Cobia are quite fond of the oily “pogie,” probably because of it’s high-oil content. That is, if it hasn’t gorged already that morning. Already a subscriber? Reels   Boats   The best way to catch cobia is by using sight casting with bucktails as they move along the East Coast. My favourite baits are: herring, whiptails, scad, slimy mackerel, tailor, and grinners. The bait would be finger mullet (small ones), pilchards or live shrimp. Red Drum: the best rig for this would be a spider weight attached to a 4-5 foot leader and 3/0 - 5/0 hook depending on the size of your bait. Cigar minnows and Spanish sardines. When cobia are in the mood, they’ll eat anything that will fit in their mouths.” Even hardhead catfish are good cobia bait. When caught live, they have very firm flesh and will really stay on the hook. google_ad_slot = "7754947861"; , . The sardine is softer, even mushy, but if that’s all the marina has, several five-pound frozen boxes may be the only choice. Standard and Popular Baits The standard and most used bait is the ever-present menhaden shad. Which proves cobia will eat just about anything. A quick rundown on other cobia baits: Old-timers favored using hardhead catfish for cobia bait, though I’ve never tried it. A wounded bait can’t swim away as easy and stays in the Cobia's vision and strike zone longer. Catching Cobia in the Spring. Lighter tackle is easier to cast and easier to make a bait presentation, but a large Cobia hooked up to a fifteen-pound spinning or casting outfit means a very long battle. Then we sped away to Galveston Yacht Basin and the winner’s circle. Cobia fish are attracted to structure where crabs, squid, shrimp and bait fish congregate. 10 Cobia Tips and Tricks. I was sold. What to do, you slowly drag the rig across the bottom until you feel the line bump. Tackle Tips   It beats running the boat offshore with no bait. //-->,

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