3. Pour hot water over 2 teaspoons of dried mullein leaves, as well as 2-3 dried flowers. Success! This herbal plant has been used… Pesticides in Tea: Is Your Favorite Tea Contaminated with Harmful Chemicals? You can drink this tea hot or cold. It even helps to tone the muscles of the bladder, and helps relieve incontinence. It also soothes the inflammation that can cause pain, and can help facilitate healing. Mullein tea can help to naturally improve a wide array of upper respiratory problems, including bronchitis, dry coughs, sore throats, general hoarseness and tonsillitis. The flowers, which are said to have the most medicinal power, are only available on the plant from mid to late summer. Here is a great source for mullein garlic ear oil. Mullein originated in Europe, but became widely naturalized throughout North America. How to Make Essiac Tea: The 4-Ingredient Cancer-Fighting Tea, The Relationship Between Mucus and Inflammation and 5 Steps to Eliminate It, How To Make Your Own Blueberry Infused Lemon Iced Tea, Get Rid of Mucus Congestion and Sinus Problems with this Mucus-Clearing Juice Recipe, Orange Infused Inflammation Extinguisher Smoothie. ", Oh interesting, that is a great tip! Method: 1. A mullein poultice can be put on wounds, burns, bruises, frostbite, cellulitis, skin infections, hemorrhoids, and even staph infections. Ears drops help perfect with ears problems too. They may temporarily relieve symptoms, but they never actually cure the underlying cause. As part of a continuing effort to make individuals aware of the medicinal power of what we refer to as “weeds” (like dandelion for instance), I would like to introduce to you, mullein! They also smoked mullein, calling it “big tobacco”. The roots should be harvested in the fall or early winter. Mullein has so many medicinal qualities and uses, it’s a must-know herb for anyone interested in self reliance. Your email address will not be published. Allow the tea to steep for 8-10 … Bruising the flowers also helps them to release their medicinal properties. Required fields are marked *. Seal tightly, then just leave it on a warm windowsill for 2 weeks. Once it is dry, you can put it in a jar for longer term storage. In some cases, mullein is applied directly to the skin to help treat burns or inflammatory skin conditions. The first year plant forms a rosette that lays close to the ground. I found further helpful instructions on Livestrong.com: 4 Surprising Facts About the Health Benefits of Tea, How to Make the Best Homemade Oven Cleaner, How to Fix Your Squat to Make Life Easier, 15 Health Benefits of Oregano Oil and How to Use It, 10 Uses and Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil. Plus, this herbal tea … As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Typically you want to harvest the leaves before the plant flowers. Your help is so appreciated to us amateur gardeners. It has even shown results in more difficult ailments, like tuberculosis, asthma, whooping cough, and pneumonia. Crushing the leaves creates more surface area to extract the benefits. Just pay attention it’s name Mullein. The Irish grew mullein as a remedy for tuberculosis. In the spring, when the plant is focused on upward growth, most of the plant’s energy and power are in the leaves. In Europe, mullein was traditionally thought to ward off evil spirits. Linden and green tea, a great way to strengthen your lungs. Free Medicine And Food - What You Need To Forage In The Fall. It is quite literally one of the best lung healing herbs out there (and kind of a disgrace to simply regard it as a “weed”). It is thought to have been brought over in the dirt that was used as a stabilizer in the bottom of old ships. Mullein tea is a powerful natural lung medicine. It is an expectorant, meaning it stimulates coughing, which can help dispel mucous from the lungs. The flowers and leaves of the mullein plant contain natural saponins, which make a cough more productive in releasing and expelling phlegm from the walls of the lungs. Most often I find mullein on the roadside, especially where dirt has been brought in to level the road. Use about 2 Tbsp of the herb to 3 cups of water. You can brew the dried leaves into a tea… Tonight is the first night I’ve found you, and I haven’t stopped sharing your awesome, informative articles for about the last hour and a half! 95 ($9.30/Ounce) If you can’t forage for it but still want mullein to make your own medicine, you can find it at Starwest Botanicals.

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