If you put your exhaust fan too close to the inlet grill, there will be localised circulation of warm air being sucked back into the machine. Those wanting the fastest rendering times, or working with complex scenes, will appreciate the GeForce RTX 3090's top performance, its massive 24GB of memory, and better support for multi-GPU configurations (via NVLink and variants with rear-exhaust coolers). Fans on the rear and of the case are usually exhaust fans, expelling the hot air warmed up by the components back into the room. Ill be using a bitfenix prodigy with either a internal or rear exhaust cooler gpu (gtx 1070) with some fans. i swapped cases, more or less just to go thru all setups possible (fan/rad position/airflow, air vs wc gpu). i would try running your fronts, bottoms and sides as inlet. don't the fans push air in to the heat fins? Here’s what that looks like: A typical blower-style GPU, expelling hot air completely out of the case. Configuration / Top Mesh Panel Installed - Aida64 CPU Temp, C o GPU Temp, C o; Front: 1x140mm ML140, Rear (Exhaust): 1x120mm ML120: 90: 66: Front (Front Panel Removed): 1x140mm ML140, Rear (Exhaust): 1x120mm ML120 running top/side/rear as exhaust, front/bottom as intake. GPU TORTURE GPU torture for just the be quiet! (That is, unless you have a great rear exhaust setup, but then you'd certainly have a spot for the rear mount, wouldn't you?) mways96 JavaScript is disabled. That depends on your setup. ImmaRageQuitFromLife The rear CPU exhaust is the planetary alignment of the Solar System at the time of the Unix epoch. Radiator had to be installed in the front of case, cables on top- no other possible configuration given GPU size and RGB RAM. i would run that cardboard tunnel from the front fan to your 92. id bet that would give a nice drop in temps. I usually use PWM fans for everything, then use PWM 'Y' splitter or hub controlled by CPU fan header for intakes & exhuasts supplying CPU airflow on CPU curve and intake & exhaust fans for GPU airflow controlled by GPU fan header. The CPU temperatures were a little higher when the radiator was mounted at the top during gaming and was around seven degrees higher under Boinc, but were still well within safe limits and the fans did not have to speed up to compensate. Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. File edges after cutting M1 case horizontal exhaust grill pieces. By ok nice I see, yeah I would say that doesn't seem to exhaust well enough, your fan looks highly restricted, keep in mind I knew I could throttle my PSU to help exhaust air. currently i got my rear exhaust fan set to pwm: 20% @ 10c 20% @ 45c (flat so it has constant noise while idle) 40% @ 70c 100% @ 85c fan is a noctua nf a14 industrialPPC-3000 pwm, cause bigger numbers are better right? The fan on top is exhaust to pull out any extra heat from the cpu and also the memory and general case (includes hdd). Aug 23, 2017 @ 8:12am Your rear case fan should be exhausting air out of the tower and your hsf fan should be pushing air to the rear of the case. No, the fans on the GPU blow the hot air down, away from the fins/chip. There's a fan fitted sideways on the big cpu heatsink which blows towards the rear exhaust fan. Posted in CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory, By Often, quad GPU systems are terribly loud, unpleasant to work on, and throttle when under heavy GPU workloads. Left Side Back . i swapped cases, more or less just to go thru all setups possible (fan/rad position/airflow, air vs wc gpu). ), 2 PCI-E 3.0 x8 (1 in x16), and 1 PCI-E 2.0 x4 (in x8) slot • I/O ports: 2 GbE, 1 Video, 2 COM/Serial, 5 USB 3.0, 4 USB 2.0 • System management: Built-in Server management tool (IPMI 2.0, KVM/media over LAN) with dedicated LAN port • 4 PWM Middle cooling fans and 2 PWM rear exhaust … PNY GTX1060 6GB - HDMI port burned or bad chip? If third-party card manufacturers are able to produce RTX 3080 and 3090 cards with rear-exhaust coolers then things will still be okay, but if not then per-system performance in GPU rendering will be much lower despite the speed of a single card being higher. It pulls air past the GPU and exhausts it out the back, very similar to what you are doing. The way mine is set up is front = intake, side = intake, top = exhaust, rear = exhaust. CPU Cooler. Finally removing the heatsink shroud and fans dropped the temps more and almost halved the "dB" reading. And finally I rotated the top fans as exhaust and weirdly the CPU temperature did go back to 78°C, while giving us a nice cool GPU at 73°C. Sieur How'd you secure the fan to that portion of the chassis? i think it could work. Often, quad GPU systems are terribly loud, unpleasant to work on, and throttle when under heavy GPU workloads. I agree, that front is about as good as it gets with a grill. Interested in this since I have spare fans lying around. Both the CPU and GPU temperatures reached a 74°C equilibrium, giving us the coolest CPU temperature of 74°C, but still not too far off from the 78°C control point. Well, reference cards by those brands aren't a lot different than by Nvidia, they just change the branding, I'd go with a reference cooler for that case unless you have really high airflow static fans in it, like as many as it would take. Or make sure you're using High Static Pressure fans up there to adjust for the right angle intake path. Main RIg Corsair Air 540, I7 8700k, ASUS ROG Strix Z370-H, G.Skill TridentZ 16GB, EVGA 1080TI SC Black, EVGA 850 GQ, Acer xG270HU 2560x1440@144hz, Spare RIg Corsair Air 540, I7 4770K, Asus Maximus VI Extreme, G.Skill Ares 32Gb, EVGA 1080sc & 1060 SSC, Corsair CX850M, Acer KG251Q 1920x1080@240hz. 60mm x 2 2. They were too long to go in the front position. There are two exhaust fans dedicated to CPU cooling, so the relatively neglected GPU will be the tougher test. Started 9 minutes ago GPU fan speed: load 50% idle 0% Next was The Bottom and side intake with top exhaust.

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