Learn by example and become a better writer with Kibin’s suite of essay help services. Below are some points indicate the importance of language in society. The language also plays an important role in the development of a person personality, because communication is the one which drives our lives and makes ourselves better. Due to language people all over the world, come close, it … Language is the easiest source of dual communication. Knowledge and awareness: Books, digests and newspapers of the same language enhance the knowledge of the people of the society. It supports the ability of your child to communicate, and express and understand feelings. It is a type of language that helps students to understand their subjects in an efficient manner. Strange when one considers that 1197 million. Previous Page Print Page. Languages're important for job, for communication between people, for interacting, if you fall in love with some foreigner, it's good to know her or his native language. The importance of language in our society is clear as it has helped to smooth social contacts, preserve our culture and convey our thoughts to individuals and people in groups effectively. Communication takes place not only orally, but also in writing. Also read: Importance of English language. The first important element of language is clarity, or the use of language to make sure the audience understands a speaker’s ideas in the way the speaker intended. Language helps in communication with people. Stuck on your essay? The increasing use of English could also contribute to the decline of less popular languages that are … For example, I heard that you couldn't marry a German and French people if you don't speak their language. my language. The importance of language. Somehow it has become the lingua franca of. Prasanna Kotamraju. Knowing a language provides an opportunity for a child to go to the school and learn about general fields that can help him reach his career goals. science. Language as a tool to communicate is not an end in itself. It also supports your child’s thinking ability and helps them develop and maintain relationships. Effective Use of Language The Importance of Language. Utility through knowledge and experience: In this world, human beings get benefits by knowledge and experience of one another. Importance of Language Development and Literacy in Children Language development and literacy is no doubt a critical part of any child’s overall development. As a writer, it is important not only to think about what you say, but how you say it. Basically, language distinguishes humans from other animal species. Browse essays about Importance Of Language and find inspiration. The need to communicate triggers both the For instance, writing, a relatively recent invention, has a great importance for a language whereby it plays an important role in the preservation of language realities. While language, or verbal communication, is only one channel we can use to transmit information, it is a … The idea that English is the most important language can erase the importance of cultural identities that are tied to languages other than English. Published on 13-Dec-2018 17:35:33. Any means of communicating ideas, specifically, human speech, and the expression of ideas by the voice and sounds and the written and spoken methods of combining words to create meaning used by a particular group of people. Therefore, it's very important to speak some languages. There is a problem with being English and that, you see, is. Importance of English Language A language is a system for communicating ideas and feelings using sounds, conventional symbols, signs or marks. To communicate effectively, it is not enough to have well organized ideas expressed in complete and coherent sentences and paragraphs. that the study of language is a multidisciplinary endeavour. In journalism language plays an important role. Language is a complex system of symbols; it is the source of human thoughts.

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