Reindeer can run very fast for a reason--they have quite a few predators. [2] The Inuit would catch wild reindeer by covering the top of a pit with thin slabs of ice. A: Layne Adams. 14. Seven Surprising Reindeer Facts. 1,028 Views. Reindeer are mammals. The reindeer is a species of deer native to Arctic areas of Scandinavia, Greenland, Canada and Russia. The moose is the largest type of deer. Coyotes and wolverines are natural enemies, as are brown bears and polar bears. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! The reindeer, also known as caribou in North America, is a species of deer of the tundra and subarctic regions of Eurasia and North America. Female reindeer, however, enter winter carrying about 50 percent body fat. When snow begins to fall, caribou move south and travel to more sheltered climes where they can feed on moss or lichens. 03:46 3 Amazing Facts About Dogs! 03:29 5 Gross Facts About Koalas. As expected, reindeer have antlers. Female reindeer are the only females of the deer family to grow antlers. Reindeer and caribou are the same thing A few populations of North American reindeer travel up to 3100 miles per … They are also called caribou. We hope these Christmas facts made you remember why Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Featured. Reindeer, also known as caribou, are a large type of deer. 02:02 The Global Warming Facts … Then they would urinate in a line leading up to the trap. Reindeer eat sub-arctic lichens that help in keeping their blood warm and energy-packed. 45. Reindeer Facts. Welcome to another episode of Natural World Facts! The baby reindeer quickly learn to walk fast and that too in only 90 minutes of being born. Here are some facts about reindeer. Red-nosed reindeer. reindeer / caribou facts Basics. Average Weight: 60 to 300kg (132 - 660 lbs) Average Length: 160 to 200 cm long (5.3 - 6.6 feet) plus a short tail of 14 - 20 cm (6 - 8 inches), 80 to 150cm (2.6 - 4.9 feet) tall at the shoulder. I hope its population does well in the future. Q: Are reindeer friendly animals…with each other? 44. They think they’re fictional, like unicorns,” says Tracy Snowman of Snowman's Reindeer Farm in Canton. The number of wild reindeer in winter totals around 25,000 animals, of which up to 7,000 are found on Hardangervidda. Caribou is a French word, meaning “snow shoveller”. Given that reindeer can approach 80 kilometers (50 mi) per hour at full run, it’s probably not surprising that people have taken to racing them. 9. some reindeer migrate longer distances than any other land mammal. 99 facts about Christmas. 733 Views. They instead slip on a pair of skis, don a Lycra suit, and cling on to a rope behind the deer. This also makes them perfect candidates to help one of the most popular people ever to exist. Reindeer are herbivores. The image of Santa Claus flying his sleigh began in 1819 and was created by Washington Irving, the same author who dreamt up the Headless Horseman. So it could be that Santa’s reindeer is female! More Great Lists. Dec 16, 2013 - Here are some surprising facts about reindeer from how they survive the cold to which sex make up Santa's sleigh riders. Norway has a volcano! Rudolph, the star of the reindeer, first made an appearance in 1939 in a book written by Robert L May. 86% of people asked said spending time with … (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) 1. ... 10 Surprising Facts About Cyber Monday. See more ideas about reindeer facts, reindeer, christmas classroom. No is the answer, here we’re going to look at 10 glowing facts about Rudolph the red nosed reindeer from cameos to scientific reasoning behind his mythical-features. Unlike horses and camels, though, the human competitors don’t sit atop their animal companions. In North America, it is known as the caribou. In North America, reindeer are commonly known as caribou. Although Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer may be depicted and thought of as male, it may not be so. Featured. Singing holiday songs goes hand in hand with baking Christmas treats and learning the story of Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Compiled by Joy Neighbors Pictured above: sharing a cracker at Hardy's Reindeer Ranch “A lot of people don’t know that reindeer are real. By Michelle Morris, Museum Enabler You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen; Comet, and Cupid, and Donner and Blitzen, and you certainly know Rudolph as well – but do you know that these most famous reindeer might actually be females? A male deer can measure up to 215 cm in length and weigh up to 310 kg. Other children around the world leave hay, carrots, and water for Santa’s reindeer. Thanks for educating us about Svalbard reindeer facts and the conditions that may affect their longevity. When reindeer run and swim at their top speeds, they cover 50 miles per hour and 6.2 miles per hour respectively. Here are ten fun facts about Santa’s fast and furry companions. From the meaning of mistletoe to the original date and St. Nick's backstory, these surprising Christmas facts will help you strike up holiday conversation. The secret to Rudolph's rosy schnozzle is a dense network of blood vessels in his nose, scientists explained in a 2012 Live Science article. 8. Caribou are mammals that live in the northern regions of Europe, North America, Asia, and Greenland. Although reindeer are one of the largest types of deer, they are not the largest. A: Layne Adams Reindeer live up … Seven Surprising Reindeer Facts. Resize; Like. There's so much more to 'em than the whole Santa connection. Reindeer and caribou are one and the same (though reindeer don’t have their own coffee company). The Most Surprising Facts About Hummingbirds! 2. If you’d like to know more about reindeer, check out these 20 interesting facts! Male reindeer shed their antlers during Christmas time. Also known as Caribou, Reindeer are probably most famous for the role in pulling Santa’s sleigh at Christmas. All reindeer grow pairs of antlers, which are large bony growths on the head. Amazing Facts About the Reindeer. Jan 16, 2015 - Explore Missy Boyd Freidline's board "Reindeer facts", followed by 108 people on Pinterest. In fact, when Siberian sled masters want to gather their reindeer to hook up to the sled, they urinate to attract the reindeer. However, there are quite some weird and little known facts about Santa that we are going to put together in this new article. Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on January 22, 2017: Thank you! [2] The Latin name for reindeer is rangifer tarandus. Your article offers much to consider. I think the reindeer is both beautiful and interesting. But there’s so much more to reindeer than the red-nosed one! They think they’re fictional, like unicorns,” says Tracy Snowman of Snowman's Reindeer Farm in Canton. In our last article on Santa Claus facts we learned how Santa and his red-nosed reindeer – Rudolph came to existence. 4 Facts to Know About Reindeer. You can find reindeer (or caribou) to the north in the arctic and subarctic regions of the planet. 11 surprising facts about reindeer. Reindeer Facts For Kids Interesting Facts About Reindeer For Kids. The Montgomery Ward department store created Rudolph the Reindeer as a marketing gimmick to encourage children to buy their Christmas coloring books. 1. The coolest thing about caribou to me is that they can make a living in a very severe environment — they make it through winters with temperatures down to 70 degrees F below zero! Over time, Sinterklaas’s image was transmuted into Santa’s, and Amerigo became a sled with flying reindeer. Top 10 Surprising Facts About Working At Google – 2020 November 27, 2020 The Arts Top 10 Amazing Ancient Art Styles – 2020 ... Read more fascinating facts about reindeer and other species of deer on 10 Wild Facts About Reindeer and 10 Surprisingly Dangerous Animals. We need to agree that the making of Santa and Rudolph was indeed pretty interesting. Still, it would be better if we have such aura and attitude throughout the year. Reindeer… They like to move around a lot and rarely stay in one place for very long. In fact, both male and female reindeer have antlers. And this might be why Santa chose an all-female crew: Male reindeer carry as little as 5 percent body fat when Christmas rolls around, having lost much of their fatty stores during the mating season. Featured. Like all deer species, Reindeer have impressive antlers, but they are actually the only deer species in which both males and females have them. For centuries, wild reindeer used to roam freely across Norway but as a result of extensive hunting, they were driven into the mountainous areas of south-central Norway in the late nineteenth century. A reindeer is a reindeer everywhere in the world apart from North America where it’s known as a Caribou. These members of the deer family dig for food using their large hooves. What was the most surprising reindeer fact you learned from your research? December 24, 2013. From tales of glowing red noses to debates about the physics behind their annual circumnavigation around the world, talk of reindeer is at an all-time-high this time of year. Reindeer drink urine because salt is rare in their harsh climate. They are a very special animal, they are fast and made to withstand the cold. The festivities (and Christmas facts!) (Santa gets all the milk and cookies.) are just a bonus for the extra ounce of kindness that people are more willing to give on the holidays. This fact file is all about Reindeer in the series Mammals. 386 Views. They generally munch lichen, grass, and plants. Surprising Reindeer Facts! Their antlers can grow as long as 135 cm. Reindeer are mammals of the deer family along with moose and elk. ... LiveScience: “Pagan Roots? Compiled by Joy Neighbors Pictured above: sharing a cracker at Hardy's Reindeer Ranch “A lot of people don’t know that reindeer are real. The history of Christmas carols.

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