La photinia red robin va messa a dimora in un luogo soleggiato oppure a mezzombra; questa specie predilige il clima mite, tuttavia non teme né il freddo né il caldo. Photinia ‘Red Robin’ is a popular garden shrub or small tree with shiny, evergreen leaves. En raison de la couleur de ses feuilles attrayantes, il est approprié de le cultiver en haie ou en solitaire dans le jardin. Photinia × fraseri 'Red Robin' is highly sought after for its striking evergreen foliage. 10. Per questo motivo, e anche perché resiste molto bene all’inquinamento e alle intemperie, viene molto usata come arredo urbano, sia lungo le strade che nei parchi. In het voorjaar loopt de plant met mooi felrood blad uit, dit is meteen zijn sterkste troef. Photinia Fraseri Red Robin Shrub 4-5ft Tall, Pack of 3 Supplied in 3 Litre Pots. Bel: 085 - 40 16 555. Photinia × fraseri `Louise Cuidado de Photinia. Glansmispel op stam (Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin') € 59,99. Le Photinia ‘Red Robin’ n’est pas très compact et bouge avec le vent. Popis: Ak hľadáte pre Vašu záhradu niečo nezvyčajné, moderné a stálozelené, potom je táto photinia práve pre Vás. Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' La Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ ( Fotinia ‘Red Robin’ ) è una pianta da siepe fantastica, che si vede sempre di più nei giardini. Photinia are easy shrubs to care for, especially when well settled in.. Pruning Photinia is recommended twice a year.. Once is after spring blooming and then again after fall growth so that the shrub can be balanced or its size reduced.. Photinia × fraseri 'Red Robin' - probably the most widely planted of all, this cultivar has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit Photinia × fraseri 'Little Red Robin', a plant similar to 'Red Robin', but dwarf in stature with an ultimate height/spread of around 2–3 ft Im Sommer bildet die Glanzmispel Rispen mit kleinen, weißen Blüten. L'été, le Photinia porte de petites fleurs blanches agglomérées qui font parfois place à des fruits rouges. Le photinia est un arbuste d’entretien facile, surtout lorsqu’il est bien installé. Photinia fraseri ´Red Robin´ is een zeer populaire wintergroene struik. Il est recommandé de tailler le photinia au moins 2 fois par an.. On taillera donc après la floraison de printemps et après la pousse d’automne afin d’équilibrer l’arbuste ou réduire sa ramure. Photinia Red Robin hedges are a large, dense evergreen shrub with stunning red leaves in its youth that fade to glossy dark green with white flowers in spring. A Photinia x fraseri ’Red Robin’ vagyis a vörös korallberkenye egy sűrű, felálló ágú, örökzöld hibrid cserje. Le photinia x fraseri Red Robin est un arbuste au port compact érigé, de la famille des Rosacées. Die Glanzmispel wächst nicht sehr kompakt und bewegt sich im Wind. The red tipped photinia disease follows a definite pattern or cycle and it is important to understand this cycle for the treatment of red tip photinia and disease eradication. This gives it such an attractive and unique appearance, one which needs cultivated to make the most of it. The mature foliage of Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' is dark-green with red tinges and creamy white spring flowers, although this species is primarily grown for its younger foliage colour. 11 review(s) meer info in winkelwagen. After the leaves grow and new shoots develop, these older leaves turn green. Die Glanzmispel 'Red Robin' wächst breitbuschig, locker aufrecht auf eine Höhe von ca. Red Robin je kompaktný kultivar so žiarivými červeno-purpurovými mladými listami, ktoré počas miernej zimy vytvára veľmi skoro a takto do zimnej záhrady prináša veľa farby. Photinia Red Robin crece mejor a pleno sol en una posición protegida, aunque tolerará un poco de sombra ligera.Los brotes jóvenes pueden ser dañados por el frío, los vientos secos y las heladas si se plantan en una parte expuesta del jardín. ‘Red Robin’ ist die am häufigsten gepflanzte Sorte, weil ihr Austrieb besonders schön ist. Suitable for all climates but particularly ideal for warmer climates as it will cope with humidity. Thin Red™ Photinia is ideal for those tight narrow spaces where you need to establish some solid shelter without taking too much space from your backyard. Photinia red robin has a reason for pruning which is quite particular. Red Fence™ Photinia x fraseri—grows to 1.5m H x 1m W in as few as 5 years; Thin Red™ Photinia x fraseri—up to 3-4m high x 60cm wide; Photinia Hedge – Thin Red™ by Ozbreed. Les feuilles rouges du Photinia Fraseri Red Robin sont la caractéristique la plus attrayante de cette arbuste. Dat is ook niet zo gek, want de Glansmispel heeft u veel te bieden. Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin' € 9,99. meer info in winkelwagen. Bright red, glossy new foliage makes Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' hedge plants one of our best4hedging top 10 species. Die Glanzmispel 'Red Robin' (auf Lateinisch: Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin') ist eine wunderschöne Heckenpflanze, die im Frühling feuerrote, neue Triebe bekommt, die dann im Laufe der Zeit aber wieder grün werden. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Il mesure 3 à 4 m de haut pour une largeur de 2 à 3 m. Remarque : il s'agit d'un hybride, obtenu avec le photinia glabra, originaire du Japon, et le photinia serrulata, originaire de Chine. Some people dislike the fragrance, which is often compared to hawthorn. Le Photinia Red Robin est décoratif par son beau feuillage rouge et sa floraison printanière.&nbs Prune back quite hard after the foliage has faded to a dull bronze. Le Photinia ‘Red Robin’ doit être taillé deux fois par an pour une haie formelle et moins souvent pour une haie libre. Provided it is not pruned the previous autumn, it will produce masses of flattened heads of small, white flowers from April to June. Photinia Red Robin : La pépinière Leaderplant vous propose d'acheter en ligne des Photinia Red Robin moins chers. In de zomer is het blad donkergroen. Small white flowers in spring. It also has a smaller leaf, which is more suited to formal or semi-formal hedging. Fotinija Red Robin. Uvedena je u Evropu 1980.-te godine. 4.5m. Le Photinia Red Robin est un arbuste incontournable des haies modernes pour les jardins. Il est également possible d’effectuer une taille du photinia red robin à la fin de l’hiver. Common Name: Photinia Red Robin, Christmas berry Botanical Name: Photinia x fraseri Red Robin Plant size: Approx 10 - 15 cm Pot size: 50mm pot. This is sometimes caught by late spring frosts, and some shelter is advisable. They are a part of the rose family (Rosaceae) and related to the apple. 1,5 bis 3 m. Seine Blätter sind 8 bis 12 cm lang, im Austrieb leuchtend rot, färben sich aber später kupfriggrün. La pianta di photinia è un arbusto sempreverde che ha origini asiatiche e appartiene alla famiglia delle Rosaceae: ha fiori bianchi, bacche rosse e foglie rosse e verdi. Growth Rate: Medium; Height after 5 years: 3m; Comment installer une haie de photinia Le photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ prend naturellement un port arrondi et touffu. Evergreen. Tolerant of a wide range of well drained sites. Magassága 2-4 méter, fényes, sötétzöld, bőrszerű levelei fiatalon ragyogó pirosak, és … The fungal spores spend the winter in fallen, infected leaves or in late emerging new growth. Son feuillage persistant et coriace résiste bien à la sécheresse, à la pollution et aux maladies.Ses pousses printanières portent un feuillage rouge vif et des panicules de fleurs blanches, en mai. A deservedly popular shrub for any garden, red robin hedging is a hardy plant that grows in tough conditions. Podar la Photinia … Noch intensiver rot als ‘Red Robin‘ färben sich die Blätter der neuen Sorte ‘Cailvy’. Photinia red robin coltivazione. Photinia “Red Robin” is probably the most popular of the hedge varieties. Photinia Red Robin is one of our most popular hedging plants and makes a great pleached specimen, featuring in our top ten best sellers for many years. Photinia (/ f oʊ ˈ t ɪ n i ə, f ə-/) is a genus of about 40–60 species of small trees and large shrubs, but the taxonomy has recently varied greatly, with the genera Heteromeles, Stranvaesia and Aronia sometimes included in Photinia.. Photinia Red Robin (Photinia x fraser) is a hardy fast growing evergreen shrub with smaller foliage than other Photinia. Photinia houdt van een standplaats in halfschaduw of zon, enigszins beschut tegen gure winden in de winter en liefst geen al té … Pleached Photinia trees from Hopes Grove Nurseries. Caratteristiche della photinia red robin. 3m. Sorteer op. Photinia x fraseri 'RED ROBIN' ... Red Robin je historicky první a dlužno uznat, že stále velmi úspěšná odrůda blýskavky Fraserovy, která po 20 letech od svého uvedení na trh získala ocenění AGM (Award of Garden Merit) od anglické Královské zahradnické společnosti (RHS) za … Quando inizia a germogliare in primavera, le foglie giovani sono di un colore rosso intenso e lucente, quando … Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ is a choice photinia, with eye-catching juvenile growth the colour of sealing wax, similar to a pieris. Max growth: Approx high and 3 - 4m wide. Ovo je hibridna vrsta roda Photinia, koja je nastala ukrštanjem Photinia (Crataeus) glabra i Photinia serrulata sa Novog Zelanda. Maintenance: Pruning throughout the year helps to encourage this spectacular foliage. Photinia fraseri "red robin", in het nederlands ook glansmispel genoemd, is een middelgrote bladhoudende struik met compact opgaande vorm en glanzende elliptische tot omgekeerd eironde bladeren, die eerst rood uitlopen en later donkergroen worden. Hulp nodig? In commercio la si trova in molteplici forme ibride, che sono in grado di resistere a parassiti, diverse malattie e climi differenti. Pruning and caring for Photinia. Hoe meer u de plant snoeit hoe roder van kleur hij wordt, al het jonge schot loopt namelijk felrood uit. In addition, 'Red Robin' produces attractive ivory white flowers in April–May, making it a great tree for year-round interest. Hardy. Background on Photinia red robin. U poslednjih 10-ak godina je ova hibridna vrsta fotinije najviše prodavana vrsta za gajenje na otvorenom. Les tiges rouge vif rendent cette plante très spéciale. Toute terre, même calcaire, lui convient. This is because when new leaves grow they turn to an incredible crimson red color. ‘Little Red Robin’, die Zwerg-Glanzmispel eignet sich besonders für die Kübelpflanzung und ist gut schnittverträglich. The Red Robin cultivar won’t get as tall as it’s more regularly occurring cousin, Photinia x Fraseri, which can grow to a 10m+ tall tree. A spectacular shrub with dark glossy green leaves and brilliant red new growth. An excellent hedging plant. La Photinia Red Robin, por su coloración y sus grandes hojas es muy utilizada en la construcción de jardines, ya que permite emplearla para generar contrastes de color con muchos otros arbustos, iluminar una zona del jardín, separar diferentes zonas, darle formas variadas, etc. Toon: 3 artikel(en) Veilig betalen. Le Photinia Fraseri Red Robin. Photinia 'Red Robin' Photinia . Bright red new spring foliage contrast against the mature leaves that have turned a gorgeous glossy green. Bright-red growth tips on a compact, lush green shrub. New Zealand bred cultivar.

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