The new Morpheus 8057 packs a huge 12 heat pipes, 129 fins, a mirror copper base, and the option to install 2 large 120mm fans. In the end the process to … gpu; oc; overclocking; Share Followers 1. Pure Base 500DX I would put a LIAN LI LANCOOL II MESH. Jump to Latest Follow The Morpheus 8057 is compatible with AMD Radeon RX 5700 (XT), Radeon 5600 (XT), and Nvidia RTX 2060 (Super), RTX 2070 (Super), RTX 2080 (Ti/Super). Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. User friendly: Morpheus > Accelero. In the end I chose the Raijintek Morpheus II aftermarket GPU cooler for its aesthetics, simple because I personally don't really like the Arctic Cooling designs. Posted by. The cooler weighs 515g … Archived. 1 year ago. Performance is outstanding - 52 ° C on full load and 700rpm. The Raijintek Morpheus II Core Edition holds its promise: It is a very good cooler that can make a huge difference in terms of temperature and noise. Miałeś kiedyś problem z wysokimi temperaturami karty graficznej lub wysokim poziomem głośności? Here it costed the same price as the reference card and at least $50 cheaper than the other aib cards available here (the thicc II … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for RAIJINTEK Morpheus II Superior High-end VGA Cooler at To summarize as best as I can, Im from Brazil and I have a rx 5700 XT challenger (from asrock). The heatsink surface size, the number of pipes, the number of fins! Today we are looking at the Rajintek Morpheus II GPU cooler. Raijintek provides the products - high compatibility, extreme engineering, remarkable performance, amazing design, necessity of demand and multifunctional usage – for high recommendation … The cooler consists of a gargantuan aluminium fin-stack heatsink that's ventilated by a pair of 120 mm fans (not included). AMD Curacao holes don't fit either. Raijintek introduces the Morpheus 8057 GPU cooler designed to support high-end NVIDIA and AMD Radeon graphics cards. 174. ... GTX 1080ti FE with Raijintek Morpheus II … i7-4790K @ 4.7ghz, EVGA RTX 2080Ti XC. By LeviBW August 9, 2017 in Graphics Cards. Close. Raijintek. 360W cooling for a 320 TDP card definitely 2000 series more pics here The MORPHEUS 8057 features six heat pipes, although it is stated on Raijintek's website that this cooler features a … The key features of the Raijintek Morpheus 8057 are as follows: Design has 12x 6mm copper heat pipes and 129 fins (all black) with mirror copper 40x38mm base Option to mount 2x … Raijintek Morpheus II fits on RTX 2080 ti. Hello, whats up? With its enormous size and the possibility of mounting two large fans , it offers the Morpheus 8057 a huge cooling potential. The … The base is made of copper and has φ6mm x 12 heat pipes … One very interesting thing you did brought up is the Raijintek Morpheus II Core, this could be a game changer for me, as i said before the CPU is not a big deal, i can sustain prime95 @4.7 below 80C, and i … Get the best card you can afford. RAIJINTEK releases its MORPHEUS 8057 360W VGA cooler, the cooler would be compatible with some NVIDIA RTX/AMD Radeon RX series. Raijintek was established in 2013 but has already accumulated a vast knowledge base and product range which encompasses a wide selection of PC cases and cooling solutions. RTX 2060 / RTX 2060 Super RTX 2070 / RTX 2070 Super RTX 2080 / RTX 2080 Super / RTX 2080 Ti; Scope of delivery: 1x Raijintek Morpheus 8057 GPU cooler 2x RAM heatsink type A (copper) 1x RAM … Raijintek Morpheus II … Nice. Accomplishing this in such a short amount of time has proven Raijintek… The features of the Raijintek Morpheus 8057 heatpipe VGA cooler at a glance: - High-performance VGA cooler with copper heat pipes - For NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 … Instead of be quiet! End of the line in the Ncase M1, performance: Accelero > Morpheus. 2060 would be a ~50% improvement, 2070 would be about a ~65% improvement, 2080 would be about a ~100% improvement (twice as fast) 2080ti would be ~150% improvement although 2080ti may be overkill. The Raijintek Morpheus 8057 has a cooling capacity of up to 360 watts of … This is the ultimate aftermarket RX Vega - the Raijintek Morpheus II cooler swap. I'd rather not buy a … Hi, I installed on my 980 Ti SC+, Raijintek Morpheus and 2x Noctua NF-F12 fans (4pin PWM). Unfortunately, there is a problem … I can imagine thus a diferent rig. … My idea was to make a black full cover heatsink to cool VRMs and memory on the 5700 XT and for the core I was gonna use Morpheus. This will be a later on thing, as I'll have the 1660 way more currently than my plan with the Morpheus… Ten film może być dla Ciebie! Use AMD Curacao holes for screw standoffs. RAIJINTEK MORPHEUS II GPU Compatibility RAIJINTEK MORPHEUS II GPU Compatibility. Maybe this is the wrong thread for this but, anyone got it to fit this card? RAIJINTEK MORPHEUS … So could I conclude that RAIJINTEK MORPHEUS 8057 for a good custom GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is totally useless? Will this Card work Ok with MicroATX ASRock B450M Steel Legend mb. But the fact that we must use slim fans in the Ncase M1 holds the Morpheus ii … 2 years ago. My Morpheus II don't fit on my Gigabyte Windforce 2070 dual fan Rev1. If it wasnt in the Ncase M1, the Morpheus w/ 25mm fans would beat the Accelero no doubt. Raijintek today unveiled the MORPHEUS 8057, a large graphics card air-cooler. MORPHEUS II Universal GPU Air Cooler, a superior high-end VGA cooler, designed to meet cooling capacity up to 360 Watts of TDP. I bought a cheap reference Sapphire 5700 XT, nice black GPU cooler Raijintek Morpheus II Black and two aluminium heatsinks from Aliexpress. Build/Photos. Morpheus comes with 12 copper heat-pipes, 129 fins, copper base, … Raijintek includes 3 copper and 8 aluminum heat sinks for … It is way better than the stock cooler normally used with … AMD Motherboards.

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