There are only four pets that are useful for leveling. They’re reasonably cheap, and give you 10 STR each or 20 STR all together. Nov 11, 2016 - View an image titled 'Billposter Female Art' in our Flyff: Fly For Fun art gallery featuring official character designs, concept art, and promo pictures. All of this jewelry is useful for PvP. Continue AoEing mobs 0-3 levels higher, go further if you have good equips and can manage over 1.5k burstcracks and tank at least 8 mobs. Vagrant>Mercenary>Blade – that is the job tree to becoming a blade. They drop a lot of cards, NPC items, Greens and occasionally stones. The first Set is Ales/Alext which adds 15% HP and the first weapon is the Guardian Knuckle which adds 15% HP … 24-jul-2015 - Explora el tablero de Alex Alcoba "Flyff" en Pinterest. Go to azria if you can afford it, otherwise just go wherever. A historic knuckle will kill a lot faster than a aglove with a rody set. Don’t use this for 1v1 as well. These can be upgraded using moonstones, but may break when you try to upgrade past +3. Plug earrings only help with AoE, and should never be used when you 1v1. So when versus a fire elemented monster, element you knuckle with water and you will do more damage. 6. Armor is the equipment that a person can wear, it is generally preferred by the players to use 'sets' which are special pieces of equipment that can add statistics. With these buffs Billposters are considered the most fearsome fighters in all of Roika. Quests – A list of useful quests – Job Change Quests – Explanation of Quest Office, Player Versus Player – Arena PvP strategies – Arena Etiquette – PvP Equipment, Frequently Asked Questions – A few common questions that everyone seems to ask. Giant Grr (Level 92 Electric) Giant Dump (Level 95 Water) Giant Antiquery [Does not drop often] (Level 93 Earth) Giant luia (Level 95 Fire) Giant Gongury [Occasionally gets stuck underneath floor and you cannot access it] (Level 98 electric) General Chimeradon (Level 98 Electric) Lv. It doesn’t do very well, it kills the slowest, just over BJs and 1v1 BRMs. Never add dex to get more block or evade. Items used for a quest or petfeed. If you don’t have maxed hit rate, then this knuckle is not worth buying. These can add a lot of stats, a little bit of defense and are extremely vital for doing well as a 1v1 BP. Nice exp, nice drop. The following dungeons have been moved to level 160 and have had their monsters' HP … Common Armor Sets: Rare Armor Sets: FANDOM Games Movies TV Video Wikis Explore Wikis Community Central Start a Wiki Search Sign In Don't have an account? It adds the most attack out of any other pet for a 1v1 BP. Requires a lot of funds if you want to kill very fast. I’m level 105, I have my Rody/Rodey set. Stamina Stamina gives you HP, Defense and FP. You may choose to move to pinkies, but I recommend against it at the moment, since they hit hard, lots of aggro’s, and you’ll do horrible damage. Go with this if you’re dirt poor. Need a partner? You are allowed to kill people for no reason. A vagrant gets three skills, but none of them are worth getting, so don’t even think about it. – Spam killing is fine, you will be spam killed whether you like it or not. As you can see, Elements go up to +20, but going higher than +10 is very expensive. These armors and weapons are called Greens because they have green names. Only if you have funds though. 1v1 doesn’t level as fast as AoE, but is usually better for gianting (See “giants”). Over 30% critical with your LGGlove? Atk – Short for “Attack” is a stat given from certain weapons, set bonuses, awakens and pets. Here are their properties. I recommend you buy a party for this, and get a trusted friend to hold the lead for you while you hop servers. Not recommended for 1v1, but if you had to use it for 1v1, I recommend you choose the female set. Very expensive to buy clean, even more expensive to buy upgraded. They level slower than AoE BillPosters, 2. A good knuckle. Green Weapons only drop from “giants”, see money making section for a list of these giants. They use stone of balance and ultimate blessing of barunas (only found in the donation shop) to upgrade. Up to you. File:Alextset.gif Level Defense Alext Set (Male) Ales Set (Female) File:Alesset.gif; Icon Name Icon Name 75: 227 - 228 File:Alext Helmet.gif: Alext Helmet File:Ales Helmet.gif: Ales Helmet 283 - 285 File:Alext Boots.gif: Alext Boots File:Ales Boots.gif: Ales Boots 368 - … +6 and +19 Necklaces drop from giants, most notably from the Giant Steelknight (Level 59, refer to money making section). Then after you have a good shield, work towards vigors+9 and demols+12. It adds dexterity, which can be used to get better attack speed, hit rate and critical, which means you don’t need to waste money on an upgraded set or attack speed awakens on a shield. Speedoes add block, and drop from Clockworks or Meteo (?). Your email address will not be published. Pets come from eggs, which drop from all monsters higher than level 20, and a cheap to buy from player shops. Bileire/Bilari Bonus 1/4: No effect 2/4: No effect 3/4: No effect 4/4: Defense Power +20%, Close Range Block +20%, Increased HP +20% Great effects, highest level armor for Knights. (Well... you can Fs if you want too xD) Ringmaster can and will be killing machines if done right. Asalraalaikum (Billposter Skill): Attack reduced by about 30% when used in PvP. This is also very good to use till you get Rody/Rodey. NEVER put anything on intelligence or dexterity. FlyFF - Assist & Billposter 1v1 Full Guide These guides are viable and updated for the v19 version of FlyFF! Maxed sonic, asal and buffs you’re supposed to max as suggested by skill builds, especially stone hand. This is basically to set up for the second part of the quest at level 60. The Asal FM aka. Rangers. Meh, slightly more useful because it has melee block, which is pretty much the only block you need… But I’d probably stick with the Bknuckle for PvP, mostly because it’s cheaper and it has similar bonuses. Psykeepers, unless you want to glitch. they have a friend they like to partner, but they want to fight as well) or perhaps so they can CW by themselves without having to get a partner. I prefer ADOCH. I put them in both lists, because they’re damage is terrible, and you can always sonic them to death. Money Making – A level by level guide on making money without buying gpotatoes. Do it if you think you can get away with it. Many characters rely on block for survival. Billposters are one of the most common classes. It helps. By now you should at least have vigors+9 and demols+12, if you have trouble making money, look to the money making section. Pros and Cons (As compared to other BillPosters), 1. For giants, you will be mainly farming them for LGAxes, which is definitely worth it. You should also have an attack speed shield by now, takes about 2-5mill to make yourself if you aren’t unlucky, or about 5-10mill to get one already awakened with 10% attack speed or more. You can kill FS assists, people a lot higher than you and people a lot lower than you. If everyone in this hypothetical test were to have ridiculously good equipment that may have costed over 20bill in penya, then they would in fact, do very well. Good at gianting, ClockWorks, and perhaps even Meteo [Therefore a good source of income], 3. It has the highest attack rate of any weapon till level 30, but you can get by with just NPC knuckles. Anything under 30% is not enough. Fillers – Someone used to fill a party. As a 1v1 BillPoster, the only necessary skills are buffs, however there are a number of skills which you will want so you can PvP effectively. You need to feed the egg approximately 50,000 pet feed in order to hatch it, where you will be given a random pet from the Pet Tamer (Located in each major city) by doing a quest. Asalraalaikum ForceMaster is one of the most if not famous classes in flyff even back then in offi spamming Awake Scrolls on Wooden Shields to get 3 lined Mp1250+ Awakes littering the streets of Flaris of awakened shields. At 70, move to mushpoies, in azria move to mutant yettis at around 69/70. Sell all element 1-20 cards for 100k each in an AFK shop, and all D, C, 2%, 3% and 4% cards at whatever price you like. Hunt 20 small Mias. Don't have an account? Stay at mushies/mutant yettis till level 74/75 then move to either: Irens (Bad spawn, Bad exp, but questies sell for a lot) Tangkasks ( Too high leveled, so damage will be bad. Unknow Error 2. It’s the amount of experience you gain over a period of time while leveling, usually measured in hours (i.e. This section covers where to level at, for how long and just some extra tips. Most 1v1 BRMs will also choose to use the sardine set instead of the talin set. Hknuckle also provides a neat amount of dex as well as a higher attack rate. TheMasterCrown 31,425 views. 4. You will need pills for this fight. DMMT Knuckle and shield (Any knuckle and shield awakened with DMMT), 9. Necklaces dropped from ordinary monsters will always be +0. As the name suggests, it’s how much damage you deal to a monster in one second. After that there’s not much else to do, just keep killing mobs and selling the drops such as cards. Dex adds attack speed, but you can also get it from weapon/shield piercings, awakens, set bonuses and knuckle bonuses. you’re at 57 dex, adding three dex will give you an extra 1% crit. But questies sell for a lot) Augus in azria (High leveled, but better drop rate and exp). A bladeposter is the term created by Xurtan (or made famous by him). What you call your character. Clockworks and Meteo will drop rings like these over +9. That should get you to 67 fast enough. 4. Any build that isn’t a part of these four is ineffective. Use Lightning cards for 1v1 Leveling. And if you don’t have a decent amount of HP, you will get beaten easily. All of these giants hit exceptionally hard, with the exception of the Giant Glaphan, which does somewhat less damage. 3.1 Acrobat 2nd Job; ... Billposter Armor Sets; Ringmaster Armor Sets; Magician 2nd Job; Elementor Armor Sets; Psykeeper Armor Sets; Mercenary 2nd Job; Blade Armor Sets; Flyff, siglas de Fly For Fun (en español: Volar Por Diversión), es un juego MMORPG 3D desarrollado por la compañía coreana Aeonsoft, Inc. Flyff se destaca de la mayoría de los otros MMORPGs ya que tiene un sistema de vuelo, en el que los jugadores pueden volar usando una tabla o escoba voladora como medio de transporte en todo el mundo virtual del mismo. This means they can take off stats, add stats or give/take off something so useless or in such low amounts that it isn’t good or bad. Sell all +0 jewelry for 100k each. One of the two Assist second classes. Elementing your knuckle also helps. Strikes at nearby enemies with an outward shockwave. Continue in mars mines if you’re there until level 25 (Fight mutant bangs) After 26, you will need to move out of the dungeon. Most LG weapons aren’t worth over 30mill, with the only exception being Lgaxes, which sell for over 600mill on most servers. “RMs” who choose to go a high “int” build, and specialize in buffing and healing skills. 5)Uncovered past Talk to Porgo again. MP awakened knuckle and shield (Any knuckle and shield with MP), 8. A BillPoster (BP for short) is one of the eight third-job-classes in flyff, and one of the two third-job-class choices for the assist. I personally define a Bladeposter as anyone with over 80% adoch and over 55% critical, as these are the stats that any blade can achieve with a clean, unawakened and un-pierced Dayst/Dest set and Lgaxes. At level 60 after job change you should have: Haste, beef, heap, stone (level 19), burst crack, prevention (18) and amsodeus maxed or at the specified level. Self-sufficient, you can level without the need of an FSRM (Full Support Ringmaster), 2. There are many types of rings, the ones that people only use are Stam Rings, Intelli rings, Vigor rings and Arek rings. 4. (Taken From Flyff Wiki) So here is your build: STR:XXX STA:120 INT:15 DEX:15. For PvP you can use anything you want though. They can be both AoE and 1v1 and they can do both effectively. And unless you have good pvp gear, or the people you are versing aren’t very good at pvp, you will die in a 4v1 battle. The ones that sell for a lot are: Gstick, Gknuckle and Gbow. 1/4: No effect 2/4: Def+19 3/4: Def+45, INT+8 4/4: Def+45, INT+8, Add HP+15%. Your attack rate does not equal your damage, it is how much damage you could do versus a monster of no element, 0 defense and of the same or lower level as you. You can kill them if you have an asal that can 1 hit them and more DMMT than the opposing BP, then by all means, go ahead. Billposter Armor Elementor Armor Blade Armor Ranger Armor Ringmaster Armor Psykeeper Armor Knight Armor Flyff Scramble Challenge! As soon as you start out as a vagrant the only thing you can do is farm twinkle stones and sell them for 100k each, or buy twinkle stones off people and then resell them at 100k each in an AFK private shop. These are basically the computer controlled enemies that you fight to get items, exp or to kill so you can finish a quest. Why should I use the talin set/sardine set/pre-awakened vagrant set? It adds melee damage for swords, knuckles, yoyos, axes, “2h” swords and axes as well as a little bit for bows. For 1v1, it’s good if you don’t have maxed hit rate, and is worth buying if you don’t, but it’s a lot more expensive than the Historic Knuckle, so chances are if you can afford this, you can afford a 20dex awakened talin helm, a 2/2 shield and a 3/3 knuckle (This will put you at maxed hit rate with 40 base dex and maxed cannonball/accuracy), 322-324 Additional Damage of Critical Hits+38%, Atk Speed+10%. Adv. Asal or Asura FM's is the most common build characters out there [Basics] Job Path: A style of leveling that requires you to “gather” or “lure” a bunch of monsters, and then kill them all at once. Equips to use: 1v1 gear, HP gear, DMMT gear, MP gear…. The more stam you put, the better you will be at PvP but the worse you will be at leveling. Sardine/curus set (If you can’t buy an MP set). – “Asal glitching” or abusing position lag WILL get you banned. Reward: Experience NOTE: Many people can’t pick up the book. Flyff Ringmaster Armor Source(s): 0 0 ImranF Lv 4 1 decade ago Depending on your stat build, you could go either way. This is also known as the V6 build, this one gives you 4% extra crit than the Cookie Cutter build and with maxed cannon-ball, haste and accuracy you get maxed hit rate in a +3 set, about 88% attack speed and 10% crit. View individual skill pages for detailed information and skill animations Shield -> Str, Dex, Attack, Crit, Attack Speed or ADOCH. At level 50 you can go farm Rockepellers (Near tranfogmas in Darken 2), which are a flying Mob, they drop +9 plugs which can sell for 30-60m depending on your server. So Billposters may use Assist and Vagrant tagged weapons, but second class skills may not be accessible. An awakened stick is no more than 20mill on most servers, so buy one if you have money to spare, but don’t go spending 100s of millions of penya on a pretty +8 element Gstick, or a +20 int 4/4 awakened stick. Most high level people. Billposters are an elite class of melee fighters which use all their skills to deal maximum damage. If you choose to 1v1 all the way from assist to billposter, then pick this. Mp and DMMT gear won’t make you look very good though, CS clothes might help here if you have spare money. This has 3% extra HP and 10% block going for it. It’s always best to just change a party to advanced, because “Contri” is always better than a level party. Apro – Short for A. When upgrading an element higher than +3 you need to use a spro to prevent it from breaking when it fails. It is better for PvP and “Giant” hunting. There are three types of necklace. Pink/Green Cake as well as Gold Pills are available at the Emporium. They have 32% critical and do something like 40-70k crits, not sure if that’s with a red scroll or not. These can be upgraded using moonstones and Aprotects up to +20. Take it back to Porgo. INT+15 Decrease Magic Motion Time+20% Add MP+20%. You need 10 B cards to get a chance of getting a A card. Looking for a populated low rate Flyff that IS NOT Flyff Iblis. PvP should be a lot easier, and you should be wearing a decent talin set with 16% attack or higher in piercings, with vigors+9 demols+12 and a hknuckle at least+3 upgrading +3 element with a 2/2 with electric Bs, with a nice crit shield awakened with 9% crit and also two piercings with electric Bs. FSRM – Full Support RingMasters. See Piercing section for more information. +3 Speedoes are ridiculously expensive though, often over 1bill each on most servers. Instead of going through all the green sticks, here are the ones that might be considered useful: A good stick, awakened stick is still better though. Upgrading anything past +3 has a chance of breaking when it fails. Reward: Experience, 2)Kids disappeared? Restat if you’re over 80, and start again if you’re under level 80. You could probably sell Shuhamma questies for over 500k each as well, but they would take longer to sell. A BillPoster is one of the second class you can choose when you get to level 60 as an Assist. Leveling at the Mars Mine is also faster. Watch out for the ones with maxed stonehand though, they may get a lucky stun in. How does a 1v1 BP compare with other 1v1 classes? You can check this using Herki & Jon’s simulator in the external link section. I would personally place them under blades, since with ridiculous awakens and piercings, Billposters in essence, become blades except without the second hit. If you don’t have those, a yakadain knuckle will make you kill a lot faster. They drop +1, which gives 3% block or +3 which gives 10% block. A cards do not drop, and must be exchanged through a NPC in Eastern Flarine. If you choose to AoE to level 60 and then start 1v1ing, then I suggest you follow this method of raising your skills. Not enough defense! I recommend this if you can’t get a decently awakened Talin/Sayram or Sardine/Curus. The +10% crit is great, remember more critical means more damage. This page was last modified 12:04, 19 October 2018. After that there are also the new Shaduwar mobs, specifically Toadrins. The Queen Popcrank does a hideously large amount of damage, like the other Desert Giants (except the Giant Grr and Dump, of course) so beware of that. The higher the monster, the better the experience. Für den Crit-BP sind natürlich Blitz B Karten die einzige Wahl (nach Blitz A Cards, aber davon kann man nicht ausgehen). This is because it may spawn too close to the building. These add +4 dex and +1% crit, that’s like 1.4% crit per card. This is your most important stat. How do you get more HP with 15-30 base stamina? So why go there? You can then sell these items for money, which you can use to buy better gear etc. The money is better spent elsewhere. All weapons and armor start at 0/0 (Which isn’t visible). Cash Shop Clothing are costumes that you can put over your armor. Pets that come from eggs, not the Cash Shop ones that pick up items off the floor for you. It’s the most important stat for all 1v1 classes except “BJs” because it adds damage. You can use either set for AoEing if you wish (It gives a lot of defense), but it is inferior for 1v1 as compared to an awakened set, talin/sayram set or sardine/curus set. The other being an RM, which is mostly a Support or AoE class, but does have [inferior] 1v1 capabilities. Mostly because the Popcrank and Shaduwar giants have obscenely high rage multipliers (Something like 3x to 3.5x their normal damage when they’re at 20% of their HP)….So yeah. Strength This stat gives you more attack, so you hit harder. Jewelry includes earrings, rings and necklaces. The only area you may have problems in is Pinkies, and although I skipped them on my 1v1er, I’ve heard many people have had a reasonably easy time there. The main stat point for a 1 versus 1 Billposter is Strength (STR), but they also benefit from Dexterity (DEX), and sometimes a bit of Stamina (STA). Remember, I will just be posting the builds that I have tried in playing Flyff and also discuss a few PROs and CONs for it. Picking your fights – “Knowing is Half the Battle”. NOTE: This guide only concerns items up to level 135. At these levels, you can also go farm questies such as droils (Drillers, level 59-60), amperes(60-61) , guardieyes (62-63), dumptyres(64-66) and garbagetons (64-65) if you choose not to go level in the Ivliss Dungeon. However, as of V14, the upgrading success rates has increased, so getting to +10 element won’t be nearly as hard as it used to be, even getting to +20 element might be possible! Demols add attack, Plugs add defense. 1)Tears of mother Talk to Porgo. These are the most useful quests, follow them and it will save you a lot of trouble. Thats the minimum. Why should I use a Yakadain Knuckle instead of a Guardian Knuckle. It makes all MP based skills for any class, cast faster. The person leeching also receives a free Plvl which is good too. Stay at mammoths for a LONG time (even when they’re just 1/2 levels higher). For skills, usually you can just use your event re-skill. Beware of the General Bearnerky, Great Chef Muffrin and General Chimeradon. Basically, they’re going to use silent, which means no asal. I prefer Critical. I don’t ever recommend going over 40 stamina, and you can level perfectly fine in a level 15 set with 15 stam, without being worried about dieing. When Ringmasters aren't available, higher levels will probably look for a BP to powerlevel, because of their buffs. It is also very important you have a leech as a 1v1er (See FAQ), otherwise leveling will be really slow and boring. Awesome awakened set, talin set, sardine set OR NPC gear/Shurand (If you still plan to AoE). The second option for armor to use before level 95/105. They can be found in Darken 3 in the desert (Deadwalderness) Personally I prefer questie farming like this instead of the Ivliss dungeon, since I can get a leech with me, so I level faster. Make sure you have all buffs on and stone hand, with 3 sonics in the action slot. – Do not gloat, do not brag, do not put other people down. If you cant, then you shouldn’t be AoEing or you’re killing monsters that are too high. Fly for Fun Cheapest Classes Guide by ace [#1 Strength AoE BP] Male and Female in Level 71 NPC Billposter Armor. Not worth it in my opinion. To clear up further confusion, I only say vagrant set because those are the cheapest to awaken. In case someone attacks you, you’ll be quick to respond. Then why level at boo’s? Definitely worth it, especially if you can get yourself into an active Red Scroll party. Jump to: navigation, search. Pretty mediocre. – From 30-105 use talin set with as much attack pierced, with as many crit/adoch awakens as possible. Dex is only added for more hit rate and attack speed. Sonic Hand (You can max sonic before you max asal if you want), Quickstep (You can max quickstep before you max mental if you want). If they follow you to another server and spam kill you there as well, then you can report them. At this level you can begin farming all the quest items in the Desert (Except Dumptyres and Grr Bandages), which sell for a lot of money. Requires enough dex awakens/pierces or attack speed awakens to achieve 90+% attack speed. This article has been certified complete as of version 18. In the end however, you will be maxing both of these skills. They might try to use sneaker and guillotine/slash+keenwheel. A hknuckle is 13%, a crit shield is around 10% and talin set is 10% again. Jesters have HoP, vital stab and a large array of stunning skills that last from 3 seconds to 5 seconds, as well as an invisibility skill, a skill that increases movement speed by 50%, counter attack and high crits. Now get 1 Truly Disappearance book. This set is also good for low-leveled PvP in the arena or guildwars or something. You’ll find that the stats increase with each rarity, as they should! Well.. THER'YE DEAD WRONG! If they are in asal/dmmt gear: I recommend 1v1 gear, just melee them and stunlock them to death. Knights are sitting ducks. Buy this for PvP later on in the game when you have all of your 1v1 leveling gear together. In order of importance: Crit -> Attack Speed -> ADOCH -> STR -> DEX -> Attack. CW sets are the only sets that have different bonuses for Male and Female, each class has a CW set of its own. I prefer number 2 personally, but if you can’t afk then you’ll need to stick it out and do number 1. You can also get cloaks from most event boxes, events and you can get useless ones that are just for looks from a guild. They all have there advantages and disadvantages. At these levels you can also farm giants for historic weapons, but I don’t feel that it’s worth the effort personally. They range from 2% to 7%. Mein Billposter In Azria Beim Aoe :D Songs:1. Anything that caps str (Stops adding strength at a certain level). Fully concentrated strike. You can too! Here’s a table someone provided that shows the increase in damage depending on the upgrade of element (this is assuming you’re versing something that your elemented weapon has an advantage upon): I assume it works the same way for defense, except it would reduce damage by 10% or 68% or whatever. These are easier than normal jesters, but still pretty hard. 8. You hit the monster, you do damage, but it does very very little as compared to the full damage. These are all in Darken 3 in the area with lots of lava and magma. Alext/Billist set, highly upgraded and pierced for more HP/Block, 6. This is your basic damage stat, and is therefore most important to the 1v1 BillPoster who maximizes melee damage.

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