See route maps and schedules for flights to and from Liberia and airport reviews. Weah Insists He Broke No Law, Diaspora 'Liberians' Urge Compatriots to Vote 'Yes' to Referendum, Foreign Ministry Initiates Reform to Enhance Future Diplomatic Policy Agenda, Houston Clear Lake University Honor Liberians for Supporting Autism Awareness in Africa, Liberian Youngster, Wantoe T. Wantoe to Serve Top UN Steering Committee, UBA Liberia Wins Bank of the Year At the Banker's Award 2020, Liberia Govt, Opposition Bicker Over Looming Referendum, Killings, Arrests After Cote d'Ivoire Presidential Poll - HRW, Fears and Insecurity Ahead of Liberia Elections, Amnesty Decries Cote d'Ivoire Opposition Leader Crackdown, 'Tone Down the Hateful Rhetoric', UN Tells Cote d'Ivoire, Thousands Flee Cote d'Ivoire Amid Electoral Violence - UN, Covid-19 Testing Fee for Travellers to Liberia, How Criminals Move Their Money Around the World, Deaths of Corruption Busters Raise Suspicions in Liberia, Police Investigating Death of Liberia Revenue Authority Workers, River Gee County Lawmaker Condemns National Elections Commission's Recalcitrance Over December 8 Referendum, Rallies Constituents to Boycott, Axle Load Control Project Contributes to Harmonised Law Enforcement and Protects Transit Highways in Liberia, CPP Calls for the Resignation of Elections Commission Commissioners, Liberia Rising Project Engages Locals On Referendum, Green Advocates Breaks New Ground - As 7 Communities in Nimba Sign MOU to Secure Land Deeds, Liberia Revenue Authority to Appreciate and Award Outstanding Taxpayers, 'Additional Covid-19 Testing Fee Hindering Trade and Movement in West Africa' - Ecowas Ambassador to Liberia Discloses, 45 Students to Benefit Youth Media Action Child Broadcasting Program, 'We Should Not Allow Politics Divide us' - Winner of the Nelson Mandela Freedom Award Urges Liberians, Master Queen Soccer Tournament Kicks Off Today, All Liberian Party Benoni Urey Says All Indicators Show That Dillon Will Be the Victor of Montserrado County Senatorial Election, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor's Ally Rep. Marvin Cole Breaks Ranks With Her, Says She's 'Ungrateful', Forpoh Paluken in Grand Kru Gets U.S.$100k Access Tower, Liberia Business Alliance Holds Maiden Townhall Meeting Via Zoom, Forbes Africa Names Top 10 Richest African Artists, Chakwera Faces Backlash For Hiring Tony Blair As Malawi Advisor, Fugitive Cleric Bushiri Now Wanted For Rape in South Africa. I flew out of Liberia LIR two days ago so thought I would give some details about that.. 1. FrontPageAfrica - Liberia's Leading News Magazine. US dollars are often used for transactions over a few dollars. Liberia: Monrovia Airport closed Mondays and Thursdays /update 1. Ahead of National Day, Swedish Ambassador to Liberia, Ingrid Wetterqvist, Reflects on Strong Liberia Ties, Aid Post-Covid-19, Liberian Immigrant Featured by CNN at George Floyd Protest Charged with Felony, Liberia: Remains of Former Public Works Minister, Mobutu Nyenpan Brought Back to…, Liberia: In ‘St. However, there are better options for getting to Monrovia. Monrovia — Air passengers arriving and departing from the Roberts International Airport will have to bra e for new technical health measures outlined for the resumption of commercial flights. Brief background I was born and grew up in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. See route maps and schedules for flights to and from Monrovia and airport reviews. U.S. citizens may obtain a COVID-19 test through the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) at the Union Center testing facility, Sophia, Congo Town, Monrovia from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., seven days per week. The RIA was closed to commercial carriers in March of this year in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To address comments or complaints, please Contact us. "Movement to and from counties not yet affected by COVID-19 will be restricted," the released maintained. IATA: LIR ICAO: MRLB Watkins Initiative for Nations Identifies With Fire Victims in Mont. Read the original article on FrontPageAfrica. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. The discussions over the possible tentative date for reopening comes as Liberia continues to record mass number of recoveries from the deadly Coronavirus. Show prices Opens in new window: Hotel Santa Ana Liberia Airport Opens in new window. Monrovia is the capital of Liberia, which sits on the coast of West Africa. You can drive from Monrovia (ROB) to Monrovia in around 53 min. Monrovia / m ə n ˈ r oʊ v i ə / is the capital city of the West African country of Liberia.Located on the Atlantic Coast at Cape Mesurado, Monrovia had a population of 1,010,970 as of the 2008 census.With 29% of the total population of Liberia, Monrovia is the country's most populous city. “Before this weekend, we will be having the final copy of what we will be using in terms of  health measure from IATA and the airport before open. My primary, secondary and higher institution of learning were all in the same city, Lagos. The new passenger terminalis a two-level building with a floor area of 5,000m². Airlines will tell you to arrive at the airport 3 hours ahead of time. Roberts International Airport (IATA: ROB, ICAO: GLRB), informally also known as Robertsfield, is an international airport in the West African nation of Liberia. It is capable of handling approximately 320,000 passengers a year. Said Bishop Klayee: “In order to open the airport we have been having series of meetings with the stakeholders – Ministry of Health, the National Public Health Institute(NPHIL), the United Nations Refugee Agency(UNHCR) and the United States Aid for International Development(USAID). The city center is the image of a tropical capital, melting in the hot sun. Until 1985, the airport was operated by Pan American World Airways, operating as the carrier's major African hub. IATA: ROB ICAO: GLRB Call Liberian hotline 4455 for details. The airport is located 60 km east of Monrovia and is named in honour of Joseph Jenkins Roberts, the first President of Liberia. We operate from Cape Town, Dakar, Abuja, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Washington DC. Distance: 210 Km. For now, the tentative date is not yet finalized but it could be anywhere from now to the fourth of July but July 10th could be a safe bet for now, depending on the progress being made. Airport staff hold workshop on new health protocols to be put in place for the reopening of the airport . Get the latest in African news delivered straight to your inbox. Moses’ Saga, Grieving Mothers Want Their…, Liberia: Archie Ponpon’s Father Pleads for Help for His Son…. Der zweite Flughafen Monrovias ist der Flughafen Monrovia-Spriggs Payne. In a related development, in the wake of consensus by West African countries that are members of the West African Examination Council to administer this year's WASSCE exams for 12th graders in August 2020, President Weah has mandated the Ministers of Education and Health to promulgate guidelines for the return of students in the 12th grade to class this June. 652 reviews . At the same time, President Weah has extended by two more weeks guidelines intended to prevent the spread of the virus. "The joint security will continue to enforce these rules. Liberia has confirmed COVID-19 within its borders.

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