Foliage is not always a trait people grow flowering shrubs for – after all, that’s why we call them flowering shrubs – but there are several varieties of Abelia on the market nowadays that boast really pretty multi-hued leaves. Most growers of these shrubs like the natural form weigela bushes assume, so pruning is not always necessary. Need some heat tolerant plants to go against my house in Burlington. I'm in Ontario and I have weigela, peonies, and rose of Sharon in my garden, which gets full sun, and they have all done well. The summer blooming spirea … One can make a note of what and when to buy, if we can stand waiting a year or so for gratification! Most are of Asian origin, but we stock the native species when we can find them, and this spring we’ve managed to get a few of both eastern species. It has tiny white stars along the stems that open about the same … Add as facer shrubs for mixed shrub borders. Flower color is pretty much limited to white and pink (the “red”-flowering ones are really dark reddish-pink, not truly red, though it is a nice change of pace), but Spirea have the pleasing habit of re-blooming into summer, especially if given a light trim to remove the spent flowers. It's my opinion that the Wine and roses weigela and the Double Play Gold spirea seem to contrast nicely to bring out some of the diverse color shades in wiegela'a leaves. Do the trimming around late winter or early spring so you don’t delay the summer flowers. I’m looking for a companion plant to use as a backdrop for my gold flame spirea… I would like something that keeps its leaves all year… I had cherry laurels in place but 3 of the 5 died suddenly last summer… In front of the gold flame spire a I have Russian sage… Someone recommended gulfstream nandina… All suggestions are welcome… Thx. For this purpose, maybe you could consider planting the Spirea Double Play Gold, which is reported to grow to about 1-2 feet tall and spread about 2-3 feet. Spirea shrubs are deciduous shrubs that can be divided into two categories: spring blooming and summer blooming. So often I, too, have seen something in your gardens that would fit the space in my gardens but it can’t be purchased at that time. I don't know the Magic carpet is the way to go. False-spirea is a dense, colony-forming, suckering shrub best used for naturalizing, erosion control. This area gets a lot of sun until about 1 pm. Either way, you can't go wrong! This useful plant grows wider than tall, making it the … Love the trellis! I have Wine and Roses weigela, and Magic Carpet spirea, also Goldflame, Goldmound (which prefers part-shade in my yard) and Neon Flash. That is unless you would prefer a spiraea … This diverse group of flowering shrubs comes in a range of sizes, colors, and forms. – Miri, Your email address will not be published. Design Ideas With such vivid seasonal foliage changes, put this shrub up front and center for full appreciation. You can always grow a clematis on there, check the bloom season on that though because you want something long blooming and also what height you'd want, or plant two different types that bloom at different times so you always have color, you want to see some of the trellis because it's so pretty! Spirea, like Weigela and Abelia, has undergone an explosion of new varieties in the past decade. Always one of the first shrubs to break bud in spring, Reeves Spirea … What is Magic Carpet Spirea? They are great edging or front of the shrub border plants. Or would I be better putting a larger spirea in the back - like goldmound for flaming mound in the back and put midnight wine weigala in the front. ‘Lilac Chip’ Buddleia grows 1 ½-2’ tall and has pink flowers which attract butterflies. Boxwood. Both of my earlier suggestions will work then. Tailor made for foundation planting. . Birchleaf spirea, Wine & Roses Weigela and Little Henry Itea are smaller flowering shrubs we use. If it were my place, I would go with larger flowering shrubs: hydrangea (I have white Annabelle, but Endless Summer, pink, blue, lavender, are shorter), spirea (magenta colored) and weigela (Rhumba or Wine and Roses, mine get to 4' when they are only supposed to be 3' here in zone 5a Wisconsin). Common Types of Spirea Plants You Can Grow. Red Fountain Grass is an annual that echoes beautifully the color in the purplish weigela, and perennial Panicum varieties that are blue-green in summer and turn red-purple late in the season are also great for providing color blends and echoes. Add color, structure and interest to your garden with these recently introduced plants that sport exceptional foliage, Personnaliser mon expérience à l'aide de cookies, 7 New Plants to Grow for Beautiful Foliage, Oleander lower leaves yellowing and falling after moving it indoors. Plant in creative open combinations with high contrast purple and black foliage shrubs … By any name, though, they’re pretty useful shrubs. What do you pair such multi-hued plants with that won’t clash? If you do choose to prune, do so just after flowering. Companions such as peonies, delphinium, iris, spirea, and rhododendron will bloom at the same time as weigela … In planting any of the above, how deep a hole needs to be prepared? It sounds like you have full sun, surely enough sun for the weigela. Many have been developed for improved foliage interest, such as colorful new … Brighten up rugged rock gardens, or other tough and dry planting sites. If you have specific plants you’d like to ask about availability on, I’m always happy to receive inquiries and will do my best to predict when we might get something in stock that is currently unavailable. The more dominant 4 inch Weigela leaf size, color, and form seem to me as being a better fit as a background planting in your bed. Magic Carpet will get 18", maybe 24" in optimal conditions. Full sun is considered 6 or more hours. He grows perennials and small shrubs for garden centers & landscapers. Your email address will not be published. Typically the only wayward growth is the odd branch that’s an over-achiever and grows about twice the rate of all the branches around it; it gives the shrub something of a “bad hair day” look or of having multiple antennae. What about loropetalum. What should be more of a concern is Weigela like a Well drained soil...if its consistently moist/wet not the best choice. I save the bulbs and replant. Exceptional for shrub borders along fences, walls and buildings. Does midnight wine do better than the fine wine variety in these conditions? Good height, color and texture variation. Plus, hummingbirds like the flower shape on weigela, so hopefully yours will be visited by those hyper beauties. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these shrubs so great! Companion plants for this group of smaller Spirea plants include Viburnum Carlesii, Weigela … Depending on factors such as mature height, soil quality and deer-browsing pressures, there is a long list of potential evergreens that include compact varieties of Holly, Euonymus, Pine, Spruce, Juniper, Boxwood, Japanese Cedar, False Cypress, Yew, Plum Yew, Yucca, False-holly, and probably a few other things. A good substitution, that offers a beautiful fall color not typical of spirea, is the Tor spirea- Spiraea betulifolia 'Tor' . Many have been developed for improved foliage interest, such as colorful new growth, which is at its most intense in spring. Spirea, like Weigela and Abelia, has undergone an explosion of new varieties in the past decade. And the have a cool fringe flower. Victory Garden 2.0 – Fall is for Planting Shrubs, When and How to Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs, Meet Stephanie Fleming – Vice President of Behnke Nurseries. Spirea make great foundation plants because of their smaller size. I guess this area is close to full sun as a little over 6 hours from sun up, they would be shaded from the afternoon sun however. We recommend our standard planting instructions for planting any of these shrubs: dig the hole only as deep as the root ball (therefore, it depends on what size pot you buy) and two or more times as wide. The same homeowner also planted false sunflowers at the back of one garden, which are kind of nice (but very very tall). Required fields are marked *. In autumn, all but the purple-leaved forms sport nice colors in the red-orange range. It's free and so easy to sign up! Use several shrubs along the edge of a sunny path, sidewalk or in a berm planting in the front yard. Keep reading to learn more about how to prune weigela shrubs. Dwarf fothergilla has white spring blooms and foliage that turns orange in the fall, it grows 2-3 feet tall. The current favorite is ‘Kaleidoscope’ with its lime, yellow and orange-edged leaves; ‘Mardi Gras’ is another variety we like that has more subdued hues of butter, cream and pink. There’s great diversity in Spirea, with some that grow taller than we are and others that stay quite short; leaf colors ranging from blue-green to bright yellow to red-tipped; spring-bloomers and summer bloomers. I’m sorry to hear that you lost several Cherrylaurels…perhaps they succombed to Peachtree Borer or root-rot, though neither is a terribly common occurrence. Our opinion is that compost (like LeafGro) is the best amendment to mix with your native soil when installing new plants. I am glad you have been happy with your Fine Wine. Plus your in zone 6. Euonymus. In my experience several different spirea cultivars will root spread in my flower beds. This is an easy-care plant that has a good tolerance for clay soils, urban pollutio… Spiraea japonica 'Goldmound' is another commonly seen foundation shrub. Thereafter, weigela Wine and Roses requires irrigation only during periods of dry weather. What pollinators are especially fond of Abelia? Spirea. I’m one of those people who prefers shrubs in their natural shape rather than “meatballed” into something perfectly rounded and formal, but for those of you that prefer a restrained look, Abelias respond well to shearing. That’s true, unfortunately we can’t stock everything when we want it available to sell since the numerous suppliers we use can have unpredictable offerings from time to time (crop issues, oversold items, shipping delays and so forth). En savoir plus. Also, Fine Wine is an improved variety of Midnight Wine. I would also add porch rails to each side that match your deck, not only for safety but when taking pictures it would detract from the outlet and the downspout. I like the red-purple or red-orange foliage of barberry (the non-invasive kinds, of course) or the blue leaves of ‘Blue Shadow’ fothergilla or a dwarf blue spruce. These are shrubs … A compact, rounded shrub growing 3 to 4 feet tall and wide.

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