The platform allows educators to create their own content, use existing environments, and record or share sessions. By bringing some of their most popular content like Shark Week to VR, they are attracting more people to the VR space.  And of course, their VR experiences are filled with exciting and educational documentaries. Gamar has provided a solution to this problem by finding a way to engage kids in museums and doing it in a way that’s interesting to them and on their level. Discovery, well-known for storytelling and visual experiences, continues to bring some of their best content to virtual reality.  Through their Discovery VR app, some of the world’s most thrilling and interesting natural experiences are available in a variety of formats: via mobile app, mobile headset or tethered headset. Great insight but feel you’ve missed some great companies off this list . Ready to take your insights to the next level? VR in education is predicted to be a $200 … The Virtual Reality (VR) in Education report provides an independent information about the Virtual Reality (VR) in Education industry supported by extensive research on factors such as industry segments size … One of the companies hard at work bringing the future of education to light is Discovr. researchers wishing to apply these emerging technologies to education. I’d also like to know if the programs will come in different languages… A huge need in diverse, inner city schools. Hey have the largest content based augmented reality for education library. Around 90% of what we see and do is retained, which is something that has always been missing from education; students do not retain as much information if they are just reading a textbook compared to having more real applications of what they’re learning. They design durable, kid-friendly products (bright colored headsets made out of soft material) and their content and headset will work with almost any smartphone. Suite 7 Imagine being able to look at a 360 picture of London and click on various things throughout the picture, one tag might be a video enhancing something you are looking at, while another tag might be a writing assignment or a place to record notes. Google Expeditions Pioneer ProgramGoogle is also making waves in the space of VR education with their exciting Expeditions Pioneer Program. Virtual Reality Education Statistics. Virtual Reality in Education Engaging VR and AR educational content for students of all ages Introducing a whole new concept in educational technology: a ‘standalone’ Virtual Reality headset … We offer the most advanced and refined virtual reality … The diversity in this content shows the true potential in the range of things we can learn by using VR in education; and it also shows that Unimersiv is dedicated to creating educational content on a wide range of topics, which makes their potential truly unlimited. CuriscopeCuriscope is a startup company focusing on education in VR, and their Virtual Tee is already turning heads. zSpacezSpace is unique in the space of education in VR because of the technology they’re using. Nearpod offers a number of educational solutions, including pre-made lessons that can sync to student devices, options to customize lessons (e.g adding polls or quizzes), AR enhancements and over 500 VR lessons. Topics covered include next gen marketing research and consumer insights related articles, methodologies, and news, as well as technology, trends, social media, mobile, gaming, TV, digital, virtual reality, kids, teens, young adults and families. Virtual reality (VR) technology has begun to make a huge impact in education and eLearning. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. UnimersivUnimersiv is a VR learning platform which releases educational content on a monthly basis. zSpace currently has content available for STEM education, medical training, and more general math and science experiences. The Company, through its subsidiaries, develops virtual reality software that delivers methods of education and … In the future, Google expects to provide students with the tools to create their own VR expeditions. Merge Virtual Reality creates products and experiences targeted for kids 10 and up. I’ve completed limited field research in this area this far. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Walmart uses Strivr’s virtual reality training modules on Oculus devices to train thousands … If students do not have to look away from a 360 image in order to take notes or do an assignment then the immersion will never truly be broken. Alchemy VRAlchemy VR is creating immersive educational experiences on an impressive scale. It empowers educators and companies to host meetings, presentations, classes and events with people across the world. VR Education | 335 followers on LinkedIn | Váš partner ve světě vzdělávání. Exploring a gallery using WoffbertVR’s app is nearly identical to how you would explore it in person; you can follow any path you choose, zoom in on paintings you are interested in, and listen to audio segments on certain exhibits. […] there is no data available on VR use in K-12 schools and colleges yet, but the surge in companies (Top 10 companies working in VR and AR) solely dedicated to provide packaged curriculum and content, teacher training and technological […], […] The Top 10 Companies Working on Education in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality — from by Drew Lewis […]. Virtual reality (VR) technology company VR Education announced on Thursday that its “showcase experience”, Shuttle Commander, would be released on 30 November for all PC-based VR … By using our website you accept our use of cookies as described in our, Youth and Families Online Research Panel & Community, we wrote about some of the top companies working in the AR/VR education space, Touchstone Research launches Secure Content Testing Watermarking Solution for Marketing Research Studies, Touchstone Research joins the Privacy Shield Program, Touchstone Achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance, The Top 10 Companies Working On Education In Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality [REBOOTED], The cost of the Conversation Gap on workplace health – New Research Whitepaper. The Tech Savvy Research blog is the place for all things awesome! Walmart is actively working with Strivr a California based VR training company, to develop its training scenarios. ( These experiences are so compelling that one of their stories won a BAFTA award (the British equivalent to the Academy Awards). In Med School, numerous programs have created simple VR programs to help students learn anatomy.KFC now trains their future chefs through a VR … Awesome list! Nearpod is an organization aimed at transforming teaching by providing ready-to-teach K-12 lessons delivered through VR and interactive digital content. Discovery brining content to virtual reality is great for the space of education in virtual reality; Discovery has been creating educational content for years, they’re a household name and when people hear you can watch Deadliest Catch or Mythbusters in Virtual Reality it might just get more people interested in the potential applications of virtual reality for education. We have developed a large number of educational titles, including Water Bears VR, a virtual reality puzzle game that promotes systems thinking, color theory and spatial recognition. The experiences on Alchemy VR are like a narrative being told to the user where they will get to see and experience a myriad of different things; one such example is exploring the Great Barrier Reef. Their mission is to help students of all ages learn faster using virtual reality, and want to use VR to help students access impossible places (like inside of the human brain!). the company makes educational systems with virtual reality in museums and schools. The content in Unimersiv’s app is more individualized and immersive, and at the moment the 3 educational experiences available on the app are: Explore the International Space Station, Anatomy VR, and Learn about Stonehenge in Virtual Reality. The way it works is that one person wears a t-shirt while another person with a smartphone launches the app and is able to learn about the human body in a unique way. […]… […], Virtual Dreams Realidad Virtual con y sin casco. I’d like to know if there are companies working on social stories and other effective programming to help students with anxiety disorders and communication disabilities ( including autism)? zSpace is continuing to make an impact in the VR/AR education space, standing out in this industry due to the unique all-in-one AR/VR laptop with content that can be manipulated with a  stylus pen.  When used in classrooms, kids all have access to the zSpace glasses, which allow for individual and collaborative learning experiences.  zSpace is now located in over 800 school districts in North America with over 1M users.  Educators who have used the tool report higher levels of student interaction and engagement with the educational content.  Educators also believe that this has led to better understanding of the material, and, correspondingly, improved grades for students.Â. This is a unique way to utilize AR in education and it is surely a sign of good things to come from Curiscope. zSpace has monitors which are similar to the way 3D movies work, where a group of people use glasses which are similar in feel to 3D glasses; these glasses make the content come off the screen. The VR experiences are meant to be like a really cool field trip which teachers would ordinarily never be able to take their students on; whether it’s to an underwater coral reef, or into a city like Barcelona, the potential is truly limitless here. ThingLinkA unique take on 360 images has been developed for classroom use by ThingLink. Events, parties, team building, galas, trade shows both onsite and off as well as … Ready to take your insights to the next level? The way it works is that one person wears a t-shirt while another person with a … I humbly request that you review our company’s credentials, and consider adding us to your impressive list. In 2016 we wrote about some of the top companies working in the AR/VR education space, but since then there have been many interesting developments. WoofbertVRWoofbert VR is focusing on bringing art to VR technology, they are looking to reshape the landscape of storytelling and revolutionize the way we look at art and culture. EON RealityEON Reality is looking to change how teachers utilize technology in the classroom. This kind of all in one learning experience will help in breakages in immersion which would typically occur in learning which utilizes VR or AR technology. Today, we’re seeing teachers actually integrate AR/VR into their lesson plans, completely transforming the classroom experience.  Gone are the days when a teacher is standing at the front of the classroom reciting a 60-minute speech. Topics covered include next gen marketing research and consumer insights related articles, methodologies, and news, as well as technology, trends, social media, mobile, gaming, TV, digital, virtual reality, kids, teens, young adults and families.

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