longer see it on the bottom and need to use all your skills to relocate your fish. A small and slender strip of bonito or kingfish on the jig will work, too. Circuit Breakers, Service Entrance & Fuses. The design has to be great for the type of fish you want to catch. After sunglass come the right hat. A cobia mouth is very hard and most lures have a large offshore style hook. Cobia are one of the most popular fish that we have on the East Coast. The Best Hook Size For Walleye. When using a cobia jig, start the year off with pink and white combinations because of the amount of squid around, in mid season switch to the chartreuse and orange combo, and the more chartreuse and green lat in the season. Englis Glover of Reelin' Up The Coast TV explain some basics of rigging for Cobia. Cobia often hang out around the mouth of the pass especially on the outgoing tide and will hang out around buoys and FADS. The cobia are migrating and are looking to conserve energy so when the wind is easterly and the current is going east to west it is just as easy for the cobia to be on the bottom as it is on the surface. Have a 5 gallon bucket with mostly saltwater and just a touch of ice to calm them down a bit. Fish go west until mid-day or early afternoon. Also, it’s much easier to release an unwanted or undersized fish that is caught with a circle hook over a treble. He is a member of NACO and fishing charter boat associations. This allows a bigger bite into the body of the fish and will result in less fish tearing off the hook. Fish the east side of the pier between the sand bar and the end of the pier. What you are looking for is a reel that can standup to the pressure needed for cobia fishing, one that has a very smooth drag, and one that holds at least 200yds of 30lb mono fishing line or 300yds of 30lb to 65lb braided line. Then, in the rocket launcher on the back of the tower, I like to have several rods with choices to throw at the cobia in case they don’t like my first offering. Do not use so much ice in the bucket that it freezes the eels. Rods Most of the piers play what we call First Shot. The largest Cobia ever caught in Florida USA weighed about 104 lbs. HTML code is not allowed. The difference between a $20 pair of glasses and even a regular pair of Costa Del Mar glasses compared to a pair of Costa Del Mar 580 lenses is definition. Cobia jigs are the most popular pier baits. Many people will say that it is better to have a current from the east, which is somewhat true. Cobia bodies are long, slender, and have an unusually shaped snout. Not only popular for there size but what makes these fish so exciting to catch is the variety of techniques you can use to catch them. This means everyone is looking for the cobia, when someone spots one, they yell “First cast!” and point out the cobia. He likes a J hook because it improves his hookup ratio. Hook size is very important, not only for good hookup ratios but to protect the fish. Here on Finao Sportfishing Cobia fishing charters our most common way we catch them are by Sight Fishing. I will hook the jig through the shell close to one of the spikes on either side of the crab. Daily Bag Limit: 1 per day or 2 per vessel, whichever is less. Having your boat set up properly with a good tower and controls is essential; a few other things are also important. meat cobe fishing: 7 to 11-0 off-set J, 4' leader 4-6'; small bait, small hook. (both J-hooks) Circle hooks are a whole differant story from J-hooks. Having a rod that is more medium is better when throwing live baits and a stiffer rod is required when throwing lures. After that everyone else in turn gets to cast to try and catch it. When you cast it out, it can only swim on the surface and in a circle, only go one direction, and cannot swim down out of sight. Cobia Jig Heads ( 1½oz -3oz ) Ultra Point Jig Heads ( 1/8-4oz ) Circle Hook Jig Heads ( 1/8-1oz ) Swing Jigs ( 1/8-1¼oz ) Bullet HD Jig Heads ( 1-2oz ) What is good about this is that you can have the line tight coming from the reel so it does not tangle, and the have the quick release to clip the line to on the bucket, thus have a tight line to your reel and have slack for the eel so he will not tangle so bad. The net makes sure that the Cobia gets boated safely so he can swim away unharmed to fight another day! When we are hooking a live Eel we use a large hook. Bucktails come in many different colors and sizes. Cobia 101: Tips to hook up with lemon fish Patrick Bonin Cobia , Field Notes Mitchell Prokasy of Mandeville with a 39-inch cobia caught 8 miles out of Caminada Pass in Grand Isle in 60 foot of water. Many of the common ways to target Cobia are Chumming and Sight Fishing. Another important thing to remember is a good hook. Cobia Slayer You probably already own some 14/0 circles. [back to top], I am a huge fan of braided line for most types of fishing but for cobia I prefer mono line; specifically Ande 30lb pink mono. You can either set the hook traditionally or just point the rod at the fish, lift the rod and start reeling, and the fish will hook himself almost every time. And the second thing is the size of the hook. Mullet are my go-to for a really big cobia. [back to top]. And sometimes they even jump and tail walk. I like to have a rod that I am holding at the ready with a cobia jig. Cobia: Rachycentron canadum. [back to top]. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Final Notes about Cobia Lines and Leaders. Now that we have talked about the gear and time of year lets get into Cobia fishing lures. The fish migrate to find a preferred water temperature, and can be found overwintering in south Florida. If you are fishing for cobia near structure, then a bit heavier leader may save you from break-offs.

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