It is easy to carry to the river. All I can say is that this boat has got to be one of the best values for the money I've ever had. I have four kayaks, but the Otters see the most use, they have held up very well for 3 years now and arre available in a variety of "kid friendly" colors (ours are a matched pair in a blue, green and purple tye dyed kind of finish. Haven't done any modifications yet but will have to add a rod holder and some webbing to hold all the little nick nacks that will go on my day trips.For the size, weight and price you can't go wrong with the Otter. Last drop-off at 1 pm to provide enough time to get back. This boat is also very slow, I did not realize how slow until I got together with some local folks and paddled a fast boat. First, the good... the seat seems decently comfy, the footrests and hull in general seem good and sturdy. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you! I purchased this kayak for lakes and slow rivers. You’ll enjoy the extra performance. I bought my kayak in 2006 and still use it today. Getting in to kayaking and running some rivers with friends. Well made and sturdy Kayak. Don't know if this is the result of the hard seat. Beautiful 1.5 hr ride on the property. Otter Creek This is the longest river in Vermont and one of the few rivers in New England that flows northward for its entire length. Took it out a few days after picking it up at Dick's sporting goods. If you're a begginer who's looking to do some lake paddling and dont want to spend much money, this is the boat for you. When it came to the Great Lakes, I found it to be very safe and extremely capable of handling the smaller bays and inlets. She likes the independence, the stability, and the ease of handling, compared to the bow seat of our tandem. I enjoy wildlife watching as I paddle so stability is a must. Okay for a short 20 or 30 minutes, but that’s about it. It has taken everything we have put it through and has the battle scars to prove it. My three Otters, veterans of several seasons as rentals, are not dented, warped, or misshapen. Love the shorter size of the Otter. I purchased this kayak for around $250.00, it's all my wife would let me spend. Distance depends on water levels and tide, a little under 2 miles of the Creek appears to be navigable at best. As out of shape that I am, I managed to go two miles before getting too tired. Saturdays 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. So there ya go.....even in New Zealand we love the Otter. The grandson loves it too, although he managed to tip it. In fact once up to speed you can almost spin it 180 or stuff! Thirdly, the boat was very stable. And after all, it didn't cost anything. In that regard: 1.) I offered the 15 year old a choice of any boat she wanted (she's been paddling for several years) and she decided on a new Otter. During this time I have paddled over 300 miles in the state of Indiana. Big enough cockpit to bend your legs a little so they don't get num during a long run. Cant' do that in a 16 foot boat. They checked the seat over the phone and it seemed OK. A Loon 111 (11'1"), a Castaway (12'9") and an Otter (9'6") The Loon & the Otter I can forget which one I'm in because they feel allot alike. My wife and I bought two Otters with paddles for around $600 or so a couple of years back. C$ 56 per night (Latest starting price for this hotel). Seat is surprisingly comfortable for a plastic one. Please click below to read more about this adventure: If you are interested in supporting Kayak Ontario, please do so by attending our kayaking lessons (clinics, classes and events). I now paddle an 18 footer and my wife a 16'. I am 5'1" and am able to easily prop my legs on the top of the kayak, if I wish. Otter kayak Description The Otter kayak is a kayak brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. Is the boat perfect? I can only rate the kayak that I have have and that is the Otter Sport, my boyfriend has the XT and we love them. Whenever anyone asks me what kind of first kayak to purchase, I always tell them to buy an Otter to get their feet wet. I bought the Otter Sport (a step up from the Otter) and I am very pleased with it. This was my families first kayak when I was about 10 years old. After all, it is an "off-road" vehicle; able to get away from the destinations of mass-transit; in all forms. I found this Otter used for $200, it has been my favorite boat since the first time I got it on the water. Bulletproof little boat! I believe though that it has been discontinued and the other models have more features. Alternate put in at South Road in North Ferrisburgh MA. That said with the exception of it being rather heavy and awkward to carry for a boat of this size I would rate this little kayak as a great way to navigate calm ponds and out of the way meadering streams and backwaters. I purchased my Otter in the Spring of '05, back in Northeast PA. After one outing on a small lake, I immediately started outfitting it with foot braces (I'm only 5'7"), paddle bungie, deck bungie (front and rear), and a padded seat. I picked up this boat from Craigslist as a boat as a friend boat for when I went paddling with people that didn't have a boat. They were bought for the family. The only set back to The Otter is the lack of foot peddles (can be easily installed) and the behind the seat storage compartment is can be hard to access. Hanover, Walkerton, McBeath, Paisley and Teeswater River confluence, Sang's Creek, Denny's Dam (Rte 21), Southhampton. Overall a good boat for the money but only for kids or beginners. 519-688-7330 My guess is that I've got about $350 in it. I am 6'2' and around 215#. Two thumbs up for the people in Maine creating great canoes and kayaks. It also light enough to be carried by one person for those tricky beaver dam portages. There must be a reason for that. Since then I've owed a Castine and now have an Adventure XL. Personally I rate this kayak a 10 for recreational use.... its great for getting out in the lake or river and having fun. I am 6'2" and around 215... so it may just be too small for my frame. This kayak does not track well at all, meaning you will constantly be correcting your course as it wants to turn with every paddle stroke. Put in at bridge.It's 3 miles from Rt. Creature comfort wise, the molded seat is extremely comfortable, and paddling effort is quite modest unless you try keeping up with longer, sleaker boats. Helps on the longer paddles. Keeps up with the two other kayaks I have. I added footbraces which made a huge difference, also added a Harmony 1" closed cell foam seat pad. I'm 15 years old, and Ive been paddling in my otter for 2 years now, at first I thought it was great, but I had nothing to compare it too. Stable and easy to turn while drawing very little water you can't go wrong for a play boat. It is fast enough to outpace canoes. We did buy lighter weight kid paddles. I have a larger boat now but will keep the Otter for when I just have an hour and want to get out on the water. It took only a couple of times out to realize I should have invested a couple bucks more and gotten the Otter with 'pegs so I ordered a set and installed them along with a paddle hold and bow deck cords. I have to agree with all the other reviews I've read. The waters in Otter Creek are calm and easy flowing, making a paddling trip feasible for all ages. So, the seat assembly was unbolted so it would slide wherever it was needed. Otter Creek Smallcraft. I use it for fishing and just for the pleasure of padding. 333 people follow this. Great on the river and great for hauling the gear I need to have a super-mini-vacation on some remote riverside paradise. I purchased my Otter in March of 2001, paid $239. Trouble was, every time I brought the subject up, the wife and kid would say "we want one, too." Got it for $279.00 on sale and am very glad to have it. Another nice feature is they draw so little water. If you paddle often, you will quickly surpass the capability of this kayak. She has been enjoying her little Otter for two years now. I've had a wonderful time with this boat and it has hooked my brother, mother, and aunt on kayaking as well after only one trip each. The seat is comfortable although I found that without some sort of foot pegs I could not keep myself in a good position. Otter Be Here. Aylmer, Ontario, Canada. The boat tracks well, is very stable and the roomy cockpit is great. We brought 2 kayaks and rented 2. If you are a smaller individual or are buying it for the kids it would be a spectacular boat for getting out on lakes. Easy to paddle even for beginners. It will still get plenty of use. You may eventually want to move up to something with a few more features and better performance though. Search for the cheapest hotel deal for Super 8 Little Rock / Otter Creek in Little Rock. That shifted the whole seat over. I got my Otter at a yard sale for $50, it is worth way more than that to me! I find the Otter a little confining and feel it needs footpegs, but I sure enjoy the weight, speed, and stability. Nature & Wildlife Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter at Otter Be Here. With more than 20 years experience paddling sea kayaks of every description I had my doubts about the Otter. Canoe or Kayak down the Otter River. I pointed that out to the salesman and he knocked off a little more cash. Another SW salesman said that that was the second one he’s seen like that. The other plus is that at 9’6” it’s about the maximum length for a short bed pickup truck, if your portage doesn’t go any further than throwing it in the bed. The day was a nice and sunny and got some what hot at times. I can float anywhere with about 2.5 inches or more water! The smaller of the 2 camps has a kitchen with a woodstove, a bathroom, living room and an … I'm giving this kayak 4 stars, because for what it is meant for it does really well. But how many times are you going out for a full day excursion. I found it on sale at Bass Pro Shop for $200. Just wondering if it would be worth trying at some point. Alas after 15-20 miles of paddling I would have to rate this little boat quite high when it comes to fun delivered for the dollar. Saugeen River. Little Otter Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Kingsland Bay State Park. It’s now halfway through 2020 and still going strong, and I sure haven’t ever been nice to this thing. If you can find one of these for under two hundred bucks, it’s a great deal on a nearly indestructible kayak. Just a word of warning to check EVERYTHING before handing over your cash. Added foot pegs and deck cords to upgrade the boat and have used it on flatwater and class II streams. A pretty good deal if you ask me. two folding lawn chairs that fit into the "long" bags were strapped on top of the back deck; and, 3.) I see this has lots of reviews so I'll just say that I bought this new a couple years ago at a local sporting goods store for $150. It was like I was born to kayak and the little Otter brought that out. Nice boat for money. 54004 Calton Line Somebody can get hurt by the screws protruding in the kayak. -Lifejacket I've paddled rental Otters several times on various rivers & lakes. The seat pad was "self stick" but the Otter seat is rough so I used plastic automobile rivets to secure the seat in about 5 places. It's relatively unstable as far as rolling is concerned. When I was looking I noticed that the cheaper ones didnt have the foot pegs or a padded seat, I consider both of these very important in the satisifaction of your kayak. The otter was the boat that got me hooked on kayaking. These are great kayaks for beginning paddlers. Boat launch is located right above the falls on the right side of Rte 7 going north. Just one word of caution; this is not a whitewater kayak! Not the quickest boat going through the water either. Now my kayak trips can be solo or family outings. I still use it for paddling creeks, rivers and small lakes mainly for exercise and some exploring, I don't mind bumping into rocks or dragging it on the gravel cause it's so indestructible. The flattened top deck is both good looking and convenient. Awesome little kayak! So for now this is the perfect kayak for her - it's small and easy for us to put on the car, it fits in the garage well (we can just stand it on its end in a corner), it seems to resist dirt better than the Acadias with their somewhat textured finish, its price was certainly friendly, and it came in a pretty color (hey, for a 9 year old girl this is an important feature!). The boats are light in weight, tough as nails, and came in "girl friendly" colors...LOL...we have a pink one and a purple one....the girls each picked theirs out!!! I bought my first OTC 'yak 4 years ago and it was the Standard Otter (comes w/o footpegs). Foot pegs and a couple of paddle hooks to hold the paddle while I fish are my next purchases from Old Town. Even in a 10-20 mph breeze, the boat stayed on course, and went where I told it to go. They all wanted to out my little gray otter. i bought the otter kayak aka as the angler edition - with padded seat and foot rests. Bought a used Otter in excellent shape, primarily for my wife, secondarily for 8-year-old grandson. Even after adding foot pegs, seat cushions, and drain plugs, it is still among the least expensive boats on the market. However, maneuverability and stability are terrific. For a first time purchase of a small kayak (9' 4") for getting into back waters where low tree limbs and thick overgrowth occurs, I recommend the little Otter. Get Directions (218) 780-6640. How To Overcome a Bad Paddling Experience, The Gift of Adventure with Wildcoast Adventures. Great primary stability, not the best secondary. In short, the perfect beginner’s kayaks. When pushed way back, climbing in and out is a breeze. Although very heavy for a boat this size due to the materials used (polyethylene) this little boat brings to mind the old adage about "Nothing, simply nothing, beats messing, simply messing about in boats!". If you're looking for a great boat at a great price this is the one! No problems. Evening hours are possible by appointment. Excellent materials and very high quality. It is fairly easy to maneuver, but quick if you want it to be. 2)Size. While the lack of foot braces does somewhat inhibit your ability to maximise the power of your paddle stroke for casual paddles it's not a problem. Overall, this boat is very versatile and tough as nails. After learning a bit though I think you would be better buying the XL as it has a padded seat and foot pegs, it is only 50.00 more at most outlets and you will spend that plus, retrofiting the basic boat. Our daughter loves her little boat though, and can keep up with Mom and Dad pretty well in it. I've had mine for around 10 years and I absolutely love this kayak for white water, rivers and lakes. But they are DURABLE and CHEAP and EASY to use, so I have to say that we are thrilled with it so far and plan on upgrading later when we get better at the sport. and I think it runs a little heavy at the stern. I picked up my Otter at a yard sale last fall for $150 (along with a tandem Otter for $250). Repectable for fishing too. I surfed amazingly well...I mean..It is a slow boat but you can do alot with any type. It has been found that bolting the seat in one stationary position in the Old Town Otter is not necessary. There are quite a few competitors these days, but I'll take my Otter over any of them. I'm almost 6'4" and vary between 210-240lbs., currently closer to 240lbs. I have three Old Town kayaks. This has been a very good kayak for fishing and leisure paddling around our local lake, creeks and river. Should have had a map of the lake... lots of fingers). Maybe this is the way all kayaks are? We bought two of these at a year end closeout at Cabelas for $180 each just to keep at our Pennsylvania camp. The small of the back takes the strain where the foot pegs would let the entire muscle system in the legs take it. It has a high cockpit that'll keep waves out, and has a little more maneuverability. Everyone in the world should own an Otter. 7, turn right ontoBotsford Rd. Great kids boat. A lot of the seats were not fastened correctly. I'm writing this review based on observations of my children - at 6'3" and 200 pounds, I've not squeezed into one myself. They have a customer in life with me!!! Outstanding entry level boat. The KDFWR has re-opened Otter Creek Park. I bought a bare bones otter about two months ago and over-all am very impressed. No matter what I'm getting into the Otter is up to the challenge. This is a great little boat for the price. 1705 County Road 5 (1,258.98 mi) Carlton, MN 55718 . Not for rough water but for delightful time on quiet creeks/rivers/lakes you can't beat it. Although a bit slow in comparison to more sleek and lengthy designs the Otter moves easily through the water. The otter is better in the white water because it turns faster and I have a skirt for it so I stay dry. I recently purchased an Otter without really looking into my options. I have been using 17 and 15 foot Grumman canoes on these trips, but I have discovered that teens don't want to paddle with their siblings or their parents; they really want their own boat. It was small enough for narrow rivers and creeks. However, the Otter is still in my possession and several friends have borrowed it for their "first time out". It was a replacement for my old fiberglass Phoenix. You can take pictures and shift around without fear of toppling over (unlike some of my boats.) I recommend buying two for more family fun. I'm 5'11" and 125 pounds and can easily carry it to the water. It is almost identical to the Perception Swifty in its construction and handling. I picked up that one and the seat bracket holes are aligned perfectly. On Class II water (a slow stretch of the Cumberland river) it was not hard to swamp the Otter. I love the Otter! Ah, like was grand after. Hello everyone. I bought my husband one for Father's Day. I have had my Otter for over 10 yrs its great for me to throw on top of my car just the right size an maneuvers easy an has been to Fla. keys several times and gets me to places that longer kayaks go it is just great will never get rid of it. Day trips on the serene Otter River Book by calling (226) 448-9179. Peter Macfarlane's NFCT through-paddle 2013 VISIT Peter's NFCT 2013. The price seemed too good to be true, then I noticed that the seat was not centered in the boat. First of all, it tracks amazingly well (for a 9 foot boat). The outfitting is spartan, but she added some foam cushioning. For their length they paddle respectably but no sub-10' boat's going to be fast. I can throw it on top of my Jeep and be ready to go in 5 minutes. This is an over-stable, short, easy to use kayak. What a Great day! In that time the only thing I replaced was the nylon strap that was used for seat adjustments, and that’s because the damn squirrels decided it might be a tasty treat. The sweet spot for speed on this boat is about 5 mph. You won't find this description for a used Otter, because it will get used all of the time. My boys are 8 and 10 yo my husband and I have paddled these a ton and think they are a great introduction to the sport o kayaking. For a kayak that cost about double what we own I was excited to try out a "real" kayak. Being 6'4" and 230 lbs, the cockpit of the Old Town Otter was initially hard to get into; although, the leg room was fine. I have taught at least a dozen children how to kayak and probably close to as many adults and I almost always throw them in the Otter first. The Otter Sport is great. Make sure you find some cushioning to throw on the seat. In all cases they enjoyed how it was "user friendly" with the last two borrowers buying their on 'yaks. Great kayak for the money. All in all, it was a very fun first ride. -Dry Bag When you move up to something that can handle more challenging water and longer trips, keep the otter. I added foot pegs and bungy cord to attach gear. It does everything I need. Haven't taken it on the lake yet but it was fine on still water going down the river.

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