More on that below. The roots can break, which makes it a little more difficult for the plant to get the water and nutrients it needs. What Time of Year Do You Trim Box Hedges. The annual or bedding petunias can be grown from seed sown indoors with warmth in spring in cell trays, seed trays or small pots at a temperature of 18-24°C (65-75°F). You will probably need to water the hanging baskets every day. Planting petunias in containers is a fantastic way to showcase them. You will find an enormous variety of petunias at most garden centres: fragrant, single or double blooms, ruffled or smooth petals in striped, veined or solid colors, with either mounding or cascading habits. Surfinia® Petunias are grown from cuttings and are perfectly trailing and rain resistant. In fact, the more shade they are in, the less blooms they will produce. It might just be a matter of how long they take to bloom. I’ll share what I learn as I develop my green thumb. They can be used for color masses, in containers, hanging baskets, or as a seasonal groundcover. The differences are about flower size and plant behavior. The plants will typically spread 2 to 4 feet over a growing season, so they look great in containers. Prune Your Petunias. They all have the same life span. How to Grow Petunias From Seed in a Hanging Basket. I also have some that are , I think 12". My potted petunias hav lost most of their beautiful flowers. The stunning color of petunias can be You should aim to fertilize them every one to two weeks, since they are potted and have a limited amount of soil to get their nutrients from. Tease out the roots and cover them with another layer of your soil mixture – stop about 2 inches from the rim of the basket. Spreading petunias may require a weekly feed, while plants in containers and hanging baskets will respond well to a time-released fertiliser. Look for cascading petunias, which include any variety that produces flowers on long, flowing stems. Be sure to choose a sturdy container with at least one drainage hole. At this point, watch your petunia regularly or you might lose your seeds. Don’t do any deadheading to it, and let the dying flowers set their seed pods. A large hanging basket filled with colorful petunias is one of the most popular ways to adorn porches and decks. We’ll cover everything you need to know about these fantastic flowers. All of those luscious flowers can come at a price. You could certainly put your petunias outdoors in pots in the winter if you live in San Francisco. that you can continue to plant new petunias each spring without Hanging baskets have a short amount of time to get to their full intended size, so you may need more plants than you usually would use. The obvious one is to give your plants lots of proper care (more on that below). In Florida, October and November are the best time to plant petunias. How long do petunias last in a hanging basket? In the limited space, the roots must have a steady access to moisture and fertilizer. It is believed that this helps the petunia to deter pests that it couldn’t otherwise, like aphids. Sowing petunias. Read on! I haven't seen any bugs (aphids, etc.) Fill … Get in the habit of watering your baskets at the same time every day. The quickest way to damage a hanging basket is to let it go too long without water. Can you put petunias in a hanging basket? Watering and fertilizing is critical when it comes to caring for petunias in a hanging basket. Type above and press Enter to search. What are the best petunias for a hanging basket? Ive seen some hanging baskets that are a ball of flowers, thats what I was going for with the troughs I wanted them to hang down under the window. But that would be the case with any plants as these are seeds rather than clones or cuttings. In year-round warm climates, they survive and sometimes bloom throughout the winter. outlive a person, petunias are simply not going to last forever. There are actually 2 answers to that question. Anything less, and the plants will grow root bound inside of the pot within a month or two. The most important thing you can do for petunias is give them plenty of sun, without really letting them get too hot. More on that below. Calibrachoa (Million Bells or Superbells) are another plant that looks just like tiny petunias. A They should be watered whenever the These petunias are best suited for hanging baskets and window boxes. To tackle the first part of the question, petunias can live for 2 or 3 years but generally behave as annuals because they can’t survive the freezing temperatures of the winter. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, How Many Petunias Per Hanging Basket: The Facts. Petunias in containers and hanging baskets need feeding weekly; in garden beds, feed every other week. Just like the label says, they will last all summer if cared for properly. I’ve been growing plants and vegetables all my life. Saving the seed from your petunias there will be a whole rainbow of colors you can work with, in either Expect some natural variation. Bright, beautiful and overflowing as youthful dreams, petunias are a summer staple. Petunias will grow best in full sun and well-drained soil that is kept moist. As a matter of fact, petunias are naturally sticky. Carefully snip off the pods and get ready to dry them. It’s a shame they can’t be Happy planting! B. Ellen von Oostenburg The tissues in their stems create a gummy substance that then travels to the surfaces of their leaves. There are four main types of petunia plants: Grandiflora, Multiflora, Milliflora and Spreading (Wave). Is it done for the season making blooms? I hope you are getting some big, beautiful flowers out of those petunias! Your new hanging basket of petunias will provide you with a bounty of colorful blooms from early summer straight to the first frost – that is, if you take care of it properly. These beautiful baskets pop with vivid colors and stay attractive all summer long with minimal care. How-to Planting Tutorials. They produce masses of flowers on trailing habits that are ideal for growing down the sides of hanging baskets. Planting and Care. With limited space for roots and resources, a good rule of thumb is to use one plant per inch of basket diameter – so 12 plants would fit in a 12-inch basket. They tend to keep blooming until the weather turns colder. In this Video I show you how i maintain my hanging baskets of the summer months. Hanging baskets require more intensive care then other container plants. In fact, planting and maintaining petunias in hanging baskets couldn’t be easier. They are also looking very stringy and flowers are getting sparser. Planting Petunias in Hanging Baskets. Hi I have a potted Petunia plant it bloomed all summer now its bare and the stems are still lush green. 'Black Satin' is a sumptuous petunia with aubergine-coloured flowers that have satiny sheen to them. I live in zone 8. They’re not cacti after all. Once the blooms drop off, you’ll see a little bulb develop in their place. Yes, of course you can! Seedlings may bloom six to 10 weeks from planting into a pot, hanging basket or garden bed. little extra work and attention can make them last longer, and add a If you’d like to know more,  see my about page…Thanks! Expect around 12 weeks from seed sowing to flowering. They are sold as annuals but in southern Alabama I have one particular Petunia that has come back for the last three years. i want to plant new petunia plants in September, I live in San Francisco and winter is not harsh here, I can keep them indoor if its very cold outside, I am planning them to pot in pots.Will i get a bloom. Only 6 inches high, these ones can spread out several feet, still putting out flowers all the way. Petunias are very “heavy feeders,” requiring plenty of nutrients in the soil to keep them healthy. I am deadheading a lot more often than when it was cooler weather. You can treat them like houseplants until the following spring and extending their lives by a year or two. Most of the petunias sold today are actually hybrids which have been developed for specific design purposes, such as cascading over the edges of your hanging baskets. Although petunias in the ground can thrive with a deep soaking every few weeks, your hanging basket needs more regular watering a few times a … Once planted start using a liquid feed every two weeks. Though they can be similar, there are Air drying is what you are after, not baking in heat. How do you keep petunia hanging baskets looking good? A hanging basket of petunias is sure to reward you with a bounty of colorful blooms all summer, that is, if you take care of it properly. If they are already growing in the ground, you may have to carefully dig them up and repot them in the fall before the chilly weather triggers them to die back. Also, would l be able to sow them from seed - l know that it is too late for this year - but l would like to be able to do so next year. See more ideas about Hanging baskets, Planting flowers, Hanging flower baskets. Unfortunately, we don’t have a mailing list at this time, but I’ll let you know if we start one down the road. long do the plants themselves actually live for, or perhaps you want I thought all petunias have a trailing habit. Now, if you plan ahead, you can make this a lot simpler by planting them in portable containers to begin with. To last an entire growing season, baskets need to be at least 14″ to 16″. Their voluminous flowers also make petunias ideal for hanging baskets, but know that some varieties do require a bit of trimming and deadheading. having to completely start from scratch with purchased seed. Unlike some plants that can easily I hope that helps! How long can you expect to enjoy these classic summer plants? particularly dry climate, or are just having a bit of a drought, you So, if you’ve hung your basket under a porch or awning, be sure to rotate it weekly so the dark side can get some sun. These cheery garden favourites are available in a dazzling array of colours, sizes and forms. permanent. You can plant more trailing varieties around the rim – try positioning them between the lower plants for a balanced look. Water twice daily during the height of summer. They tolerate heat and drought fairly well and generally require no deadheading. Petunias, though, are actually perennials. The multiflora petunias are more compact in shape, and the flowers are smaller. My name is Lisa, and I’m on a mission to expand my plant knowledge. Petunias are frost-sensitive, so avoid planting them out in the garden until all threat of frost has passed. It’s hard to set a timeline for each individual blossom but, while they’re not typically long-lived, the plants may put out so many of them that you may not really notice any blooms fading and dying. You might want to try to use a phosphorous heavy fertilizer on it. 4 years ago. As soon as you see it split, it’s time to harvest your petunia seeds. The thing the garden centers don’t advertise is that most varieties of petunias are fairly high maintenance. Or they should. Petunias can live for at least 2-3 though they typically behave as annuals because they can’t abide freezing temperatures and don’t overwinter well. 06 of 06. While the size and shape of the blossoms are usually particular to their type, each type of petunia comes in a range of colors. Petunias are typically treated as annuals. According to … Cut back long stemmed petunias that have stopped producing flowers altogether by 2/3 and add fertilizer. These usually have larger flowers like traditional petunias, but in vivid and often unusual colours with lots of interesting shading and veining. Be aware though that many of today’s petunias are hybrids, and may not “breed true.” That just means that your next generation of flowers may not look exactly like the originals. How Want to learn how to grow petunias in hanging baskets? 3 yearsTo tackle the first part of the question, petunias can live for 2 or 3 years but generally behave as annuals because they can’t survive the freezing temperatures of the winter. And if you plan to add hanging baskets to your garden display this year, you can’t go wrong with petunias.

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