Otherwise, try re-installing the driver. Next, enter the following command: Where YOUROLDLIST represents the comma separated list of Quick Setting tiles that you saved just before and MobileData is the name of the Mobile Data Toggle, appended to the end of the original tiles list. 1 was called quick panel restore the other was called fix-toggles.zip both fixes were put out by samsung. Step 3: Restoring a Backup File from Samsung Account to an Android Samsung Phone With Samsung Cloud, you can easily restore any backups made and uploaded to Samsung Cloud by simply going to the device settings, selecting Samsung Cloud or Backup Data or Accounts and them selecting restore. 2 Insert or connect the external storage device to your new device. I have searched through the phone, factory reset, and turned off/restart phone. In fact, I was able to use a similar app to restore the mobile data toggle on my S5. Search for More Device Topics Search. This modification works without modifying any other system file, meaning this quick setting tile is present on the stock software without needing to touch anything else. Learn how to back up and restore apps, contacts, photos, and data on the Samsung Galaxy S8. First, download the ADB binary straight from Google for your particular OS and extract it to a separate directory on your computer. ADB chokes on the truncated string and there's no change.I like this phone, but it's the last fricking samsung device I'll ever buy. customize the size of the quick settings tile layout without needing root access, download the ADB binary straight from Google. With Samsung / Google Account, Samsung Cloud and Smart Switch, you can easily back up and restore your data in the same device. You’ll get a notification, asking if you wan to allow developer access to your device, enable it. Hotspot is the name of the Mobile Hotspot tile. Samsung is able to quickly customize the software experience of their devices in different regions by modifying what features are enabled in Samsung's Consumer Software Customization file (CSC), which can be found in /system/csc. Even if you and your friend are running the same version of Android and the same version of the Samsung Experience software (formerly known as TouchWiz), it's possible that you one of you won't have access to the same features as the other if you both own different carrier variants of the same phone. I read in the comments section also that you should paste the data outputted from the GET command into notepad, and make sure it is 1 line (delete all line breaks), before you attempt to paste it into the PUT command. Once the app has been installed, open it. If you would like to restore network configuration , stay with us, and learn how to get access to the network settings to reset Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and also mobile data. :-\ To perform a factory reset, restoring the device back to its out-of-box state, use the following syncML. Basically, all we're doing is appending the name of the Mobile Data toggle to the end of our original tile list. ; Tap the Automatic restore on to restore backed up settings and data when re-installing applications. They later released the Quick Panel Restore app to return the toggle for the rest of their devices. First, it appears that this CSC modification simply tells the system to show this quick setting tile to be displayed after booting up, but it does not actually seem to add the feature. Go to “Apps” then “Settings” then “Cloud” and then tap on “Restore” After doing this, your Samsung Galaxy device will begin to restore. 4 Follow the on-screen instructions to transfer data from external storage. Kinda dumb design choice I know, but for what it's worth the carrier isn't to blame. Although this method requires root access (which puts it out of the reach of the vast majority of users), it did provide some insight on how to tackle this problem.

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