install your new flooring paralell to the existing flooring OR; b) install new flooring running perpendicular or diagonally to existing wood floor/subfloor 4) At the staircase/step transition, you simply install a new stair nosing that sits on top of the existing floor and is FLUSH with the new floor and overhangs the riser. Engineered hardwood floors may be installed over wood subfloors using staples or flooring cleats. Then connect the pieces, carefully folding and tapping the new piece to rest on the subfloor. When installing floating engineered hardwood on a concrete … Unlike hardwood flooring, engineered flooring can be installed over concrete or existing flooring, such as tile or linoleum. New Hardwood Flooring Over Old Hardwood Flooring: 3/4" thick or thinner Solid or Engineered hardwood flooring must be installed across the old wood floor boards (at a 90 degree angle). An example is Proflex90, a peel-and-stick rubberized fabric sheet product that can be used under finished hardwood floors. A staggering 99% of Realtors say homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell and can actually add 2.5% to the sales price. You'll find a number of hardwood flooring options to choose from. Engineered wood floors are secured in place through a tongue-and-groove connection. Does this application need sound proofing? Of course, the tongue-and-groove connection is the sophisticated version that locks the floor in place, allowing you to install it over old floors. Here are the eight critical questions you must research and answer to plan and budget for a successful engineered hardwood flooring installation. Installing an engineered wood floor is a major project. Thinner 3/8-inch-thick boards are good for gluing down over existing flooring. Laminates are a durable, cost-efficient flooring choice. 1. Next, look at how your existing floors are adhered to your subfloor. They are in bad shape (big gaps, splintering) and cannot be reasonably refinished again and the new flooring is already purchased. Buying pre-stained, pre-finished hardwood flooring avoids the whole messy, smelly floor finishing step. Floating hardwood flooring over an underlay. When installing new wood flooring parallel to an existing solid nail-down floor, add a minimum of 3/8" plywood underlayment over the existing floor to increase stability. Before installing hardwood floors, use a straight edge to find the humps and dips in the subfloor. Hardwood floor installation can be slowed by an uneven subfloor. ... Click-floating- engineered hardwood floor-can I install over carpet in. Although some engineered floors can be glued down or laid as floating floors, thin 3/8-inch flooring must be nailed. Climate controls: Complete periodic checks on the temperatures (listed above) and to ensure the humidity levels stay between 30% and 50% to avoid splitting or gaps in your hardwood. Jeannie from Floors Direct North in Newmarket. Guide the homeowner in selecting a hardwood floor that is appropriate for their scenario. Pics of : Installing Engineered Hardwood Floors Over Concrete Slab. Firstly, you should measure and cut the underlay to the size and shape of the room. They connect to each other, but not to the table. density) – Glue Down/ Floating Floors only.-Concrete slab- Glue Down/ Floating Floors … If installing a floor over your existing floor you will want to take an engineered wood floor that is at least 1/2″ thick and over 4 3/4″ wide. Laminate flooring can be installed on top of hardwood boards that are in fairly good condition with no preparatory work at all. The floor has been sanded and refinished twice. Order 10% more than you need to account for waste. Solid hardwood expands and contract far too easily with moisture changes that inevitably occur within the environment they are installed. Installing floors is a difficult DIY job. Considerations For Installing Laminate Flooring Over Hardwood. One of the best options over radiant heat is to use an engineered hardwood floor. While this is not a definitive guide to hardwood installation over OSB panels, there are some important points to ponder. How To Install An Engineered Hardwood Floor How To Install An Engineered Hardwood Floor Installing Hardwood Flooring Over Concrete How Tos Diy READ Installing Shower Tray On Uneven Floor. Hardwood can make for a durable and beautiful floor, but small mistakes in the subflooring or installation can wreak havoc and buckling, squeaky, uneven floors can all result from poor installation. Advertisement Photo: Hi there, this is Jeannie from Floors Direct North in Newmarket and Thornhill. If the laminate has a built-in underlayer, you could simply lay it on top of the hardwood flooring. simpleFLOORS offers traditional multi-strip plank laminates, handscraped single plank laminate floors, and smooth single plank laminate flooring. Floating Hardwood Floors - Introduction. When installing additional rows, work from left to right. Installing hardwood floors against a hardwood floor. ... 99% Of Floating Floors Are Engineered. Installing over existing hardwood depends on the quality of the existing floor but it's most definitely doable! Just take out the carpet first. -Existing hardwood flooring over a suitable subfloor as outlined above. Basement Wood Flooring Options . A lot of the time spent on a hardwood floor lacing project can be attributed to attempting to remove the boards to be replaced. Certain solid hardwood floors are appropriate as well. Existing floor must be well-fastened, smooth, and for Glue Down installations, unfinished.-Underlayment grade particleboard (minimum 40 lb. Click-method floors: another advance over solid hardwood flooring. Note that some engineered hardwood flooring products have a click-lock design. Other products are better suited for a nail-down installation where they are secured to a wood subfloor with nails or staples. I own a 120 yr old row house. Some engineered wood flooring products are designed for a glue-down application when installing flooring over a concrete slab. I am concerned about sound. For example, concrete subfloors can work for engineered wood, but because it cannot be nailed into, it will not work for installing solid hardwood floors. Older floors tend to have odd widths, depths, and finishes that can be hard to match exactly and that can complicate the project. Check with the flooring manufacturer for recommendations. 9/25/2015 at 2:17:47 PM. Or, if the thickness of the floor will allow it, staple to the existing floor. What are the best-engineered hardwood floors to lay over your concrete slab? The bedroom floors are the original 3/4" x 2 1/2" pine directly attached to the joists. If a Solid 3/4" thick wood floor is desired , it is recommended to use "Quartersawn" flooring (not usually available factory prefinished). ... We have a set in stone policy of not installing over existing floor, because of many reasons. Treat it with the respect it deserves. Apply wood glue to the tongue-and-groove seams. You have two basement wood flooring options, solid hardwood or engineered. Then, using a floor leveling compound or asphalt shingles, shim the dips so the floor is level. Comments (2) No. You can only float an engineered wooden floor, not solid hardwood. Walk over the subfloor, listening for squeaks. This funny video is about installing hardwood floors over existing hardwood floors. In this video, we show you how to glue down a prefinished, engineered hardwood floor over a concrete slab. When installing engineered wood planks or strips by nailing or stapling, it is necessary to use the proper type of flooring stapler or nailer made for the thickness of the engineered wood flooring that is being installed. Depending on whether you are using engineered or solid hardwood flooring, you may be able to use an existing floor in good shape, a plywood subfloor or a moisture-proofed slab of concrete. I plan to lay new 3/4" oak hardwood flooring. For the guest bedroom, I chose Home Depot’s Malibu Wide Plank, French Oak Montara Engineered Click Hardwood Flooring and love the rustic and understated look of it in the bedroom. Solid wood flooring is made from one continuous piece of solid wood, typically measuring 3/4 inch thick. The inherent dimensional stability of engineered hardwood floors makes it a great choice for radiant heat systems. Making things even easier for homeowners and home building contractors is the advent of click-method or click-together flooring options – engineered wood planks that are now even easier and less costly to install than t&g engineered … Once installed, engineered wood planks look the same as solid wood planks. Installing engineered hardwood flooring over the existing flooring which is is a great option for people who have hard to switch floors such as glued down hardwood or glued down vinyl. It should just be laid over the floor; there is no need to glue or fix it into position. Heating tube installation: After tubes are placed and the self-leveling concrete has cured, the system should be tested prior to installing the hardwood. Engineered hardwood floors are a cost-efficient way of getting the warm, beautiful look of hardwood floors without the price of actual hardwood. For more information about Engineered Flooring see our article All About Engineered Wood Floors.. Can 3/4" Solid Wood Flooring Be Used Over Radiant Heat Systems? You may not need to build a plywood subfloor on top of the concrete slab, depending on the floor system you choose. This membrane is waterproof and it offers a limited degree of sound control when used with hardwood floors. We have engineered hardwood floors we are about to install over our concrete in south Florida My husband was going to glue, but has decided to nail to plywood. Whats people lookup in this blog: Installing Engineered Wood Flooring Over Linoleum Hardwood floors can sell a home faster than you can say "sold." Immediately wipe up any glue that squeezes through the boards. It's just not a smart/professional move. 1. It is installed over the plywood underlayment just before the hardwood flooring is … The easiest way to install hardwood is a floating floor. Installing wood flooring over vinyl and beyond blog install hardwood flooring over tile floor double glue down method a hardwood floor installation guide for both engineered and non installing new flooring over linoleum let s talk you. If you want to visualize this better, imagine a jigsaw puzzle. And there are reasons for them being engineered. Another option when you are wondering how to install hardwood floors over particle board is to choose a laminate instead of a hardwood. Check out the video below on my process for installing these beautiful engineered hardwood floors and a quick step-by-step full of tips below! Although installing hardwood floors is generally more expensive than carpet or vinyl, it should last for decades.

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