Fiskars warrantied a cutting edge on a set of gear loppers I use in my orchard. I … FISKARS PowerGear TM Hedge Shears comes with a 25 year warranty which is absolutely fantastic. Wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary when it broke. The Fisker Ocean is an electric SUV with up to 300 miles of range from famed car designer Henrik Fisker. If I get another 4 years from the replacement even better, and Fiskars will probably replace the next one! Fiskars stands behind the quality of its products, from gardening tools to rotary cutters. It’s ideal for taller people as well as those planning to use it to split medium to large-sized logs and rounds of wood. Our Fisker Flexee Lease moves with you, doing away with long-term commitments. Simply put, the X27 has brought a disruptive technology to the ancient craft of axe making.. View attachment 276021 View attachment 276022 I've probably split 3 cords with it. A common feature in these Fiskar Garden Tools is the PowerGear technology which provides three times more power by improving leverage. Incidentally, according to the Wilton customer service rep, the 30 and 36" 6 lb bash weighs in at 10 and 11 lbs and the 8 lb bash weighs in at 12 and 13 lbs. I definitely got my money worth. The X27 boasts a formidable 36” composite handle combined with a well-designed splitting head. Went to a big box store and bought a fiberglass splitting ax to get me through the weekend, performed about the same. In one week I use this more than a normal person would in a lifetime. Overall I would give them a 7.5/10. Below are 4 more Fiskars loppers you can choose from: I only use my older mauls for loaners or very dirty wood now. Even if it wasn’t lifetime warranty I’d buy a new one with no hesitation. The price is towards the higher end in the scheme of things but I am in no doubt that these hedge shears are good value for the price. I’ve only ever needed to make one warranty claim for the head on the pole pruner and it was taken care of right away. The company offers a lifetime warranty guaranteeing items will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own them. I used my ISOCORE hard for 4 years. Fiskars replaced free of charge. It weighs 5.85 pounds in total, and is the largest of the splitting axes that Fiskars offer. Fiskars sent several garden tools to review to give you a good idea of their lineup. If you have access to an accurate scale, could you weigh the isocore. I call it my splitting instrument. I have a Fiskars Super Splitter, which is the best thing since sliced wood. Fiskars Warranty Service is top notch. The Fiskars X27 36-inch splitting axe is the bigger brother of the X25. Fiskars Garden Tools Review Features. Go as you please. I have been waiting on a reply from Fiskars customer service on whether the 8 lb spec is head or total. It’s time I did a proper Fiskars X27 review since it is legitimately one of the top 3 most powerful and durable splitting axes available today.. Fiskars Lifetime Warranty. Between our farm and the farm at work we have just about every Fiskars implement in multiples. All of their garden tools come with the Fiskars lifetime warranty. It seems that we're on the cusp of a solid-state battery revolution. Come as you are. 30,000 mile of driving allowance, with insurance and service included, you’re free to take the Ocean anywhere and return it at any time. Actually I wrecked it cutting dead wood rather than live green wood when the edge rolled over.

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