The first is whether or not you and the congregation are willing to use an herbicide. Repeated cutting during the growing season involves a lot of work, but can be quite effective. The wood from the tree is the most durable wood in North America, and is commonly used to construct fence posts, ladder rungs, and other objects. All information is provided "AS IS." If anyone has any tips or tricks I will gladly pass them along. 0 Replies 3 Replies The link above suggests using a triclopyr-based herbicide, but that has less utility for numerous sprouts. Tweet. These sprouts can pop up in as little as 30 days after the tree is removed. However, these products usually require more treatments after the initial application. I’ve tried to consider all possible scenarios, but feel free to email me with your intended plan (and hopefully some pictures) and I’ll see if there is something I missed. Paint on herbicide with a paintbrush to any suckers that come from the roots. It tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, and spreads clonally as well as by seed. It remains attractive and provides shade for your yard. If you remove, interrupt, or deplete any of these the tree roots and the tree may die. Using any glyphosate-based herbicide, you have two options for application. 1 Like, Looking for way to control large volume of striped maple and witch hazel. We would like to be good stewards of the property and also provide occasional profit of some kind, especially to offset the taxes we pay on the property. Black locust flowers and foliage, Share !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); A final legal point is that the “label is the law” meaning that the specifications in the label attached to the container of pesticide are legally binding; if a resident of the building is making the application, they should read, understand, and follow the label. IVM_integrated_vegetation_management_principles.2011.pdf, Seeking advice on controlling oriental bittersweet. of Environmental Conservation. Both are interfering with growth of oak seedlings. The tree can reach a height of 60 feet and have a width of 30 inches. Don't use pelleted herbicides because this causes leaching, which could affect native woody plants. Website operating The tree is native to the U.S. and is also known as yellow locust. This is an effective strategy for the plant, but a challenge for those trying to manage the plant. It is best to apply this herbicide two months before fall coloration begins (July to September). You can choose either chemical or non-chemical means of control. When cutting the tree, all stems must be cut, including new stems that appear after the first cutting. In addition, has underground root suckers that can extend a long distance away from the tree, allowing for easy propagation. Thank you for telling me how to prevent tree roots from spreading. Black locust is difficult to control because it grows rapidly and exhibits clonal spread. One method of application is a foliar spray next July – September with caution to avoid overspray on nearby desired plants. Plant trees at least ten feet from patios, sidewalks and driveways and consider 20 to 30 feet for trees with spreading water-hungry roots. The black locust tree is a fast-growing tree that can reach heights of up to 100 feet. So, unless the property has a residence and the resident is willing to do the spraying, you will need to find someone who is a certified pesticide applicator. I hope this helps. It can be found in upland forest natural areas where it becomes established along ridge-top logging roads, at old home sites, or in openings following natural tree fall. I am especially interested in a way to map  my logging trails. A backhoe could be used to remove the stump and larger roots. Stumps from cut trees must I think it is so silly, but the tree really has caused a mountain of problems in my yard. I have a few that are growing up in lilacs. Mature Shape: Upright to spreading ovular shape. For this reason, they feed on leaves and stems so they grow in size and change their skin to grow. Or, a combination of treatments where you cut the stems once to ground level and then lay the tarps over the cut stubs. In nature, birds, spiders and wasps can all stop locusts from swarming different crop fields. Most common in the Midwest, these pests are expected to eventually spread wherever Honeylocusts are grown. Greetings, I am not sure if you are the one who can give advice or guidance, but I am a pastor of a local Church in BBBBBB, NY. All of the native species have very serious thorns on their roots, trunk and branches, earning them the dubious distinction of being the most spiny tree in …

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