adroll_currency = "USD"; Hang on back isnt all bad, but I’m trying to figure out a diy in-tank option. This measurement is the diameter of a perfect round spherical ball the size of my hand or larger. Love the product. Thanks for the info! Bookmarked! Great products always from algaebarn. info in comments [Help] 2 comments. 1 Locations 2 Potions 3 Gallery 4 Appearances Windhelm, heading south along the road toward Mzulft. I finally build a sump and moved chaeto to the refugium. This dragon’s tongue plant is sometimes sold as fully aquatic, which is a mistake and can experience the issue discussed above. macroalgae can nevertheless be offered as a live seaweed food. Just received my refugium pack. It is most distinctive in its heavy blades and its highly blotchy pink, purple and deep reddish coloration. I’m really partial to Halymenia, I just wish it grew faster. When fish, sea urchin and crabs ate macroalgae, they cut it in pieces and created a little mess, so I had small pieces of macroalgae floating around the tank and getting stuck into the equipment. It does great, it overgrew mine in a hurry! I have always used the POMPOM MACRO ALGAE and they are absolutely awesome . I’ve never tried macro in my reef tanks. The yellow teeth abd red tongue macro. ROSE PETAL PINK DRAGONS TONGUE RED CALCAREOUS MACRO ALGAE REFUGIUM MARINE PLANT in Pet Supplies, Fish & Aquariums, Coral & Live Rock Red ogo is a delicately beautiful macroalgae. If I end up running a fuge, I would grow some of these as fish food sources for sure! I love the looks of all the products that you sell. Need a subscription order plan to keep my mandarin fish alive!! Halymenia maculata grows either free-floating or attached to rock. I’ve tried macro at least 10 times in my display tank but having herbivores that eat everything they aren’t supposed to eat frustrating. It is great to see so many more options! I purchased Red Ogo, Sea Lettuce and Chaetomorpha plus an urchin from AlgaeBarn a month or so ago. I've had both in my main display under a Maxspect razor and the dragons breath grows like weeds ,also has the orange tone in the middle of the leafs. It will be a throwback to my planted fresh water tank days while still being a beneficial nutrient export for the main reef tank. I harvest a 5 gallon bucket full of chateo every month. Macros have significantly improved my tanks nutrient exports. I’ve never had macros in any of my tanks. Should order more. I tried Red Macroalgea but it didn’t stay together and ended up traveling into my return pump. In fact, though it grows well in the refugium, it can also be used in the display tank (if no large herbivores are present) as an ornamental. Would really like to look into using it in an ornamental way. As someone just getting into the salt water side of the hobby this is very helpful. I have ordered more Macroalgae from AlgaeBarn to add to the refugium. Thanks for allowing me to learn so mech from the blogs! And even if there was a typical sort of refugium today, it wouldn’t look exactly like the one of yesterday. It is between reddish and bergundy in color. Chaeto survived and looked pretty cool in a ball in the corner of the tank. Easy added color without the cost or pain of keeping and growing a lot of coral. Hi Douglas, We would recommend you check out sea lettuce and red ogo! Thanks for the info and quality products! Looking to get some PomPoms, they look Nom Nom! Keep up the good work! Only Mangroves. Starting up a new tank so I will ready for a shipment. Great Question! Additionally, it is prized by many herbivorous fish keepers (especially tangs) as a healthy live seaweed food. Dragons Tongue macro algae for sale. I did not know so many existed. I have been searching high and low for dragons breath and dragons tongue macro but everywhere I look is sold out of it. Hemigraphis dragon’s tongue is better planted in a paludarium, with both water and dry land areas for plants to grow. 3 around High Hrothgar (Whiterun Hold) 4. This strain of dragons tongue macro grows attached to a spongy material in a cluster. Thanks for the info! Archived [Help] Need help with Dragons Tongue macro algae! Quick View. Awesome info, always kive individual species breakdowns! Can’t wait to try one of the best companies in this business to help me get started on my goal to raise a happy Mandarin. 5 in the Inner Sanctum (Markarth) 2. The body of the macroalgae is a deep red, while the new growth tips are more orange . Isolated on white. , Do I need to to keep adding micro algae or once is enough. This strain of dragons tongue macro grows attached to a spongy material in a cluster. It’s been a looong time since there was a “typical” refugium. Love macroalgae! $25 Shipped: A nice starter portion (two 6-8" strands) of Dragon's Tongue Macroalgae. These are wonderful for refugiums! Saltwater equivalent of plants. Great info on plant care very useful for the future, Tha k you for all the great info you pass along. Would love this if I had enough space in the refugium. . Will attach to live rock. 2 in Ansilvund Burial Chambers (Eastmarch) 7. Description Reviews (0) Dragon’s Breath is a variety of Halymenia with a red/purple color and long ribbon like branches. Definitely leaning towards buying some red ogo. This macro algae cluster is a great habitat for amphipods and copepods to grow in and set up breeding colonies. I’m thinking about incorporating some algae into my Nuvo 10 sump, Love algae in my Fuge! Some call it an algae-scrubbing filter, others call it a refugium, but what ever its called Dragon's Tongue Macro Algae Plants are excellent at feeding off of the excess ammonia, nitrates, and phosphates from the aquarium water. Live Dragon's Tongue Breath Fire Macro Algae Plant Refugium Coral Reef Saltwater from USD 2.88. To minimize the possibility of the product being delayed over the weekend, we ship our products Monday - Wednesday. Good Info. Marine hobbyists have found our Assorted Green Macroalgae Plants to be an excellent chemical filtration tool. Halymenia dilatata tolerates lower light conditions and can flourish in shadier or deeper parts of the tank. Is it difficult to keep? Yellow flower Opuntia humifusa, the devils tongue. Very informative! Dragons Tongue Macro algae for sale also known as Pom Pom Macro Algae. I once had a red macro algea which I now can’t remember the name of and it spread all over my sump because it wasn’t holding together. Great additions and fantastic packaging! This is great info for those who keep a refugium! Over the period of six months Pom Pom Macroalgae, red ogo and dragon’s tongue were eaten by my fish, sea urchin and green emerald crabs.

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