Run USZ over stroke if you don't have Timetwister, run an island over tabernacle. Spellseeker Mox Diamond Teferi#1 - Tap the permanents, pool mana, tap chain veil. Because the last ability modifies the rules of the game, it affects not only planeswalkers you control when it resolves, but also planeswalkers that come under your control later in the turn. The issue with Static Orb is that it's extremely hard to break parity on. Note that we can deactivate our orbs by using them to pay for improvise. veil_cost = int ( input ( "How much does it cost to get Chain Veil onto the battlefield?" Sol Ring and Being able to cycle this lategame to dig deeper is pretty nice too. Other times you just wish it was a basic island. - These are just here for the shuffle on demand effect. If your Jace is somehow exiled you can just dig for - This card is essential to the deck, as it is the best way to get TCV. - The deck works fine without it. Even when going for a long game, you don't want to keep a hand that is too heavy on lands and too light on gas. - Best Mana Leak effect in cEDH. ), there are a few other lines that can get you there. Sensei's Divining Top. Ad Nauseam Expedition Map Mana Crypt , Teferi is neither the fastest nor the most interactive deck in the format, and it really shouldn't be trying to be either one of those if that would mean losing strength in the other direction. Once you get infinite mana, the game is easily won through Blue Sun’s Zenith/Stroke of Genius decking all the opponents, or through some kind of lockdown involving Capsize or Venser bouncing all the opponents’ permanents (with Jace … , Teferi's Veil. Removed the creatures panel under SCD. The Chain Veil I don't see any decklists on the sidebar, its this one:, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CompetitiveEDH community. . Blood Artist The color is not worth it. win condition Snapcaster doesn't serve a specific purpose in the deck. We can play under them better than the fast combo decks, but they should be taken care off before we try to win. They can still win through - Digging 7 cards deep will often give us the exact card we are looking for. It's unlikely that Whir of Invention The main problem with it is that it gets shut down by the two stax pieces we tutor out the most often: How many pieces does the main combo require? Swan Song If the deck ran more meaningful 2CMC spells there would be merit to trying Scepter, but as of right now it's just lacking good targets. How quickly can we see how many cards in our deck? It's mana negative (produces less than it costs) and it comes into play tapped. The Chain Veil is made of burnished gold and is exquisitely crafted, so fine it appears to have the texture of silk. - Mostly used as a tutor for Transmute Artifact and Stasis, however it can act as protection in a pinch. They're either trying to be fast without interacting much, or they're trying to interact a lot, which makes them slower in nature. Zur is the boogeyman deck of the format. 280.92 tix 9 Mythic, 35 Rare, 15 Uncommon, 16 Common. With the amount of artifacts we have in our deck this is pretty much always going to be active. The ability will cost 2, and untapping islands will generate 3 mana, so you'll be able to go infinite without any mana rocks. . and a JVP, and back it up with Apart from speed, the other main factor to consider when it comes to evaluating opening hands is payoffs. are usually the cards to get. tap for 3 Mana: When going for your Chain Veil combo, you don't need any other 2+ Mana sources if you have a single Source that taps for 3 Mana. Note that the card only lets you cast artifact spells, and not use artifact abilities. All ramp hands: If we've got a hand where we can have like 10-12 mana by turn 3, but without any real payoff, we should mulligan. Power Artifact This is what would typically be considered a Stax hand. Outside of packing the deck with every possible playable artifact tutor we can find, we also want to have access to specific key cards in our deck. - 2 mana and it taps for 3. Sol Ring Winter Orb He'll should make just enough to continue tapping the Chain Veil each time, and then recast himself. - This is our infinite mana outlet of choice. Sometimes sacrificing a land and bouncing a Mana Vault and a Mana Crypt is enough to get us that little bit of extra mana for a win. Here, we can come out of the gates really quickly with a bunch of Mana rocks, which we can then follow up with for either three tutors, or - Gets us any artifact for 2U. You drop it during the early game, and then every mana dork cast by our opponents ends up not netting them any mana. What that usually mean is that you lose the game. Avg Price $475.63. Nov. 18, 2016. 2014-11-07: If you control The Chain Veil (from the Magic 2015 core set) and its activated ability has resolved, and you also control Teferi’s emblem, for each planeswalker you control, you can activate one of its loyalty abilities during that turn any time you could cast an instant, and then you may activate a loyalty ability … After establishing our board, we have to do something with it, and that's where the other aspect of speed comes in. Paradox Engine It was created to turn someone into a vessel for the resurrection of the long-dead Onakke. Note that it hurts our Snapcaster Mage and Jace. Mox Opal . Also stops Sidisi's ETB trigger and therefore the deck's Food Chain outlet. Static Orb Sensei's Divining Top Grim Monolith That much is not only true when it comes to deciding on our initial gameplan, but also when it comes to, as some people say, "playing to the board". Let's examine the other two 6cmc cards in the deck: Time Spiral and Teferi himself. Gilded Drake - The decks alternate win condition. By activating CV more times then, he goes infinite because I can eventually just +1/-1 as much as I want to draw my deck and make infinite mana. - Provides the best card selection out of all our cantrips. Scalding Tarn . Feign Veil Teferi is a fake cEDH deck that makes fun of sweaty Chain Veil players (for not switching to Urza) by executing a parody chain veil combo using a … - Stops creature based combo decks and creature based artifact removal. Every deck should be tuned to its metagame, and because of that this SCD section is not matched to a specific Teferi list. Muddle the Mixture The only exceptions are: Varolz Hulk is a fast Since one of Teferi's biggest strength is its flexibility in terms of gameplan, we can abuse the nature of these other decks by adjusting our gameplan to the matchups. Mystic Remora Jan. 5, 2017, Tiny Experimental Update — Tezzeret the Seeker Boseiju, Who Shelters All When we recast Teferi from the CZ, he gets all the previous activations of Gitrog Monster is a dredge combo deck that uses Gitrog's triggered ability in order to generate card advantage and combo off. Pull from Tomorrow Power Artifact Stop this at any cost. Grafdigger's Cage While on a surface it may seem like a pretty straighforward bounce spell with a downside, an experienced player can turn it into one of the most potent removal spells in the entire format. The approach of the deck varies from game to game, and because of that it does not have any glaring weaknesses. The second big factor when it comes to deciding on our initial gameplan is matchups. - This card is the best artifact tutor. , As a rule of thumb, the best card draw spells are those that let us see the most cards for the smallest cost. This by itself wouldn’t keep Stroke from seeing the sideboard play it’s become accustomed to, but Teferi has pushed … It is a combo deck first, a stax deck second, and a control deck third. - If you're facing a lot of decks that base their main strategy on specific creatures (think New Selvala, Yisan), look no further. He also gives us the silly line of This site © 2020, LLC Static Orb Torpor Orb. Brainstorm What's quite apparent from looking at this graph is that there's usually an inverse relation between a deck's speed and its Interactivity. The deck essentially runs a mana doubler in the command zone, so turn 3-4 wins are not only possible, but are commonplace. Walking Ballista Privacy statement | - If this resolves they win. Use his -1 to untap the permanents and chain veil. Island Grand Abolisher Let's assume I have 3 artifacts that make a combined 5 mana. as a sacrifice outlet. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, - Great for refilling our hand. 1 Gilded Lotus. The cards in this section are the cards that were recently added to the core list. A sample hand would be Amazing card in a competitive meta, but a subpar one in a slower meta. Sphere of Resistance effects or a Consecrated Sphinx is a 6 mana do nothing spell. 1 Thran Dynamo. Dig Through Time - This is the best cEDH planeswalker ever printed. - Mostly used to protect our combo but can be thrown out to stop an opponent from winning. A lot of the deck's power lies in the multiple ways it can approach every scenario. Consecrated Sphinx also enables your opponent's removal. - Goes infinite with monoliths. The Chain Veil combo is already extremely consistent, and wasting two extra card slots on a combo we do not need is subpar at best. Fabricate Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. general, then Paradox Arcum is the deck you want. Countering Ad Nauseum will usually do the trick. - Strictly better Counterspell (not a statement you hear often). Voltaic Key This means that we should identify who the most threatening deck at the table is at any given point. Casting a Teferi into Ugin's -5 is often game winning. Cyclonic Rift Reaching 8 colorless mana can be trivial with Teferi, and having a conditional boardwipe is backbreaking against most decks. Feeds | We can also get it out early, keeping it up for combo turns or disruption on your opponent's combo turns. While Jace, Vryn's Prodigy - High Tide is my favorite Legacy deck, and Jace uses and abuses its titular card better than any other commander. This, however, is also the reason why Teferi is a deck that has a lot of subtle depth to it: Deciding on the correct gameplan and knowing when and how you're supposed to change your role at the table is very complicated and takes both a skilled pilot and a high amount of experience with the deck. , is generally ran in decks that have other creatures that support it and/or make it's tax less punishing. Torpor Orb Fellwar Stone - Can be worth running if your meta is Null Rod heavy. Unfortunately it does not target so it cannot be used as a win condition, so it would have to be ran alongside To make life a bit easier for you, we made a small Python script that will tell you if you're able to go off. A smart green player can use Gaea's Cradle Commander Other Combo +1. Selvala is a blazing fast combo deck that aims to land an early Selvala and use her ability to win as early as turn 3. . - The one and only. can be used as a (very inefficient) Mystic Remora Ok, we start the combo with a [[Gilded Lotus]], a [[sol ring]], a [[mana crypt]], and [[The Chain Veil]]. The two major upsides of CVT are that the deck is both resilient and consistent due to having one piece of its two-card Combo in the Command Zone. Can be cycled late game. Utility lands are generally not worth running unless they have a good synergy with the deck. This card is new, shiny and exciting, but it simply does not belong in the current build of the deck. Dec. 8, 2016, Minor Update — A: Teferi is not a control deck. The card can also hit relevant instants such as is even better. combined with a , Lets us untap monoliths to net 5 mana. are ran in the deck because they provide utility outside of the combo turn. It also has a fair amount of depth and can be challenging both in terms of in-game execution and deckbuilding choices - correctly deciding when you're trying to Combo and when you should play the Stax game is one of the biggest factors in winning or losing the game. , , casting Time Spiral and recasting it, and then using Snapcaster Mage to recast it can kill 3 players. Misty Rainforest Neither are recommended but both are somewhat playable. The reasoning behind the change is that the creatures current in the core slots are both tutors. Cursed Totem As we've alluded to previously, Teferi's biggest strength lies in its flexibility. Both Grixis Twin/Reanimator and BUGR Reanimator follow a similar gameplan: Playing a slower, more controlling game while putting big reanimation targets or combo pieces in the graveyard through Loot and Entomb effects, and then winning by resolving a reanimation spell. Counterspells - We are one of the few decks that have enough interaction to fight a deck like Zur on the stack. If you want an example of a Teferi list, please scroll down to the bottom of the primer. Discord Server | Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Not only can it race the fastest Combo decks in the format with frequent Turn 3-4 wins, it also has the ability to completely lock down the game until it can find its way to victory. Before attempting to combo off, always make sure that you have enough mana to actually win. - The reason commander decks are 98 cards. We always want our hands to go somewhere. - This card gets a slot through just its sheer efficiency. Grafdigger's Cage/Tormod's Crypt – since these decks' combos usually all revolve around the graveyard, finding a piece of early graveyard hate should be high on the priority list. , , Force of Will Gaea's Cradle Mishra's Workshop The main downside here is that it cannot answer generals. , often ends up helping the decks that it's meant to hurt. - The FCT advice applies here. Stasis If we lose our Jace, or we need to loop our - Our best stax piece against creature decks. the logo is actually the chain veil, a plot macguffin that was relevant for the one set in which the announced the new branding and has never been mentioned since At best that's the other way around. gets you Frantic Search Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. If our hand relies on one key piece too much, we can fall very far behind if that particular piece gets interacted with. Mystic Remora is the final nail in the sphinx-shaped coffin. Chain of Vapor After taking a good look around the table, we should try to identify our opponents' decks and consider their possible gameplans. Coalition Relic . Stroke of Genius Time Warps don't help our Game Plan in any meaningful way. - Other than the - It's a wheel effect that is extraordinarily easy to tutor for. He gets us veil, mana ramp when needed, and he can act as additional ramp with his +1. In addition to being very hard to counter, this card can destroy opposing storm decks. Negate Moved Snapcaster Mage to misc flex slots. Yisan is a midrange deck that aims to use it's general's ability to tutor out the perfect silver bullets to lock out the board. Eidolon of Rhetoric Copy Artifact , which in turn gets you - Most of the "must answer" cards in cEDH are non-creature, so this will almost always be an unconditional Counterspell for 1U. Cursed Totem , Stasis Mediumish build focused around a balance between combo explosiveness and board taxing effects filled with as much draw as possible. are the two common targets. Vexing Shusher Don't let the deck wheel when they only have a few cards in hand, and don't let them cast a Dakmor Salvage It's good in builds that plan to go the fast combo route. If all our hand does is getting on the board quickly, but without a way to go from there, it's not going to go well for us. This is a subreddit dedicated to playing the Commander format of Magic: The Gathering at the highest power level possible. on High Tide turns when they don't have a lot of mana open. The Chain Veil Stasis Jeweled Amulet Use his -1 to untap the permanents and chain veil. . We’ll be wanting to do a lot of tapping and untapping shenanigans, but in the end our opponents will be miffed and we’ll combo off to win the game! Nooze, Kiki, Hulk, Razaketh, and even Worldgorger Dragon all rely on activated creature abilities at one point or another. Just pick up something from the flex slots for your meta. - Stops reanimator decks and some storm decks. - Being able to bounce our own permanents is huge in a stax based deck like Teferi, because we can use it to get extra untaps through stasis and the orbs. Tangle Wire Academy Ruins The rule of thumb for this is that you need 12 Mana available before casting your first Teferi if you already have Chain Veil in hand and nothing else makes your spells or activations … Generally speaking, our ideal hand will look similar to this: 2-3 lands, 1 piece of interaction, 2-3 pieces of ramp, 1-2 draw spells, 1 tutor. If we're not the fastest deck at the table, we can look to slow down the game and find the right window to win. In a worst case scenario it can act as a pseudo timewalk. Sol Ring -> Treachery - Usually gets Teferi was a powerful planeswalker. Moreover, the deck is able to fluidly switch between the two strategies depending on the current game state. - Digs us 3 cards deep and interacts favorable with fetchlands. When doing this, most cEDH decks can usually be classified by two categories: speed and interactivity. Every non-basic land we play makes our High Tide worse, and the upside they provide is usually not significant enough. And the quicker we can do more things, the better. While it can play a standard Storm turn to kill people with Aetherflux Reservoir, it most commonly uses its Storm turn to assemble Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter or Paradox Engine + Isochron Scepter + an Instant to go infinite and win the game from there. It runs Bomberman, Aetherflux Reservoir, and Laboratory Maniac as its main win conditions. Doesn't matter whether they pay 1 or not, both are equally beneficial to our gameplan. Browse > Commander / Teferi, Temporal Archmage / Teferi Chain Veil Teferi Chain Veil by streetbfan Report Deck Name $ 2,811.77. November 5, 2020 Teferi, Temporal Archmage: untap can help our artifacts do double duty, is another walker to go infinite with chain veil and mana artifacts that produce 4 mana, has cool ult. Another conspicuity is that most decks in the format tend to gravitate towards one end of the spectrum.

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