Check Price. Dining Sets 23. It can have streaks of medium to dark reddish brown as well. Qualities of Wood. Sealing prevents the mahogany furniture from absorbing too much stain so that a very dark area is evaded. It is part of the Meliaceae family which has pantropical chinaberry types. What's the Tree Like? Sierra Living Concepts specializes in Quality Furniture & Home Decor products that are Handcrafted & Handmade with Pure Solid Wood & Solid Iron. However, this means that you will definitely have a hard time screwing, nailing, sanding, or sawing the wood as per your needs. Mahogany is one of the most popular varieties of hardwood, used in creating furniture, musical instruments, boats, and other items. Mahogany wood is a material that is used to make furniture, cabinetry, decks, sculptures, and floors. Until the 19th century, it was believed that all of the mahogany was the same and variations only formed due to the climate and soil. It finishes, turns, glues, and stains very well. Timber is the type of wood used for construction, primarily for structural support … It has straight grains that make it look sleek and elegant. That is why a 5-pound piece of Mountain Mahogany is worth $10. Or, rather than using South American mahogany, many furniture makers have turned to other species with similar properties. The tree size is usually quite large ranging from 65-100 ft with a trunk size which is 2-3 ft. You can even try screenshots or photos from social media as inspiration. The wood has a medium to a coarse texture which needs to be treated properly so that it feels smoother. All you need to do is to apply a top coating. Mountain Mahogany darkens with age, which means your furniture will continue to get a deeper color as time passes. Ever since it was first recognized it has been associated with expensive taste and elegance. 1-866-864-8488. The texture of the grain is very uniform which means that it is perfect for furniture manufacturing. African Mahogany has a heartwood ranging from deeper reddish brown to pale pink. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The use of mahogany in domestic furniture became so ubiquitous in the 19th and early 20th centuries that it’s something of a surprise to discover that the wood was virtually unknown in Britain before the start of the eighteenth century. The advantages of mahogany wood furniture -- anti-carrion and insect repellent. You already Subscribed.Please try with different Email. Steps have been made to ensure that any export of the wood comes from a sustainable source. View our beautiful, select collection of Mahogany home office and living room furniture at Fusion Furniture Store, all available with FREE delivery to most areas and interest free finance options (minimum spend applies). Will update the ad once sold This is why many manufacturers avoid this wood for furniture use. It is an extremely important timber in Latin America since it brings in a lot of money via export. This is because the Janka Hardness rate of 1,250 lbf is too high to work on well with machines or tool. It is available in South and Central America, as well as many countries over the world in small regions. It is commonly found in Northern Mexico and the Western United States. In this DecorDezine article, we will look at the types of mahogany wood that are derived from various species of trees, and find out what differentiates one from the other. As it ages, the wood turns more towards purple or red. It is a beautiful wood found in Southern Florida and the Caribbean. Very small quantities of the wood are currently available which means that it is hard to get. Upload a picture, select the item and shop! Mahogany (New World mahogany, African mahogany): This hardwood is a traditional favorite for fine furniture, one of the most treasured furniture woods in the world. Cuban Mahogany. Color Difference: Mahogany wood comes in pink color resulting in large color difference. Solid wood Vintage Mahogany cedar Guardian Chest/trunk made by The Honderich Furniture Company. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. It can also be used to make smaller specialty turned wood objects. It is a really important decision to make if you don’t want to find yourself spending more time and money replacing your furniture over and over again. This is why it is included in the CITES Appendix II, due to the immense potential of it becoming a vulnerable species. The average trunk diameter is 1 ft, and it grows to be 10-20 ft tall, which makes it a medium sized tree. Categories. In 1946, Cuba actually had to place a ban on the export of the wood due to high demand and overharvesting practices. Myroxylon balsamum is also commonly referred to as Santos Mahogany. However, more species of the mahogany were soon discovered by biologists. Honduran Mahogany is hailed as a really beautiful type of wood. All of our mahogany furniture is made from solid mahogany wood, we offer a wide range of mahogany furniture in traditional antique reproduction and contemporary designs including our Mahogany Bedroom Furniture Range comprising Four poster beds, Sleigh beds, French style beds, bedside tables, dressing tables, chest of drawers, wardrobes and armoires. Sort by-- Select -- Dining Room Categories. This beautiful cedar lined mahogany chest made by a well known Ontario furniture company around 1940 and is perfect for storing blankets, linens, or simply a quality decoration piece for home/office. 6 Types of Mahogany Wood for Flooring and Furniture, 11 Free Home Exterior Visualizer Software Options: Colors, Siding, Windows, Shingles, Trim and More, Loop vs. Cut Pile Carpet (Differences and Similarities), The 2020s and Art Deco Tiles Coming Back with a Vengeance, Masquespacio Design Breathe’s New Shop in Bogotá, Apartment 65m2 in Dublin 2019 by Tim Gabriel. Finishes rarely last as long as the wood they protect, but a dull finish isn't always one that needs to be replaced. The Swietenia macrophylla is also commonly referred to as the Honduran Mahogany. Mahogany trees are known to grow very large and have relatively few knots compared to other trees and it has been used to make fine furniture for generations. There are six main types of mahogany wood that you can choose from when you are thinking about getting new furniture. The plantation crops are harvested every 4-5 years for firewood and 30–60 years for large scale manufacturing. Mahogany varies in color from medium brown to deep red-brown and dark red; the grain is very distinctive and attractive. Density: 655 kg/m3. Next time you are out shopping for furniture, you will exactly know what type of Mahogany was used to make it. It is now grown extensively in plantations and is widely exploited by the market. In fact, no furniture using mahogany has been positively identified in Britain before that date.… Hardness: 5140 N. Volumetric Shrinkage: 7.2% Teakwood (Tectona … The Honduran Mahogany is found readily available in markets despite the many export restrictions it has. You can easily get some in veneer or lumber form from sustainable plantations in Latin America. It has a Janka Hardness rating of 1,070 lbf, which is why it is perfect for furniture. Mahogany is a much sought-after wood, based on its hardness, resilience and beauty. The lumber from African Mahogany is readily available in all sorts of sizes include veneer and plywood. One of the most popular wood types that people use in residential homes is mahogany. We do not use machines to make our products, which in turn gives a genuine look and feel of true craftsmanship to each & every piece. Mahogany is a kind of hardwood. It is distinguished by its unique reddish-brown color and its uniform grain. Our Artisans build our furniture using techniques passed down through many generations, with old world authentic hand tools. The older and denser the wood, the darker the color gets. Straight grain shows the fibres of the wood running vertically down the length of the wood, but interlocked grain looks like circles repeating around themselves. The wood species is on the IUCN Red List and is listed as an endangered species. If you are planning to get furniture made from this type, make sure to get it from a reputable place. 46560 Fremont Blvd, 414 Fremont, CA 94538, Toll Free: 1-866-864-8488 | Fax: 1.510.991.9861 | We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. It is called Genuine Mahogany because it is the truest form of the species and is often colloquially what people mean when they say ‘Mahogany’. It has a Janka Hardness rate of 900 lbf, which means that it is a stable wood to work with. Prices usually depend on the quality and import costs of the hardwood. For lovers of luxury and dark wood with an espresso finish. Global shipping available. The texture of the wood is very fine and even, which makes it perfect for residential furniture. It is the most common substitute for the Cuban Mahogany which is hailed as one of the best woods for furniture. All Dining Room 39. Indigenous to South America, Central America and Africa, mahogany wood serves as one of the world’s most stunning mediums for beautiful furniture. Though, you need to be careful while working on sections which have figured grains since they can chip or tear out under the machine. When compared to other exotic hardwoods like Ipe, it is actually significantly better to get Santos Flooring. In color it ranges from pink to reddish-brown as it gets older. It is found in the West tropical region of Africa. This step is not necessary if you are using oil-type finishers. The grain shouldn’t be interlocked either since that can increase the chances of tear out. OF Its reddish brown color naturally gave it a fine cabinet wood look that the queen couldn’t help but fall in love with. The price for the wood falls in the mid-range as with any imported timber. Cuban Mahogany is one of the most revered furniture woods in the … The color of the heartwood ranges from a dark reddish brown to a pale pinkish brown. It sands very easily due to its relatively lower Janka Hardness rating. Mahogany wood is commonly straight, but it is possible to find mahogany that has an interlocked grain. The easy workability also ensures that it can be molded into all types of furniture. Some furniture is made with mahogany veneers rather than solid mahogany to limit the use of mahogany. Solid Mahogany Furniture Facts. Dining Chairs 42. Mahogany trees are grown around the world, which has led to many different varieties of mahogany wood. The type of wood is mostly used as firewood in mountainous regions where other forms of fuel aren’t available. Even if it is being sold, it is usually at a really high price. Teak wood. The price actually depends on the availability of the wood in your region. If your manufacturer uses glue, this is fine since it won’t harm the wood at all. The hutch has 3 glass doors hutch contain two wooden shelves, the sideboard has 3 drawers compartments on top of 3 doors compartments. The Janka Hardiness Rating is 3,200 lbf, which means it is one of the densest woods that you can get. The Eucalyptus robusta is also commonly referred to as the Swamp Mahogany. Solid Mahogany Wood Furniture. With respect to American mahogany furniture made during the first half of the 20th Century, manufacturers would place the mahogany veneer over a solid hardwood core constructed of a wood which did not have the stability problem to the degree of mahogany. It has reddish-brown heartwood while the sapwood is either pink or yellow. Cuban Mahogany is one of the most revered furniture woods in the world. Under French colonies, the wood was known as Acajou, and in Spanish territories, it was known as Coaba. Dining Room Collection 13. As with all mahogany, the color tends to darken with age, and it displays the optical phenomenon known as Chatoyancy. It is widely grown in plantations in equatorial to temperate regions due to its tolerance and early growth rates. It has a thick spongy reddish-brown bark. Mountain Mahogany isn’t really that rare but it isn’t generally harvested for lumber often since it can be hard to transport it. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to revamp your dining hall or add a new cupboard to your bedroom, you should always make an informed decision. This stops many lumber retailers from exploiting the wood type. If you look for quartersawn or figured lumber, it may end up costing you more. If mahogany furniture is used in a large space, it will highlight the black sand and make the furniture texture unclear. Among the woods marketed as mahogany are sapele, utile, Spanish cedar, and, most commonly, Khaya (African mahogany). Trees are commonly huge ranging from 100 ft to 130 ft. Mountain Mahogany’s scientific name is the Cercocarpus. Mahogany is a beautiful reddish-brown timber that looks amazing wherever you place it in your home. H 21.75" L 38.75" W 18.50" Please reply with your contact number. It is also called Genuine Mahogany, Brazilian Mahogany, and Big-Leaf Mahogany. Solid Mahogany Wood Furniture; Chat Ask a Question Call Give us a call. Mahogany is such a luxurious material for furniture that practically anything made from it is worth keeping in top-notch condition. The timber is usually used for general construction and firewood, meaning that you shouldn’t trust any furniture claiming to. Typical woods used for this purpose were fruitwood or gumwood and, to a lesser extent, poplar. The design of mahogany bedroom furniture set - is a truly royal bedroom - with wood carvings, mahogany wood, detailed cabriole legs. mahogany wood furniture; TOTAL: 7 PRODUCTS Categories. It is commonly found from Southern Mexico to central South America. Hardwood is generally very resistant to decay, and also the mahogany. Furniture, cabinets, guitars and other musical instruments, interiors, boat building, pattern making, trim, entry doors, stairs. It allows the wood to be easily shaped, but it is hard enough to survive wear and dents from everyday use. Cuban Mahogany also exhibits an optical phenomenon known as Chatoyancy. Mahogany Furniture Nothing states old-fashioned elegance more than solid Mahogany furniture. This type of grain is particularly attractive when polished up on wood furniture. It has the perfect Janka Hardness of 930 lbf which means that it is pliant but reliable. Mahogany-veneered furniture with ormolu mounts assumed the shapes of Roman, Greek, and Egyptian chairs and tables, with winged-lion supports and pilasters headed with sphinxes’ busts or palm leaves; where no Classical prototypes existed, contemporary designs were enlivened with Classical ornament.… furniture: Wood. Mahogany wood is one of the most famous and valuable furniture materials in the world. Mahogany Genuine grows in Latin America Weight 2.58 lbs /Bd. It is commonly found in South and Central America, as well as Southern Mexico. … A massive tree with a beautiful canopy, this tree grows to over 150 feet with trunk diameter over 72" above large buttresses. 1-30 Dining Benches 1. It can reach a height of almost 100 ft, and the trunk size can be 2-3 ft in diameter. Be the first to hear about new products,special offer & more! The Khaya anthotheca genus of the Mahogany species is commonly known as African Mahogany. Mahogany is a commercially important lumber prized for its beauty, durability, and color, and used for paneling and to make furniture, boats, musical instruments and other items.

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