Biblical Allusions. 3. brookebrereton. Characters 76 Terms. (Spoken by Friar Lawrence in Act 2, Scene 3) The alliteration of the "s" illustrates the power of a single flower. Joseph_Klein74. Turn back, dull earth, and find thy centre out. Animals 39 Terms. 4. Romeo & Juliet Act II, Scene IV Study Guide Answers 2. Tagged With: 1 CORINTHIANS, 1 THESSALONIANS - ROMEO & JULIET. Romeo and Juliet List of Allusions. You are a lover; borrow Cupid's wings - Mercutio to Romeo in Act 1. InesVanrooy TEACHER. barnetteben19. Her vestal livery is but sick and green. O gentle Romeo, If thou dost love, pronounce it faithfully: - Juliet Act 2. Read a translation of Act 2, scene 2 → Summary: Act 2, scene 3 Mythological Women, 2017 Medusa 76 Terms. An allusion is a reference to a famous literary, historical, mythical or other well-known thing or person. In this example, “Titan’s fiery wheels” refers to the Greek sun god, Helios, who, in Greek Mythology, drove a chariot with the sun attached across the sky. m1234567826. Dido was a goddess who became the Queen of Carthage and fell in love with Aeneas. (He climbs the wall, and leaps down within it) (Enter BENVOLIO and MERCUTIO) BENVOLIO Romeo! Remaining skeptical at Romeo’s sudden change of heart, Friar Lawrence nonetheless agrees to marry the couple. Aurora: The Goddess of dawn in Roman mythology: Cupid: ... Romeo and Juliet and “The Cask of Amontillado” review October 15, 2019 ... English 1 Final Exam – Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare’s Biography) October 12, 2019. Bones 13 Terms. Most of the allusions in Romeo and Juliet are classical, having to do with Greek and Roman mythology. MERCUTIO He is wise; And, on my lie, hath stol'n him home to bed. Joseph_Klein74. What are 5 allusions in the play Romeo and Juliet in Act 2 Scene 2? Shakespeare uses these allusions to add to the entertainment of this section. From forth day's path and Titan's fiery wheels: - Friar Laurence Act 2 Allusion. ROMEO & JULIET. Previous Post Romeo and juliet act v. Next Post OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. Romeo and Juliet Vocab 60 Terms. barnetteben19. (Enter ROMEO) ROMEO Can I go forward when my heart is here? Allusions are suggestions designed to call something else to mind without mentioning it directly. Speak to my gossip Venus one fair word, - Mercutio Act 2. 1. Read More . barnetteben19. bpotratz. Then say, Jove laughs. It can stop the senses, and even the heart. Henryqin. Master list of flashcard characters 50 Terms. He expresses the hope that the marriage of Romeo and Juliet might end the feud ravaging the Montagues and Capulets. Mythology Test 136 Terms. Poetry Terms 88 Terms. Bardfilm The Five Most Important Shakespeare Allusions in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.flv ... Romeo and Juliet - Act 2, Scene 4 Summary - … OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. Romeo and Juliet- Allusions: Act 2 23 Terms. caroline_spade. Petrarch was a classical Italian scholar known for his odes to Laura, his idealized love. by10029. Mercutio is pulling out all the stops and calling on several “people” who can help with love sick men. Romeo and Juliet- Allusions: Act 2 23 Terms. British Literature 94 Terms. Mythology 58 Terms. Trumpets. Romeo and Juliet Vocab 61 Terms. Tagged With: ... Act III, Scene ii finds Juliet describing her nurse as a “wolvish-ravening lamb,” among other things, when the nurse tells Juliet of Tybalt’s death and Romeo’s banishment. ... or literary person or event outside the context of the work in question. Literary Techniques 34 Terms. Cupid and Venus being the main helpers. brookebrereton. "Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds, Towards Phoebus' lodging!" Since they are not real people, it adds to the effect of him conjuring Romeo … Life as a Tale 2. The reference can be direct or indirect. my cousin Romeo!

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