You know why? In reply to I haven't read all the by cfaboston28. The Domestic Violence Resource Center provides evidence for this claim. More if you are a christian, out God in the center of your marriage, take divorce off the table unless adultery was committed, and then only use that as a last resort (ie they cheated before, you forgave them and are working through it, but then they turn around a cheat again). That’s for later. Make sure that she would be provided for, but also make sure she isn't living in luxury if you really succeed. That makes 0 sense given that men have been in charge for most of history. Sorry, you need to login or sign up in order to vote. People eventually want to have kids and build a family with someone they love. This thread has exploded with opinions, so I'll keep mine simple. So she gets a free ride. Marriage is useless. I AM 5’3″ NATURAL BLONDE HAIR BLUE EYES 108LBS NO STRETCH MARKS FROM KIDS AND I HAVE NICE CURVES, HE TELLS ME I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM AND COMPLAINS IF I MAKE HIS COFFEE LATE OR EXT.. # EVERY MANS DREAM GIRL. I like Currently I’m living with my girlfriend, sex everyday, she cooks all the time and her food taste great. This is not a joke. The actual social construct of marriage is not a creation of women but rather a compromise. And if she shacks up with a heroin addict and wants a divorce, you get the privilege of paying for both sides of the divorce in many cases. Although marriage is a ritual we are taught as children, it ought to be one that is broke, due to the adverse effects it has; such as a loveless marriage, unhappiness, infidelity, and ultimately leading to divorce. Eventually, most people settle down, and even if that doesn't include kids, it does include getting married. And all of that is WITHOUT even thinking about alimony. I think every man should get married once in his life. That means that you don’t even have a 50-50 chance of surviving. As far as “personal experiences do not equate to universal truths”, you’d better take your head out of your sanctimonious behind and smell the reality. ALSO, you can NEVER be sure that a marriage won't end for some reason. I notice that you tend to discourage marriage due to aspects of it being “expensive” often. Once you have a kid, your happiness with your spouse is not the only important thing... Saying marriage does or doesn't work, is pointless. Marriage is dead because some wimps somehow bought the idea that man = woman. I think family can be a reason you wake up each morning. There is minimal gain. 3) In the US this isn't too big of an issue, there are tons of legal ways to protect yourself. It is now considered nothing more than a trap.We need to grow up ? Crushing bitches is a lot of fun, but after a while some people start wanting to do bigger things with their lives. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. 2. Imho, I don't think marriage is useless at all, and most females would probably say the same. 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Transfer fund to reliable person’s bank account. Tell them that they have drank way too much of the marriage KOOL AID and they think marriage is a must for any male in this country. In a family, you know that no matter what happens to you someone will care for you no matter how rich you are. What is the point of marriage, you ask? If you bother to check, you’ll find that most of the women-initiated divorces occur in no-fault states, where they don’t have to show cause. Marriage is an artifact from a time when people were willing to (potentially) sacrifice their own individual happiness, for the wellbeing of a family. BTK killer's wife lived in the same house with him for years, and never had even an inkling of what her husband was up to. I do love him, and the sex is always amazing. You guys fail to consider just how important a marriage can be to your financial success. It's a poor rate of return. 5 – THE LAW: The law here in North America is so bad on men, it’s beyond belief! Well the fact of the matter is that kids are damn expensive! Another factor to consider in today's uber competitive society is that both partners will have invested just as much in their education, career, self development etc., so that when it comes down to starting a family, one of them will have to ease on the accelerator, and take care of the kids, the household etc. She is the rudest person I have ever met. This feature is not available right now. Here's one last thought I have on the matter, that I've come to by discussing it with close friends, who've shared stories of their friends with me, similar to those posted above: people getting married right out of college and way to early in my opinion. You have LESS than 50% chance of making something that actually works for the long run. my g/f of oh around 8 years has her parents leaning on both of us but disregard either of our long talked out decision to NOT get married… for various reasons = we’re intelligent adults to lay it on lightly. Marriage in this piece of shit country is a scam. And if you are ugly, or old, or old-AND-ugly (like me), then no women will want you anyways and then you have to visit escorts, which will be your only sexual option. Children – Yea kids are great right? We do not believe oral sex is recommended by the Bible. Well then you know how nerve racking it can be at times. i was married to my husband, i love him so much we have been married for 5 years now with two kids. Yes, there's always divorce, but that's a long, nasty course of action. I'll leave you with Doug Stanhope's thoughts on the matter, and you can leave me with yours: Oh, and Happy Anniversary to my gorgeous bride. Even if you marry someone who isn't a gold digger, if the marriage doesn't work out for some reason then it could still cost you half. SupDaily06 Recommended for you. Marriage is not needed, but just because it is not needed it does not make it pointless. You sound like a very cynical person. and for those whom had bad marriage expirience, sorry dude, you married the wrong person…, Tell that for diverced men… also, point out the failure with ‘our weak point of view’ or stfu…. Women are, without a doubt, the greatest actors (and liars) on earth. Once you’re married there’s nothing you can do if she isn’t happy. Even though you share all those responsibilities, someone will have to pick up a slightly heavier part of that load, who's going to do it? In free for all (and even many polygamous) societies, what tends to happen is that the 'alpha-males' (probably not you) monopolize all the women, and a bunch of lonely, pissed off betas have no incentive not to engage in murderous, antisocial behavior (no stake in society). In reply to From many a girl's by aspiringbankerchick. He doesn't need to get married to have all the benefits of marriage. In reply to Here's a thought -- escort by James Hunt, who the hell uses this shit ..every one knows it isn't official until you change your face book status, In reply to James Hunt wrote: I don't think marriage is dead as marriage has underlying benefits just like having a family has underlying benefits. In reply to blastoise wrote: Think about life from a synergy perspective. However, generalising women with negative characteristics possibly based on personal experiences rather than evidence that represents the population of the billions of women in the world does not make you desirable. Yet, because not everyone is the same, marriage can “complete” someone as a person. Now when I take trips, this nagging bitch complains about EVERY aspect of every trip. He laid out some of the reasons. I think marriage is extremely important, that is why I am totally against people marrying too young. I am in my early 50’s but i am muscular and look at least 5-6 years younger. It will probably be just to protect myself in the event that I DON'T make a lot of money or end up in some situation where you have to pay out alimony on phantom income or something like that. If there's an old post from Eddie you'd like to see up again shoot me a message. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women? Women are difficult, so I make them easy by dumping them after 2 months. I tried everything to save this married and it didn’t work becuause I had no moral support from her so I divorce and life moves on. you date someone for 3 years and then she moves on because you won't marry her), you're eventually going to end up old and fat and with only gold-diggers to choose from. They enroll in couples therapy. Wait until you are older and know who you are. Who knows, maybe someone will come around and blow me away, but it hasn't happened yet. The biggest problem is the ongoing bitterness towards my society… it just seems to fester more and more each day, thinking how humiliating it was, Lol, screw marriage, ur write its expensive and never lasts, I’m a girl, who is considering marrying her first boyfriend from ten years ago. Remember once you lose everything you worked for you lose your mind and that’s when the killings and beheading and ex wife disappearing start to happen. As for pre-nups, I don't think they work for first marriages. Man's a man and woman's a woman. Whether you believe in religion or not, marriage is a life event that pre-dates recorded history. Two companies can do business together and not merge. God hates, I repeat HATES divorce. ” ). And considering 1) How many people get married and 2) How many married people are miserable in their marriages, then it is probable that many of your married friends and family will try to make you feel guilty for not having done something that many of them really regret. #3 The injustice argument that is most familiar and has been around the longest: Marriage is not so great for women. Whether it sounds like the cool thing to do or not, most women grew up dreaming of their wedding day. 10. No one is required to be a mind-reader to determine if his or her partner is the right one for him or her. The article has been writing by a misogyne (and I am a man) and many arguments against men lack… Getting married is fine but people tend to forget it is not mandatory, it is OK to be happy while being with someone and not married. And you are full of shit. And on top of that ridiculous number some people simply shouldn’t be parents. My girlfriend has been in my ear constantly about whether or not I think I'll ever marry her. There's really no rush; I mean people live longer now, on average, then they used to 50 years ago, so if you factor that in, you have to live with your significant other longer than before, so make sure she's the right person for you. In this case, you're not only satisfying yourself, but you're satisfying your partner and your family. For decades, too many women have been running around expecting chivalry from us, money, compliments, holding doors, etc., but not willing to give much in return. DON”T DO IT you will live to regret your decision> IF the laws were written to say that you don’t get what you didn’t bring into the marriage. 3 months later totally different person. MEN…….. It is a good thing. WTF is wrong with you? Still, he is barred from even entering his own house if his wife is there. Over 70% of divorces are brought on by women, and most of those women were actively cheating on their husbands. Traditions matter. You made it this difficult so take it. I've very much enjoyed the responses thus far. This was my first and ony std I have ever had. do you know 50% of the kids are not born from the person they call father? Great stuff as always. “If you bother to check, you’ll find that most of the women-initiated divorces occur in no-fault states, where they don’t have to show cause. Marriage works in America if the wife and husband are 100% devoted to god, I mean eat, sleep, breath god all day everyday. +Bonus: Get 27 financial modeling templates in swipe file. You more or less have to ask permission to breathe to make sure it fits into the schedule. So decided to treat women like sh** bcos I feel they deserve it…I’m 36 and reasonable to look at and these women love the fact when you treat them like crap. Bottom line is that there are intangible benefits and considerations with marriage. It isn't really the kind of thing you can quantify, just like you can't really quantify the "goodwill" section of a balance sheet. Furthermore, if you’re implying such, or if this is where your mindset stems from, all or most women are not bad merely because your ex-wife supposedly had undesirable characteristics. Marriage is better for men than women and women are happier single than married. Having a hot chick to fuck you after a long day at work; go with you to meet clients, business colleagues, etc; help run the household and have kids with; and probably provide additional income as well; that stuff will help your career more than you can imagine. I think marriage provides more an emotional security than money. I’m more happier today than I was 1 1/2 years ago when I was married. I'm not against marriage but have never really seen it as something I must do in life. 2) Divorced, and probably no longer in possession of his business, nice home, Lamborghini, and so forth, and probably not his kids either. That’s right, if you are not convinced by my book, I will give you a full refund! Sad and laughable at the same time. This thread has by Eddie Braverman, I would reserve judgement on that one. 5. HERE ARE THE RULES SINGLE MEN NEED TO LEARN TO ALWAYS FOLLOW IF THEY WANT TO STAY ALIVE AFTER A DIVORCE HAPPENS: 1 – DATING: Date local women; go ahead, have fun, it’s no problem, but don’t let them ever move in with you because if you do then 3 years later she will be entitled to half of your stuff and to Alimony because the courts consider her to be equivalent to married. Anything you accumulate while you are married gets split 50/50 most of the time and I don't believe a pre-nup will effect that much anyway. I don't see why it is an either/or deal? It wasn't nihilism, it's just hard core fact that marriage can ruin your life. I also agree with the idea of cohabitation before engagement and lengthier dating period (or at least waiting til you're older to get married, 30s???). Women have the uncanny ability to hide their harpy personalities, and appear all sweet and caring, until shortly after the wedding, when it’s too late (for the man), and their true selves start to emerge. The only think that the OP's article tells me is finally, dumb fucks are holding off on making a bad decision. As for being “nasty,” I recommend looking for women that do not correspond to your meaning of nasty, whatever it might be. Poor guy had a house and two cars before that… oh btw he is still paying child support for his two daughters. She gets half of what she didn’t work for. I doubt that. I don't measure these benefits in financial terms but in "units" of happiness. Had the time of my life with ‘professional’ gorgeous women each time. Unless you're looking to tie up your assets and get a tax break, then marriage is very optional prior to having children. she ask me to contact Dr Saibaba. After all, misery loves company. Marriage isn’t for people that generalise entire genders negatively. PSS: I love women… when they’re sleeping and silent! All girls are saying they would not marry early unless they feel their menopause is near. I can't tell you how many events I've been to with partner-level guys, and every single one of them (i mean guys age 40+) is there with his wife. If you are going to get married, at least wait until you are older, don't don it straight out of college. (marriage = fidelity/monogamy). Even though it seems stupid to me that they aren't married, given all of the legal benefits of marriage (there's a reason gay people are fighting for the right to marry), it works for them. In reply to Clarkey wrote: Even the poor can afford raising children with the proper welfare benefits. Instead, marriage beautifully opens it, removing complication and ambiguity: I, (name), take you, (name), to be my wife. Hell, if you can't be happy with $8K a month, there's something wrong with you. Here's a by veritas14. I would love to be able to trust someone enough to not want a pre-nup but the fact is people change over time... you can try to do your best and choose someone you think has good character and solid values but... just think about how different you now are than you were just five years ago. Divorce – In this day and age divorce is a very common thing. For example, we all know certain states don't allow homosexual marriage but I wouldn't challenge the level of commitment a gay/lesbian couple is willing to make compared to an unmarried heterosexual couple. You don’t even seem like you have much of a choice but to stay single. My feeling is that, if you feel like you must have a pre-nup, don't even think about getting married. Are you one of the 40% Americans that believe Jesus will come back in their life time? Yet, if you found the right woman and treated her right, then you wouldn’t have to worry about divorce. They automatically gave her the children. Facing 50 alone would be tough. You think it will complete you as a person – All I can do is point and laugh if you think this is what it takes to fully grow up. Marry someone that makes as much money as you. Sometimes we feel sorry for them and start considering marriage. This is a necessity when talking in “general”. If so ..., In reply to James Hunt wrote: While i agree that marriage is the only acceptable arrangement for a man and woman as far as God is concerned feminism has made it very difficult to do the “right thing”.Women wanted to act ‘like men” now they receive the result. “Hun if you go mow the lawn and pick up the groceries we can go back to the bedroom.” Dangling the carrot in front of your face just to pull it away at the last second. And if you want to fit in with the senior people, you can't be a 50-year-old bachelor. I've even survived a few ultimatums thus far but I have no real hope that I can last indefinitely without getting in the line to lose half my shit.

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