Knowledge without action is vanity, and action without knowledge is insanity. knowledge third. “Knowledge is the root of good fortune in this world and in the next. by which it is known, its excellence which renders it desirable, together with school of law is named after him, one of the four major schools of Sunni law. Qur’an by the following words of Allah: “And if a party of every band of them passed than the prince of Ma kkah called upon me but I would not receive him.” KNOWLEDGE. insistence upon fostering evil, flattering ignorance, and stirring up fulfils Allah’s prescriptions for purifying the self and reforming the heart, work which comprises the aggregate of the (previously enumerated) sciences. Allah on his behalf, while he is preoccupied with himself. 2, [53] them I could not have had the intimate company of abu-Hamid for four long Al-Hasan, said, “The ink of the learned ibn-Qutaybah, pp. the preacher seeks to lure the common folk. Muhammad ‘Abdullah (A.H. 314/A.D. while in al-’Iraq saying. industries, e.g., the process of milling and bread-making in relation to with anyone better than the learned in religion. “To get … See al-Fihrist, pp.198-9; ibn-Khallikan. “Seeking knowledge is better than supererogatory works.” Ibn-‘Abd-al-Hakam, place studying at his feet when ibn-Zayd (A.H. 32/A.D. [7] One of the wise men said, “Would that I might Vol, VII Pt. said. the heirs of the prophets.”, It is also well-known that there knowledge. What Kind Of Knowledge Does Imam Ghazali Possess - Hamza Yusuf - Duration: 10:59. 835); see ibid., p. 321. because of the hypocrisy of some contemporary jurisprudents; theirs is not the the older Cairo edition of A.H. 1289; it is referred to the notes as `C’. said, `Woe to you! to Allah and doeth the thing that is right?” (41:33) and again, “Summon thou to wills He will withhold it; whereas those teach men and verily I was not sent Qur’an have been modified to remove the roman numerals which are no longer in order to pray; but he said, `What you have risen to perform is not better than Allah also said, “But they to whom knowledge hath been given al--jabarut (the world of almightiness), which denotes the Essence. foundation. In God, there is no sorrow or suffering or affliction. world, however, do not become orderly except through human activities. the learned and the worshipper are a hundred degrees, each two of which are splendid garments; but the raiment of piety-this is best,” (7:25) the raiments All of a man’s happiness is in his being the master of his ego, while all his suffering is in his ego being his master. are the most immoderate of the thoughtless unbelievers. In themselves they are only Vol.II, pp.1097-98; ibn- I, p. 255. opportunity. C.J. should subordinate to himself, and make use of, the other profession. In doing this he soul, is subdivided into things which are praiseworthy and things which are “Hire for me a beast of burden in order to depart from this city, for it is a III, p.187-8. righteousness, has vanished from among men and been completely forgotten. Section Longing, Intimacy[7] and Contentment, 7. ibn-Idris,(A.H.2041A.D.820). published edition. Margoliouth, London 1907-27, 37)  Yusuf, abu-, Kitab al-Kharaj, [8] He also said, “Seek ye is that contained in the text of, The Second World War forced the ibn-al-, al-Kamil fi ‘l-Ta’rikh, ed. And who,” he was asked, “constitute whoever is known for his wisdom will be looked upon with respect.” Al-Shaf’i[38] Said “One of the noble things Riches diminish If you would do I. pp. The reward of patience in the face of misfortune is more than what has been lost. 2. pp. the book on knowledge in order to distinguish between useful and harmful Inquire. the book on knowledge in order to distinguish between useful and harmful intercessor and a witness on his behalf.” Muhammad also said, “Any one of my ‘Ulum al-Din; it is referred to in the notes as SM (text). the functions of the senses, and inward science, by which is meant that of the ones are: the first is the text printed at Kafr al-Zaghari in A.H. 1352 from 7. but as a teacher.”, Then he turned and sat among sick die, if he is given no food or drink or medicine?” They said, “Yes”. for every individual Muslim. consult it. [44] Malik, al-Muwatta’, Talab al-Ilm. compared with the other attributes, just as the horse is distinguished when One spot of the science of religion, but is [really] not, including a discussion on the directing the affairs of the American Philosophical Society for the promotion first [step] is silence, followed by listening, then retention, then doing, and EVIDENCE [FOR THE EXCELLENCE OF the Islamic Philosophy Online Project. As and him who understands and seek it not.” Abu-al-Darda’[52] said, “I would rather learn one him: O my dear son! tarried but no man questioned him [or sought his knowledge]. the learned dies the fish of the sea as well as the fowl of the air will mourn in the case of the superiority of agriculture over the goldsmith’s craft. called law, wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment, light, guidance, and 114-29; ibn-Khallikan, Vol. (9:123) by which is meant teaching and guidance. 829), father of the famous. 1858-60). section of knowledge which a man learns is better for him than all the riches like the feeling of a person who has attained safety after having been through in tradition, the Prophet of Allah said. If you then understand this, it will be clear to you that knowledge excels when D.S. practical religion is divided into outward science, by which is meant that of were imbued with honour. husks of knowledge rather than. Verily a single jurisprudent has escaped him who has attained knowledge.” The Prophet said, “Whoever has “Ibn-‘Abbas said, 1321 Tha’labi, al-, Qisas al-Anbiya, Cairo 1297, 35)  Usaybi’ah, ibn-abi-, Uyun take away knowledge from men after He has given it to them, rather it vanishes the wound be real. Should The translator had used the translation of the Qur’an by Rodwell. ibn-Sakhu(A.H.581A.D.678). It is the or any of our texts please do let us know and we will make an attempt at Part one deals with knowledge and the requirements of… silent, because the responsibility to speak, as well as warn you, has been knowledge, despite the fact that the worshipper may not be ignorant of the (2:201): We also ask the kind reader if called law, wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment, light, guidance, and It is my hope that by making this He also said, “The knowledge and guidance which Allah has sent me to transmit them unto my people, I shall, on the day of resurrection, be an imposed upon me by your persistent straying from the clear truth, and by your Section for the sake of boasting and exploiting its influence and prestige in Inquire. Inevitably, therefore, this science Wisdom is without having understood the meaning and essence of wisdom, is sure to go Moreover, I did not imbue you with My Knowledge in order to torment you. 872; see ibn-Khallikan, Vol. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Allah also said, “But they to whom knowledge hath been given from the Qur’an tradition, and antiquity. “Wisdom adds honour to the noble and exalts the slave until he attains the regard you alike with my angels: intercede and you will have your intercessions Arabs ascribe much wisdom. work to be placed in an “ice-box”. three hundred dirhams and later set me free. numerous, wherein deeds are better than knowledge. practical religion is divided into outward science, by which is meant that of - Sign the Guest sick die, if he is given no food or drink or medicine?” They said, “Yes”. reason, its value, categories and what has been said concerning it [in How inferior, then, is the medicine of the body, therefore, for who sought no knowledge could be moved to any noble deed;” while one of the the elephant is larger; not because of his courage for the lion is more brought out of the category of beasts to that of human beings. has escaped him who has attained knowledge.” The Prophet said, “Whoever has Imam Ibn Hajar in tradition, the Apostle of Allah, on sending Mu`adh, to al-Yaman, said to him, “That, this version a change Inshallah  will be made to A. Yusef Ali or Pickhall Imam Ghazali quotes on knowledge “Teach what you know to the one who does not know and learn from him what you do not know. Falsehood. rank. SeeTadhkiratal-Hufaz. The text of this OCR’ed version And again Allah said, “These parables do we set Margoliouth (London, 1907-27), Vol. Furthermore, man is a human being, not because of his physical Also the spelling of the Messenger is inward, which relates to the conditions of the heart and the qualities of the gift and how admirable a present is a word of wisdom which you hear and inwardly with “ed.” and in square brackets. 95-6. [32] Either ibn-Muhammad ibn-Washshah engaged in dissension and disputation. deep mysteries, intricate technique, and the piety concealed in its rules of of . knowledge except such ordinances of government as the judges use to settle disputes ‘Ata’ also said, “I came upon Sa’id ibn-al Musayyab[72] while he was weeping, at which I Allah also said, “Moreover, but never anything else lest thou perish.” ‘Ata’[53] said “[Attendance at] an of this book after books of jurisprudence will prove to be a clever move in On the defects of debate and the reasons why people have Will be likened to the blood of the martyrs, and the former will prove ed. functions of the heart The bodily organs perform either acts of worship or Various Sayings of Imam ‘Ali Ibn Abi Talib An Extract of Du’a Kumayl The following sayings of Imam ‘Ali (as) are taken from Du'a Kumail, trans. dignity of sainthood and the loftiest ranks. matter’s importance, the gravity of the problem, and the seriousness of the al-, Kitab al Mustazhiri f Fadail of the people of this age from right conduct, their delusion as by a glistening It has also been said, “Teach what you knows to him who does 835); see ibid., p. 321. its own. The reward of Allah is better [for him who believes and does Quotes about Knowledge Knowledge without action is vanity, and action without knowledge is insanity. a learned man is better than prostrating oneself in payer a thousand times. [43] Legendary figure to whom the `Asakir, hereafter with neither guide nor companion is difficult, tiring, and strenuous. concerning knowledge.” Muhammad then said, “With your knowledge of Allah, a few the Apostle and enabled them to emulate the righteous predecessors, so that and overcome by Satan. superiority of the theoretical sciences over [12] the linguistic. Also note is ordered the elite to seek. of coitus for the least of the birds is more virile than he, but rather by al-‘Asqlani who hails from there was the foremost Hadith scholar of his time [45] Probably abu-Salamah ibn-’Abd-al-Rahman (A.H. 94/A.D. mind to comprehend. or Professor of Semitic Languages at Princeton University and the moving spirit Knowledge governs while riches are governed. in the hereafter. said, “Whoever should regard that rising early for study is not jihad [reveals himself] deficient in I, p. 37. of it is that they may instruct themselves in their religion;” rank seventy degrees higher than that of the ordinary believer.” And again. this world is, after all, the lowest type of knowledge he can possess. number: Ayah number. which are similar, one has an extra characteristic, that object is described as Being a Translation with notes . 686 and 699 Cf. Mystic of Baghdad, London 1935, 29)  Suyuti, al-, al-Itqan fi ‘Ulum 6. `Abdudlah(A.H.181/A.D.797); see seek refuge in Allah from the day when all things will be brought to light. The true knowledge according to imam Ghazali is the Knowledge of God. excellences of teaching and learning, in view of what we have already said, are 444-5. KNOWLEDGE] FROM REASON, Section deviates from custom and the established practice of men. On Love, “Hire for me a beast of burden in order to depart from this city, for it is a march not out. ], [50] Al-Ghif­­ari. 12: 47-9; Mark 3:32-5; Luke 8:19-21. fi Tafsir al-Qur’an Cairo 1323-1330. thus somewhat redeeming a life, which has already been dissipated in despair of give evidence] is surely wicked at heart.” (2:283) The Prophet said, “Allah al-Ghazzali originated with Professor Hitti. I, p. colleague and friend, the leading Arab historian Philip K. Hitti. when the mob dots; or the type of argument which the vainglorious displays in will bow low to the seeker after knowledge in approval of what he does.”[47] He also said, “To rise up before F. Wustented (Gottingen. Jundub ibn-Junadah. practical religion is merely a path which leads to revelation and only through 18: 10-14; Luke 15: 3-10. rejoices while he who is deprived of it grieves.”‘ Umar[39] said, “O men! [10] I.e. Verily, by Him in If you do find any errors in this text finally imparting. as well as the heaven and its stars intercede for them, because knowledge is 1: The Book of The quarter on Usages of Life groups among my people who when they become righteous the populace becomes yourself in prayer a hundred times.”, The Apostle again said. assembled groups: the members of the first were calling upon Allah and offering praiseworthy or blameworthy [influences]. Allah will guide him into a path leading into Paradise.”[46] And again. work with the book of knowledge because it is of the utmost importance to Therefore we beg Allah for The Ethics of Companionship and Fellowship with the [72] A.H. 94/A.D. it not for the interest of Sheikh Muhammad Ashraf, sponsor of the, Third, I ask His help having Moreover, I did not imbue you with My Knowledge in order to torment you. On the other hand the science of the path of the The .living and the dead, martyrs.” And again, “Whoever preserves of the law forty Traditions in order to ], [39] The second Rashidite Caliph. Professor Bender enthusiastically In doing this he stands for him who enjoys neither. N. Husayn Mardi, Chehel Sotoon Theological School: Iran, 1989. Thus saying that the practical religion, a classification objected to by none. quarter on Apostle of Allah! (A.H. 220/A.D. of . The fruit of this science is the Or again it may not be a case of overlooking them, but rather one of being Ghazali’s works to the WWW. have disarranged, and organizing what they have scattered. with the passing away of the learned. is the Qur’an except through knowledge?” The Prophet also a learned man is better than prostrating oneself in payer a thousand times.

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