They often hide out in structures and wait for their favorite fish to come to them. After a couple of summers driving around and going blind staring through the bright sun into the empty water, I was ready to catch a trash fish! 10 Cobia Tips and Tricks. They are popular fish in harbors, inlets, channels, and bays. To get even the pickiest of cobia to eat, try this trick. They also have a depressed head with a protruding bottom jaw. If you cast too far away, either the cobia won't see your offering, or won't feel like chasing it. Even after fighting one on rod and reel, it is best to have the cooler or fish hold open before you ever stick a gaff in the fish. If cobia are in shallow water, you should be able to sight fish for them. I have done plenty of saltwater fishing but have never caught a Cobia. One of the most productive ways to fish for cobia is by sight casting soft plastics and other lures on cobias sitting on manta rays or sharks. There are a few different ways to fish for Cobia. I like to use a Berkley Fusion bucktail in one & a half, two or three ounce weight; “go to” for me is a two ounce. Cobias are aggressive creatures and can be fished using a wide range of lures. It has humbled me. Sight fishing for cobia is hard no way around it. This accomplishes two things. When Florida Keys sport fishing for cobia some of the best places to go are buoys, grass flats, reefs and wrecks and over floating debris. When cobia are hanging tight to a manta ray's back, a floating-diving plug that suddenly zips down into their midst is a sight to behold. The best baits in order include crabs, pinfish, mullet, threadfin, and ladyfish. Try to get your bait or lure within 3-4 feet of the fish, but not directly on top of it. Always keep an eye out for rays and sea turtles as well, since ling love to follow both types of animals looking for easy meals. It is important to know that cobia is a very … Sorry this content is for subscribers only. The same leader lengths and strengths you use for natural bait work for artificial baits as well. The key element in sight-fishing for cobia is water temperature. Cobias also respond relatively well to lures especially trolled or cast bibbed lures. Otherwise you may find yourself on the way to the emergency room instead of a nice cobia steak dinner! Top North Carolina guides share their game plan to catch cobia on fly. One way to improve your odds of catching a cobia is to use chum. Catching Cobia in the Spring. However, you are likely to spot them along beaches, inshore structures, reefs, and sea grass beds wherever you find them. Glen Kowalski (author) on August 31, 2014: Thank you! Once the spring run is over and cobia have settled into their summer patterns, they actually become easier to catch than during the springtime. In the western Atlantic, the cobia (also called ling) ranges from Nova Scotia in the north to northern Argentina in the south, including the Gulf of Mexico. Of course, unless they are out of season, I don't know of too many anglers who would complain about catching a nice grouper or snapper, and sharks and 'cudas can be fun to catch as well though you will likely get bit off before landing them. How to Use Fishing Lights. Cobia are large fish, growing up to over 6 feet in length and attaining a weight of over 100lbs. It is a fast growing fish species that can reach lengths of up to 33 inches or more within two years. In June and later the fish seem to respond to chum. Don't overlook the value of chumming for cobia. If you don’t see any cobia in a spot for more than 30 minutes, its time to move on and try somewhere else. Many of them swim with the manta rays that run along the beaches inland. Topwater plugs, suspending and diving crank baits, and imitation eel lures all catch fish. If you prefer to sight fish, cast the bait a few feet away from the fish and let it move in front of the fish’s path. Although it may take a while to learn how to use conventional tackle, you are likely not to go back to using a spinning lure once you have got it . However, they also eat eels, shrimp, and other small fish. They have a dark brown coloring that gradually fades to white towards their underbelly. Please share these tips with your fellow anglers on social media. Encountering a cobia is one thing, but tempting it is another thing altogether. The daily limit is one cobia per person. I find rigged plastic eels to be the best plastic lure for cobia.

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