Telescopic tree pruners are convenient, safe and relatively easy to use. This distinctive hyper green pruner comes with a 750w motor that drives the 20cm saw blade, now the blade not too large but as chainsaws are dangerous, especially in untrained hands, this only makes it safer and keep weight to a minimum. With this model however it has been designed with this in mind. ... Long reach telescopic secateurs for getting at those out-of-reach branches. It may be functional or[...], There’s no doubt that a careful attention to a garden will leave it looking picturesque throughout the year. The ARS Telescopic Long Reach Pruner is designed with durability and quality in mind. Soft grip handles will also add to the comfort and help you keep the pruner stable when fully extended. A lightweight pruner will be far easier to use, although these may have a little less power. 11 List List Price $15.13 $ 15 . Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Made in Germany, this model comes with a 25-year warranty so is on pair with Fiskars in this respect. It comes with an adjustable cutting head with a maximum rotating head of 200-degrees for cutting at different angles. This however would be a good alternative and it does give you slightly better reach and that hook which can come in useful. A wide variety of telescopic tree pruner options are available to you, such as telescopic, long length, and anti-slip grip. used hyundai two stroke garden multi tool, c/w pole saw, hedge trimmer and strimmer attachments. It also comes accompanied by a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind which isn't bad considering the price. Pruning removes dead or damaged stems from plants before the next blooming season approaches. They are designed[...], Among the equipment you need to run a successful greenhouse is a reliable heater. A 2-in-1 tool with pruning and sawing functions. Has a height-adjustable handle that offers a maximum height of 2.7m for easy reach. Mesoga 4 Feet Cut and Hold Tree Pruner, Rotation Pole Tree Trimming, Long Reach Fruit Picker, Branches Bypass Lopper 4.3 out of 5 stars 180 CDN$ 64.24 CDN$ 64 . To support the cutting head requires a strong handle but one that is light weight, this is where you see a difference between the cheaper and more expensive models. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Telescopic Tree Pruner. In some models, the sawing blade is detachable to be set aside if it is not being used. 25 years warranty for full peace of mind. Why not purchase a reliable conservatory heater? Long Reach Corded Electric Pole Saw Pruner Telescopic Pole Hedge Trimmer 2 IN 1: Condition: New. The good thing is that it is affordable, therefore, providing good value for money. Fiskars Telescopic Bypass Tree Pruner 94½-157½" () (4166T) Allows accessability to tree crowns and dense bushes, enabling overhead trimming without needing a ladder. Especially suitable for looking after your garden and hedges. If you have exceptionally tall trees then you should look for the model that offers the most reach. Worth Garden Long Reach Tree Pruner with SK5 Blad, Long Handled Secateurs for Tree Branches, Fru… Won the 2018 Great British Growing Award proving that it is of reliable quality. 13 Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This telescopic long reach pruner from EasyKut combines a cutting saw with ratchet style secateurs for a versatile cutting tool. Item #: 1023624. Not all models have this but it is quite convenient when dealing with thick foliage. In reality, both Fiskars and Gardena manufacture high quality but expensive tools and if we had to choose which is better, we really could not agree but at the time we reviewed them both, Fiskars was slightly cheaper at most retailers so we choose Fiskars as our 'Best Pick'. Provides an in-built strap to help wiggle the tool out of the tree. This pruner allows you to get within easy reach of taller branches without straining your back or putting yourself in any danger. Ensure that the blade is sharp before starting work. The ARS Telescopic Long Reach Pruner is designed with durability and quality in mind. This permits the trees to develop healthily and look their best. You can easily reach those tall trees without straining your back or shoulder muscles. We have tried our best to include models from a range of budgets and with different cutting types in mind. Having won the 2018 Great British Growing Award, this model is recommended for those who need a tool that can do both pruning and sawing. ARS Telescopic Pruner, Image: #4. Weighs just 1.9 kg, making it lightweight and easy to use. It offers the most reach in terms of cutting angles with a 230-degrees as its maximum and an impressive cutting diameter of 3.2cm. With a quiet motor too, it makes them the perfect tools for use in urban areas. 2.0m Telescopic Long Reach Pruner Electric Garden Scissors Best Secateurs Pruners . Removes branches that may be blocking paths or threatening to fall on roofs. Clear the ground from anything that may cause you to trip and lose control of the pruner. Equipped with a height-adjustable handle just like our Best Pick, this model extends from 230-410cm does does give an ever so slightly longer reach. Comes with a 25-year warranty for life-time peace of mind. One example of this is the Draper Expert 32mm Diameter Tree Pruner and the model by Spear & Jackson. Hydrangea Leaves Curling – What’s the Problem? Long shaft makes hard to reach garden tasks accessible from a safe standing position. You can also use some of the long reach pruners to help with standard pruning jobs if you have reduced reach or mobility. – J & k Digital Media Ltd, the owner of this website, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, Some manufacturers have total confidence in the construction of their products that offer decades of guarantee. Our site is reader supported, this means we may earn a small commission from Amazon and other affiliates when you buy through links on our site. Wear protective clothing especially protective glasses since you will be staring upwards. Long-reach Hedge Trimmers; Telescopic Pole Pruners; Important information; Cordless Telescopic Pole Pruner Taking it to a new level. Sturdy and powerful, this pruner makes light work of a notoriously difficult job! 24 The PT75 is lightweight and versatile electric Tree Pruner with a telescopic pole length of 2.72m, making it ideal for cutting branches. A telescopic tree pruner will make a huge difference to your garden, but choosing the right one can be tricky. Whether it’s a long-reach tree pruner or a pair of secateurs, a set of quality pruners are an essential part of any gardener’s toolkit. Telescopic tree pruners also offer easy reach to those far off branches without straining your back. Extending to a maximum of 2.34m, this telescopic tree pruner comes with an adjustable string that is used to prune the smaller branches up to 300mm before the saw comes in to finish off the larger branches. The telescopic pruner has to have enough weight not to be flimsy but not too heavy to be cumbersome. The Draper Expert 32mm Diameter Tree Pruner uses the same principle as the Spear & Jackson Telescopic Pruner model. Comes with a bypass pruner controlled by a nylon string for smaller branches and a detachable saw for thicker branches. Ideal for roses, fruit trees and all those situations when getting the ladder out seems a bore. What I really love about these long reach loppers is the telescopic mechanism. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Netta 550w Electric Long Reach Telesco… It offers a maximum handle height of 2.34m and comes with a 10 year warranty. Pruning of fruit trees to promote better fruit. This is combined with a soft grip PVC handle. Very light weight with a maximum reach of approximately 6.5 meters including the users height. When fully extended, you should still be able to keep a firm grip and full stability. Its worth that on it has over 220 reviews which are well worth reading and only confirm our own finding. Don’t be in a hurry and miss an important detail. It has a height adjustable aluminium handle (2-4m) to cater to different cutting heights with a maximum reach of 6 meters when fully extended. Lightweight aluminium arm easily adjusts from 6' - 10' in three stops. Weighing under 1.7kg and made from durable materials, the telescopic long reach pruner extends up to 2.5m in length, which when combined with your own height provides a lot of length for those hard to reach branches on trees and bushes around the garden. Then think of how much height you need to accomplish the job. Despite all the positive points there are a few negative points to consider. You can choose to have a battery-operated model or a corded model. Proving that its quality is incomparable, the Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree Pruner has got to be one of the best long reach hedge trimmer. Hooks are designed to help you pull the cut wood off the tree. Choose models that offer adequate weight balance between the size of the head and the length of the handle. Promotes a chance of new growth to take place without obstruction. Weighing a mere 1.9kg, this model is lightweight and easily manoeuvrable. Look for a quality non-stick blade to ensure your pruner lasts a long time, and don’t attempt to cut branches wider than what the blade is designed for. Look for non slip handles that ensure you can keep hold of the pruner even when your palms are hot and sweaty. Telescopic Tree Pruner (2096F) has proved excellent in use, but owing to heavy use the pull cord has suffered substantial fraying during the guarantee period. Because the string is on the outside of the tool and not built inside like the more expensive models, it can get caught in branches when using it making it a little more awkward to use, it also lacks a rotating head which makes it a little more difficult to use in some situations where the more expensive models would excel as they are just more durable. What is the SCREWFIX recommended optimum diameter for a suitable replacement cord please? You will just be frustrating yourself. Depending on the size and sharpness they may be able to handle branches up to around 300mm. If you don’t want to spend too much but you still need reliable quality, this is the one. Hold a motorised tool with both your hands. Select the best telescopic tree pruner and enjoy tweaking your garden to perfection. Something we do like that may prove worth well while for some people depending on what you need to use it for is additionally, the handle is compatible with other Fiskars products like the multi-function cutting saw, perfect for those thicker branches the loppers cannot cut and the multi-function fruit picker, perfect for picking fruit from the canopy of larger fruit trees. This Fiskars PowerGear X Pruner has quickly become a very popular model despite being a little on the pricey side but we have to agree that the quality is irreplaceable. C $49.79 shipping. Mostly use your common sense and work safe. Mesoga 5.6-13 Foot Extendable Tree Pruner, Cut and Hold Pruning Trimmer, Long Reach Pole Saw, Telescoping Fruit Picker, Branches Bypass Lopper 3.9 out of 5 stars 162 $86.99 $ 86 . The handle can be extended to reach a maximum height of 2.7m with ease. 3.9 Ft Long Reach Pruner Cut and Hold Bypass Hand Lopper Garden Fruit Picker US. Remember to hold your pruner with 2 hands for added stability. 1,242 telescopic tree pruner products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which pruners accounts for 28%, scissors accounts for 1%, and saw accounts for 1%. Lopper for cutting up to 30mm and saw for larger branches. Comes with an in-built hook to pull the cut branches down. Offers a maximum cutting diameter of 3.2cm. Heavy-duty and lightweight telescopic tree pruner with a 2.5m reach with spring-loaded cutter and curved pruning blade. Regardless of the weight of your pruner, the handle should be comfortable so you can work safely. It features a razor sharp 3 way tooth, steel blade to efficiently cut down larger tree branches. Carbon steel blade . Durable high-carbon steel blade with PTFE nonstick coating cuts diameters up to 1/2" thick with effortless precision. The blades are made from high carbon steel and have a hard chrome plated finish. US$ 53,00 / Peça . The blade is rust and corrosion resistant, and the pruner itself is well designed. Telescopic tree pruners make neatening up your garden easy. This tool also comes with a standard 3-year RYOBI warranty when you register online. The steel blades used are very sharp and made of good quality materials ensuring that the branches are cut off neatly. Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree Pruner, The Best heater for a conservatory and Top 5 Models Reviewed, Top 5 Best Greenhouse Heaters – We compare electric, gas and paraffin models, What makes the best log store and 6 top picks, Best Cordless Lawn mower – Top 5 Models Compared & Reviews, Top 5 Best Garage and Shed Heaters | Reviews & Buyers Guide, Best Ash Vacuum Reviews and Top 5 Recommended Models. Features strong sharp blades that have been given a non-stick coating to help in maintaining the blades and preventing jamming. This 2.15kg model is a bit heavier compared to the others but it is appropriate for dealing with thicker branches branches. The length is extendable from 1300mm-2000mm making it easy to prune taller trees and branches. The telescopic handle is made from a lightweight yet durable powder coated steel. Free shipping. We never sell your information. The Spear & Jackson Telescopic Tree Pruner is perfect for those who need a tool that can perform both sawing and cutting. A good example would be our best pick the Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree Pruner. Despite the smaller chainsaw blade length, you will find it more than capable when it comes to tackling those thicker and hard-to-reach branches and being mains powered its super easy to use and very low maintenance, no heavy engines to maintain. The size of the saw will vary from one model to another. C $39.26 shipping. Easy to use and excellent for reaching high up to a maximum of 6 meters for regularly pruning of trees. Ended: 14 Oct, 2020 14:52:52 BST. This pruner is easy to use and lightweight, weighing just over 1kg. There isn’t a barrage of information to digest as there fairly simple although the more modern models have really improved the latest telescopic pruners and made them much easier with much longer reach but this comes at a price, however we think its a price worth paying. Perfect for reaching high up into the canopy of trees or hedges. Non-stick blade surfaces keep sap and other forms of dirt from coating the blades. The quality of the materials used will determine how long the tool can serve optimally. The 3.5 kg pole pruner is perfect for light to medium tasks and is well worth considering for someone looking for an electric alternative for thicker branches. Stability is important when trying to cut branches off a tree. If you have lots of taller trees and branches that need pruning, you’ll need more reach. We’ve compared maximum length, blade strength, cutting width and cost If you need larger branches to be cut, look for a pruner with a wider cutting width. Easy cutting in all directions. The blades run against each other to deliver sharp cuts to softwood or fresh branches. It has a 20cm blade that is sharp for clean cuts. It comes with an extension pole so there’s no need for potentially dangerous ladders, and fully assembled it reaches over 2.5m in length. In this guide we’ll take a look at the best telescopic tree pruners. They are versatile, need little maintenance and they are durable. Provides a height-adjustable t-handle for different cutting heights. The non-stick coating prevents sap from sticking to the blades and causing blunt cuts or sticking of the blades, a common problem with many pruners. Its also worth mentioning that you can quickly replace the rope inside the pruner which is usually the first part to fail on most long reach pruners and cannot be fixed. Instead of relying on a ladder to get to those high up branches which can be a little dangerous, a telescopic tree pruner is an excellent way to safety prune branches you otherwise cannot reach from ground level. It has an aluminum inner pole and a fiberglass outer sleeve for rigidity and lightness. Once you find the model that fits the diameter of branches to be cut, your work is done. Comes with a height-adjustable handle offering a maximum height of 2.34m. For the durable 20cm blade, low noise level and range of safety features, the Ryobi Pole Pruner is our top recommendation. Nobi Telescopic Long Reach Pruner With Pruning Saw Ext 50" to 79" Made In Japan. The telescopic pole gives you a reach of about 16 feet when fully extended. Supplied with a 355mm long curved pruning blade; Customers' gallery. If we has to recommend just one model, this would have to be it. The handle has a non-slip coating to provide a firm grip. If the tool is heavy then look for features such as double handles or a harness. The Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree Pruner has go to be one of the most flexible long reach pruners for reaching those branches that are usually out of reach from ground level. Remember that overall reach is affected by the user’s height, so factor this in before making a purchase. For some, the garage is their[...], Trying to clean ash with a dustpan and brush is not only messy but it goes everywhere no matter how[...]. Fiskars SmartFit L86 Telescopic Long Reach Pruner. The long reach tree pruner is designed to handle young shoots, twigs and branches with a diameter up to 3.2cm so it does have its limitations, however for basic pruning of most branches it's more than enough. Offers a maximum cutting diameter of 3cm using the bypass pruner and larger branches using the pruning saw. The blades are made from high carbon steel and have a hard chrome plated finish. Offering an overall reach of 6 meters, this non-slip handle pruner comes with a rotating head which makes it extra flexible. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Dirt build-up may contribute to blades being blunt or jamming. It is a both a durable and high quality product. The handle extends from 230-410cm. Always analyse the area that needs cutting to come up with the best cutting angle. Showing 18 products Sort by Most relevant Price (Low to high) Price (High to low) Product Name (A - Z) Product Name (Z - A) It comes with a 25 year warranty for peace of mind. Using telescopic tree pruners with firm grip handles will enable you to work with sweaty palms. When the seasons change and the[...], Owning a wood stove or a fireplace is a pleasure many have grown to love. You’ll be able to work for a longer period of time if your pruner is light enough. ​Fiskars PowerGear X Te​​lescopic Tree Pruner. How much reach do you need? Additionally, it comes with its automatic oil bar to make sure the blade runs on optimal condition which from experience is much better than having to manually oil the chain. Offers a maximum capacity of 3.2cm using the lopper, which caters to a wide range of branch sizes. Whether you are dealing with dead branches or young branches, this telescopic pruner will deliver neat and clear cuts. These cookies do not store any personal information. 10 Peças (Pedido mín.) Saves you the money that you could pay for professional services. Now it does have its limitations in terms of cutting diameter but for regular pruning it will make life much easier plus you do have the option to buy the pruner saw attachment separately. There are various kinds of pruners that you can get in the market and all of them are suited for different purposes.

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