Boaz Guitars Halland Guitars Kobrle Froggy Bottom Borges Hernandez Guitarras Nashville Guitar Company Beautiful! Deering Banjos (Swietenia macrophylla) We have available, at the moment, straight grained and highly figured material in widths up to 20″ and thicknesses of 1″ to 3″. Applegate, Brian Stotzel Guitars Tree ’hog is like traditional ’hog on … Threet Minimum net … The tonewood may be used in the body of some guitars to produce a deeper, warmer tone. This beauty weighs in at a trim three-and-a-half pounds to boot, so there’s no chance of getting tired anytime soon when you’re in the thick of it. Berkowitz Approximate dimensions: 4" thick x 3" wide x 23" long (101.60mm x 76.20mm x 584.20mm) About our mahogany neck blanks: Used in traditional guitarmaking, genuine mahogany … It's inspired by the pre-war Martin OMs, but tweaked slightly to perform well with the solid Honduran Mahogany … Casimi Guitars V. Da y Sobrinos De Domingo Estesto Islander By Kanilea Ukulele Visesnut Cases It’s also found south through Brazil and Bolivia. This Yairi FYM66HD Masterworks OM Honduran Mahogany acoustic is a stunning little guitar made from old-growth Honduran mahogany which has been naturally seasoning for 50 years in the perfect climate of Kani, Japan. National Bellucci Mayes Ferrer, Casa LaPlante, David Plazuelo, Jose Marin 3 Pieces Lot, Honduran Mahogany Thin Stock Lumber Boards Wood Crafts 3/4"x2"x16" $21.69. Furch Loef Fredell, Gustav Most acoustic guitars feature mahogany in the guitar neck, because it provides a more stable feel. Langejans, Del Henderson, Wayne Jacobson, Paul Lewis, Michael Traugott, Jeff Fylde Guitars Yague Heritage Bashkin, Michael Kraut, Raymond Marzal, Jesus Dehradun Guitar Company Davis, Mervyn Walker, John Southwell Guitars Renaissance (Rick Turner) Foley And so guitar makers have sought sustainable alternatives. Bown, Ralph It’s a tonewood that perfectly balances all ranges of sound, which is why it’s so commonly used in custom acoustic guitars. Conde Hermanos BRAZILIAN MAHOGANY DREADNOUGHT GUITAR BACK AND SIDE SET AAAA LUTHIER TONEWOOD. Ehlers Guitars Mustapick 52 Instrument Co. (Jeremy Clark). Fraulini Porter, Steve MacDonald, S.B. Ameritage Cases Lucas, Randy Muiderman, Kevin Beard, Paul Paul Reed Smith de Jonge, Sergei Maldonado, Pedro Burguet Asher Fischer, Paul Acoustic guitars made with mahogany have grown in popularity over the years. There’s a reason that mahogany has been used as a tonewood in guitars for years. How Woodfield, Phillip Melancon Greven Hahl, Stefan Maingard, Marc Trinity Guitars McKnight Guitar Neck Blanks Each guitar neck blank listed below is an exceptional, instrument grade piece of wood. Italian Alpine Spruce Guitar Tops. German Pedregosa, Jose Ruiz Laskin, Grit Micheletti Guitars Monrad, Eric DeVine Lakewood Less than 15% of the wood will find it’s way here. It suits most players and guitar body shapes, and provides the best sound. MacCubbin Guitars Zion Holst Mahogany seems to provide a more resonant tone, that is able to sustain longer. Mauel Guitars Beitel, C.T. Wilson, D.L. Honduran Mahogany: $15.00: ADD TO CART: Sapele Mahogany: $10.00: ADD TO CART: African Mahogany: $12.00: ADD TO CART : Fingerboards Curly Maple (Flatsawn) Guitar - 5/16 x 2 3/4 x 20" … $30.99. Parker Features include: Sized for building a steel-string acoustic guitar neck. Collins Guitars Collings Posch, Leo Somogyi, Ervin McElroy Chantus (William King) We’ve had several of Bevan Frost’s Big Hollow guitars in the shop, and we haven’t managed to keep them for long before someone buys them up! de Lucia, Paco Ruck, Robert Sobell, Stefan Thompson, T.J. Barthell, John Peter Stonebridge Guitars ©2015 – 2020 Breedlove Guitars – All Rights Reserved. Yong Montero, Antonio Marin Rayco Resophonics Solomon Chubbuck $79.16. Ensor Guitars Gonzalez, Juan Miguel Oribe, Jose Borghino Guitars Radial Engineering Giffin Sakurai, Masaki Phoenix (Rolfe Gerhardt) Smith, C.B. Keller, Michael JGS Guitars Webber Guitars Free shipping . Bresnan Guitars Turner Beardsell, Allen Chasson 3A Grade Genuine Mahogany - also known as Honduras Mahogany (swietenia macrophylla) - body spreads are very clean and free of defects inside pattern. Trussart, James Other keywords: lutherie, luthier, guitarbuilding, dream team, exclusive dealer, fingerpicking, oo, birds beak, guardian. Retrograde Guitars Ramirez, Jose Mahogany comes in many colors, ranging from a lighter brown to a dark brown, sometimes featuring a slight red timber. Sounds produced from a mahogany guitar tend to be on the warmer side of tone, and more controlled. Dudenbostel, Lynn Caruncho, Andres Lentz Bellido, José López Guitar Luthier Tonewood QUARTERSAWN HONDURAN MAHOGANY Acoustic backs sides SET Learn more about the benefits of mahogany tonewood guitars. Rugiere Gaffney Guitars Dunwell Guitar Shopis, Rodrigo Ryan, Kevin Cohen, Brian Contreras II, Manuel Rein, Thomas Kinnaird, John Smallman, Greg Rozas, Ignacio M. Bills, Tom Perry, Daryl Scientific Name: Swietenia macrophylla. Kehlet Yaron, Gil Park Steinegger Guitars Cumpiano, Bill & Millard, Michael Olson, James Velazquez, Don Manuel Schoenberg Guitars Ome Simpson Alembic Carrington Buscarino, John This … Brondel, Laurent Santa Cruz Koumridis So we’re excited that Bevan is working exclusively with us, and to commemorate the occasion we’ve got this brand new Big Hollow 00 on offer. Fernandez, Jeronimo Pena Hayotuk Big Hollow Guitars Guitar Body Blanks : Honduran Mahogany: Swamp Ash: Alder : Honduran Mahogany Body Blanks: 1 3/4 x 14 x 21" One Piece: $148.00: ADD TO CART: 1 3/4 x 16 x 22" One Piece: $185.00: ADD TO CART: 1 3/4 x … James May Engineering Eggle Fleta Manzer, Linda Marchione Ebata Guidry, Sam Acoustic Image Mahogany Solid Guitar Body Blank. Noemi Guitars Albert & Mueller Brown, Tad Honduran Mahogany has a coloring that’s closer to orange than its African counterpart; African Mahogany is lighter in color, projecting a more pinkish hue. Details: Honduran Mahogany’s easy workability, combined with its beauty and phenomenal stability have made this lumber an enduring favorite. Fibenare Guitars Pederson Bourgeois National Reso-phonic Regardless of this weight increase, most makers, big and small, still preferred to use Honduran mahogany… Loriente, Antonio Dominelli, Marcus Honduran, also known as Gunuine or tropical mahogany is an excellent tonewood with … Brandt, Greg Echizen, Ryohei Deep in the Honduran rainforest jungle of Chiquibul, a small party of loggers happened upon a towering mahogany… Keith, Martin Sanzone Guitar & Mandolin Co. Website by Integritive Web Design :: Asheville, NC. Matsuda, Michihiro Mahogany is lighter in weight than Rosewood, Koa, or Maple. Shelton-Farretta Maricopa Benedetto Morgan McGill, Paul Dammann Custom Instruments Goodall Beauregard, Mario Gropp, Armin Cordova, Miguel Sahlin, Eric Franklin Guitars Indian Hill Myka Shubb Capos Thames, Michael Ball Daily, David S. Buendia Guitars Bear, G.R. Charis (Bill Wise) The bracing layout is a modified "X-Brace" design. Audirac, Gerard Henriksen, Inc. Fender Heinonen, T. Drew Taylor, R. Lowden Bozung (CB Guitars) Colorado Case Covers The Guitar Company Of America Breedlove Reyes, Manuel $52.95. Dumble Walker, Kim Oriskany Hofner Lipton Martin Guitars Humphrey, Thomas Most of the guitars in this series have the thinnest finishes ever on a Breedlove acoustic guitar. Burchette Zemaitis Avian Robbins Guitars Lehmann Stringed Instruments Grace Design Sanders, Ashley Avalon Guitars While Honduran Mahogany is known for its fine, straight grain, African Mahoganyenjoys more variety in graining: Bee’s Wing, Ribboned, and Ropey patterns distinguish this wood from any of its counterparts. Giussani, Gioachino Stewart, S. S. Banjos True North (Dennis Scannell) Fujii Guitars Redgate, Jim Ovation Michaud Made Honduran Mahogany Heel, Turning Wood Bowl Blank 6" x 4" x 3" Beautiful! Mahogany has a thick bottom end, a controlled high end, and a perfect midrange. Pringle, Douglas Calton Cases New Era This a FIGURED HONDURAN MAHOGANY (Swietenia macrophylla) back and side set for building an acoustic guitar. Novax Khomiachkov Phillips, R.E. Boswell Guitars Marin, Paco Santiago Petros Guitars Lehmann & Cole Eichelbaum Danelectro Tippin, Bill Hill, Kenny Greenfield, Michael Guardian Cases The resulting Honduran Series are probably the best guitars we’ve ever made. Honduras Mahogany grows from north of the Yucatan, throughout Venezuela and Brazil, in Columbia, Peru, and Bolivia. Its look is unlike any other mahogany in the entire world. DT Guitars Andersen, Steven Cumpiano Guitars Van Linge Free shipping . Kono Gustavsson Wechter, Abe Schneider, Richard White, Peggy Ramsey American Archtop, Dale Unger Keystone Stringed Instruments Henderson, E.J. Devoe, Lester Kohno Rainsong Guitars We’ve had several of Bevan Frost’s Big Hollow guitars in the shop, and we haven’t managed to keep them for long before someone buys them up! There’s a reason that mahogany has been used as a tonewood in guitars for years. Spalt Instruments Huerga Hauser, Hermann III Bamburg SinkerHonduras Mahogany. Forster, NK Moll Circa (John Slobod) Holcomb, C.F. Dream Guitars Musser Guitars Sanded 2 sides. An additional characteristic that sets African Mahogany apart is its chatoyant luster, which makes the wood appear to have different coloring, as it is … Klein & Kauffman Baker Join our mailing list for updates, news and chances to win free gear! Elliott Mahogany can be used in guitars for many reasons. Revelator An inexpensive option like sapele, for instance, which is sometimes called Africa mahogany, behaves a lot like Honduran… Kragenbrink Veillette, Joe Gretsch Artinger Everett Audio Sprockets Tezanos-Perez, S. S. Gemza, Bela Mönch, Edgar soloway Brown, EddieLee Redwood Guitar Tops. Hickler Banjos Belize has actually listed Mahogany as it’s national tree. McConnell, Jordan Rothel (Röthel, Jochen) Honduran Mahogany, the national tree of the Dominican Republic and Belize is a common name that refers to several trees in the Swietenia genus. Solid Ground Stands Schwartz, Sheldon Traphagen, Dake Kolaya As a result, we cannot show you the price until the item is in your cart. Bailey Guitars Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." Moreno, Rafael Bacon & Day Banjo Company Schenk Franks, MJ Honduran Mahogany Guitar Tops. Carvalho, Samuel Find Brands Lucas, A.J., Guitars Kerman, Arik Sigurdson Kanilea Ukelele Robinson The OG Model features the familiar in-hand feel of a 1 11/16" nut and breezy 25" scale, while a crisp and resonant European spruce top and Honduran mahogany back and sides ensures fingerstyle and … Doolin, Mike Most of the guitars in this series feature Honduran mahogany, that was harvested in Guatemala. While mahogany is much easier to source than Brazilian rosewood, it’s still an endangered species, due largely to illegal logging. The wood takes a … Breedlove Guitars makes many different acoustic guitars (such as the Frontier Series) featuring mahogany tonewood, but recently has released a USA series featuring lots of beautiful mahogany. Kinnaird, Stephen Bernabe, Paulino Carrillo, Vincente Fit and finish are top notch, and we love Bevan’s use of a bird’s beak joint for the slotted headstock with volute. Chapman, Alan Ribbecke Guitars McIlroy Hoffee Case White, Andrew Bend, Oregon 97702 LHT Guitars Muth, R. S. Åstrand Guitars Dave of England Skytop Guitars Jang, Isaac Gruner Weber “When I think of a traditional ’hog guitar, they tend to have a snappy box with a dry fundamental. Cervantes, Alejandro It has been handpicked by famous musicians and rock stars for use in their personal instruments. D'Aquisto, James L. Thompson, Preston Sexauer, Bruce Taylor Guitars Leho Ukuleles Composite Acoustics Guo, Yulong Rope-style trim and rosette round out the package. Triggs Blackshear, Tom

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