If you’re after a sugar-filled treat, then my Date Crumble Slice is FREAKING AMAZING!!! They were fantastic, I liked that it has no added sweetner and is high in fiber. Best ever recipe of dates and nuts bars.simply loved it. One serving of dates is 5-6 dates, which is really easy to do when you blend them in a food processor and make delicious no bake date bars like this! dark chocolate, oats, peanut butter, dates, vanilla essence, chia seeds and 4 more . Date Slice Recipe – The other day I was looking for something to add to lunch boxes that was a bit of a treat but also quick and easy to make.. Baking Fudgy S’mores Slice. Bagging the blogger can be demoralizing and is uncalled for. However, if you want more of a “slice” then cut the final product into a rectangle shape. Whether you’re craving a batch of healthy Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss Balls, an easy No-Bake Date & Almond Slice, a classic Sticky Date Pudding, or Honey, Date & Oat Energy Bars, recipes using dates are going to become your new best friend! LOL, Yes beck we were able to reverse my daughters allergy with the help of an immunologist I’m so happy as I love cooking with nuts . Store in an air-tight container in the fridge or freezer. This sweet snack from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge ticks all the boxes; low in calories, with slow release energy from the rolled oats. Sunflower see paste? I’ve been making these since discovering this site 5 years ago. My kids would love this! It was in the oven in about 3 minutes from me deciding to make it, and all the ingredients are … These are sooooo tasty! Filled with oats, chia seeds and dates… it’s the perfect clean eating treat! Required fields are marked *. They turned out fantastic ….living these as my breakfast bar with coffee! Mine will not chop these up. Thinking they may taste like a no bake cookie with oatmeal:). Haven’t tried it in this one yet, although I plan to. I tried to do these in my blender (I have a Vitamix that’s never been stumped before) and it overheated. Will have to make the nuts more fine for me to be able to eat them myself. Or pumpkin seed paste? I would recommend unsweet because you are using dates. Now we can stop buying the Pure organic bars since we are trying to avoid agave nectar, brown rice protein, and juice concentrates. Filled with oats, chia seeds and dates... it's the perfect clean eating treat! Required fields are marked *. No one in my family likes coconut, thanks! Skip. You can! If you think about a really dense banana bread, it’s a bit like that (but with some chunkier bits from the oats). I’ve made raw brownies that is a similar recipe and it calls for walnuts. And he’s only 12! I wouldn’t mid trying though! It’s a healthy date cake recipe with only 8 ingredients that is quick and easy, lovely and moist, and can be eaten straight away or cut into slices and frozen in ziplock bags.. If a person has an allergy, it is theirs or their care givers responsibility to inform the people who will come into contact with the sufferer, of the allergies. It was in the oven in about 3 minutes from me deciding to make it, and all the ingredients are … Most schools are nut,free. In the future, you can soak your dates in a little water for 10-15 minutes before making the recipe. Widely grown in Arab countries, the date is the fruit of the date palm. Whether you’re craving a batch of healthy Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss Balls, an easy No-Bake Date & Almond Slice, a classic Sticky Date Pudding, or Honey, Date & Oat Energy Bars, recipes using dates are going to become your new best friend! I also love having them on hand for those times I need a treat terribly but know that I don’t really need a treat. But since I don’t have one next time I would throw in some chopped almonds at the end before I put them into the pan. Ingredients. With the peanut butter for protein, the dates for fiber, and the cocoa powder and coconut for flavor, kids can eat dates all day long. It sounds like your mixture was just a bit too dry- it could be because our dates were softer? Thank you I want to start making sugar free n salt free snacks,i think this 1 will be my 1st. Add the bi-carb soda and mix on Reverse Speed 2, 2 seconds. The have the allergy table where the kids eat. I love playing with different ingredients! Now add grounded dates in the pan and add in a tablespoon of clarified butter. Recipes Low fat sticky date slice just 140 calories. It is much softer, more cake-like than a date pillow. Sunflower butter is a great substitute for peanut butter. Lightly roast all the chopped nuts for 3-4 minutes on medium flame. This delicious Date Slice recipe is beautiful topped with a layer of fluffy coconut flakes. #healthy #oat #date #slice #traybake #bars #recipe #thermomix #conventional #best #school #lunchbox #kids My kids love them and I’m always thrilled to get another serving of whole grains. I’m always perplexed, though, how snacks with nuts are listed as being perfect for lunch boxes… who has kids that go to a school that allow peanut/nut products? Add the water and cook on Reverse, Speed 3, 6 minutes, 90 degrees. Thanks for the recipe !! A Larabar with chocolate! Common sense must prevail. If you’d like this slice to be dairy-free, simply drizzle dairy-free chocolate over the top (or leave it off completely). Our teenage son dissed my cooking skills because it’s so crumbly. We like to look for dates with shiny skin, that isn’t too dried out, because they are easier for the kids to eat, and they can blend in the food processor a lot easier. 4. I also didn’t have nut butter on hand (and didn’t have time to make some) so instead I put in a banana! Healthy-ish Video Subscribe. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for sharing ingredients. In fact, the standard alternative to the cafeteria meal is a PBJ sandwich. Try this healthy sticky date pudding slice recipe made with pumpkin puree and naturally sweetened caramel sauce. Your email address will not be published. Healthy Date and Walnut Slice Recipes 322,450 Recipes. Also, you do not have to add nuts…there are plenty of substitutions mentioned. No bake recipe always inspire me and this no bake snack bar is something unique i never had before. I guess not all recipes are for everybody. This easy to make Healthy Date Loaf contains no refined sugars and is naturally sweetened with lots of juicy ripe dates and ground cinnamon spice. Some of the commenters above have used wow butter (sunflower seeds). Awesome! Baking Fudgy S’mores Slice. Healthy-ish Video Subscribe. The dates will be all chopped up but you’ll still have bits of nut. Wonderfully sweet and full of texture, sit and enjoy with a pot of tea as a mid-morning treat. Can’ t wait to make them! baking Nutty Caramilk Slice. They are higher in calories than other fruit which is great for picky eaters, as they can pack a  log of energy into a small amount of food. A beautiful date slice topped with a silky lemon icing - the ideal date and lemon slice recipe … Healthy Date and Walnut Slice Recipes 322,331 Recipes. Today we are sharing this no-bake date bar. … Love this recipe? This Healthy Oat and Date Slice is so quick and easy to prepare! Can you use cacao instead of cocoa? Enjoy these bars cold or frozen. This heavenly slice is a dream come true. Ooh and if you’ve still got some dates left over after making this slice, you should totally make my Honey, Date, Oat & Nut Energy Bars! It makes making the filling a bit less effort. They also store great! These sound amazing. Have you ever done that? Filled with oats, chia seeds, dates and nuts... it's the perfect clean eating treat! I add as little or as many of the cacao nibs determined by how much chocolate flavor I want. My kids do. It’s certainly not a hard and crunchy slice… quite the opposite.

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