15 Shocking Pictures Taken At Walmart Walmart is where everyone from every walk of life seems to come together to shop for some really unique items. While it seems like a great idea in theory, their attire wasn’t fooling anyone and they would have needed to dress in something more appropriate to Walmart if they intended on hiding themselves. Tattoos are for life and there are times when we question if the person knew what they were getting into when they put them on their body. Animals can truly become a part of a family and this woman evidently considered her monkey one of her own and didn’t want to leave him at home. At least she was responsible and kept them in the shopping cart rather than letting them roam the aisles freely. Well, these women decided to do exactly that, but take it one step further and proceed to make an electric cart line. This man’s has been in for so long that is beginning to look like a tail on his head. This couple, seen sharing an oversized Christmas sweater, arrived at Walmart looking cheery all despite not being very comfortable or dressed for shopping. Hey, as long as they’re happy! Maybe that’s why she stopped for a quick break and started reading a random magazine instead of walking around in those heels. It’s no surprise that her outfit went viral. His timing really could not have been any worse... though it seems like she was in need of repairs at that exact moment. We would like to hope that Easter came early this year otherwise this outfit would be absolutely ridiculous (not that it isn’t already!) Let’s get started! Oct 26, 2020 - Explore ♥Alice 's board "22", followed by 537 people on Pinterest. Those look so hard to walk on! This man went all out for his Walmart shopping trip, making a custom suit compete with every bunny toy and Easter egg you could think of. Now that we’ve worn one, we can’t imagine life without it, and some can’t even manage to take it off. She definitely isn’t playing around dressed in full black leather attire from literally head-to-toe. Rose Byrne was grocery shopping when she was caught completely off guard by another shopper, who decided to take an unsolicited photo of her. Thinking about it from a comfort and practical perspective, this woman is really on to something with her new design, but do we think it will catch on? Well, you might be surprised to find out that it is not actually the late singer, it is just a very uncanny lookalike. See more ideas about Funny pictures, People of walmart, Walmart. Maybe she had a certain fondness for the insect and it’s just something she always incorporates into her outfit everyday? Good thing Walmart has them covered. Think of anything needed on the fly, chances are, Walmart has it. See more ideas about bizarre pictures, funny selfies, top 10 actors. These preparations include everything from flowers to napkin colors to tablecloths. What we are sure about is how revealing the attire is from the top to the bottom of the attire. Walmart is popular for best deals in the world, but it's also famous for their funny shoppers. So you might find that it’s actually incredibly strange to see beautiful, normal looking women just behaving normally in a Wal-Mart setting. People of Walmart - Funny Photos Of Walmart Shoppers - Humor Blog People of Walmart is a humor blog that depicts the many customers of Walmart stores across the United States and Canada. Other shoppers don’t bat an eye lid when they are utilized but when they stumble across situations like this, you can’t help but laugh. Probably, but he didn’t care anymore, this was too comfortable! In truth, let’s be honest, most of us would go back home and get changed before picking up that much-needed milk or at the very least, cover up with a hoodie on top. It has been a long time since we signed up for one of my favorite blogs from the old days: Walmart People, funny pics from Walmart, funny pics at Walmart, funny pics in Walmart, funny pics Walmart, funniest Walmart pics, fat people at Walmart images and it turns out that Walmart customers are still as unfortunate as before. Feb 11, 2018 - Explore Reid Foster's board "Walmart shoppers", followed by 218 people on Pinterest. It’s all worth it in the end! Who knows what this gal was up to after her Walmart pit-stop... Who can forget the days of hitting Walmart while our parents navigated the cart as we sat inside patiently waiting? Whether he will return having experienced this, we’re not so sure. Maybe his most recent fight did not go as planned or perhaps he was late for some life-saving activities? So, what do you do when you feel a little overwhelmed? If she was trying to convince people that she was in fact handicapped and needed to make use of the cart, she sure was not doing a good job! This woman had those feelings with her pet lizard, who had too much separation anxiety. On the day, she was rocking a tiny jean purse, pink and yellow hair along with a mini red dress that looked as though it was going to fall off at any moment. The look on his face when he realizes that someone has taken a picture is comedy gold-literally and figuratively. 20 Not So PG Pics Of Shoppers Revealing Too Much At Walmart We’ll take a look at those that decided on some revealing outfit choices, in some cases the outfits are way too hot for Walmart. The real travesty here is how much Target is praised by the internet and the media. Perhaps she had a dinner party happening later that day at her place? He clearly wears his heart on his sleeve. See more ideas about people of walmart, walmart, walmartians. If you were walking past this in Walmart there is no question that you would think that Michael Jackson has been resurrected. Everyone is entitled to their own unique style but this man appeared to take it to new levels. If you were walking past this shopping cart, you couldn’t help but find it completely adorable. Still, both seem chipper with their decision to share a garment, for which we have to salute them. See more ideas about Walmart pictures, Funny walmart pictures, People of walmart. This photo gets the two thumbs up. Funny thing is, people like this are the most patriotic people in our country. Aug 15, 2020 - Explore Fire's board "Funny" on Pinterest. She doesn’t seem to mind, her biggest concern is which cake to buy – maybe she bought both? We hope this is just a phase, just like the planking one, because Walmart won’t be too happy when they realize why all this attention had been brought to their store. Rocking a revealing dress, he obliged. If you can bear to look at this picture without vomiting, well done to you. See more ideas about People of walmart, Walmart, Walmart funny. Walmart Humor Walmart Shoppers Walmart Pics Walmart Customers People Of Walmart Only At Walmart Funny Photos Of People Funny People Funny Pictures Santa's worst little helper. The men are, of course, so eager to be assisted by such an attractive girl that they’re practically drooling, utterly unaware that she is not an actual Walmart employee. Below, we take at the most ridiculous people of Walmart: And if you liked this post, be sure to check out these popular posts: 30 Completely Absurd Russian Dating Site Photos 32 Outrageous When You See It Photos 61 Funny Photos Captured At Just The Right Angle Eat, drink and enjoy life with the foodies of the world. We can’t figure out if this was a fashion forward trend or a bad mistake. This dude is willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means getting snapped in a pretty embarrassing photo while he’s tying this gal’s shoes. We have to give props to this man for going out in whatever he wanted to, despite the fact it was a red dress and sneakers. This man decided to bring his pet ferret while doing a little bit of shopping on a Sunday afternoon. Right here we have a classic example of that as it was captured on camera! See more ideas about Walmart shoppers, People of walmart, Walmart. She really took things to the next level, literally... Let’s give this person a big applause for having the courage to make a pit-stop. Don’t deny that when shopping at Walmart you walk in and see the electric carts and a part of you wants to grab one and whizz around the store. We assume this was a Halloween costume, or at least we hope – we’re seriously not quite sure. This man came straight to Walmart from his workout in his living room, watching Jane Fonda show off her best 80’s fitness moves. Although we can forgive his shirt being on backwards, the yellow colored stain on his shoulder is not something that should be replicated. This woman put on her headphones, turned the volume up, and started dancing like crazy while shopping in the fruit and vegetable section, picking up some strawberries and blueberries. Oct 9, 2020 - Incredible folks from across the pond shopping. Summer in the South can be incredibly hot and many Southerners risk the hot rays of the sun and don’t apply protection. He clearly wanted to be a woman for the day so decided to go with it, who are we to judge? Again, this isn't unjust, as real-life Walmart shoppers are just as striking as the ones you'll find on Reddit. Let’s hope the ripped jean trend doesn’t get to this point! This gal rocks a not so PG outfit choice, one that can turn anyone’s head in an instant. She chose to wear a mini skirt, a tank top, and SUPER high heels. Walmart shoppers are known for bringing their pets in as the store has no ban on it, but some people take it to extremes. This style, however, was not a one off and this woman was often seen roaming Walmart dressed in blue everything, so much so that the employees named her “blue lady.” Here we see her buying blue toys to decorate her house. Either way, you’ve been warned! Perhaps this person just wanted to express themselves through their clothes? Either way, good for this guy for showing his face in public, we would probably have resorted to a hat if we were him! If there’s seating by the TVs, we’re sure this must be happening all the time! While everyone else was baffled at the man’s outfit, the party had a Scottish theme and it was only appropriate that the host wore a kilt. In this case, these people decided to bring their pet turtle with them. People of Walmart - Funny Photos Of Walmart Shoppers - Humor Blog People of Walmart is a humor blog that depicts the many customers of Walmart stores across the United States and Canada. The festive outfit garnered plenty of attention from children, we just hope the parents reinforced the ruling of never to talk to strangers! The ferret looks to be rather placid while being wheeled around Walmart, but due to the strange occurrences that happen in Walmart, other shoppers didn’t seem to look twice at the strange pet. This lady was in the middle of a beauty routine and needed a quick stop at Walmart before getting dressed for her event. This man was doing exactly that as his wife had forgotten to buy iced tea before her big event. Or maybe she was hydrating her hair so she couldn’t take that towel off because heat is everything? The superhero turned up to Walmart looking less than happy, in his full suit. When this mother asked her kids to take a photo in Walmart, they were less than thrilled and questioned why they would need to document their shopping trip. She decided to rock her tightest pair of bottoms and is if that wasn’t enough, she was also caught by onlookers twerking throughout every aisle of the store. We can only hope that she was shopping for aloe vera or aftersun because that lobster colored skin does not look comfortable! In other cases, they might have been a little much. This person likely had the entire Walmart staff talking along with the shopper that waited in line, secretly taking the picture. Through her mischievous pursuit, she helps customers all the while being filmed. This couple didn’t have to do any of that, though! If he wanted to draw attention to himself, he succeeded. This woman was at that point of needing a break and she saw Walmart as the perfect opportunity to take it. The shopper literally plants herself in the cheese fridge, busting a pose for the ‘Gram, at least we think. You really never know who you’re going to run into in Walmart and in case her Prince Charming was there, she needed to look the part. This woman was seen cradling her pet monkey down one of aisles. Rose Byrne was aware of her messy hair, lack of makeup, and casual clothes, and to our delight, she decided to make the best out of this embarrassing situation and pull a funny face. See more ideas about People of walmart, Walmart, Walmartians. It was acceptable back then, however, at a certain age, it is time to navigate the store on your own. For some reason, this baby’s chair reads “please do not touch the baby!” We have absolutely no idea why a parent would put that on their baby’s chair and we can only hope that no stranger would even want to touch someone else’s baby without permission. If you aren’t so familiar with the hairstyle, dreadlocks are incredibly unhygienic to maintain and takes a lot of time and dedication to getting it to look like that. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. However, we can’t quite comprehend her decision to cover herself with meat inside the fridge. People of Walmart is a new Web site that pokes fun at shoppers. Do you want som Lipton, You can collect images you Jun 4, 2020 - Explore HumorSide's board "Walmart Humor", followed by 65784 people on Pinterest. Other shoppers at Walmart must have been terrified when walking behind him thinking that his third eye is watching them. Go for your own closet next time, sir! In this article, we’ll take a look at those that decided on some revealing outfit choices, in some cases the outfits were way too hot for Walmart. Save it for the Walmart trips and burn them on any other occasion! This shopper even had someone follow her journey as she literally twerked her way through the entire store. Perhaps she craved that grilled salmon? Have you ever had that moment when you’re in the middle of getting ready for a night out and you realize you have to buy groceries immediately? Walmart is the mega retail chain literally has everything you need - food, electronics, clothing, jewellery, household items and also entertainment through weird people of Walmart. See more ideas about Walmart funny, Funny pictures, Morning humor. They chose the intimate venue of Walmart to say their vows and tie the knot, and kept the guest list very minimal. Plus dogs. Perhaps this man does this for a living and on the way back from one of his appearances needed to pick up some groceries? To make matters worse, she has gone shopping at Walmart while ignoring her skin condition. You take a nap just where you are, of course. We have no idea what would possess someone to grow their fingernails this long, the dirt and bacteria is incredibly unhygienic, not to mention the fact that we just don’t know how she gets basic chores done. Dec 19, 2019 - Explore sharlabortner's board "People of Walmart", followed by 138 people on Pinterest. This guy must be in the Guinness Book of Record’s for longest and thickest dreadlocks, but if he isn’t, it’s obvious their current record holder is about to be beaten. Please practice hand-washing and Through funny photos and videos, People of Walmart is an entertainment blog in the Three Ring Blogs network that features over 30 of the funniest humor blogs on the internet. But kudos to this girl not caring about what other people might think. This Walmart checkout guy was clearly surprised to see someone buy Walmart’s entire banana supply, and so are we. Seems like she’s on the verge of enjoying a well-deserved cheat day picking up a bag of Sun Chips, well done Walmart shopper. The store has a full section dedicated to nutrition and that includes a variety of meat choices. If you are someone that wears ripped jeans you will understand the struggle when everyone asks you why you don’t throw away your torn jeans. Not only would this slow down the shopping process considerably, but turtles are not supposed to be on leashes, so we can’t say that bringing him was for his own benefit. Perhaps they had no time to pick up food for the party so they decided to leave it till the very end, even after they decided to dress up for the event. It isn’t just the shoppers that reveal too much, we can say the same for this Walmart employee. These two attractive ladies were spotted checking out their shoes just next to the fridge section at Walmart, and one onlooker couldn’t help but see what they were doing. Check out 25 ridiculous people of Walmart you hope to never run into. This makes for some really crazy stuff. Now, if we had to guess, we would say that the majority of the pictures we see of the weirdos of Walmart come from more financially-challenged ‘Tis the place to be jolly, it seems. Wal-Mart is clearly full of outrageous characters, and the standard Wal-Mart photo sesh always seems to catch the strangest, least attractive and definitely worst-dressed examples of humanity. This brave, good looking girl decided to accept a dare that would have her wear vibrating pants, basically underneath her clothing. The sign on his back said “I am a woman,” to stop any more shop assistants from coming up to him and saying “Excuse me sir, can I help you?”. This is a clear example of that in the pic above as this beauty rocks a not so PG costume. Who knows why someone would need that many bananas, maybe to bake banana bread or possibly for a banana smoothie festival? Instead, she was creative and wrote down the designer name on a piece of paper and stuck it to the back of her boots. Who needs sandals when you can have sneaker sandals? In recent years, wedding venues have become outrageous and people have strived to have the most unusual wedding possible in the craziest of locations. Check out 25 ridiculous people of Walmart you hope to never run into. Believe it or not, but asparagus has a whole host of health benefits. This is the type of outfit that can get any guy into some serious trouble especially if you’re shopping with a wife or girlfriend. Such are some of the sartorial choices. That’s a straight no. We’re not entirely sure how this picture came about. May 19, 2020 - Explore Joan steele's board "Funny pictures at Walmart", followed by 155 people on Pinterest. However, as far as outfits go, it’s not the worst that we have seen! Date night can often be expensive, especially if they happen often so this couple made the use of their local Walmart to cut costs. This woman was one of those people and although she wanted to show off her designer clothing, she couldn’t afford it. Whatever the reason, it’s not every day that customers can shock an employee at Walmart, especially with all the unique and interesting things that happen down the aisles. This woman is asking for it, the rips are too much  and she should really consider replacing them. Just because he’s Captain America, doesn’t mean he gets his groceries for free! Some might be caught off guard entering an aisle with a woman rocking such an outfit. We hope he fulfilled his deepest desire to wear this in public, but we can only imagine what bizarre things happen behind closed doors! We have seen other Walmart shoppers making use of the electric carts when they are not intended for them before, but this one was amongst the funniest. Maybe this checkout guy realizes he now has to scan over 200 bananas- fun. See more ideas about Walmart shoppers, People of walmart, Walmart. Although, judging by the surroundings, it is not the holiday season. Some people work incredibly difficult hours that when they can find the time to sit back and relax, they will take it whenever, wherever. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, 20 Not So PG Pics Of Shoppers Revealing Too Much At Walmart, 10 TV Couples You Didn't Know Are Together In Real Life, Kylie Jenner's 10 Best Hair Looks Over The Years, Too Hot To Handle: 10 Pics Of Francesca And Harry That Make Us Sad They Broke Up, The Disney Princesses Ranked From Pretty Unlikable To Possible BFF, The Real Housewives Of Orange County: Vicki's 10 Best Quotes, Everything We Know About Ashely Hebert & J.P. Rosenbaum's Split, 10 Celebs Couples Who Got Together During Quarantine, 10 Times Beyoncé's Instagram Proved That She Really Is The Queen, Taylor Swift: 10 Lyrics That Are Way Too Relatable, 10 Celebrity Exes Who Had To Work Together After Their Breakup, Everything Scott Disick Has Done Since His Split From Kourtney Kardashian, 10 Actors Who Fought With Directors...And Got Themselves Fired, Selena Gomez's Favorite Foods (According To Social Media), Nicki Minaj Trivia Most Of Her Fans Don't Even Know, 10 Movie Stars Who Switched To TV...And Stayed There, Diego Maradona's 10 Greatest Career Moments (In Photos), Here's What The Weeknd Said About Other Celebrities. However, one place that you’d never expect a wedding to be is in Walmart. Walmart employees wouldn’t be too happy with this photo. Instead, it’s bloomin’ tiring. See what Taeden Kelly (taedenkelly) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. They just saved themselves the extra headache, and had all the centerpieces picked out for them. It's almost as if they were taken on another planet in another galaxy. When you have a great feature on your body, it is common to show it off and wear clothes that accentuate it. It really doesn’t get much better than this Walmart shopper. Her primate child looks incredibly comfortable in the mother’s arms. Things weren’t going so well, and it appears that the dress didn’t fit him in the way he wanted it to and caused quite the stir. We hope this was taken around Halloween, otherwise this would be slightly questionable. There are some fashion victims who are so into designer labels but can’t afford them so think of ways around donning the notable names. Out of all the places to stop and pose for a photo, this person chooses the beverage aisle. Walmart is popular for best deals in the world, but it’s also famous for their funny and weird shoppers. In fairness to this man, he wouldn’t be the first nor last person to remove his pants to try things on in the middle of Walmart. Walmart shoppers are known for bringing their pets in as the store has no ban on it, but some people take it to extremes. In this instance, this father misunderstood the saying and took it quite literally by wearing his daughter’s clothing. Throughout the years, we’ve seen every single type of shopper. What would make someone choose to attack a fox tail to their casual outfit of jeans, a plain white tee and sneakers we’re not so sure, but each to their own.

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