I believe that Yes Man's ending is canonical for several reasons: The game was rigged before it even begun. Is the ending where you get Minutemen + BoS + Railroad to coexist the canon ending? This is what the Interplay endings of Fallout 1 should be like if i remember correct. (Its hard to make sequels when you killed off everything in the wasteland). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Good ending is probably canon, which would include all the choices you detailed above. Video segments 9, 10, 11 - These segments are based on player's end-game decision in the control room. Fallout 1, 2, and 3 are the only games to have canon endings as it was obvious which ones are canonical. User Info: DrLobotomy. 2. Hello everyone, this is the most accepted fallout ending that contributes to the overall lore according to the facts and references made from future games. The canon ending to Fallout 3 is the ending to Fallout 3 and the ending to Broken Steel is the ending to Broken Steel. By canon I assume you mean what would actually happen maybe, I would say minutemen if you are playing the good guy. Video segment 1 - Will always be included. Part 1: 1. Lyons chapter is just a single part of the tactics brotherhood that departed from the group after the raid on the Pitt. Also, I don't know if this quest will resurface again (probably not), but I would assume the good choice is also the canon choice in The Replicated Man quest. Sawyer, who was actually a developer that contributed at some point to the series, openly states that Yes Man was just changing his personality for the sake of ensuring that ONLY the Courier could control him. It appears that this may have been a fail-safe implemented by House to ensure that the city he loved would be in safe hands in the event of his death (basically making Yes Man able to fill Mr. House's role as he has all of his data on the network). This has to be the most notable part of all of this, next to the fact that FO writers have a tendency to make the player character an extremely important figure in the events of the wasteland. Details: http://moneysink.com/blog/endings-fallout-3/ Fallout 4 likely won't have a canon ending, like New Vegas. Broken Steel is more accomodating to both "choices" being possible, since you could nuke the Citadel and then nuke the AFB, sort of a Yes Man ending to the story, but of course we couldn't have anything that morally complex in Fallout 3... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the falloutlore community. https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Forum:Which_Ending_is_Cannon%3F?oldid=2324846. After the assault of Hoover Dam, Yes Man informs you that he found pieces of code within Mr. House's mainframe that "change [his] personality" and says he will seem to be offline for a little while until his personality change is complete (he never actually shows his changed personality due to the game ending). Also, you don't have to necessarily be evil as Overboss. 2 The Brotherhood of Steel, under new leadership after the death of Rhombus, becomes an overzealous, techno-religious dictatorship. Since these games rarely require prior game references, it should be possible. You don't really think the LW poisoned the whole wasteland and nuked the Citadel from orbit, do you? There are multiple endings to the game, but I think that the “Rule Together” ending is probably going to be the canon ending. Of the 3 endings, I think Mr. Baron Young. Video segments 2 to 7 - These segments appear to be based on whether player completed a specific side quest. The most glamorous ending for the Courier is Yes Man's ending, in which the Courier becomes the ruler of New Vegas and the Mojave. The one we see here are the rest of the Brotherhood from tactics. I just got done with the NCR ending and it's almost identical to the Independent New Vegas ending and the Mr.House ending. The NCR has already prosperred plentifully in the events of FO and FO2. however in the actual cannon ending who injected the FEV? I severely doubt that the writers would just keep babying the NCR like that, especially since they openly remark that the NCR is now exactly like the defunct, corrupt version of the U.S. in the real world. So the Wanderer (who roams from town to town) probably did the code pressing himself, and probably didn't use the FEV so as to save innocent ghouls and mutants. We know Broken Steel is canon since the Brotherhood is rebuilding Liberty Prime after it was destroyed by the Enclave on Fallout 4. Falloutand supplementary materials, 2. Video segments 2 to 7 - Based on whether the Wanderer completed a specific side quest. You don't really think the LW poisoned the whole wasteland and nuked the … I'm willing to bet, much like lucasarts did, the good ending is canon. If they let game play continue afterwards then it might confuse things somewhat. Let's talk about the courier's background. Vault 21's backstory mirrors that of an anarchist society, which likely means that the Yes Man ending (which is partially anarchy) is symbolized by this. Since we know the Institute is featured, there is a chance we might run into Dr. Zimmer. For example, the survival of Marcus and Harold, the expansion of the NCR, etc.. Yeah and the ending of f1, f2,f3 where you dont have multiple endings. Enjoy #fallout1 #fallout #falloutendings. Canon endings are marked with a darker background color. Video segments 8, 17, 18 - These segments are based on player's Karma. Shaun left you in the vault in hopes that'd you'd turn out alright so you could replace him as director. Both the economies of Primm AND Goodsprings prosper when out of NCR rule. Uncle Leo? In addition if the developers didn't want to create more of a story line that follows with the Courier being in charge of Vegas if YesMan's ending IS the canon ending then I suspect that this is. DrLobotomy 4 years ago #5. For example: Harold could not be in future versions, since you may have killed him at the Oasis. Minutemen/truce (allegedly) if you look at the canon information it makes you see a far clearer picture. I too am deeply intrigued as to which of the 3 endings [not Legions] will be declared the canon ending. What are their long-term goals? Based on Moria's journal log at the end of the guide... -He tried to stop the megaton bomb, causing Lucas Simms to die -lived in megaton -No FEV -Wasteland Survivors Guide is complete. I'd find Mr. House to be the best boss ever in Post Apocalptia. However, only one of them will appear. I agree, 100%. He's a hired employee who was rescued due to his employer's oversight. The Lone Wanderer would have followed the path of good, becoming a Knight of the … Not always. so i played through the game several times to experience all of the possible endings. I don't remember, I never actually met him in all my years of playing. I doubt that Bethesda would kill off the BOS in a canon ending - they might have to redo the cover art! I also forget how broken steel ends but didn't that have multiple choices? Also, by ending the game after the Battle of Hoover Dam, this lets the developers have a fresh canvas on which to write on in regards to future storylines set in the SouthWest region or Core. Press J to jump to the feed. How the new Fallout 3 DLC changes the game's ending. Part 3: 1. Either in DC or Baltimore if it’s the minutemen canon, or in a more remote area like Chicago if it’s the Brotherhood canon. Look at it this way. I have my suspicions that the NCR ending is cannon not just because of it's similarities with the others, but also because the bias the game sorta has towards NCR ( I mean they have ten billion camps and the legion just have two, they have more quests than anyone else!) Video segment 1 - Will always be included. By Matt Cundy 21 April 2009. That leaves the NCR & YesMans endings to choose from. The NCR's eastward imperial ambitions are severly curtailed, while General Oliver probably got thrown off the dam and President Kimball loses his office. After all, if someone found out that Yes Man is exactly as his name implies, many people would likely have ambitious desires to usurp the Courier by taking the reigns. Almost all of the small towns prosper (sans for Novac) when Independance from the NCR and Legion is chosen. For example, in case of inconsistency between games, some fans might consider newer entries in the series to override the older ones, while others might consider the original lore to still be "true" and inconsistenc… I'll start with the "Wrights violently seize control of New … 2. I liked how the independent vegas storyline really left things open, that's the ending I would prefer to become cannon if given a choice. The only thing that's really different are the outcomes. The good one (except for Sarah): Project Purity is a success; and the Lone Wanderer joins forces with the BoS to defeat the remnants of the Enclave. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Using Institute tech and the raiders to rebuild civilization. (One of them will alway… Part 2: 1. Until Bethesda canonizes somthing in a future game (through direct references, public announcements, or some other form of lore confirmation), your courier's fate is left up to you. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. People say they will pivot to freeing humans, but that seems a little weak compared to the other factions going forward. Anyway what do you guys think? Fallout 76and supplementary materials, How do you think Obsidian will manage the New Vegas chapter of the fallout cannon? The order of battle is almost the same between those 3 endings and the end is pretty much the same, face-off against Lanius than a confrontation/congratulations speech with general oliver. Also the Courier enters the Strip like a VIP being the first person in the Lucky 38, and being the talk of the town. In the ending slideshow, we see the Courier wearing the "Blackjack" variant, which is obtainable via the Yes Man storyline. Its also probably that they need to make cuts during the development of the game as well and post Hoover Dam game play was one of them. Keep in mind that the Vault Dweller saved the Core Region from an ARMY of Super Mutants, his grandson/daughter ended up saving it once more by blowing up the Enclave's oil rig, and the Lone Wanderer ended up PURIFYING ALL THE WATER IN WASHINGTON, D.C. Fallout 2, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas establish this ending as canon. But in Fallout: New Vegas, it seems to me like the writing staff couldn't decide amongst themselves which FO2 New Reno ending they wanted to use as "canon", because throughout the game they reference three different endings which, unless I'm missing something, don't work together and are all somewhat contradictory to one another. There is no such thing as a canon ending There is some canon in Fallout. Video segments 8, 17, 18 - Based on Lone Wanderer's Karma. The endings are influenced by the choices the player character made during the course of the game. Unlike previous games, the Fallout 4 ending cutscene does not change based on how the Sole Survivor has finished most quests or interacted with other people. In the Lonesome Road DLC, your Courier duster's design and bonuses depend on what faction you're siding with. The most glamorous ending for the Courier is Yes Man's ending, in which the Courier becomes the ruler of New Vegas and the Mojave. One might not like his rhetoric, or philosophy but as a worker you'd appreciate his help. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It really leaves things open at the end of No Gods, No Masters though, General Oliver hints that his superiors won't accept an independent vegas and that the NCR will be back in the mojave soon enough. I havnt seen the 3 way ending but I heard its basically the same so idk Almost all of the small towns prosper (sans for Novac) when Independance from the NCR and Legion is chosen. Liberty Prime gets destroyed during Broken Steel, not the base game, meaning Broken Steel has to be canon. They have a ready made storyline, that being newly independant New Vegas under the control of a hybrid YesMan/House which asserts it control over the Mojave. Both the economies of Primm AND Goodsprings prosper when out of NCR rule. Part of the change is that he's going to be more "assertive", hinting that he will no longer be under the Courier's control. I guess I'm asking this question WAY too early, but I kinda wonder which ending of the four is cannon. In whole, it's almost positive that he's a good karma wanderer. Sniping is AwesomeSpeak to the Sniper 21:43, October 16, 2015 (UTC). Cookies help us deliver our Services. Broken Steel only happens if you start the purifier, so we … Fame, Money, Stardom... We have absolutely no way of knowing which ending is considered "canon". Video segments 9, 10, 11 - These segments are based on end-game decision in the control room. Here is why: if you reading the notes on YesMan's page here on the wiki, it states the following: I've said often that House would have left a program [he always planned ahead for anything] and it is most likely a copy of his brain pattern, which was stored deep in his mainframe in case his physical body died and it is that which is intergrating with YesMan's personality. Arcade's best endings are in the Independant storyline. Definitely not Lyons Brotherhood. Basic rule of thumb with these games: the best of all possible endings is the canon one. level 2 #3. In a way, by losing control of NV and the Mojave, this is probably best for the NCR as it allows them to pull back and consolidate their gains and think hard about what they actually want to achieve as a society. Personally I believe House's ending is canon. However, only one of them will appear. Because each game of the Fallout series was created by a different development team and the plot and dialogues were created by mostly different people each time around, there are numerous inconsistencies between them and the canonicity of each game is a point of contention between various Fallout fans. However, my guess is that there will be exceptions. I believe his form of governance combied with … Currently canon endings in New Vegas are left up to the player. The FEV would kill all non-Vault 101 humans as well. I don't think the Courier will reappear in any future games though, more likely will disappear into the wastes to be never heard of again. Bottomline, by piecing the right bits together and using a bit of logic, Veronica (from her one bit of info) tells us that the main Brotherhood re-established contact with the east coast faction, meaning the canon ending is Project Purity was activated without the FEV, producing clean water, and that the Citadel was not destroyed. Part 3: 1. That's regardless of whether or not he succeeds or fails in his endeavours. i'm asking Which Ending is canon? The endings are influenced by the choices the player has made during the course of the game. The Courier is constantly depicted as wearing a Vault 21 Jumpsuit. So you both did and did not poison the wasteland? In 20 years, the Steel Plague devastates the newly formed New California Republic, and starts a Dark Age that could last a thousand years. The creators of F:NV haven't released the relevant information. He said it himself: "With all that money pouring in? New details and images from the Broken Steel DLC . I also believe that the Courier decieded to make his own bid for real power once he learns what the chip can do and that YesMan is totally under his control after he kills Benny. (Spoilers?) Better than one that you the courier liked enough to take the job. Well it's highly likely that Megaton was not nuked, based off of the fact that copies of the Wasteland Survival Guide can be found in New Vegas, hence Moira surviving (although she can get ghoulfied and still make the books, but it's a lot harder now). (One of them will always be included.) For Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "The Pitt Ending(s) - What are the Different Outcomes (MASSIVE SPOILERS)". There will never be a canon ending . Part 1: 1. Fallout 2and supplementary materials, 3. I'm not asking which one is your favourite. What is NV ending? (One of them will always be included.) Unless it is an offspring or a reference that does not require him to be alive. Fallout: New Vegas, its add-ons, and supplementary materials, including All Roads, 5. #9 is slightly altered by Broken Stee… Lyons having seen the horror the Brotherhood brought onto the Pitt and had a change of heart into what we see in 3. My suspicion is that its YesMans. Houses is the least likely as the other two require his death [NCR & YesMan]. I have some news for you: The BOS in Fallout 3 - 4 is a not mention worthy BOS outpost (and also traitors / outcasts to the real BOS). Fallout 4, its add-ons, and supplementary materials, 6. Mr House's ending: As far as I know about the rules of Fallout, Mr House's ending can't be canon. Ok, well most mutants are shitheels, but some are nice. As for the Canon Nuka World ending, it has to be the raider ending. For players we realize this isn't much since we can kill raiders, and shape the world. This was likely included to save the pain of creating a "canon" backstory for the Courier in the event of an independent Vegas becoming the canon ending, as well as a way of avoiding the complicated situations that could occur from putting the Courier in total control of Vegas in the post-ending gameplay that was scrapped later in development. Fallout 3, its add-ons, and supplementary materials, 4. I however LOVED the Independent New Vegas storyline, Yes Man was funny as hell and nothing gave me more satisfaction than kicking both the legion AND the NCR out. Fallout 3's canon ending is siding with the Brotherhood and blowing up the Enclave at the end of Broken Steel. What is f4s ending? A place to discuss the lore of the Fallout universe. Captain Taipan 00:57, June 20, 2011 (UTC). Another hunch of mine is that the in the canon storyline, the Courier helps Mr House right upto the point where he's asked to kill off the BoS. For Fallout 3 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best possible moral ending for The PIt: Kill everyone". Then given a chance for revenge, and a better paying contract. He activates his quest for you even if you don't get "trust" points with him so long as you do Yes Man's storyline. So at the very least we have that.As for all the variables? --Boredintheusa 10:29, June 18, 2011 (UTC). Fallout 4 > General Discussions > Topic Details. While the rest of the Brotherhood that didn't follow Lyons continued their journey up America towards Boston. The House Always Wins I had hoped that future versions of the game would accommodate all possible outcomes. As stated above, the writers like to make the player character a massive savior of the wastes. 1 Arroyo 1.1 Elder 2 Modoc 3 The Den 4 Vault City … Well, since what appears to be the Lyons Brotherhood is coming to boston, I would assume that at the end of Broken Steel, the Brotherhood wasn't nuked. These are the available ending cutscenes in Fallout 2. By switching alligence to YesMan, the Courier can let the BoS live even though the game is slanted towards them being destroyed. Below are the available ending cutscenes in Fallout. You could be Ashur 2.0. Comments; Shares. The radiation...the fear. Like Fawkes or that uncle guy. But for an actual person this is a big deal. On the "Yes Man being Skynet" note, J.E. I would like to think that all possible decisions are cannon. Plus, Bethesda heavily encourages you to be a raider. All the possible scenes that can play at the ending of fallout 3. As a hero of the NCR or House's lieutenant, this just doesn't seem glamorous enough. In terms of ending styles, I assume that broken steel was made cannon? The canon ending to Fallout 3 is the ending to Fallout 3 and the ending to Broken Steel is the ending to Broken Steel. Since Veronica and her quest line are sort of important to the game, although not essential, and since the Courier is probably one of the very few outsiders who are allow to join the BoS, I think he'd be extremely reluctant to betray them despite the BoS being stuck in their ways. In fallout one shitty things happened in the canon. not even sure if that's all, but i have sided with the institute, sided with the brotherhood and sided with the railroad dudes. I dont think the Railroad ending is the good one. it also seems like an NCR ending might be preferable because it's easier to write. Part 2: 1. (One of them will always be included.) Primary sources are officially released works that form the core of the Falloutfranchise and setting. Aug 4, 2016 @ 12:37am which is the canon ending? So to me, the institute are the bad guys. Put in the situation of the SS, I'd never give up that power, imagine all that slave punani you could cash in on (lol). Twenty years later, the Lone Wanderer disappears into the Wastes, not to be seeing again. Primary sources include: 1.

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