Ice melting from land into the ocean, thermal expansion, a slowing Gulf Stream, and sinking land all contribute to sea level rise. So, to know how much sea level is rising all over planet, you'd have to have millions of rulers in millions of different places. Students make a simple model of the hydrospheric system’s ocean basin and observe how a warming atmospheric system is affecting the ocean’s water level. So as the ocean warms from climate change, seawater expands to fill a greater volume and takes up more space. Sign Up Free. It does provide formative assessment of students' knowledge and opinions about sea-level change, and particularly on how sea-level rise will affect society. Climate data resources. Deep-sea currents, known as the global conveyor belt, carry cold water from near the poles to every ocean. Learn more. Sign Up Free. In 2017, researchers led by the University of Melbourne, Australia predicted sea levels could rise as much as six feet by 2100. Discuss ways communities can mitigate/adapt to sea level rise. . All Pre-K Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Other Inspire your students to do their best. Classroom activities from VTOP CD - Standards-based activities in Oceans, Climate, and Life from the highly-acclaimed Visit to an Ocean Planet educational CD. The first graph tracks the change in sea level since 1993 as observed by satellites. have already been undertaken and further work within individual communities is under way to develop a program on adapting to sea level rise and other coastline stresses related to climate change. Sea Surface Height Anomaly: SARAL and Jason-3 Measurements from 22-Nov-2020 to 02-Dec-2020 . Sea level rise: main consequences. Deux importantes études sur les [...] répercussions de la hausse du niveau de New research reaffirms that modern sea-level rise is linked to human activities and not to changes in Earth's orbit. Global warming associated with human activities causes sea level to rise in several ways. Teacher Background Information Data in the Classroom Calculating Your Carbon Footprint. TOPEX/Poseidon Project Office, JPL: T. Making 3-D models of TOPEX/Poseidon Sea Surface Topography Images Investigating Sea Level Scientists know that sea level is rising, and that we experience some of these impacts as more frequent and intense storm surge and coastal flooding events. Show that communities in Florida will be affected by sea level rise. Explore thousands of teacher-tested classroom activities to engage your students and save you time. Display potential future sea levels and view sea level rise simulations of up to 6 feet at a local landmarks on this interactive map. Overlay social and economic data to see the potential impact that sea level rise may have on vulnerable people and businesses. Long-Term Sea Level Change (100s of 1000s of years to millions of years) is influenced by factors that modify the size and shape of ocean basins. There are additional contributions to sea level rise from other human activities such as wetland loss, deforestation, and the extraction of groundwater for irrigation and industrial use. OST Science Team. The Educating Coastal Communities About Sea-level Rise project team wishes to acknowledge the traditional and ancestral territories of the more than 630 Indigenous communities, representing more than 50 nations, that have long cared for these lands we call Canada. Oceans cover about 70 percent of the world. Tides, the generally twice-daily rise and fall of sea levels, are caused by Earth's rotation and the gravitational effects of the orbiting Moon and, to a lesser extent, of the Sun. Interactive map • Modeled/predicted Sea level rise is caused primarily by two factors related to global warming: the added water from melting ice sheets and glaciers and the expansion of seawater as it warms. Sea-level rise was then at a standstill until around 1900, when rates began rising as human activities began influencing the climate. Nov 2, 2013 - Which type of ice causes a rise in sea level when it melts: glaciers, icebergs, or both? This reviewed collection of NASA Earth and space science resources is for educators of all levels: K-12, higher education and informal science education. Browse By Grade Level. This lesson features an integrated educational package of grade-appropriate instruction and activities centered around a 45 to 60 minute videoconference. NGSS Crosscutting Concepts: System and System Models. A … Grades 6-8. (-) Remove Sea Level Rise filter Sea Level Rise (-) Remove Learning Activities filter Learning Activities (-) Remove Climate change has consequences filter Climate change has consequences (-) Remove Our understanding of climate filter Our understanding of climate Two significant reports on the impacts of sea level rise in New Brunswick and P.E.I. 6. Along-Track Near Real-Time Data. The largest sea-level decline took place during the last glacial period about 20,000 years ago, when the water level dropped by about 400 feet. Background. Browse By Grade Level. Find climate resources in the collection at the following link, which can be filtered by audience, topic, instructional strategy and more.

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