get a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate if you’re teaching students under 18; Primary and secondary postgraduate teacher training. Whether it’s your first step into the World of work, returning to teaching, or moving to Wales; this section provides you with a range of information on the different routes and qualifications that are available to you. Get QTS without leaving your position at your school, with Straight to Teaching. Register Contrary to popular belief, just below 20% went into teaching because of long holidays. Find out more about teaching, the excellent career opportunities, and how to become a teacher. Becoming a teacher in the UK. Get personalised one-to-one advice from our experienced agents over the telephone. A unique programme for quick transition into fully qualified teaching. Register with Get Into Teaching … Video provided by Get Into Teaching. Five reasons new teachers want to leave To become a qualified teacher in state-maintained schools across the UK, you need to undertake Initial Teacher Training (ITT) or Initial Teacher Education (ITE). Subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) courses If your degree subject doesn't link closely to your chosen teaching subject, you may still be able to apply for a postgraduate teacher training programme by undertaking a … There are a number of pathways into primary and secondary teaching in the UK. How to get into teaching. We look at these statistics in a bit more detail. Our experienced agents will help you take your next steps towards a career in teaching. You can get up to speed with the latest Teachers’ Standards, behaviour management guidelines, or refresh your subject knowledge. Similar to School Direct (salaried) programmes, Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeships are a new, nationally-recognised, work-based route into teaching. They can talk you through your training options and the application process, helping you take your next steps towards a career in teaching. If you’re considering teaching in a UK state school, you’ll need to have a degree, and a recognised teaching qualification. You’ll need the following or equivalents: a degree There is additional support available for returning teachers of specific subjects, including modern foreign languages, maths, and physics. At Transition to Teach, we passionately believe that individuals with previous career experience, across all sectors and industries, have masses of talent that can be redirected into teaching. Discover which is best suited to your skills and career ambitions. With real-world knowledge of how learning can be used in future careers, we truly appreciate the size of the impact you can make in a classroom. There are several ways to start your career in teaching.

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