Advantage: Mora General Use. I still use my first Hultafors GK and it's still in very good shape. The Mora Heavy Duty MG Companion knife … We are Krik & stony, just 2 brothers with a hankering for the peace that nature loves to offer. We are not owned by any manufacturer. I was trying to decide between these two knives for a cheapish secondary knife option and have gone with the Hultafors based on your info in this video. We do outdoor gear reviews. Sundays - Tuesdays & sometimes Thursdays. Bushcraft videos is a collection of YouTube bushcraft related video reviews, Learn bushcraft skills from the Masters, watching their videos. With an almost identical build to that of the popular Mora Companion MG Knife, this Heavy Duty model benefits from a considerably thicker blade, measuring 3.2 mm in width. A Foggy Afternoon At Fort Hunter Mansion & Park, Rock Outcrops in the Allegheny National Forest [PA Wilds], Vernal Pool in South Central Pennsylvania, Boker Plus Exskelibur II | EDC Folding Knife | Field Review, How to Take Care of Leather | Obenauf's LP, ThruNite Archer 1C | EDC CR123 Flashlight | Field Review, Sawyer Mini | Survival Water Filter | Field Review, Condor Outdoor Venture • Tactical Backpack • Field Overview, Victorinox Angler | Swiss Army Knife | Field Review, Outdoor Research Multicam Helios Sun Hat | Field Review, SilverFire Scout | Biomass Backpacking Stove | Field Preview, Opinel No. Black Owl Beanies Update | Sold Out?! Sheath type: plastic. Handle: 4.50 in. TrendUp graphic di Beretta MatteoVia Grumello 83 - 24022 - Alzano Lombardo Hultafors is a lesser known but quality brand . Mora Bushcraft Black -, Mora Companion HD - Mora knives come in all different kinds of sizes, but if you want one for general purpose work, you will want a blade between four to six inches. Personal Data collected: Cookie and Usage data. Mora Companion Heavy Duty … | February 2015 Edition, Bic Lighter Exposure Test 5.0 | Five Months, Alps Mountaineering Sleeping Bag Liner | Field Review, DIY Stacked Handle Morakniv Blade Blank | Test #001, Fjallraven Helags 40L • Perfect Bushcraft Backpack | Field Overview, REI Passage • 2 Person - 3 Season Tent • Field Review & Setup, Hazard 4 Second Front | 1 Year of Use | Field Review, How To Tie A Bowline [Knot/Hitch Tutorial], ENO Doublenest Hammock • Field Review & Setup, Lems Shoes Boulder Boot | Barefoot Boots Field Review, Ontario Knife Co. RAT 2 | Two Year Update | Field Review, Late Winter Scout: Part 2 | Coffee, Moss & More, A Day With Krik Vol. The natural person, legal person, public administration or any other body, association or organization authorized by the Data Controller to process the Personal Data in compliance with this privacy policy. The OK4 is the best budget knife by far. Hultafors OK4 is the best Hultafors,while Bushcraft Black is one of the worst Moras for bushcraft,not only the handle becomes uncomfortable after a lot of use (try to use it for a day bushcrafting,it will hurt your palm) Also the thickness of the blade along with the short scandi bevel,makes the knife a bad slicer.Even if you convex and raise the bevel still a simple Mora Companion works better.The best knives for beginners and people with small and medium hands are,Hultafors OK4,Mora Companion and Marttiini Condor Timberjack.The BEST budget bushcraft knives,for more experienced users and people with medium to large and extra large hands,are (random order) Mora 711 carbon (the best handle for bushcraft),Mora Heavy Duty Companion and Terävä Jääkäripuukko 110 carbon steel. For my budget, I've settled on either the Mora Companion or it's Heavy Duty version. Carbon … The handle is nice for my larger hand size, 3. As I understand it, the Companion has a 2.5mm (0.1") thick blade, while the HD version has a beefier handle and thicker 3.2 mm (0.125") blade - which is the same as my current Duration knife. Notwithstanding the above, the Owner informs that Users may take advantage of: Your Online Choices. This Application uses Cookies to save browsing preferences and to optimize the User's browsing experience. This knife is the heavy duty version. We talk about life. Thank you. Bastards. Cookies consist of portions of code installed in the browser that assist the Owner in providing the service according to the purposes described. One thing that is hard to notice in ph… We talk about rocks. Just subscribed to you mate! My Mora Black was unbelievably dull, and the ergos were abysmal. Learn how your comment data is processed. 1 | Field Review, Hazard 4 Tactical Water Bottle Holder | Field Review, Silva Ranger 515 CL | Backpacking Compass | Field Review, How to Read a Topographic Map ? They seem to be pretty similar knives so the price point and fire steel loop won me over 😉, Happy to watch your video, well presented and useful info. Information collected automatically from this Application (or third party services employed in this Application), which can include: the IP addresses or domain names of the computers utilized by the Users who use this Application, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, the method utilized to submit the request to the server, the size of the file received in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the server's answer (successful outcome, error, etc. Best wishes. I figured if it's too small in my hand it was only £23 and I get a ferrocerium rod I can use with a bushcraft black and keep the OK as back-up. Krik of Black Owl Outdoors compares and contrasts the Mora Bushcraft Black with the Mora Companion Heavy Duty. Length of blade, 2. Krik of Black Owl Outdoors compares and contrasts the Mora Bushcraft Black with the Mora Companion Heavy Duty. We talk about animals. The Mora Companion heavy duty still remains one of our favourite knives! The Facebook Like button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Facebook social network provided by Facebook, Inc. 21 Large | Field Review, How to Make Fire In The Rain or Wet Conditions, Favorite EDC Multitool for the City or the Forest, How to Tie a Prusik Hitch [Knot Tutorial], Klean Kanteen 40oz Wide Mouth | Stainless Steel Water Bottle | Field Review, Ontario Knife Co. RAT 2 | EDC Folding Knife | Field Review, First Time Canoeing | Gifford Pinchot State Park, PA, Mountain Camp Renovations | Fire Pit: Part 1, Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trousers | Field Review, Black Owl Outdoors | Outdoor Gear, Skills & Adventures, Outdoor Research Multicam Pocket Radar Cap | Field Review, Maxpedition 10x4 Bottle Holder | Field Review, Comfort in The Cold: Making Tea with a Top of Canister Backpacking Stove, Mountain Memories | Traditional Archery & Stories, Fishing in the Shadows of Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant [TMI], Native American Trail Marker Tree & Blow-Downs, Coffee On The Ridge | A Day Hike in the Mountains, Sven 15 Inch Saw | Bushcraft Saws | Field Overview, Ontario Knife Co. RAT 1 | EDC Folding Knife | Field Review, Autumn Falls: Act 2 | Ricketts Glen State Park, Vanquest Mobius Vpacker vs Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack | Field Review, Cotopaxi Pacaya | Insulated Jacket | Field Review, Quick Deploy Tarp Setup | Bushcraft Skills, Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack • Field Review, Rite In The Rain Level | All-Weather Notebook | Field Review, Lafuma x950 Pro | Sleeping Bag | Field Review, Knife Sharpening Basics [Scandinavian Grind], Vanquest Ibex 30 | Tactical Backpack | Field Review, How to Tie a Square Knot/Reef Knot [Knot Tutorial], 550 FireCord | Live Fire Gear | Field Review, Cotopaxi Cusco 26 | Daypack Backpack | Field Overview, Battle Horse Knives Fieldcrafter XL | Bushcraft Knife | Field Review, What is the Blood Bubble? They are both excellent knives . 2 | Searching for Wood, How to Field Clean a MSR Miniworks EX Water Filter, Maxpedition Sitka • Tactical Sling Bag Gearslinger • Field Review, Mullein [Verbascum Thapsus] Identification, Black Owl Outdoors Channel Trailer [April 2013], Outdoor Reference Materials & Bushcraft Books, Keystone Leather Haversack | Owl Creek Handmade, Black Owl 20,000 Give Away | Runner Up & Grand Prize Winners, Birds of a Feather: Part 1 | Autumn Day Hike, Fjallraven Greenland Jacket Special Edition No. Any information regarding a natural person, a legal person, an institution or an association, which is, or can be, identified, even indirectly, by reference to any other information, including a personal identification number. In this case, the Mora beats it by a mile. SOG Twitch II [2] | Assisted Folding Knife | Field Review, Bahco Laplander | Bushcraft Folding Saw | Field Review, Fjällräven Rucksack no. 4 - Zoom H1 Custom Pouch, Personal Locator Beacon & More, Mountain Biking in St. Anthony's Wilderness [Pennsylvania], ESEE Knives | Camp-lore RB3 | Field Use & Initial Impressions, Camp Cooking | Mushrooms, Beef Jerky & Rice Noodles, Modern Hunt Coat | Woolrich Inc. | Field Review, Mountain Hardwear Fluid 18 | Active Daypack Backpack | Field Review, The Roland Boot | Chacos Footwear | Field Review, How to Make a Paracord Bottle Holder [1 of 3], How to Make Wax Dipped Cotton Balls - Part 2 of 2. That being said, i like the mora for several reasons. Our Rating: (5/5) Steel: 12C27. We talk about places. ), the country of origin, the features of the browser and the operating system utilized by the User, the various time details per visit (e.g., the time spent on each page within the Application) and the details about the path followed within the Application with special reference to the sequence of pages visited, and other parameters about the device operating system and/or the User's IT environment. This privacy policy relates solely to this Application. … The natural person, legal person, public administration or any other body, association or organization with the right, also jointly with another Data Controller, to make decisions regarding the purposes, and the methods of processing of Personal Data and the means used, including the security measures concerning the operation and use of this Application. I think a comparison against a Mora Companion Heavy Duty would be more fitting. Compared to the regular companion it has a somewhat blunter edge angle, giving it maximum edge resiliency. Mora Companion Heavy Duty Burnt Orange stainless, bushcraft knife: Handle/blade: rubber/Sandvik 12C27 stainless Blade length: 10.0 cm Weight: 105 grams I own and use both . from - The Original and Largest Online … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. While both knives are exception purchases for their price, they offer slightly … Amazon |, Black Owl Supply |, website |, instagram |, facebook |, twitter |, Owl Creek Handmade -, Things Done Framed -, Tags: black owl outdoors,nature,camping,hiking,backpacking,survival,bushcraft,wilderness,forest,backcountry,mora,morakniv,companion,heavy duty,bushcraft black,knife,fixed-blade,review,comparison, hey wassup Turtles its Creek here with black outdoors today I'm going to be doing a comparison video on two knives more bushcraft black in here and the more heavy duty companion mg in my left hand right here and what's sort of what's prompting me to do this video is I've had a few comments a few people asked me you know what in my opinion what's a better knife to get and I just want to sort of do a comparison video I'm going to run down the specs I got a piece of paper I'm going to set them side-by-side talk about them give my impressions what's better for what and all that stuff and I just want to take a quick moment to say all the gear reviews Tony and I have done so far it's been everything we've owned or purchased and it's gear that we've liked we've used we know that's quality with the exception of I think there was to that our mutual friend uncle Chubby's has given us to use some of his self but no manufacturer is giving us anything we're not putting these up to sort of help sell knives or gear for any company we're independent and if you do have questions with any videos any gear we have please ask me leave a comment leave a comment like I said we're not trying to sell these for any companies this is just gear we like and we're trying to pass on the knowledge of what's good and what's not so leave comment if you have questions I know I'm going to forget things and videos I've already forgotten things if you've any questions please leave a comment ask me if you want to purchase something and you have any questions that I may miss there maybe not touched on it in depth if you know in depth so I'm just going to get these down into a side-by-side they're both morris you know more knives up sweden bushcraft black here, heavy duty companion here so to start off $20 for this $40.00 so the main kind of argument or focus of this is going to be is this bushcraft black worth twice as much as the heavy duty companion you know make that adjustment for yourself and I'll give you my my impressions as well starting with the sheath same and you know injection injected molded plastic sheath one here we have the clip here and this is the belt swivel and in my personal preference for these I like the clip I like the belt clip easy to put it on your pocket on the side of a bag all that stuff this is restricted to obviously threading something through it but there also is this clip available you can buy to attach to that so you know and honestly I'd rather have this sort of setup on here where you can switch that and just as you can see side-by-side how much of the handle is actually sort of more encompassed with the bushcraft black sheath so for sheath purposes I'm going to give it to the bushcraft black for sure it covers that more it keeps me protected as a better chance of keeping it's friction you know in the sheath long-term this heavy-duty companion it still snaps in but it's really loose and totally takes any pressure now to pull this out I don't know if I haven't seen too many you know other people complain about the sheets doing this I don't know if is it you know isolated incident or whatnot but for the shoes I really like the bushcraft black moving on next to a the overall length these are dang near the same I'll get them up side-by-side in a second hmm I think this is right around 9 inches the bushcraft black and this is just a little bit under under that so overall length pretty much the same you know it's kind of a wash you you know for the sake of length you're really not going to be doing too much you know you're not gonna be able to perform you know so much more tasks with the black because it's a little bit longer as opposed to the heavy duty so you know the length is pretty comparable pretty much a wash wash with that you get all grounds get self comfortable blade length for the bushcraft black 4.3 inches as opposed to the things is 4.1 for the heavy duty companion so again the blade length pretty comparable it's not like you can be able to put on through a little such larger pieces of wood as you can see though the width of the blades are what's different this is definitely the heavy duty companion under here looks more like that you know the sort of the more knives we're used to in the states of seeing the blade design really nice for carving just a little bit thicker here of the black a little heavy heavy duty ER you know for the blade blade length again not too much difference but there are a few differences in the and the blade that I'll talk to in a second that you know that I'll give one or the other a better sort of better score let's just start they're both carbon steel blades they're both carbon and like I said mention about but this being wider both have the Scandi grind and actually I think there is a small stir as a small secondary bevel on this I don't know if it's intentional now I'm manufacturing but I don't know if the camera will be able to pick it up probably not it's very small maybe in at most a width of a millimeter but coming down from the very primary bevel the scandi there's a small one that looks I can see a small on fire the black has it the heavy duty companion doesn't this where the black has this dlc coating the diamond like diamond light coating this is redundant to say dlc coating but as this diamond light coating on it which is to help you know against abrasion help protect the blade longer and all that good stuff so as this black tint looks cooler and also with the blades and someone that these this can throw sparks the black can throw sparks the heavy duty companion cannot just the show real quick you know as a survival knife it's really nice to have that ability on the spawning your knife instead of carrying i mean obviously i have this attached dinner bell i have this attached but if you didn't you lost it you're still able to throw sparks with the bushcraft black you can't do it with this so honestly in blades i'm going to give it to the black don't think you can really you know do less carving with this less small you know would work because there's a water blade as opposed to this I think you know pretty much I'm going to I'm going to give it to the black for that moving ones will they get black blade thickness they're both the same that's sort of why people have been asking me which one I prefer because as more as go the 3.2 millimeter blade thickness is the widest we're going to get and that's why people really like that's why I'm doing this and people will sort of compare these knives to each other just because of the thickness three point two millimeters so again the same that's pretty much why I'm doing the video the blade thickness people really interested in the thicker blades for the Moors and the handle was rubber, they're both rubberized handle and that's this going to come down to preference I'll just do the small cuts until I give you my quick impression if you know if one feels more you're comfortable for me I just love cutting me standing grinds I love cutting with these standing grinds as opposed to a full flat grind just not as fun that cut would you know and honestly as I'm just doing this right now thinking off the top of my head this this um the bushcraft black handle will probably be nicer if you have larger hands I don't think this can heavy duty companions too small if you have larger hands but I can this is just it's a bigger handle and it feels just a little bit thicker in my hands let's say about medium sized hands which I've always said in videos that's can come down to a personal preference I like this one just a little bit more of this belly swoop to it on the companion the heavy duty companion feels a little bit nicer but you can see the different design that's kind of preference you can't go wrong with either one in my opinion with the handles let me see what else I got on the list to go down real quick, we five-point-seven for the heavy or for the bushcraft black 5.7 ounces and it's nearly - excuse me nearly 2 ounces lighter for the heavy-duty companion as opposed to the black horse crap black so weight you know like I said you're really not gonna be doing too much too many different tasks using all of these you know but for this world of weight you can feel this is a much heavier knife feels heavier and it feels just imbalanced more with the handle and the bigger blade it feels like the weight is distributed as a more like you expect from a bigger fixed blade the weight distribution as opposed to just most Moore's we're used to see in the states and people talk about a lot do videos on these smaller you know quote cheaper and cheaper Morris you know just have a little bit of a lighter feel you know more for fine woodworking you don't really need a lot of weight if you're carving which so a lot of these knives are meant for all the mores 3/4 tank both of them 3/4 tang I've already talked about how the black can throw sparks and the heavy duty companion cannot so something else to think about that's pretty much the ins and outs that's pretty much the ins and outs of the knives so you know do I think the black is $20 or you know $20 you know worth it more twice as you know good as the heavy duty companion no way not twice as good there are different knives you know if you want as quote survival knife if you're in this whole survival game that's where you're really interested in you don't care much about woodworking as much you want a survival knife obviously you want to get a full tang, that's probably gonna have a full flat grind or a modified scandi you know these knives aren't to quote survival knives this bushcraft black yeah you can have in the bush with you you can do a lot with it you know you can put on some wood you can throw sparks with it it's got a really sharp edge it's comfortable you can use it for extended periods of time with private out getting hot spots all that good stuff but these really aren't survival knives and you know it sort of surprises me how much that people will knock on a knife for its quote you know it's not survivability or whatever you want to say these knives are not intended to you know to try to go the 12 inch diameter tree and hit it with a hit with a baton for hours you know what you can do with certain fixed blades with high quality alloy these are meant for that they're meant for wood carving they're meant for you know doing small tasks and whittling and all that good stuff good stuff that I really like to do and enjoy in the woods and since I'm on the topic about survival survival isn't fun survive surviving isn't fun being out in the bush with a knife and trying to last a week you're not going to have fun you know so I don't try to focus so much on on survival as opposed to I just enjoy connecting with my past doing woodworking getting out doing experiment archaeology with different tools all that good stuff that I like to do and I enjoy passing my time you know to me sitting out in the woods for a week with a knife yeah be fun you it would it would test yourself you learn a lot but for coming out for the day you know like good stuff I'd much rather have a cool you know Scandi grind if I'm going to play around maybe carve a bowl or Bush pipe and all that good stuff a flat grind on a survival knife is not going to be fun to do that with as opposed to these smaller blades really sharp Scandi grind something to keep in mind the purpose you want to use the tool for specifically your purpose not what anyone else says is good for it all that good stuff specifically what you want to do with it so please if you have any questions that I didn't ask you know I didn't maybe cover something as in-depth as you'd like to see you know ask again but they're both going to be good knives they're both going to be good knives if you just want you know a little bit of a thicker search quote carving knife for 20 bucks this is going to be a sweet knife you're not going to be disappointed for spending 20 bucks if you're on a really tight budget and you want something a little bit you know beefier to play with little well-balanced knife you know 40 bucks for this is still a not a bad deal it's still a good bond you're gonna get a quality knife you can do a lot with it but again it's they're not fixed please I just want to reiterate that they're not primarily you know I mean they're fixed blades not full tangs excuse me they are fixed blades but they're not full tangs so the strength of them you know it's going to be different as it you know 3/4 tang as opposed to a full tank I hope this video hope helped I hope I answered some of your questions if I didn't or you still want to know more about my impressions or some specs on the knives you know leave comments asked I know there's a lot of people were watching the channel I have a lot of knowledge too that can chime in on these debates or you know preference sort of battles whatnot this is correct signing out with blackout doors later Turtles.

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