Remove the contents out of the mixie and using your hand, make it like a shape of a dough / ball like and store it in a vessel and serve. The brinjal’s peel should become black and the vegetable soft inside. Last week she made this and i stood beside the stove and clicked the pics. It is very nutritious and easy to make. Great job on so many … Add urad dal, asafoetida and red chillies and fry till urad dal turns golden brown. Make rice in cooker allowing 3 or 4 whistles. Do not add tamarind. #gallery-96-4 .gallery-item { } Did you like the recipe? You can leave me an answer, a comment or a suggestion. float: left; Paruppu Thogayal -Tambrahm special. Fry the thakkali(tomato) as whole till it becomes light brown. width: 33%; Remove the mint leaves from the stem, rinse well for 3 to 4 times, till the sand is completely washed out. Keep aside. Fry the thakkali(tomato) as whole till it becomes light brown. After cooling, remove the peel of the brinjal and take the soft vegetable. Do not add tamarind. In the same kadai, fry urad dhal , pepper, chillies and hing till golden brown. Thakkali thogayal. Those who cannot observe a complete fast, the elders and children are permitted to observe this vratham by taking fruits and milk. Fry the peels till they become light brown and soft. Thakkali vengaya thogayal. This Pudina thogayal is easy to make and is flavorful and aromatic that can be eaten both with rice and also as a side dish with idli or dosa. margin-left: 0; Immediately switch off the stove and transfer the contents to a mixie and allow it to cool for few minutes. 2. Pudina, Kothamalli Thokku, or as we also call it ‘Pudina Thogayal’ is a fresh, aromatic and flavoursome chutney, which is a perfect accompaniment to every Indian meal, be it rice, idli, dosa, roti etc. In a small kadai, add 1 tsp oil and roast the orid dal, red chillies till the dal turns light golden colour. ... in, Indian, iyengar, iyer, mint, pudina, rice, south, tamil, thogayal, thogyal, thuvaiyal, thuvayal, Vegan 6 … Kothamalli(Coriander leaves) should not be fried. My mother in law used some pepper too in this while amma used … Preparation. It is a popular combo in southern part of India. margin-top: 10px; Strain the oil and lay them on a plate to cool. It tastes great with rice. text-align: center; Spread hot, steaming rice on a plate, drizzle a tsp of ghee or sesame oil and add 2 tsp of this thogayal and mix well. ( Log Out /  This thogayal is frequently made at home as all of us at home are big time lovers of pudina (mint leaves). Cool down. This thuvayal is easy to make, very healthy and tastes great with rice. Thoroughly wash the rice, moong dhal and thoor dhal; Pressure cook the rice and dhal with above mentioned quantity of water. All thogayal are done in the same manner replacing the pudhina with other leaves and vegetables with slight variations. margin: auto; Fry Thakkali(tomato) as whole till it becomes light brown. There will be small variations though. Paruppu thogayal will feature in most of the tamizh household especially in a tambrham house. Peel the chow chow or bangalore kathrikai. Fry the  chopped vengayam(onion) till they become translucent. Note that the mixer ingredients should be like a thick ball. Heat a kadai with little gingely oil / nalla ennai ( 1 tbsp )and put the thogayal into it. Iyengar Thaligai, Chennai, India. There are a variety of thogayals that are made with various greens, herbs and vegetables. Rest procedure remains the same. Keep this aside out of the kadai. This thogayal is a thickish one, taste great when mixed with hot rice or served with dosa or idli. Take it to the next level to coat your pasta, slather it on your bread to make a sandwich or layer it on your chicken! Homemade Food delivered to over 70 locations in Chennai Now add the roasted dal, red chillies along with salt, asafoedita and tamarind bit and grind again adding water very little by little. 4) In the same kadai with the left over oil  in which the urad dal has been fried, saute the pudina leaves.  The pudina leaves shrink and the colour changes to a dark green. Saute on simmered heat as the leaves may get burnt. 1) Clean the pudina and take each leaf from the stem. These flowers are loaded with magnesium, which improves mood swings and brings down stress levels. Drain the water from the mint leaves, then measure and keep all the ingredients ready. Fry the karuveppilai(curry leaves) till they become crisp. You should grind it like a firm mass by adding water very little by little. ( Log Out /  Pudina thogayal is a tangy and thick chutney made with fresh mint leaves or pudina. Use the stalk for turning the brinjal to distribute heat on all sides. Pudhina thogayal is ready. It can be prepared with coriander leaves or curry leaves or pudina/mint leaves or a mix of all the 3 greens. pudina thogayal iyengar, pudina kothamalli thogayal, pudina thokku in tamil, pudina thogayal with green chilli, pudina chutney recipe in … Create a free website or blog at Then, add the tamarind and grind once. Thaligai is owned, ideated, created and promoted by Nalina Kannan who hails from a traditional Iyengar family from Srivilliputtur. Now grind the mint leaves alone first till it becomes tiny pieces for one or two whips. ( Log Out /  Once the rice sets, take the required quantity of rice in a big mouth bowl. Pudina Thogayal recipe is one of the yummiest thogayal varieties / chutney recipe for rice.

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