Cools using ice blocks and water. It can be programmed for 7.5hrs continuous running, thanks to its timer control function which lets you enjoy uninterrupted sleep till then. Shame for them, more shame for me wasting my hard earned cash. Get in Early for Summer, Up for sale is a Mistral Evaporative Air Cooler, it has a 10 litre water tank, timer, 3 speed fan, water level gauge, oscillation, you can add ice to it, it stands on castor wheels, it's clean … We have strict quality control measures that are tested to meet Australian standards, and we sincerely apologise that your item is faulty. It also has 7.5hrs timer function that allows for its unattended operation. It has a height of 32” and weighs 15.27 pound. They look like grasses in structure and provide less cooling as compared to honey comb cooling pads. infray Portable Air Cooler, Personal Mini Air Conditioner Space Cooler Table Fan 3 in 1 Desktop Evaporative Cooler, Humidifier, Purifier with Timer Function and 90° Auto Oscillating for Home Office … has affiliate partnerships. Also, with 4 castor wheels on base and a handle on cooler you can steer it from room to room easily. 3-in-1 Evaporative air cooler elegantly deisgn with 3 speeds to ensure you remain cool, easily add crushed ice at top panel for extra cooling, with much stronger wind for a quiet breeze. It comes with remote control feature that allows you to operate it from your sofa set. It comes with large detachable water tank of 7.9gallons along with ice compartment that provides you long lasting cooling. It has 8L large water tank and comes with two ice-crystal boxes that gives you long cooling effect. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Low CFM limit, thus not suitable for large areas. This evaporative cooler from Goldair features 10L of tank capacity. Water level indicator tells you the amount of water present in the cooler. Special Price S$248. It works as 2-in-1 function air cooler which works like an air cooler and a humidifier. That and a MAC 100,Very disappionting , stopped working when most needed. The 14-gallon tank means this evaporative cooler … Evaporative Cooler – 40 inch Portable Oscillating Tower Fan for Big Space, 3 Speeds & 3 Wind Types 70°Oscillating Fan w/2 Freezing Boxs 8H Timer Safe Quiet Room Cooler & Humidifier, LCD Panel & Remote 3.7 out of 5 stars 409. It has an airflow of 300cubic-metre/hr that reaches to far end of your room. Lights on nobody home!I'll never go near this brand again, they are living on past reputation. Quilo QE1SKS - 4. Its humidifier nature moistens the air for you and makes you feel cool. Easy to set up but was disappointed with the product. Circuit board had caught fire, melting some of the housing but the fuse hadn't blown. Do not buy. We were only using it in a very small room and it ended up making the room hotter. 5litre Water tank capacity. It also has the largest water tank capacity among all the brands mentioned here which lets it run for long hours and provides you cooling effectively and continuously. It is rubbish. Having over 100years of experience in innovating and making home appliances, Honeywell evaporative coolers are leading the cooling industry since 12years. However, area you want to cool also decides power consumption as power consumption of cooler increases with increase in cooling area of cooler. Polocool PC-53AP/C / PC-58AP/C / PC-44BP/C. Castor wheels present at base, helps in mobilizing the air coolers easily. When you feel hot and sticky, it is usually because of high humidities we experience on the east coast. This air cooler comes with two ice packs I freeze them and add them into the bottom of the tray so the water is cooler and provides better cooling… It has size of 33.7”Hx18”Wx13.8”L, and weight of 24.9pound which lasts longer without damage. And, the reason to humidify a warm room escapes me - it feels awful (to me at least). If you remain too busy and can’t get to your cooler every time you wish to change its setting. Provides effective cooling as reduces temperature significantly. It makes the air moist and a peron 'sticky' and uncomfortable. I am hoping to return to the supplier for a refund. It comes with a remote control which is a nice feature. It has three speed settings with a sleep mode, stated to provide comfort while you sleep with … Your opinion is important to us. it's very noisy but it doesn't bother me. Its 10.3gallon water tank can run continuously for 4hrs once fully filled that saves your effort to fill the tank frequently. So, if you come across two same features air coolers but different power ratings, always go with one which consumes less power irrespective of their prices. But, Attention! It has a strong air flow of 525-729CFM that can cool your area upto 320sq.ft making it suitable to cool medium space garages, workshops etc. But as the list of features added keeps increasing, the cost of your cooler will also increase. Arrived quickly, in working order. Keeping this true, their Portable evaporative Air Cooler is another such product which is 4-in-1 as it can work as air cooler, fan, humidifier and air purifier. You should always be aware of size of area you want to cool. It effectively cools your bed room, office room, hall or other single room areas. Power consumption is high compared to other coolers. Coolers come with maximum timer function of 15hrs or 7.5hrs, you can select the one which suits you best. Absolute rubbish - do not waste your money! General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review. Newest products, latest trends and bestselling items from … By contrast, air conditioners cool but ALSO remove humidity and it is this which makes air conditioning feel so wonderful. See all Mistral Portable Air Conditioners. Evaporative Cooler, Wikipedia. SHSTFD MINI EVAPORATIVE AIR COOLER is a small air cooling unit, that can be used as personal air cooler on study table, near bed or on office desk. But provision of speed regulation as low(7.5m/s), medium(8m/s) or high(10m/s), allows you to control air flow according to your need.It also has 120° left-right auto swing louvers that covers whole area between both walls of your room. July 31, 2020 By Bhavyesh Leave a Comment. Its 1gallon water tank can be easily filled from your kitchen or bathroom. Why am I labouring this point? I still have the receipt and only had it for 5 days. Also, you can choose the fan speed from low, medium or high speed as per your need. Your opinion is important to us. As the area you want to cool increases the required water tank size also increases. Effective cooling area specification is always written on cooler model description. Ambroise Croizat Z.I Bois de l’Epine 91031 Evry cedex Ris Orangis – France Tél : +33(0)1 60 79 37 61 Fax : +33(0)1 60 79 18 26 Follow-us It's very compact an very easy to use and keep maintenanced, and it consumes a minimal amount of electricity, when used.Small,compact,easy to use,move around, makes an ideal personal,office cooler,very easy to clean externally, it;s easy to take/put the water out/in...and many moredoesn't really cool a room, This product works insofar as it humidifies. If you have a large room or area to cool buy the cooler with higher degree of oscillation. It has a caster wheels for easy to move. 5 Reviews Add Your Review. Yescom cooler is made of ABS plastic which is very durable and has size of 24”Hx11.25”Wx11”L. Wasn't working so I dismantled it to see what the problem was. Goldair GCEV150 10L Evaporative Cooler. Evaporative coolers, a/k/a swamp coolers, deliver air that is full of moisture, so they will exacerbate any dampness or mold problems. SO, HESSAIRE MC37 is our recommendation to go for because of its strong air flow and large effective cooling area which is greater than any other brand. This feature ensures the reach of air blown by cooler in all the directions of your room. Noise levels are less than 60db but may be disturbing in operation. AMEIKO Evaporative Air Cooler emits 7 soft light colors that can please your mood and brings you sleep quickly. Like for cooling garages, workshops or halls you need larger cooling area cooler while for a smaller or average sized room a low cooling area cooler will work. However, manual up-down louvers are also there to adjust blowing air direction, as per your need. It is better to spend twice as much money to buy a good product like convair, than spend a bit less and but a barely working under engineered piece of junk. Their 32” Evaporative Air Cooler is nowadays popular among users as it is a 2in1 air cooler which works like air cooler as well as humidifier. Safe for kids as fan blades are not visible. Effective cooling as lowers temperature upto 78°F from 110°F. there's also min line, so just put water between that line, that would be fine. YESCOM is popular for providing customer satisfaction on their home products at reasonable prices. This is a public forum presenting user opinions on selected products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the opinion of Mistral MEC1R has been discontinued. Does not work well in high heat. Arlec Black Smart Reverse Cycle With Grid Connect. Features 15L indoor portable evaporative air cooler with full function remote control Non-compressor system cools naturally, efficiently and inexpensively Power consumption of 130 watts Honeycomb … It has maximum 15hr timing control fucntion which is largest among all coolers that allows you to have uninterrupted sleep as it keeps running till then. But you can easily shift it to various areas as it has 4 castor wheels at its base. This cooler from Honeywell can be purchased for either your … Cooling is only felt when you sit next or very close to it. An evaporative cooler with that much power also needs a large tank so it doesn’t run out of water quickly, and the Honeywell CO610PM doesn’t disappoint. It is budget friendly too and effectively cools your single rooms like kitchen, bedroom, cabin etc. As a local Australian business, we are always striving to exceed customer expectations. Because you presumably buy this product to feel cooler. Low power consumption. Blows hot air even with ice cubes used. This portable air conditioners buying guide is here to help you meet your AC match so you can spend a cool time together. MISTRAL MAC1600R EVAPORATIVE AIR COOLER (15L) Rating: 81%. MC37M is strong built with size of 37”Hx24”Wx17”L that weighs around 40pounds. If you hop onto Google and type in ‘Christmas gifts for Dad,’ you’ll likely be met with a barrage of ads for personalised beer glasses and novelty socks. Produces very low or no noise during operation. With 40+ years of experience in cooling industry, Comfyhome is a trusted cooler brand among buyers because of its 100% customer satisfaction approach. It produces annoying sounds while changing fan speed as experienced by some customers. Mistral evaporative coolers do not require power hungry components like compressors. But not to forget it has 4 heavy duty castor wheels on base that allows you to shift your cooler anywhere. 1. At 28% humidity, this is a nice temperature and not at all uncomfortable. After 45 minutes we went into the room to find it had leaked water all over our carpet and the room was no cooler.We will be returning it tomorrow for a refund. 2. Evaporative air coolers are the best alternative to AC’s during summers specially in dry and semi-arid areas. 5 Things to Consider When Buying an Evaporative Cooler, Sylvane Inc. 3. It comes with far range remote control that allows easy control of your cooler. They cost half equal to an AC and require one-fourth electricity as compared to AC’s. By Igenix . It has a Cooling range of 950sq.ft. Its rotary switch allows you to set fan speed as low, medium or high according to your need. It has low weight of only 12pounds, and 4 heavy duty castor wheels on base makes you easily shift it from one room to other. I *do* know what evaporative cooling is, but this does not deliver that exact experience. Arrived quickly, in working order. Further it has left-right oscillating louvers that allows distribution of air to wide range of area. Useful for larger areas like garage, mechanical workshops etc. It also has a timer button that allows you to program your cooler maximum for 4hrs running without stopping. A portable air conditioner is a great way to stay cool, but with the array of choices, finding the best portable air conditioner can be complex. So much for their safety device. It also has an in-built handle placing your hands in which you can shift it to any part of your home. Bought it because of the price, but i have learned my lesson. Whether you love or loath being in the kitchen, our community of reviewers have determined that out of almost 5,000 appliances on, these are the best available! You can refer to them in our BUYING GUIDE. August 4, 2016. The timer function allows you to program your cooler for uninterrupted running. Honeywell 15L Evaporative Air Cooler. 00. How is the evaporated net held on, thank. Honeywell TC30PEUI Air Cooler 30L. It is a very small size personal cooling station that provides you AC like cooling directly on your study table, your office desk or your bed. Arrived quickly, in working order. This will let you cool different rooms of your home with a single cooler only. But why would you want a humidifier? Also keep in mind that cooling area of cooler you are buying must be greater than or equal to area you want to cool. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for COSTWAY Evaporative Cooler, 3-in-1 Portable Air Cooling, Fan, and Humidifier with 3 Speeds, Bladeless Air Cooler 2 Ice Box for Indoor, Home, Office, … It has 420ml of water tank that can last upto 4-6hrs providing you long lasting cooling. And speed adjustment switch lets your fan run at low, medium or high speed as per your choice. Yescom provides you 30days of return warranty on your purchase. 43C degrees at low humidity feels great too - your overall 'feeli...Read more. This evaporative cooler also doubles as a super-powerful fan for the nights when you want to sleep with a cool breeze pointed at your bedside. Very lucky it didn't set the house on fire. But I do not feel cooler, in fact, with all that extra water in the air, I feel stickier than with it turned off. Coolers come with different oscillation angles like 40°, 70°, 120° so as the size of room increases your coolers oscillation angle should also increase so that air reaches every corner of your room. The MAC1600R Mistral Evaporative Cooler consumes only 130 watts of power. Here’s another Honeywell model that is more suitable for larger … This enables you to shift it from one place to other easily with your one hand only. The answer depends upon the climatic conditions you live in, the size or area you want to cool, do you want to shift your cooler regularly, do you need remote control feature and various other features. With 40+ years of experience in cooling industry, Comfyhome is a trusted cooler brand among buyers because of its 100% customer satisfaction approach. But, coolers with this feature are little expensive. Your email address will not be published. We ended up switching it off after a few hours of use as it didn't seem to help at all. If you own one trash it before it catches fire. This feature saves motor of the cooler from getting damage on running water free. And you can cool different areas of your home by mobilizing the cooler to those areas without much effort. Evaporative Cooler Kmart 10L $79 or Bunnings Mistral 12L $74 (November 2018) MrMedoMan on 03/11/2018 - 23:12 Last edited 03/11/2018 - 23:13 Looking to buy a cheap under $100 Evaporative cooler… Air cooler comes with oscillation of 40°, 70°, 120° etc. Small in size hence requires small space. Also, it has a water level indicator and provision of automatic stopping of humidification when tank runs out of water. Don’t worry we have your answers with us, just go through the following factors you should consider while buying your air cooler and you will end up deciding the right features you want in your air cooler: Always read the cooling area specification written on model description. If it is a small room go for low effective cooling area cooler. It can cool the area upto 90-180sq.ft. Not me. Further, keeping your needs in mind we have shortlisted the following best evaporative air coolers for you: Hessaire is renowned for producing specially engineered air coolers that provide effective cooling with affordable cost. Does not cool well, uses allot of power. Similar opinion? Costway provides you 90 days of money back guarantee during which you can return your cooler if found defective or not working. ... criticism or review. Links to the Evaporative Coolers we mentioned in this video: 5. However certain other factors are also there that decide which air cooler is best for you. It has high density cooling pads that provides you enhanced cooling effect. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. They provide more cooling compared to other cooling pads available. Qoo10 - mistral air cooler Search Results : Small Appliances,Major Appliances Items now on sale at The unit is far quieter than the portable air conditioners that have become popular in recent years. Purchased this product today to cool a small room in our home. Easy to set up but was disappointed with the product. Humidifier nature increases moisture content during dry season. across the Mistral range. Designed with 3-speed settings. The function is very basic but complete, with a few options/settings, a bit better than normal fan if you put ice and cold water. They are economic in cost but less durable and less efficient. Is this what you want? Yescom Evaporative Portable Air Cooler is sleek and compact design air cooler. How much were they new and when made what year? That and a MAC 100. 4.1. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from However, it has a portable handle on its top just like a handle on bucket that allows you to carry it along with you on picnic, train journeys, car drives etc. Hessaire MC37M Evaporative Air Cooler is one such product which is popular for best and effective cooling in its size. 3 Features of your Evaporative Cooler Front Control Panel Water Box Manual Louvre (Horizontal) Automatic Louvre (Vertical) Water-Level Indicator Water Box Cover Legs Water Box Cover. So, the product works, but before buying this or any other humidifier, ask yourself whether you want this at all! Your email address will not be published. Incredible shopping paradise! I usually fill in water up to the maximum line, not sure how many litre. It will ensure that cooler you are buying is sufficient to cool your required area. Write a review on! That said, the control panel allows quite reasonable control over the unit. With summer here and so many of us not handling the heat, this cooler is just what you need this summer. Covers wide area to cool due to 120degree louver adjustment. High density cooling pads of MC37M makes you feel the blasted air extra cool. It comes with honeycomb cooling pads which cools the air effectively for you. Listing monitored by Mistral representatives. Its adjustable air outlet upto 120° in up-down direction cools your whole body effectively. We pride ourselves on providing functional, affordable and innovative products ... Read more. As you have gone through our buying guide of evaporative air coolers, what you now need to do is to select from the above features you need in your air cooler. Your trust is our top concern. Extremely disappointed. Air cooler… This will let you invest your money in right cooler. Air conditioners (which really do work) remove humidity - this adds it. Regular Price S$328. Further details in the disclaimer. Powerful and cool airflow; Ionic function available (great for haze) Super energy efficient; 1-year warranty . Moving on to the next unit on this evaporative cooler reviews takes us down to the Hessaire MC37M compact and portable unit for the larger sized room.If you live in home measuring approximately 750 square feet and below, this evaporative cooler by the Hessaire brand will bring down the temperature of the coverage mentioned to a cooler … Very useful for cooling large indoor and outdoor spaces. This product does what the manufacturer says it will - it evaporates water and increases the humidity in the area surrounding it. © 2020 Pty. that makes it best option available to cool your garage, workshop, or other large patio. Mistral Coolers 2, av. It's very compact an very easy to use and keep maintenanced, and it consumes a minimal amount of electricity, when used. They can also be shifted from one place to other as many of them come with wheels on their base. I have a MISTRAL Evaporative Cooler MEC1R. But why would you want a humidifier? It comes with 1year warranty and assures you of help in case it faces any trouble. It is really noisy and you would think the sleep mode would be quieter than normal, but No would be answer. By contrast, air conditioners cool but ALSO remove humidity and it is this which makes air conditioning feel so wonderful.Take the temperature of 26.5C.

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